Coworker Hell: I Call You Richard, Because You Are One


2 Coworker HellFrom DreamTherapyAskReddit

I used to work at a car lot, and there was this one guy who was the car washer. Lets call him Dick cause he fucking was one.

Some of my my duties consisted of washing cars, and at the start all was fine, but after a little while that changed.

He was the kinda guy that only like things done a certain way, his way or the fucking highway. So he had almost a methodical routine with how he washed cars, and me being new and never really washed cars before did it differently. He really didn't like that.

He began criticising me on the smallest things and initially I blew it off and just said "Ya ok, I'll do it your way" cause I didn't want to create a scene or I didn't really care. He washes cars for a living, give him a win I guess.

So as time goes on he gets more and more aggressive, to the point if I even ask him where the bucket of water and soap is he would snap at me or belittle me.

Regan Fuck youFinally one day my manager had asked me to wash a few cars that were pretty clean besides a few spots around the mudflaps and around the wheel area. Dick see's this and basically asks me why I'm wasting everyone's time, and asks me why I am being paid to work here.

I was so done. I told him to stop criticising me and that he has been a prick and that if he doesn't like it, take a fucking hike.

Dick gets red as Satan and screams at me to shut my fucking mouth and that we will see what the manager says. He runs off, comes back with a coworker, not a manager, and basically twists the situation against me.

I tell the coworker my part and the coworker just looks at us both and basically tells Dick he needs to relax and for us to just do our jobs.

Dick told me to get the fuck away from him and storms off like a bitch. Was awkward for the rest of the time I worked there; I just tried to avoid him



Crazy Coworkers: Water + Cell Phones = Princess Tantrum


1 coworker hellFrom GangrenousBoobsAskReddit

When I worked at a theme park we had one girl who was a problem from the very moment she got there. By the end of her first week she was already on a lot of shit lists for the way she talked to people. She was still in high school and had a bit of a princess mentality. She was always bossing people around (including people who had worked there for 10+ years) but if anyone asked her to help them she would say that since they were technically equals she didn't have to take any direction from them.

She got two serious write-ups in her first two months and made massive ordeals trying to fight them. This was also around the time our yearly survey came out. A part of the survey involved writing a few things the park could improve upon and she sent in a six paragraph essay calling out everybody she hated. She said that she felt she was working in a hostile work environment and didn't feel safe because everyone was always picking on her.

I was technically her superior and I personally never had a problem with her. She was a good worker whenever she was under my supervision but I could definitely see how her personality would rub people the wrong way. However, she was one of those employees that needed to be constantly told to put their phones away.

Anyway, in our department you could potentially get soaked by some of the attractions. Once you got to be there a while you eventually learned the timing and could avoid it most of the time but there was always a chance of getting hit by a stray burst of water.

Custy phone 3One day this girl got hit by one of the splashes. By this point she should've known how to avoid them but she disregarded that and was in the area anyway. She was drenched. Her phone happened to be in her pocket when this happened. Not only did her phone not have a case but it already had a ton of deep cracks in it. Water got in the cracks and basically fried her phone.

She made a huge scene. Screaming, sobbing, and demanding to see every higher-up from our manager to the CEO. She demanded that the park reimburse her for the phone because it got damaged while she was on the clock.

Everybody basically told her that her property was her own responsibility and they wouldn't be paying for it since she probably shouldn't have had it in her pocket in the first place knowing the risk of potential water damage.

Being the 16 year old princess that she was she couldn't handle hearing this. She started trashing one our storage rooms and we had to send her home early. While the department heads were trying to figure out what to do with her she beat them to the punch and quit over the phone right before her next shift.

Her dad harassed the park for a couple weeks about paying for the phone but they basically blew him off until he stopped calling.



Crazy Coworkers: It's Not My Fault! It's Never My Fault!


4 Coworker HellFrom Jaybeetee86AskReddit

Back in my museum days, one girl I had supervised was promoted to a position equal to mine, but seemed to think she was now my boss (she didn't particularly like me). As time went by, she was making more and more careless errors I was having to catch and deal with, but when brought up (in meetings or with her directly), she would blame me or others for those errors (while also being sure to bring up anything I did wrong or she'd thought I'd done wrong). After awhile, she started making a TON of mistakes, in all aspects of her job.

It hit the fan when within the space of a few days: the accountant discovered she hadn't made any deposits in over a month (part of her job was to drop off deposits regularly from tickets, gift shop sales, etc); field trips/teachers were complaining that she wasn't returning calls; and one day she booked a large group tour with literally only me in to cover it.

When I walked in that morning, saw the schedule and flipped out, her first reaction was to blame me for "not noticing sooner" (scheduling was squarely her job, and I would delegate tours and other tasks based on her schedule- kinda backasswards I know, but that was the set-up at the time). Other colleagues reamed her out for the scheduling incident, and for trying to avoid responsibility for it.

I'd had it at that point, and finally wrote a long email to our Exec Director discussing ALL the errors I and others had to cover for, unaware at the time that the accountant was also complaining to the ED about the lack of deposits (no, she wasn't stealing them- the deposits were sitting on her desk and she just hadn't been doing it).

It also turned out that this girl was smearing me to the ED, so these incidents prompted further investigation which thankfully cleared things up on my end.

Aaaanyway, that basically lead to an "intervention" with the ED and some others from management sitting this girl down and reading her the riot act, where she claimed job burnout for the errors (she was like 23 years old at this point, though we worked in an admittedly stressful environment).

She was put on some sort of super-probation, her work was double-checked, the scheduling procedure was re-jigged, and she suddenly acted a whole lot nicer to me.



Crazy Coworkers: The Motorcycle Love Potion


3 Coworker HellFrom Two_kids_two_pugsAskReddit

I worked in a factory on third shift.

There was a very douchey guy working one of the industrial ovens. He wore a bandana, had a soul patch, tribal tattoos, shirts with the sleeves ripped off, and owned nothing in the world except a very expensive motorcycle.

So we hire this new girl, and apparently that shit was love potion to her. She was IN LOVE with this guy and ignored her work to get near him. She always wore crop tops with boob showing and short-shorts (this is a factory, so that is a safety hazard) and she was reprimanded for it, but kept doing it for him. She would leave her job to talk to him and purposefully pick up scrap near him so she could bend over near his work station all the time.

Of course, after a while, she was asked not to come back.

She starts crying and screams about how everyone there was mean and unfair to her because we were all jealous of how hot she was. She starts hurling scrap metal at the bosses and gets escorted out.

She then waits in the parking lot for the rest of the shift (5 hours) to try to talk to/throw herself at douchey guy. He is scared off by the crazy and doesn't want anything to do with it.

She starts stalking him at work and at his favorite bar, so he ends up with a restraining order on her. Fun note, we were all making about 8 bucks an hour. That's not enough money to put up with that kind of insane.



Crazy Coworkers: Stalking And Defacing Property


2 Coworker HellFrom why_you_askAskReddit

I was a manager years ago and one of my duties was to order office supplies for everyone. The receptionist decided that she wouldn't give me her list on time and so nothing was ordered for her.

She finally decided, days after deliveries, that she needed 1000 envelopes even though she already had 5000 at her desk.

There was a minimum order fee and her $7 box of envelopes didn't meet it.

I told her that I'd add her envelopes to the next order, but she'd have to wait.

She flipped her shit. She screamed through the corporate office about what an asshole I was and that I was trying to oppress her and get her fired by making it impossible for her to do her job.

Fast forward to the following morning. I walked into my gated parking garage to see that my car was covered in eggs, there was puke all over my hood, and my windows had been written on with shoe polish. I washed everything off and went into work late.

The receptionist was bragging about how she got me so good and how funny it was that she followed me home, waited for someone to open the access gate, and defaced my car. She was fired immediately.

The end? Nope!

I filed a police report afterwards, and a restraining order. The best part was that the woman tried to file for unemployment. When she didn't get it she showed up at the corporate office, and we had her hauled away in the back of a cop car.



Crazy Coworkers: Tantrum Over Reserved Storage Space


1 coworker hellFrom jsrsdAskReddit

Had a guy I supervised who apparently didn't understand I was his supervisor. We had a huge amount of space for overstock in the back room, plus about 1600 sqft storage room in the basement. I kept 4 shelves (not 4 units, just 4 shelves each about 3 feet long) that I needed to hold my work in progress. I had a sign on each shelf indicating it was reserved.

I went away for a week off, came back to find he had ripped off my signs and taken all my stuff off and piled it on my workbench. I put everything back the way it was, when he came in told him that those shelves were reserved. I was annoyed but kept my cool cause he was new.

He lost it, screaming at me, cursing me (I mean actually cursing me, not swearing at me, although he did that too). Buggers in the front of the store didn't come to help they just closed the door. What it came down to was he was too lazy to push a cart with the last bit of overstock down to the storage room, so he decided I didn't need that little bit of space and it belonged to him.

I finally told him "Look, I'm your supervisor, I'm telling you I need those shelves, that's it. Keep them clear."

"You're not my supervisor! You're not man enough!"


PET6"OK, well I am your supervisor, this is the way it is. If it bothers you that much, well, you can always leave." (Thinking this is over a couple of shelves, he's acting like I stole his car and ran over his dog after sleeping with his wife.)

He stomped out, came back in 30 minutes later with his resignation. He was in the process of being fired anyways; my manager was away that day so I'd documented it all and sent it to him and HR, along with all the other details. (I wasn't the first person he'd freaked on but this was the worst).

Found out after he'd spent that time stripping a bunch of solid copper heatsinks in the storage room, took the copper and left the fans and stuff behind.

A month later he called my manager for a reference, who gave him a good one. I looked at him, "Seriously?" That's how we got stuck with him, someone at his old place gave a good reference. Now we've saddled him on someone else? Bah!

I did laugh though, he thought he was sticking it to me but it took us about a day to find someone else to fill his job.