Entitled Customers: My password? That's YOUR responsibility!!!


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From u/Morktorknak Tales From Retail:

So another glorious day in prepaid cellphone sales rolls around, and the customers are always the best and brightest /s

So this lady walks in and right off the bat she seems upset and we know its gonna be a tough customer.

Lady: Hey I need you to unlock my phone for me

Me: thinking they mean carrier unlock Sure let me see the phone... can you put your password?

L: That's what I need help with, I dont know my password

M: Oh well that's something you would have to know, unfortunately we dont have any way to unlock your phone here

L: Well you guys made my password, you should know it!

M: Maam we arent allowed to create passwords for clients, (but most of the time we help the client and have them write them down).

L: Well this lady helped me and she wrote it down for me (surprise surprise)

M: Oh ok then do you have the paper she wrote it on?

L: No I lost it

M: .... then unfortunately theres nothing I can do to get into the phone

L: But you have to! It's your responsibility to know it!

M: It was your password maam...

L: Yes but that lady helped me set it up, maybe she knows?

M: Shes not working right now and she gave you the password written down right?

L: Yeah but what does that have to do with my password?

M: ... I can order a phone through the warranty since you just got the phone but it will be 3 to 5 days until it gets here

L: 3 days? I have a life too you know! I cant be without my phone for that long

M: (Maybe you shouldn't have forgotten your password and then lost the paper) We can activate your old phone so you're not without one

L: Oh... ok then

I activated her old phone and she left without any additional complaints, but she was huffing on her way out.






Monstrous Customers: I'll have your job for trying to help me with a minor issue!


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From u/pike_trickfoot  Tales From Retail:

Finally had a customer tell me they'd have my job! The only thing is, I don't really know what I did.

She came up pissed because she tried two different phone numbers at the checkout and neither worked. So I look up her account with her license and see a third number.

"That's my house phone."

"Okay, would you like to keep that one on the account or change it?"

"Well why didn't the other ones work? This is ridiculous, I've been shopping here for 27 years, I shouldn't be treated this way."

"I'm not too sure. They just weren't linked to any existing account."

I think my mistake was mentioning that they've been clearing the system lately of unlinked numbers? She took it as an offense. I told her that ultimately she could call corporate for more help but I didn't have any information on why the numbers didn't work at the store level beyond they aren't on any account. She then said she'd "never shop at this fucking store again" and left.

Or so I thought. She came right back in and demanded to see the store manager. I told her she could talk to the front end manager or my direct manager at the service desk. She then left and started demanding the store manager from a girl who had literally just started at the desk about an hour before all this. Obviously I save the poor girl. So I go up and say again, your options are the front end manager, my manager, or call corporate. She starts to go over to my manager so I go back to doing a job away from the desk itself. Someone a bit away asked what all the commotion was so I briefly explained it - we all love a good bad customer story.

Well, the lady saw me talking and ran over. "Since you're so CHICKEN that you have to tell everyone what happened, I'll just CALL the store manager and have your JOB!"

I just replied with "OK". Not sure what I could say at that point. Still not sure what I could have said, honestly. Usually I'm good at thinking back after a bad confrontation, realizing what went wrong, and learning from it. But this I'm just too confused on. I barely said anything to her before she started swearing at me. I really don't know what she was so upset over.

But the funny part is that this customer has previously told me she'd never be shopping at the store again. So she might just be crazy.






Return Hell: Refund my prepaid account that no longer exists!



From u/Morktorknak Tales From Retail:

So I work in cell phone sales and we always get just the best most lovely and forward thinking customers every day /s

This particular gentleman came in to ask a few questions about his account as he seems to have his service interrupted so I assumed it was going to be something simple.

C: My number is 123-456-7890

Me: Alright let me just pull up your account... hmm it's not showing up is that the correct number?

C: Yes of course

Me: Can I see your phone? Maybe with the IMEI

C: Alright no problem

Me: scans phone pulls up account So I see the problem it appears your account was cancelled for some reason? That might be why your service was interrupted

C: Oh I know that, I switch over to another company, I was just wondering why my service isnt active yet

Me: ...uh well you dont have an account with us so I believe you would have to check with the company you switched to

C: Well you guys are the ones who cut my service in the first place!

Me: You cut your own service when you switched companies, your account is now with your new company, theres nothing left for me to do here

C: Oh ok, well I just want a refund on the money I had left in my account.

Me: ...? What? You dont have an account with us anymore, theres nothing to refund

C: Well of course there is! I only used 2 weeks of service, so whatever is left in my account I want refunded.

Me: Sir... theres nothing left in your account. Since this is a prepaid company you always pay before you use the service, and the total amount you paid is used immediately to provide service for that month.

C: Well since I only used 2 weeks of service I should still have some sort of credit left in my account, and that's just all I want, MY money that I paid into this account, and I want it back.

Me: Sir that's not how the accounts work, once the money is in there it's used up, even the regular refunds must be within 48 hours, but even then you dont have an account with us anymore so theres nothing I can do.

C: Well who CAN do something about it??

Me: Well like I said since you dont have an account with us theres nothing left to refund. Once YOU chose to switch to a competitor, your account is cancelled as your number is with another carrier.

C: I understand that I just want a refund on what's left in my account!

Me: Sir you dont have an account with us anymore, theres literally nothing I can do.

C: Would the corporate store be able to help? Give me their number!

Me: They're just going to tell you the same thing I did...

C: Well we'll see about that!

And he left in a huff, even after the whole back and forth. I dont understand how he thinks he can get a refund but I just feel sorry for the poor folks at the store that are going to have to explain the same thing I just did to him.






Retail Hell Memories: That time a customer pseudo-threatened to contact our CEO over free sunglasses


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From u/gwiazdala, Tales From Retail:

I’ve worked for a cellular network as a sales rep for almost a year. Once a week our customers have access to freebies and coupons via an app they download on their phone. Recently we gave out free sunglasses that came in either black or pink. They were all in black pouches and you couldn’t see the color until you opened them, it was meant to be random.

Five minutes into my shift and my coworker warns me that these sunglasses have been bringing out the worst in people and everyone is getting prissy over the colors. As she’s saying this, a large man comes through the door all upset because he’d stopped by earlier for his sunglasses and the ones we gave him are pink. We typically keep our inventory for these giveaways in our drawers so they’re easy to hand out, and it’s first come first serve. The conversation goes like this:

Glasses man: You don’t got any black ones? Pink is not my color. Just look at me, do I look like I wear pink?

Me: Let me see if we have any black ones left.

I rummage through the drawers and find at least 7, open the pouches, they’re all pink.

Me: I’m just seeing the pink ones in here so far.

Glasses man: You know you could check the back room right? Or are you just feeling lazy today?

Me: I wouldn’t know if we have more because I just got here, but I’ll be sure to go look for you.

Glasses man: I would very much appreciate that. And do you know who else would appreciate that? [Names CEO]

Me: Right.

Glasses man: (looking smug) That’s your CEO by the way.

Me: I know who that is, sir. I’ll be right back.

So yeah, I go to the back, we have a huge box of the sunglasses and I’m digging through them, opening each individual pouch and they’re all pink because people have been asking for black ones all day, supposedly. I have half a mind to just tell him sorry, no black, but I don’t want to deal with a potential tantrum. I keep looking and I find one pair left at the very bottom. I bring them out, and he thanks me with this really mean smile before leaving.

Should’ve just stuck with the pink ones if he was gonna act like a little girl.








Crazy Ladies: "It came like this"



From  Fubeca02, Tales From Retail:

So I work for a major wireless carrier and today a Crazy Lady ("CL") comes in complaining about her SIM card not working. Apparently she has called customer care multiple times and they weren't able to help her and just kept telling her things that didn't make sense but finally they apparently said they'd replace her SIM card for free. I was like okay yeah let's look into this and get you a free SIM. So I pull up her account and look at the memos and customer care has left several notes saying that the customer called but couldn't give them the SIM number, but instead gave them the IMEI or the SIM for another device so they couldn't do anything. I am able to give a free SIM though if hers was defective so I went to try that.

When I pulled the SIM card out to inspect it, it slid in the tray and it was immediately obvious that it was about 2mm shorter than it should have been. When I looked closer it was obvious that the card had been cut down and the gold plating had been heavily scratched and partly cut off.

Me: "Hey so it looks like your SIM is pretty badly damaged, do you know what happened to it?"

CL: "Nothing happened I just put it straight in there but it doesn't work."

Me: "Okay and where did it come from, did you get it in our store?"

CL: "No T-Mobile shipped it to me and I just put it in but they sent me one that doesn't work."

Me: "Okay T-Mobile doesn't actually send broken SIM cards so it looks like maybe someome took your iPad and cut your SIM card and then put it back." (At this point I was done with her).

I then showed her a new SIM card that hadn't been completely violated and pointed out how her SIM was absolutely not the same as it would be if her story was true.

CL: "Okay well I bought it from you guys and it doesn't work so I want to get a new one."

Me: "Unfortunately we can't just replace everything we sell when it breaks, like if you cut your iPad you couldn't just get a new one for free."

CL: "Okay you know what, I need to speak with your manager because I was told I'd get a free SIM card and I'm not going to pay more because you guys sent me a broken SIM.".

She obviously wasn't getting it so we waited a few minutes for my manager to come in and he ended up crediting her account for the cost of the SIM card. I think he should have just let her win the stupid prize from her stupid game and pay for the SIM but unfortunately we need to represent corporate so customers can do anything they want and get rewarded for it :)

-- Fubeca02