Kudos Starbucks! Company Announces It Will Donate Leftover Food From 7,000 Locations To Food Banks Across US


From ABC7:

Starbucks announced it will aim to donate all of its leftover food from its 7,000-plus U.S. locations to food banks.

The company said it will attempt to contribute 100 percent of its leftover food to Feeding America, a non-profit organization that runs a national network of food banks.

According to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, the idea came from baristas behind the counter.

The company said it plans to give out 5 million meals in 2016 and has invested in research to determine the best way to ensure the food stays safe until it is consumed.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that 30 to 40 percent of America's food supply is wasted.

According to Feeding America, 48.1 million Americans at some point during 2014 struggled against hunger.

Feeding America serves more than 46 million people through its food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters, according to its website.

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Black Friday Announcements: GameStop, Staples, and a Few Others Staying Closed on Thanksgiving, Starting Sales on Friday


From ABC11:

When it comes to holiday shopping, some stores open earlier and earlier every year in a phenomenon known as "Black Friday creep." Other stores, though, have already promised they'll stay closed this Thanksgiving.

One such store, appliance company P.C. Richard & Son, took a strong stand on Facebook Thursday, saying "It's our opinion that retailers who choose to open on Thanksgiving show no respect to their employees and families and are in total disrespect of family values in the United States of America."



Another such company, Game Stop, announced Monday they were closing on Thanksgiving and has since received praise from fans on the company's Facebook page.

"I love that you are thinking about families and not just making money," wrote one fan.

Here are the stores that have announced they will be closed on Thanksgiving:

P.C. Richard & Son
Half Price Books
Mattress Firm

Last year, several stores welcomed shoppers on Thanksgiving Day, including Macy's, which opened its doors at 6 p.m.

Retailers that have opted to give customers a head start on their Black Friday shopping are responding to a "customer-driven trend," as Macy's calls it. A 2013 survey found that 38 percent of people would likely shop on Thanksgiving.

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Entitled Custy Story Update: Revenge Best Served Sweet With A Side Of Retail Balls Award


Asshat bossesFrom: Tomato_Ketchup

Here's an update on my situation.

I called corporate to complain that I was basically reprimanded for following policy and refusing service to a customer during my break.

Of course corporate immediately sided with me, and everything seemed like it was going to be fixed and my name would be cleared. But no, of course not. In the world of retail, things aren't always so clear cut. Lo and behold, there's another factor here: The fucking bitch apparently called corporate herself and basically demanded that I be fired for being rude to her.

Now guys, the thing is, the store has cameras. And turns out they investigated, and since the audio is not available, the only thing seen was me walking away from the woman and slamming the break room door behind me.

Now, you'd think that's bad enough right? Wrong. Guess what? I asked a supervisor (who is a long-time buddy of mine) to check the punch-in sheet (it is automatically filled in by the computer but is editable by management) just out of curiosity. And guess what? Someone fucking deleted my break time that was logged into the system.

So now, not only was I being accused of refusing service to a customer, but I was also being accused of not clocking out and leaving the premises to get food.

What the fuck? I had to wonder; was this a computer error or did the manager really do this on purpose to save his own ass? (We have a long history of run-ins with each other, and it is openly well known that he does not like me).

So basically, two big things happened today, and I will try to explain them in as much detail as possible.

(1) I woke up bright and early and made a call to corporate.

PET9My plan here was simply to state that I needed my issue investigated further, even if it seemed like there was no problem on their end. As expected, the person on the other end of the phone told me the same thing that they had already told me the first time I had called.

But then I said the magic word; subpoena.

As soon as I made the calm, yet firm threat, the person immediately told me to hold on for a second. He got his supervisor on the line, to whom I explained my situation once again, and he assured me that he would see into the matter.

Oh, and I also asked for a way to e-mail the president of the company, and I sent an e-mail to him explaining my situation as well. So that was that, but I didn't stop there. See, I had another plan; I was going to catch my manager myself, red-handed. You know, just in case corporate dun goofed.

(2) So I walk into work, and I immediately go into the manager's office. I stand in front of him, and the conversation goes like this:

Me: "I have to speak with you about something really important."

Manager: "Can it wait? I need to finish looking over these documents before 12."

Me: "No, it can't wait. [Supervisor's name] told me that my clock in and clock out time from lunch three days ago was not on the log. I know I punched out and in, so what happened?"

PET39Manager: "Huh... Weird. I'll look into it for ya, alright?"

Me: "Oh no need! I already called corporate, and they said they'd look into it personally."

At this point, I had the widest shit-eating grin I have ever had in my life. It felt good man. Real fucking good.

The manager audibly gulps at this point, no doubt shitting bricks.

Manager: "You know, that wasn't really necessary. You could have come to me about this first."

Me: "Oh I know, but I just didn't want to waste your time, seeing as how you're always busy and all. You have more important things to do, like look over documents."

At this point, he visibly begins to get annoyed by my attitude and my sarcastic tone. But I'm just enjoying it way too much.

Manager: "Now listen, Tomato_Ketchup, I'm not really liking your tone right now."

Me: "I apologize. Anyways, I just wanted to give you a heads up in case corporate asks you any questions. You know how they are."

At this point some of you might be wondering why I said that last part. Why? Because I had a small suspicion that since he is a recently-made manager (3 months now), he probably didn't know that the system logs all deletions and re-entries.

DroidSure, you would be told this if you become manager, but I was trying my luck at this point because (A) I don't see who else could have deleted my log times, and (B) If it was him who deleted them, he obviously didn't know about the fact that the deletions are tracked.

So what was my end-game here? Simple. I was hoping that due to this threat about corporate, he would simply go back and add my times back onto the log. And guess what? He did just that.

A couple of minutes after our conversation he comes up to me and tells me:

Manager: "Tomato_Ketchup, I found out what the problem was. There was a glitch in the system and apparently it didn't register your punches. But everything is fixed now. Your log times should be there now."

Me: "Wow, thanks. I appreciate it."

Manager: "No problem..."

But wait a minute, there's more! Just a couple of hours into my shift, I see the manager leaving the store, angrily slamming the manager office's door on his way out. When I asked my supervisor buddy what had happened, the conversation went like this:

Me: "Dude why is he so angry?"

Supervisor: "I don't know. He was with corporate on the phone for a few minutes and then he asked me why I told you that the time logs were missing. Hold up let me find out."

So my supervisor runs out the front doors to catch up with my manager. They talk for a while outside, after which my manager gets into his car and angrily drives off. Then my supervisor comes back inside, walks up to me, and says:

Balls award5Supervisor: "Dude. I'm sorry to tell you this but he's fucked. Corporate found evidence of data tampering in the punch-in log. Apparently he deleted your times yesterday, and added them back just this morning to cover his ass."

Me: "Wow..."

Supervisor: "Yep..."

Me: "How did he not know about the system's ability to track that stuff?"

Supervisor: "I don't know man."

So there's that. He will probably get fired and I will probably... Well, keep my job. I hope I have more stories to share with you all in the near future (hopefully customer-related and not job-threatening).

--Tomato_Ketchup, signing off.


The Consultant Who Was Not A Kiss Ass To Customers...


Carolanne whootFrom: Diana

I worked for a company once that brought in a consultant. He was actually, surprisingly, great.

He told us the customer was not always right, that we didn't have to put up with yelling and when it was acceptable to hang up on a customer due to abusive behavior on their side.

We need more like him...