From  dinoman260, Tales From Retail:

So out here in the UK it's been stupidly hot recently, so everyone's feeling super tired on our Thursday evening shift at the Supermarket. We close at 8:00, and it's about 7:20 when the events started. I'm trying to organise the trolleys so I can lock them up in a little bit, when a 30-ish year-old comes out of the shop and sits on the bench opposite the trolleys. Ok. That's alright; slightly inconvenient since it doesn't give me much room to move the trolleys but I'll live.

I walk inside after sorting out the trolleys to get these annoying industrial cable things we use to tie the trolleys and I see the dude starting to smoke on the bench. We've got a strict policy against smoking here since it's outside the door - hence why there's a big red sign on the bench, but maybe he didn't see it. I walked outside and informed him,

Me: "Sorry sir, but it's against the rules to smoke on on the premises. There's a bench over there points where you can smoke."

Dude: "What the F¥#$!? I've just F*#$ing bought your overpriced S#¥$ and I can't even smoke here!"

Me: "I'm sorry sir, but it's against our rules"

Dude: Storms off somewhere.

I continue to lock up the trolleys and collect more from each of the bays. Now, I'll be honest here, I'm not the, I'm not the strongest of teenagers so when I'm pushing these trolleys I look like a complete arse doing it super slowly. I'm trying to pushing about 9/10 trolleys up the slope which is the car park going at 0.01mph across the zebra crossing when I hear: HONK HONK

Dude: "GET OUT OF MY F*#$ing WAY!"

Me: I can't move since there's another car loading off an elderly lady which is blocking the crossing - "There's a car blocking the way. I'll try and be as quick as possible"


I've dealt which crazy threats in the past, but nobody ever does anything, so I repeat what I previous said about being as fast as possible. The man continues to beep his horn at an alarming rate. The car which was blocking my way was starting to move as I release the trolley brakes and start to push the trolleys when I hear the revving of a car engine and the car coming towards me! I ran backwards to get out the way when the massive crash of the dude's car colliding with the trolleys occurs.

To cut the story short he starts trying to blame it on me as my store manager comes out along wth security. After days and a police report, the CCTV proved, along with witnesses, that it was the man's fault and he was fined ~£1250 for the damage to trolleys. Oh, and I got a store gift card because they felt bad I had to be in the situation

TL;DR: I told a smoker he cannot smoke outside the store and he stomped off. Later he tries to run be over and hits my trolleys. Is later fined the cost of the damage and I get a free store gift card.




What's The Strangest Thing You've Found in a Shopping Cart?



From an RHUer:

By far, the strangest was a battery for a motorcycle. I had only been at Kroger for about a month, and was doing the morning pull of carts that had been left out all night. I noticed that a somewhat corroded motorcycle battery was sitting in one of the carts. Since I didn't want to burn my hands with acid, I alerted the manager, and he took the battery for recycling.

What's the strangest thing you've ever found in a shopping cart at work? 







Cart Pusher Hell: Custy Leaves Behind Unusual Item in Shopping Cart



From creatingKing113, Tales From Retail:

So I work up front at my local grocery store. Our two main jobs are bagging and getting carts so I was on cart duty. I've cleaned out the corals pretty well and it was dying down so I go to get the carts inevitably strewn around the parking lot.

Now of course you're always going to get lost items once in a while. We just bring them in and drop them off at customer service. So as I'm heading up to one cart and see something inside I just think "Oh hey, someone lost something."

But as I get closer I realize that it's definitely not a bag or backpack per usual. No, in the cart was an, I'd say 2x1.5 ft painting of some little girls from the 20's-30's fully framed and everything. Picture what day your grandmother would have hanging in her home.

Anyways I'm not sure what to do with this thing since it's not the usual type of item we find, so I head in just to confirm with the front end manager,

"Um there's a fully framed painting in a cart out there. I wasn't sure if you wanted me to leave it or bring it in..."

"Sure bring it in."

So I walk back out, enter the store with this big painting under my arm, and we have a few laughs. We decided to just treat it like a lost item and I bring it to customer service. Assistants reaction was priceless when I showed her. No one has claimed it yet and I don't know what happened to it after that day. Maybe one of the managers took it home


What is the strangest thing you've ever found in a cart that a custy left behind? Share with RHU!





Custy Kindness: How To Make a Cart Pusher's Day

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From Jaytonerino, Tales From Retail:

This happened to me about a year ago. I also have no clue how to format, so please be forgiving.

I worked in a grocery store (and I still do, but in a different department now), and at the time I was a bagger/cart pusher. It was a particularly busy day and as usual, we were out carts inside the store. I'm looking around the parking lot for carts when I hear the familiar rattling of shopping carts coming from behind me.

I turn around and to my surprise, I see a customer bringing up about 7 shopping carts!

The guy brings them up and says "Hey man, I figured y'all could use some help so I brought a couple of these guys from way out back" and he gestured toward the far end of the parking lot.

This random act really made my day, and really makes up for having to deal with dumb customers (not really).





The Hell of Being a Cart Attendant During The Holidays



Hello it's Janitorgirl and I need to rant about carts. 
Going into the holiday season managers don't seem to understand that although we are called 'Cart attendants' but we also have a crap ton of other tasks. From trash to restrooms to food disposal (a task that used to fall to grocery but they don't have the time-LIKE WE DO?!.) We are only ever at 100% when we have 4 people (one opener, two mids and a closer.- which is a miracle.)
There were two stories that really pissed me off. 
First was on a day when we ran out of carts ONE HOUR in to my shift. The manager 'Cart Nazi' since he was always a hard ass about carts said over the radio "Janitorgirl there are no carts on the first floor."
I said, "It will be a while since I have to prep." It was raining hard. I needed to get my jacket and put towels at every entrance (since I sucked at drying carts and if I had to pull them in dry I would be pulling carts in the rain for hours.)
His reply, "But there are no carts on the first floor!"
I was livid. And when the female cashier manager accused me of being a little rude I lost it. I was sobbing. Did he really expect me to go out in the rain without a jacket?
She said "Well just communicate to us your needs."
Carolanne 034Fine. I prepped. And when I got to the first floor; yes there were no carts inside but there were only 6 carts outside! 

I got on the radio, "Cashier manager! Please acknowledge There are 6 carts on the first floor. We had a double truck last night and the majority of carts are holding unprocessed back stock," I was crying. Several managers asked if I was ok and I flat out said 'no' and told the story several times.
Then came today. There were no carts, but  I also had a supply pallet. If i didn't take it right away it was going to get sent back (not the first time). This was also inventory/clean up all the empty boxes in your supply room day.
I had no lunch coverage but i had a mid who I'll call 'Twin' since he has the same birthday as me. I told Twin, "Please take a radio, I need you to be on carts so i can finish the pallet and inventory/cleaning."
He agreed. But then ten minutes in to his shift I get a call from a manager I thought understood me. She asked both me and Twin to be on carts. 
This was after I just talked to the ONE backroom person doing back stock. He said he had cleared 9 carts (which I pushed to the front) but he was by himself to clear the other thirty. That was where all the carts were. 
I walked outside there were 6 carts on the first floor and 5 on the second floor. Twin, sensing my frustration said "Don't worry I got this."
I said over the radio, "There are so few carts, it is not worth my time to abandon my projects."
"Did you check the other parking lots," was her reply.
Parking lot 1 and 2 belongs to bulls-eye they were empty. 3 belonged to worst buy also empty. 4 was the food area; which we never touched as they were mostly rusted together. 4, Was the employee parking lot, 5 was a lot only accessible with the cart key
Needless to say I stayed 25 minutes past my time to get my teams work load down to a reasonable level (not even finish it.)
Screw Carts.

Customer Kindness: Custy Buys Cart Pusher a Special Gift To Show Appreciation



From sweatycat, Tales From Retail:

I'm a cart pusher.

It's pretty cold tonight. I'm by myself and it was a pretty miserable night. A guy walked by saying that "You're the hardest worker at this store, I see you here all the time." I was flattered and said thank you, have a good night.

About an hour later the same guy comes back. He went to another store and bought me a present - a reflective yellow winter jacket. I was shocked, and nervous because I know I'm not supposed to accept a gift from a customer (I warned him of that) but decided, this guy probably just spent $30+ to get this for me. I thanked him, said thank you so much. I still can't believe I met such a nice guy. I asked him if he needed anything and he said no, this is for you, you deserve it.

Made my week. :)