Crazy Customers: When you don't even have $2.15 CAD what do you do?


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From u/kevlap017 Tales From Retail:

So small story here, I work in a poor neighborhood convenience store. The kind that is so small you can forget it even exists if you don't live nearby, or work there like I do. Anyway I get lot of funny or outrageous customers but this one actually made me laugh the other day.

She is a regular, she literally live right in front of the store so I see her often. She comes in, about 15 min before closure, take our cheapest 2L brand of coke (Cott) and come to the register to pay debit.

Turns out she doesn't have enough on her chequing account to pay the $2.15 CAD. I thought she would leave like many " I never know how much money I have" customers. But no. No she did WAY worse. Did she beg other customers? Nah that would be tame. She called her freaking bank late in the evening to, I kid you not, get $1 transferred from her savings account to her chequing account. I could have told her that she could have paid with her two accounts, but I didn't. This was just too funny to interrupt. I feel bad for the customer service person that had to help that lady. Like I could almost hear the mental "are you fucking with me? You called us this late for a $1 transfer!? Sigh".





Dumbass Coworkers: Don’t sell what we don’t have!


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 Unamused Observer here, reporting from a vacation town who keeps having ice troubles. As in, we keep running out!

So the local branch of our ice supplier, call them AG, has been having issues, including enough people quitting in the office that the local phone number we had for them ended getting rerouted to the main office in Michigan. Which isn’t only in a whole other country, but is closer to other coast from us besides.

To make a long story short, the two weekends before last, we ran out of ice before Saturday, not something you want to happen in the middle of summer, and especially not during a heatwave. We adapted, placed a bit of corporate pressure on AG, and got some ice delivered to our off location warehouse, to be delivered by our shipping company on Friday. It worked! We only ran out of ice today, after the long weekend. Not bad.

Now, I’m the File Maintenace guy, my main job is data entry and filing, but it’s busy enough that I like to pop out on the floor to help out from time to time. Returning shopping baskets to the front of the store, retrieving shopping carts, nelping customers find things, etc.

So I was on the floor, just finishing helping a customer find something, figuring to buy a bag of chips and an orange to snack on while I go back to my office and price some more stuff, when a customer comes up to ask me where to get more ice; he’d paid for two bags in our liquor department, which is in the basement and a floor down from our internal ice chest. I grab the intercom and called the back, asking if there’s any more ice. No luck.

I turn back to the customer and, knowing we’re getting a pallet of ice tomorrow, even if the AG guys don’t show up, offer either an iou for a bag of ice, or a refund.

He’ll take the iou, awesome! Less paperwork for me! I take him to the customer service desk (empty, because we don’t need customer service enough for it to be one persons job, but still need it enough to have a station for it) and, just as I’m jotting down the iou on the back of the customer’s receipt, another customer comes up, asking for ice!

I smile at them, managing to keep my cursing behind my smile, ask them to wait a moment, turn around, and lunge for the intercom. Barely managing to grab the reciever with the tips of my fingers, I hit the store wide button and, barely manage to keep from making it a roar, speak rather loudly to the whole store : “We are all out of ice, please stop selling people ice!!”

After that, I finished writing the first customer’s iou, and the second customer’s refund, and retreat to the back, snacks in hand. Met the only manager in the store, just before she left for the day, and apologized for what I’d done. She laughs and waves it away, saying it made the customers laugh too.

So, I managed to shout at the whole store, without getting into trouble, wish I could do it more often.

That’s all for now.

Stay cool and hydrated, all! ^.^

--Unamused Observer.






Cashier Hell Advice: Nope, won't sell any of you guys alcohol



From u/PoorCashier  Tales From Retail:

 Dear cashiers, please keep an eye out for such situations, you can get in big trouble when you act wrong at some point.

Had two young ladies and an older guy come to my register at about 9 PM. It's a common time to buy alcohol here.

Drinking here is legal by the age of 16, but only for wine and beer at that age. The harder stuff is legal to get at the age of 18.

Anyways, the group wanted to purchase some of the harder stuff; my register also warned me to check their IDs.

Me: Good evening then to the ladies Is the alcohol for you?

Lady 1: Yes, it is.

Me: Then I need to see your ID, please.

Dude: hands me his ID

Me: Great. Now the IDs of the ladies, please.

Lady 2: Oh no, he's paying for it!

Lady 1: We don't have IDs with us!

Me: Well, sorry, you said the alcohol is for you so I need to see yourIDs.

Dude: But I'll be paying for it! I'm with them, I can buy it!

Me: No. That's not how this works. As soon as I can determine that alcohol will be going to underaged persons, I can refuse the sale. Which I'm doing rn. Feel free to buy something else, but no alcohol for you guys. The ladies don't have IDs with them, so I can't sell you that stuff.

Lady 1: Wtf? You can't do this!

Me: Oh, of course I can takes the alcohol from the belt and puts it under the register, where a small cart for returns is Can I help you with anything else?

Dude: You're ruining all the fun for tonight! Seriously, screw all of this walks off in a huff

Me: Sooo...nothing else I can help you with?

Lady 1: F*** you!

Me: smiles Thanks, you too. Have a nice evening.

Some people really are frustrating when alcohol is involved. I won't break some laws just so you guys can "have fun tonight". Fuck such people.








I.D. Hell: Guy tries to buy wine with his beard



From u/fontinuos, Tales From Retail:

So there is this young guy buying a bag of Doritos and some wine, the lady ringing him up asks for ID, the conversation go like this, the guy will be “Him” and the lady “Her”.

“Her” : can I see your ID please.

“Him” : I don´t have it with me.

“Her” : any other document you can show me? I just need to check your age.

“Him” : I left it all at home.

“Her” : I´m sorry, but I need some kind of identification in order to sell you this.

The guy stops a bit, and goes like:

“Him” : dude….. check out the BEARD, how old you think I am ?

At this point he was pointing toward his face, which had like couple dozen hairs on this chin, and few random hairs on the sides, very little of it. The lady (and me) giggled a bit.

“Her” : sorry but I still need a valid form of identification.

“Him” : I’m not buying anything else if you don´t sell me this wine.

“Her” : ok, you can leave the items right in the basket behind you.

The guy looks at the basket, hesitates a bit, and turns back to her.

“Him” : FINE, only the Doritos then.