Old Bitch Encounter: "I know that."



From explodingphone2016, Tales From Retail:

I work at a phone store (retail and repair) and had this elderly woman (EW) come up to me with a card which had the model of a phone, and my coworkers name written on it. I showed her where it was and asked if she needed help. I remembered her because she was quite rude to me, she was in store for hours and pressured my coworker into handwriting all of the specs she needed for her to make a decision on buying it.

EW: Your coworker told me about this phone yesterday and I spent a lot of time with him but I want you to tell me about it.

Me: Sure, did you guys speak about any features in particular? Anything you need clarification on?

EW: No, you work here, you should be able to tell me all the features of it and how it's different to my current phone.

Me: Well I guess it's what they pay me for right haha

She just kind of glared at me. Like ok, my hilarious joke isn't so hilarious but come on - throw me a bone. What do you really want?

Me: So the camera is a huge improvement in regards to low light, from your 8megapixe---

EW: I know that. [Coworker] explained that.

Me: Oh, haha, I didn't hear what he covered with you yesterday so I'm bound to tell you things you've already heard. Did he go through [another feature]?

EW: Yes, I know that too.

Me: Okay... Well, I can ask you a few questions about what you currently use your phone for - do you have anything you don't like about it?

EW: I just use it for phone stuff. I really just want you to tell me something different, about the stuff that's new.

Me: Honestly I'm unsure of what you two spoke about yesterday, did you speak about [feature] or [feature]?

EW: Do you think there's someone else who actually knows?

Me: I can assure you that we all have the same knowledge here.

She does the most dramatic eyeroll I've ever seen.

EW: Well [coworker] told me completely different things today and you're just repeating him. I already know all this.

Me: Well, they didn't change over night, so the features that were on them yesterday are the same features on them today.

She huffs off after rolling her eyes again. What the heck lady?








Monstrous Customers: WTF Is Going On?



From  bobafett8192, Tales From Retail:

I work at a cellular provider. The day was like any other day recently: slow as hell. The phone rings and I'm the first one to pick it up.

So you need to know a little bit about our warranties for this to make sense. We have no warranty phones in store, and we don't ship warranty phones to our store. It always goes directly to the customer. On top of that, prepaid phones have no warranty.

AC will be angry customer and I'll be ME.

ME: Thank you for calling store how may I help you?

AC: Yes I was trying to see if my phone was there yet.

ME: thinking it's a pickup order What's the name with it?

AC: Angry customer.

ME: I don't see anything here for that name. Was it a warranty claim?

AC: Yeah my phone wasn't working.

ME: Well we don't ship warranty phones to our store. It's most likely going directly to your home address.

AC: What the fuck are you talking about? I need to speak to your boss man.

ME: There's nothing they can tell you that I can't. What's your phone number so I can look up the order and tracking info?

AC goes on a rant cussing and screaming but finally tells me his number. And of course, it's a prepaid phone. There's no order, no notes mentioning an order. The only notes were from 2 months ago telling him to try the phone's manufacturer. I tell him this and he gets more upset. I finally tell him to call customer service to complain if he wants and he hangs up. There's another call immediately after, and I here the same heavy breathing as before then he hangs up.

So I think everything is done. Skip an hour and I answer the phone again. It's the same guy. He immediately starts apologizing for cussing me out saying if I only knew that he was going through I would understand. Right. I tell him I'll check through our inventory, but of course find no phone for him. He says he'll just come to the store to figure it out and hangs up. Oh joy.

Another few hours pass and I'm helping a customer when one of my coworkers tells me there's someone waiting on me. I look over and it's him. He looks like a crazy homeless guy that might stab me. I take my time with my current customer hoping he'll either leave or get someone else to help him.

A few minutes pass and I suddenly notice that he's sitting on the ground. Weird, but I've seen weirder. Next thing I know an ambulance shows up outside and EMT staff are attending to the guy. He claims he hit his head and needs to go to the hospital. The EMT staff don't believe a word he's saying as he's obviously trying to blame our store for the injury that doesn't exist. They cart him off to the hospital. I still have no idea what the hell happened, but I'm glad I never got near him or I'd probably be named in a lawsuit.

-- bobafett8192






Phone Store Hell: "I suppose I should go and give my money to one of your COMPETITORS then?"



From brdwatbamiwrb, Tales From Retail:

Customer (C:) walks in, goes over to our wall of accessories (phone cases, screen protectors, battery packs, headphones, etc.), begins to browse. I (Me:) approach,

Me: "Hi guys, are you alright? Need a hand finding anything?"

C: "Do you have selfie sticks?"

Me: "Sorry we don't stock them at the moment, but we usually get some around Christmas time. All we have at the moment is pop sockets and car mounts."

I gesture towards that area of the display.

C: "Oh ok."

Customer continues to look over the accessory panel.

C: "I suppose I should go and give my money to one of your COMPETITORS then?"

Customer gives a stare, as if I should offer a solution that will allow him to spend his money here.

Me: "I suppose so? Sorry, there's not much I can do when we don't sell the item you're looking for..."

Customer gives one last look over the accessory panel and leaves.

As if I a: can make an item we don't sell appear out of nowhere, and b: am personally affected in any way if he spends his £10 in a different store.





Mistaken Identity: Well if the manager says so...



From cdubb28, I Don't Work Here Lady:

This happened about ten years ago. I worked in retail for a major cell phone carrier but was on my lunch break shopping at a big box store in the same shopping center. I was wearing a dress shirt and slacks as well as a pink tie in honor of breast cancer awareness month. I had gone in to buy a video game but was accosted by a lady in her late fifties, early sixties as I walked to the back of the store. For reference I am ME. Lady is L and random young employee of the store is E.

L: Excuse me, the employee over there is being very rude to me when I told her I want to return my broken tv.

ME: Oh? (I was tired and just wanted to get my game and get out I didn't make the connection she assumed I worked there) Sorry to hear that (probably had a confused look on my face).

L: The tv I bought here three months ago isn't working. And they tell me I have to talk to Samsung.

At this point, a store employee runs up and tries to talk to the lady but she cuts her off.

L: I already told him you were rude to me I don't want your help anymore. (Looks back at me) Why will your store not help me that is poor customer service.

E: Mam he isn't a mana...

She cuts the employee off again by putting her hand in her face. It is at this point I realize that the employee is wearing a pink shirt as are all the other employees so the lady must think I am the manager.

L: Well are you going to help me?

ME: Like you were already told mam you will need to go back through the manufacturer unless you purchased an extended warranty from us which I assume you didn't or my associate would have helped you.

L: Thats it I'm calling corporate (and she huffed off).

E: (looks at me and laughs) Uh Thanks I guess.

I say your welcome walk off and get my game but as I Leave I see the lady in her car on her cellphone probably calling corporate. Too bad she didn't ask for my name.






Monstrous Customers: A Million Dollars



From  gerardo52285, Tales From Retail:

This was a while ago when I worked at the mall location of a certain cell phone provider.

It was a normal day when a guy in a suit came in and was demanding we fixed his phone. from this point he'll be SG(suit guy) I'll be M(me)

M: Welcome to my store how can I help you?

SG: Fix this now!

M: Um ok whats wrong with it?

SG: I cant hear out of it my calls wont work!

M: Ok can you make calls?

SG: Of course I can what are you stupid?

M: (Deep inner sigh) (Call coworker(CW) over) Hey let me call you from this phone and see if I can hear you

CW: Ok

Proceed to call everything sounds fine

M: Looks to be working fine

SG: Well its not! do you really think I would be wasting my time here if it was working fine?

M: (Another deep sigh) Ok well your account shows you have insurance Yay! here's the info file a claim online and you'll have a replacement phone tomorrow!

SG: TOMORROW!!!! That's unacceptable I run my whole business off this thing I cant go a full day without it. I'm expecting a very important call and if I miss it I'm holding you responsible for costing me a million dollars!

M: Oh wow that's a lot of money

SG: Yeah it is so fix it or give me a new one

M: Well you cant upgrade yet so that's out the window but if there's a million dollars at stake here why not just buy the new phone you want? I mean I know if it was me I'd rather spend $750 than lose 1 million.

SG: That's not the point! Are you going to fix it or give me a new one for free

M: Sorry we dont have a technician at any blue store in this area and we cant use instore inventory for replacements unless it is within the 14 day grace period.

He huffs and puffs and calls my manager over I get told to help another customer while my manager tries unsuccessfully to help him. Guy ends up leaving threatening to cancel his lines due to bad service. Some days guys Some days.....

-- gerardo52285






Retail Hell Memories: Why does it matter if it's not mine?


Carolanne 002

From FuzzyMoosen, Tales From Retail:

So this one comes from back when I worked for a certain large cell phone store. Our store was located in a small, backwoods sort of town, where the people are either so down to earth nice that they'd give you their house to help out, or so ass backwards that simple logic is like brain surgery to them. This is the latter.

I'll be me, and CL will be crazy lady. To give you some description, I was working alone this night, when this particular lady comes slowly into my store. Her clothes were rather tattered, her hair a mess, and she looked like she hadn't slept in weeks.

CL: Hey, so I need to purchase a new phone, as my last one got stolen or something. (Not uncommon sadly, crime was rather bad around that place, and I felt bad for her.)

ME: Absolutely, not a problem. If I can get your phone number and driver's license or state ID, I'll pull up your account and I'll see what I can do to help you out.

She plops down a driver's license that's badly worn, but I can clearly see that A. It's not her picture as there's a guy on it, B. It's not her name, C. It's not the state we lived in or anywhere near, and D. That it was expired by about 5 years.

I slowly looked from the license, back to her, and back to the card again.

ME: Uhhhhhh... I'm guessing this isn't your current card...

CL: No, it's my dad's. He's the account holder, so I figured it'd be alright.

ME: Unfortunately, no... I would need your current card.

CL: What if I brought you my brothers ID?

ME: Again, no, I would need yours...

CL: (Now more agitated) What about my boyfriend's?

ME: Ma'am, no... I would need yours. That, or if your father came down, I could verify his with his CURRENT ID, and we can go from there.

CL: Well, we don't talk anymore, so that's just not gonna work. Isn't there anything else you can do?

ME: I can try to set you up with your own account...

CL: Perfect! Let's do that!

ME: ... But I'd need your ID...

CL: F*** this, I'm done, I'll just go steal someone else's phone and call it good, thanks for nothing! (And she leaves my store.)

One of many strange stories from my time in retail, but seriously... How do you not understand that I need your ID?

Edit: Vrain to Brain, cause I'm insane in the membrane.