An Upcoming Showdown: Corporate Vs City Law


RHSEPT 455Janitorgirl here with an interesting story.

When I started working at Bullseye there was no "sort all trash" requirement. When my city passed that law a task that used to take 30 seconds (put the trash in the compactor) now took 3 hours (locate 3 trash cans sort all trash bags in to compost, plastic or other.)

The process has been in place for years, my crew has gotten used to it (even if we cheat sometimes.)

A few days ago our Kings and Queens at the head office bought a compost machine. So now all departments send food waste back on the truck in a designated plastic tub and the compost machine does it.

Problem; what about non food compost? Cups, napkins, trash from the cafe, etc?

I was first told, "Don't worry you get to keep your compost bin outside."

One day I come in and the compost bin is gone. I'm freaking out. Where do I put the 100 pound food waste from the cafe and the break room and the front of the store.

No one had an answer. The next day was my day off so when I came in to see the bin still gone I'm having a melt down. Twin (my male co-worker with the same birthday as me) was there yesterday and did the logical/default method: He filled 4 trash cans full of compost.

Jason-047azzThe receiving dock managers, Outlander (because he runs the out lands of the store) tell me they have a visit with reps from corporate who want to see how lovely and efficient the new compost system is. He made me a promise; he would get answers. I go gather carts, to get fresh air and clear my head.

I see the visitors arrive and when they leave I locate Outlander. "You're not going to believe this," he's in shock. "You know how our city has a law that we must recycle and compost, and if the city was to check out compactor - as they have done several times- we can get fined in the $10,000 range?"

"Yeah, I've seen it happen," I knew his next word were going to make my day.

"Corporate says you and your crew no longer need to separate trash, everything goes in the compactor. In fact, because we ran out of the new food tubs, all of the food that was supposed to go to the compost machine ALSO can go in the compactor, " He threw up his hands.

Corporate was authorizing us to break the law.

I was jumping up and down screaming out of joy. Corporate took away the tool I needed to do my job correctly and they essentially said "go ahead and cheat, it's cheaper for us in the long run."

In retail you have to find joy in the little things.



Black Friday Corporate Bullshit: Evading Double Time


CORPHELLFrom Bfeezey, AskReddit

Working at Frys Electronics two years ago, we opened on Thanksgiving and worked through till 10:00pm Friday night.

I got my punch detail the next week, and it showed everyone clocked out for a minute at midnight so no one go paid double time for working the crazy hours. They use some loophole about their transition from one day to the other. They split it up as if we'd worked two separate shifts, even though we never got a break.

When I saw what they did just to avoid paying double time, I was pissed! I can deal with crazy amounts of pissed off customers and crowds. I don't expect to be bent over while doing my job.



Headhunting: The Insidious Lure



Freddy Coffee 2From: RHUer

I've seen some headhunting in my days. For those who don't know, headhunting is a word to describe tying to lure away experienced employees to stave off some of the learning curve for the new hires.

At one retail store where I worked, managers would get together and go shopping at the competition’s store as spies. They called it “comp shopping.”

They would carpool and split up when they got there, walk around the store for a while, find something small, buy it, and leave. Then, they would have a meeting to compare notes when they got back to our store.

Occasionally, we would get new leads who had previously worked for competitors, and I always wondered if they got picked up on one of these adventures. This method, other than being quite underhanded, has an insidious underside.

So here is how it works. You hire staff away from the competition by offering them a dollar or so more an hour to start. This way you have experienced staff on hand to both open the new store and train the other new employees who do not have experience (and who start at the min wage).

THEN, after a couple of months, you start cutting the hours of the higher costing employees to entice them to leave (or use other methods) so that you can then replace them with more min wage employees.

They got what they wanted out of them, the higher labor budget is built into the new store or position but eventually the company wants the payroll down the what they consider “normal”.



Corporate Hell: "Can You Just Work Around The Body?"


Jason and victimFrom: knopper91

Working at Big Red Corporate Hell Auto Parts store. I am the general manager of the store (yey power!) and a few years ago this event took place.

It was a Friday morning around 0700, I had just made it to the store to open. Got into the main office I noticed a note about a very pissed off customer that came in for parts last night that got shipped to another store. Not our fault, this happens all the time usually we just give them a 20% discount on the transaction and they go on their merry way. Well this guy apparently threatened to do harm to multiple employees, why someone didn't call me the night it happened I'm not sure. They had filed a police report and taken all the info.

I hear someone knock on the door, keep in mind it is me and 1 other employee in the store right now. I figured it was the new guy coming in for training, so I sent Other Guy to go get him. This is where all hell breaks loose. Let me stop and say first that I was an Army Ranger, Scout Sniper, and I have been shot at, hit with a Humvee and almost blown up by an IED. None of that helped with this situation.

Cue OG running in the the office and slamming the door.

OG: "He's got a gun!"

Me: "What? Who?"

OG: "Guy from last night."

So I immediately started calling the cops. As I'm hitting the last 1, I start hearing shots ringing through the store. I keep dialing and explain the situation, knowing that 2 layers of drywall aren't going to stop a round from tearing me a new hole. I told OG to stand directly behind the office door (it's a solid steel door before anyone gets all up in arms about using the guy as a human shield). This entire time the guy is still firing, I could tell that he had reloaded at least once. He was yelling something incoherent; I just sat there and waited for the moment when he started shooting the office. I'm not sure how long had passed for all I know it could of been minutes.

Freddy tiltBut what happened next astonished and changed my life. I hear sirens finally and more people yelling, then massive amounts of gunfire, had to be at least 3 different pistols, then I hear:

Cop: "This is the police, if there is anyone else in here announce yourselves and come out slowly."

Me and OG walk out they take us into cuffs and put us in the back of the car while they clear the store, as were walking out I see that the entire store is a mass of bullet holes, there's oil all over the place, in general IT WAS DESTROYED. They ask us what happened, get statements, and I tell them I need to call our District Leader and Corporate about this.

This is where I decided that I would never work for this hell hole again, along with the other employee that was there.

I called the corp office and told them what had happened, filed an ass load of paperwork, by this time it was roughly 0930-0945. (Corporate Overlords = CO)

They then asked me:

CO: "Can you work around the mess?"

Me: "Are you FUCKING kidding me? I just told you the cops shot, and killed a person in my store..."

CO: "Yea, can you work around it?"

Me: (pissed beyond belief at this point) "Seriously, you want me to work around the body and pool of blood/oil that has massed around the dead guy in my fucking store?"

CO: "So I'll take that as a no?"

I don't think I've ever yelled at someone so much. One of the cops actually had to take the phone from me and make me go smoke a cig. In the end me and OG got 2 weeks paid off, a trip to the police station, court, and one hell of a story to tell our kids.



Barista Hell: Corporate Psycho Screams At Manager On The Floor


Barista beansFrom: Kiwibeetroot

Some woman from corporate was in my favorite (i.e. I go daily) coffee shop the other day and TOLD OFF the new manager in front of me and another regular.

The new manager is lovely, and she and her partner are doing a great job. I am still gobsmacked this woman said what she did.

She basically pointed to the covered cakes at the bottom of the cold case and told the manager "SEE? This is CRAP!" and I was standing right behind her.

Manager looked like she was going to cry.

I got up to the counter and whispered to the server "I don't like HER," and the server whispered back "ditto"... Heinous wench.

They were lucky I was a regular. Had I been a new customer and got the impression that was how staff at that shop talked to each other, I probably wouldn't have gone back.