Closing Time Nightmares: Pontificating



From u/ManOfAMillionVoices Tales From Retail:

So I work at a general department store, originally started as a pharmacy.

Few nights ago, 30 minutes to closing up, I was asked over the store headset to leave my section and help a customer with the watch cabinet. This was an especially stressful night, as I had just witnessed two teens tearing a pair of laptops off their alarmed displays and sprinting out the store with them. One of the store managers managed to swipe at one of the kids with a metal ladder, which now seems pretty Looney Tunes in hindsight.

But back to the watch cabinet.

I greet her and ask which one she was hoping to see.

The customer, a woman in her 40's, doesn't indicate a choice, just repeats that she would like to have the cabinet opened. I oblige her, and she reaches in for a $40 analog timepiece. She admires the watch for a moment, holding it gently in her palm.

As I'll need to go back to my own section soon, I ask: "so do you have any more shopping to do, or may I ring in that watch over here?"

Now, there are several sales registers in this store, at least ten if you count the other departments, and her response surprised me:

"Give me a moment, I must pray on which till I am meant to go to." Followed by a pause, and then, "I need to pontificate on this topic."

Keeping a straight face, or trying to, I stood with her in silence for well over a minute; waiting for that divine answer on where she might finish this shopping adventure.

After I felt a reasonable amount of praying time had passed, I asked if she had come to a decision yet.

Without missing a beat, she replied: "Well if you don't like it, I'll be more than happy to buy this from someone else".

Feeling drained at this point, I give the standard robot retail line: "alright, well if you have any questions I'll be right over here", and I make my way back to my department to close up.

30 minutes later, closing announcements are being made, and I see the pontificating woman marching towards my section, looking like she's on a mission.

As my area is now closed off, I narrowly avoid her stare and walk back into the employee area to get my things. She was apparently looking for me, but I'll need to take a few moments to pray on why.












Retail Hell Memories: The lady that broke the door stop


Jason 004


From u/Da_Dum_Dee_Doo_Wop Tales From Retail: 

Many moons ago I worked for a small roll-your-own-tobacco shop. For those that are unfamiliar, these are tobacco shops that a) typically do not sell glass and b) operate in a legal loophole regarding "personal manufacture" of tobacco products being exempted from a portion of the associated taxes. Our shop had several pneumatic machines that customers could rent so they didn't have to roll their cigarettes by hand.

Oh the stories I could tell from working for this store.

On to this story. Our shop had a VERY strong magnetic door stopper that we could engage from a switch near the door that would essentially lock it in place. We would often turn it on in the evening when we were approaching closing timeso we could get people out of the store without letting new people in.

One fine night I was beginning the closing procedures and had gone behind the counter for something. When I came out, I looked up to see a woman approaching our doors with a man in tow. This woman looked absolutely determined. With shoulders squared and eyes forward, she marched not toward my doors but at them as though they had wronged her deeply.

Most customers would give the door a decent tug, feel the stopper holding it in place, and leave (or look in confusion for an hours sign). Some pull pretty hard but soon give up. This lady grabbed the door and tugged- but upon seeing it firmly refusing to budge, gave it a Herculean yank. The face of the man behind her was illuminated by the brighter lights above the now-open shop door just in time to reveal a mixture of surprise and horror. The door flew back. The handle hit the wall with a deafening clang (steel handle into steel bar). I nearly pissed myself in shock just from the noise.

Was the dame yet daunted? Nope.

She marched in with hardly a break in her step, only stopping when her knees brushed the front side of my counter. "Your door was stuck. I need a box of filters."

My coworker recovered around then and rushes to re-engage the stopper. He needn't have bothered, though, as it was quickly clear that the stopper was broken. This lady wrenched one of the poles off its mount and now both sides of the magnet were stuck together on the same side of the door.

I finished her transaction and sent her on her way with as few words as possible. My coworker locked the door. We promptly fell on the floor laughing like hyenas both because it was weirdly hilarious and we were still shocked. Took a bit but the stopper was eventually replaced. As for the lady? I don't remember seeing her around the shop after that.





Closing Time Nightmares: This customer always comes when we are about to close



From u/AecroMint Tales From Retail:

So here’s another one, I’m working in a apparel shop and other than certain unreasonable customers, we also bump into customers that only pop out when we are going to close. Our main door states our operating hours and this man always comes at the very last minute which puts everyone in the store at a pissed off state :/ but today is a disaster.

I’ll name this man as M, and me as Me, while my colleague as C.

Me (about to close the lights of the store with my colleague, C)

Me (getting to the registry to count sums)

M (enters the store)

M (picks up some apparel)

M (approaches us): Hi, can you please help me with this? I would like to check the sizes.

Me: Sure. What size are you looking for?

M: Either large or XL please.

Me: here you go. Would you want to purchase them now?

M: Let me try it out in the fitting room.

Me (looks at C and shakes head)

M (coming out from the fitting room): This isn’t good, it’s the right size but the colour is terrible. I would like to try more .

C (approaches M): Sorry, but we are closing soon so we are unable to open the fitting room for you today.

C: Please come again tomorrow if you’d like to try them out. We’ll be able to reserve them for you to try.

M: what kind of attitude is this?!

M: is that how you treat a customer?

C: uhh, sir, I’m sorry but base on our operating hours, we already have you a grace period of 15 minutes.

M: I’m not leaving for sure not until I get the piece of shirt I want.

Me: I’m sorry sir, we really need you to leave. If you persist on staying, we’ll have to inform the security officer.

M: No. Do not threaten me or I’ll sue you.

C (pissed off): Sir! If you intend to sue us, by all means, feel free to do so but for now we really need you to leave!

M: I’ll stay here. I’ll see what you can do to me.

M: Open the fitting room!

C (calls the security unit)

The security officers came to our store and the man is kicked out of the mall. After the incident, my colleague was so angry that she started cussing about this customer... lol







Closing Time Nightmares: Sorry It's Midnight



From u/Drakal11  Tales From Retail:

So last night I was supposed to work 2-10pm. We're open 24 hours and the people who were supposed to be there until midnight and 2:30am both called in so it would have only been the overnight cashier from 12-6. Needless to say that wouldn't have given him any time to get stuff done so they asked me to stay until midnight and the other cashier to stay until 2:30. We both agreed so crisis averted. It wasn't that busy right up to midnight. Everyone always seems to checkout at 12 and then it goes back to being dead. Well at midnight we have to swap out the register tills for new ones and if you aren't going to be on the register after midnight, you have to make sure your line is cleared by 12:10 before the swap goes through. So I take as many people as possible, but have to start turning people away. Most people understand that not too many people are going to be working that late at night and having to wait a couple minutes isn't unreasonable. Not this guy. He'll be Jackass (JA).

Me: Sorry sir I'm closed.

JA: Well then where am I supposed to checkout!

Me: (cashier next to me) would be happy to help you.

After JA continued to huff and moan the woman I was currently finishing up with surprised me and yelled at the man saying it's not my fault and to come earlier if he wants more cashiers.

After JA waited in line for a couple seconds he saw the self-checkout machines and tried using them. They dutifully told him they were closed, and then he disappeared. I was watching him because I was wondering if he was going to just steal his stuff. After I cleared the line and turned in the till I checked to see if he left his stuff or if it was gone. I didn't see anything and so told the manager that he probably stole it. Left it for the morning people to deal with when they could check the cameras. Our cameras are apparently phenomenal and cover every inch inside and out so no need to worry about whether he got away. I just find it funny. Like, I've been here over 10 hours. If you think I care about you waiting another couple minutes you're sorely mistaken.








Closing Time Nightmares: What Do You Not Understand About The Word 'Closed"?


CoffeeFrom srbumblebeeman, TalesFromRetail

So this is not about my store, but the one next to us. I used to manage a small electronics store in a small town. Right next to us was a coffee shop that everyone in town goes to. If there were cars in the parking lot, it was for the coffee shop. It was always very busy. They also closed on select days, including Easter. We however, were open on Easter (don't ask).

EVERY year this would go down 5 times per day. Patron drives in the parking lot, and sees there are no cars (except mine). Patron parks and walks up to the coffee shop. The lights are off. There is a big sign on the door "CLOSED FOR EASTER."

Would they turn away and go home? No. So let's pull on the door handle. The left one is stuck. Better try the right one. Hmmm, both seem to be wedged closed or something. Let me put my hands up to the door and peer inside, just to make sure. Damn. It's empty. The lights are off. I wonder why? Ok, we're not licked yet. Let me ask the nice man in the store next to it.

Patron: "Are they open over there?"

Me: "Hmm, I'm not sure. Is there a sign on the door that says they are closed?"

But the best part in all of this is that Patron #1 will walk up, yank the door, and be denied. Patron #2 has pulled up in the parking lot by now and just watched the whole thing happen.

Is that going to deter Patron #2? Not on your life, it must be different for them.



Closing Time Nightmares: But that’s a picture of your credit card...



From u/polelifeandpussy Tales From Retail:

So I work at a supplement store. A woman comes I. 10 mins before close to make a return from an online purchase. She says she ordered these supplements for a trip but they arrived late so now wants to return them. Ok no problem.

First it’s starts to take a while because for some reason this purchase won’t appear on my computer like it’s supposed to. But it’s fine I get the ok from my manager to override and do this manually.

So I get to the end and ask her to produce the card she had made the purchase with. Our policy is very clear that money must be put back in the exact card to prevent frauds. But this lady has not brought the card. She brought a photo of her card, and only of the front so not even the security code on the back. I politely inform her that we actually need the physical card, but she tells me it broke.

So now there’s several things that don’t make sense to me. Our shipping only takes 2 days so how did these arrive to late for her trip, and why would she not just want to keep them for use later? Why did she take a photo of her card before it broke? Did she know it was going to break?

Well I inform the lady that we can’t finish the return with just a picture of the card, and as is written in our policy, we can’t give cash back for a card purchase. She starts yelling at me telling me heb let’s her and every other store let’s her. So I calmly tell her that I will call the manager. I already knew he would confirm the we need the card line but hey maybe this will calm her. He of course says no I politely inform her and she begins yelling at me again.

Now it’s officially the time I have to close the store and I still have two customers behind her and I’ve spent over ten minutes trying to do this for her.

It felt very satisfying to smile and wish her a good day as she finally picked her box back up and walked it ranting and yelling at me the whole time.