Monstrous Customers: "Is she stupid?"




From RHUer, February, 2010:

Hey, so I work at a really well known craft store as a supervisor, and I've honestly never had a terrible customer until today.

So, I was ringing people up on the only open register, and I'm trying to go as fast as I can so no one gets upset.

A woman (who, by the way, already seems disgruntled) comes up with fake flowers as well as one glass vase and one metal vase.

Now, our scanners can be super-sensitive and scan things twice sometimes without even realizing it. This happened to this woman's large metal vase, but wasn't noticed until after she already paid.

So, I apologized and said I'd take the extra charge off and it would go back onto her credit card. Most people have no problem with this.

But no, this woman was obviously upset, but let me do the transaction anyway. About half way through the transaction, she moves her arm, and the METAL vase falls to the floor.

It makes a lot of noise, but other than that is fine, and I even offer to go get a new one in case there is any damage done.

This makes the woman incredibly angry (but still calm). She then turns to her husband and says, "First you charge me twice and then you drop it on the ground. Is she stupid?"


The scanner is overly sensitive and you can't move your stuff so I can put the vase somewhere AWAY from the scanner, knock your OWN vase over, and then ask if I'M the stupid one???

After I, along with the other 4 customers in line, hear this, and I immediately stop my bullshit sunshine-happy attitude, and finish the transaction as emotionless as possible.

After I fix the problem, I again apologize for dropping the vase and it scanning twice on accident, and she asks for my name so she can go complain about me.

The next customers were incredibly nice about it and even told me that the woman must have been stupid because I was doing such a great job, and even told one of my managers so when I explained what had happened.


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Crazy Entitled Customers: Woman demands to open product, won’t buy it afterwards because it’s opened




From u/TheNovelleFive Tales From Retail:

I remembered this story today while browsing through the sub.

Lady (L) comes into my craft store to buy a calligraphy set as a gift. She picked out a €50 all included set. Then the following occurred:

L: I’m gonna buy this, but... it’s hard to believe everything pictured is in this little box.

Me: if it says it’s in the box it should be. If not you can bring it back for a refund.

L: But it’s a gift! I want it to be just right. Are you SURE? The box doesn’t look big enough for that pen.

The pen is in fact small. So at this point I pull out my two personal fountain pens from the apron and show her the one that’s the same size as the pen, compared to a more regular sized one. She still insists it cannot all fit in the small box.

L:If I could just open it to make sure...

Me: I’m sorry but I cannot do that, because if you don’t buy it I cannot sell an opened box.

L: But I will buy it! I just need to confirm that it’s all in there.

Me: I assure you it’s all in there.

L: it’s for my grandson...

We went back and forth until I studied the box, realized it wasn’t sealed and I could probably very carefully open it. Besides, 18 year old me believed she would buy it once I proved this... so I very carefully opened it.

L: huh, it’s all there! Well excellent, I’ll take this one here then, I don’t want to gift my grandson a used item.

She then grabs a new one from the shelf and Bolts to the register before I could protest. She obviously knew how rude this was cause she got out of there as fast as she could. I ran for my favorite manager, who got pissed, ran after her, but she had already paid and left...

I ended up selling the used set to the cutest couple, who saw the whole thing as they waited for my help choosing pens. The boyfriend was really experienced and probably didn’t need a beginner’s kit, but they sure made my day lifting my spirits afterwards.






Crazy Customers: “This is the worst store!“ Well why are you shopping here?



From u/oreologicalepsis Tales From Retail:

I work at a chain craft store as a cashier and was pretty late to go on my break because my backup was late to get in, so I was sorta in a rush to get off register. I shut off my light as a customer began walking over to me, not realizing I wasn't open. I had called my backup on my radio to come up so I could go on break, and other customers had overheard. But apparently not this impatient woman (IP). She started ranting.

IP: "This is the worst store! You turned your light off just as I came over! There's never anyone around to help me, and now you don't carry things you used to have in store!"

I didn't reply because I was partially in shock at how pissed she was, and I didn't want to apologize to her because she was so unjustly angry. She just kept repeating how she hated this store so much, which is interesting considering she was in line to BUY stuff here, and there are multiple other craft stores nearby. I probably would've taken her if she hadn't been so rude.





Mistaken Identity: Craft Store Confusion



From RHUer:

My wife and I have both worked at craft stores in the past; I still do (the red one). We were shopping at the green craft store about an hour away from home, and we both stopped by the restroom during our browsing.

We are wearing jeans and t-shirts, holding hands, poking through clearance, when a woman stops us in the aisle.

She asks if we can help her, since we "work here."

I smile awkwardly and let her know that she's mistaken; we're just shopping.

She asks why we came out of the back of the store, and I had to explain that we were in the restroom.

What sort of behavior does she expect from employees? We were holding hands, and are generally pretty affectionate in public. At least she wasn't rude, but I was truly surprised she thought we were employees. 

-- A longtime RHU lurker



Bad Returners: Customer returns from the future to complain about service



From u/thisisaflawedprocess Tales From Retail:

I work in a small hobby shop that sells drones, RC units, etc., and we get a fairly... eccentric clientele. Of particular note is this older woman who came in and bought a really expensive drone for her "grandson", though we suspected she was actually trying to use it to spy on an active military base from the brief conversation we had.

Anyway, she comes in 2 or 3 days after she bought the thing demanding a refund. Being a smaller shop, we only offer refunds and exchanges for manufacturing defects or something we screwed up. This was neither. Apparently her neighbor didn't like the fact that her "grandson" was flying the drone too close to their window and then telling them to get bent when they said something. So they shot it down. I politely inform her that we can't offer a refund because the dummy didn't respect her neighbors.

But it was malfunctioning before that! Look. I kept a log of the issues!

I look at her log, and I notice that all the dates are from later this month. September 22, 23, and 24, 2018. I mention this to her and she drops the classic busted customer line:

Are you calling me a liar?

Well, as you can imagine, I absolutely was calling her a liar, seeing as I caught her with empirical evidence in midlie, but Customer Service and all that. I just suggested that she confused the dates, but that it didn't matter since she didn't take it in before somebody literally shot it out of the air. She is not pleased. Long, melodramatic sighs and disappointed head shaking abound.

Well, I guess this is the society we live in now. Stores are stealing money from old ladies and the world is burning to the ground.

With that, she left. I assume to get into her Delorean and try to track down the Doc in the old west.

Friggin' lunatics, man.






Snorting Piggy Shopper Decimates Clearance Baskets



From u/orphan-theism Tales From Retail:

I recently started working 6 hour shifts almost everyday at my job. I work in a department store in the craft and party section. Part of my new responsibilities include cleaning the clearance table, a table that has not been clean since stock take about 2 months ago. So, I have spent 3 weeks putting everything into baskets on the table with one side of the table being craft (with baskets for ribbon, scrapbooking paper, etc) and the other being party (baskets for birthday candles, invites, as well as themed party things like Star Wars, Minions, etc).

Which brings me to yesterday: I was on my last legs of the clearance table. My coworker was checking pricing and making sure everything had the most recent price set by head office. She asked me if I had room on my side for the cake decorating things and as I was looking for room, this rich woman pushes past me to look at something. Which, rude, but not too out there. She then goes to my Num Noms basket and starts looking through it. Me and my coworker immediately dropped everything and watched as this girl took out half of the basket and put the items in the fucking Star Wars basket. And then she just walks away? The best part is, the ENTIRE time she was snorting like a pig.

As someone who lives and works in New Zealand, I normally only see this crap on TV and I felt like what I was watching wasn't even real.