Toxic Managers: Creeper Learns There Never Was A Language Barrier


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From Meredith Harper, Kitchenette Jezebel

When I was in my very early 20’s, I went through a giant breakup—first live-in boyfriend, was convinced we’d be together forever, classic first real heartbreak. So I very abruptly moved to New Zealand, because I’m a measured person who handles life’s slings and arrows with a cool head.

I was mostly there as a tourist, but I was broke of course, so I would spend a month or so hiking and doing outdoorsy stuff, then a month or two working until I could afford to keep traveling. During the work periods I would be taking on up to three jobs at a time so that I could get as much income in as short a time possible (my visa was only good for one year). During one of these stints, one of my three jobs was as a dishwasher at a restaurant.

There were a lot of weird things about this job. A lot of the other staff were odd ducks.

There was one line cook who would sing (shout) metal music out loud—not music that was playing, just whatever was in his head—for almost his entire shift. There was a girl who I’m pretty sure never spoke to me. Add on top of this that I was still at that time of my life very shy, and the sink was positioned directly next to the door to the dining room (it’s an informal brewpub type place, so the door was always propped open), and I was a 22 year old girl, and super fit from the outdoorsy stuff, and I was always soaked from the industrial sink, and just lit up in the doorway of a place where lots of men were getting drunk...

I was way too meek to figure out how to handle hearing all the sexual stuff that was being directed at me. So I just ignored it and hated my life and counted down til quitting day.

But the number one worst thing was the manager, who would say these really creepy things to me. Like “Wow, you’re so wet” or “that shirt looks really hot on you” or random comments about my looks/body. I mean, if someone said that shit to me now, I’d crack down right away.

At the time I was super young and just thinking, “Well, I mean MAAAAYBE he thinks that’s appropriate?”

Because the tone he used was never straight-up lecherous, it was always kind of friendly. But he would also reprimand other employees while standing right behind my work station, saying really private things about their work history, which I also found bizarre.

So fast forward to my very last day at work. I have really never spoken to this guy, because my entire policy has been Ignore The Creep, and he never actually said anything to me that wasn’t a weird sexual one-liner. He comes over and he’s talking to me about my travels as I’m washing dishes.

We talk for about 10 minutes and then he says: “Wow, your English is really good, I didn’t realize you spoke this well.”

I genuinely didn’t understand what he meant, maybe my vocabulary? So I said uncertainly, “Well, I studied English Literature in college, I guess maybe that’s it?”

He pauses for a long time, starts to go really pale and he says, “Where are you from?”

“The northeast of the US.”

And then he basically goes completely white and kind of stammers out, “I—someone—I thought you were from Denmark?!”

And then I realize that the stupid jerk had thought the whole time that I didn’t speak English. He thought if he said creepy shit with a friendly voice that I wouldn’t know what he was saying.

It actually made the two months of weird inappropriate comments worth it to me, to watch his face as he realized that I had heard every single word he said. He awkwardly ended the conversation as fast as he could and disappeared for the rest of the night.

--Meredith Harper


Toxic Managers: Creepy Harassment


1 managerFrom Ybarae

After bartending for a while through college, I decided that I wanted to get a job in an office so that I could have regular hours, paid vacation, weekends and holidays off, etc. I figured it would also look much better on my resume for when I graduated as well, so taking a pay cut from making great tips to hourly pay didn't bother me at all.

Keep in mind I am a female, easy on the eyes, and dealt with guys hitting on me regularly at the bar. In addition, managers and employees were all laid back enough to joke about pretty much anything without anyone getting offended.

Now, I interviewed at a small firm, owned by one man, with 3 other workers on site. Considering my experience level, I applied for a position as their admin/receptionist. I was hired immediately after my first interview. Everything went well for the first two months; I was even given a $4 raise and a bonus.
After this raise, however, my boss started getting extra creepy. He would send me instant messages telling me that I looked very nice, that I had beautiful legs, and other "compliments" on my body and attire. Now, considering I dealt with a lot of this kind of talk from my previous job, I was good at brushing this crap off. So that is what I did.

Unfortunately, he only got worse.

Not long after, the firm was past its busy season and the other workers would often take off early for the day. I had to stay to man the phone lines and all that, so I would end up stuck in the office alone with him for 2-3 hours at the end of each day.

The guy would send me messages asking me if I was involved with anyone, telling me his about how he and his wife (yes, married and had a daughter around my age) were no longer "romantic" together and how he would love to take me out to dinner, blah blah blah. He would come to my desk and stand there and gaze at me, look me up and down, make me feel completely uncomfortable, and continue to harass me. I put up with it longer than I should have, but once I had enough, I put in my two weeks and went back to bartending.

Creepy custy dudeI had plenty of evidence from saved AIM messages, texts, etc., which I could have probably used to sue him for sexual harassment, however I decided not to bother. It would have been too much trouble, and although there were only a few other workers at the firm, I really liked them and didn't want to see them lose their jobs because of a big sexual harassment lawsuit. All that trouble just wasn't worth it to me, so I left.

BTW, for anyone out there wondering if I led him on or gave him a reason to act like this (dressing slutty, etc.), I assure you that was not the case. I wore business suits, and on Fridays I wore classy, but casual attire.

When he made his advances towards me, I would decline and explain I had a serious boyfriend. All that didn't seem to faze him. I would say thank you when he gave be normal enough compliments, however when they got to be too pervy, I would ignore him altogether.

The only thing I did wrong was working for him for too long, instead of leaving at the first sign of harassment.



Retail Hell Memories: Please don't throw winter boots at me


Carolanne 070

From thiccwitch, Tales From Retail:

So I used to work at a shoe store, and this story is from last winter.

It was around 11 am in the mall and, for whatever reason, I was the only one scheduled to work for the next three hours. I had a class I needed to leave for at 2 pm, so I called my co-worker asking them to come in about 10mins early so I would be able to run for the bus.

Now, as I'm on the phone with my co-worker, a customer comes in. I greet them and tell them about our sales and they raise their hand to shoo me off as she yells in my direction >"I can read, sweetie."


So I just smile apologetically and go back to finishing up my call. After I hang up the customer gives me a mean look and tells me it's rude to talk to my friends while I'm working. Not that I owe it to her, but I clarify, saying that I was asking a co-worker to come in earlier so I can get to my later class. She rolls her eyes at me and holds up a men's boot. She asks me in a condescending tone

"Will this fit my husband?"

"What size is he?" I asked back.

"I don't know. Will this fit him?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't know if it will fit him. Is he with you so he can try it on? I can keep the display one up here for you."

She raises her voice again and slams her hand on the table. >"He is NOT here with me. I just want to buy him these shoes. Get me a pair that will fit him."

I am baffled at this point, and I try to politely explain that I can't grab him a pair of shoes if I don't know what size he is because she might have to come back to exchange them for the correct size.

And this lady was not having it. She threw the display boot at my face. Luckily it didn't leave me with a black eye. I called security and she was banned.

But, like who throws winter boots at someone because I don't know a strangers boot size when that stranger isn't even in the store?





Creepy People: The Drunkards And The Scary Story Writer


PET18From Majuba

Several years back I was a team member on a government-funded training course for kids straight out of high school. At 20, I was the second eldest in the group of 10.

Two girls in particular come to mind they were aged 18 and 19. (in Australia the legal drinking age is 18). We'd finish work about 4.30 in the afternoon and be dropped home by a small bus. These girls would go sraight down to the nearest pub (bar) where they'd stay till closing time then either take a bottle home or go to a party at someone's house.

Each morning we'd have to go round their house and literally drag them out for work. At work they'd be totally useless cos they were always either still drunk or hung-over and spend the day moaning about how sick they felt.

Actually another guy, Ryan, on the same project was probably the oddest character I've worked with. Just after we started there was a team 'bonding session' at the local bar, Ryan got totally smashed, then drove himself home.

There he sat down and wrote a story. It involved all our team (he changed names but wasn't hard to identify). In the story his character got hold of one of the girls on the team and did some really sick shit to her.

We found this out out cos the next day he passed around copies of the story and proudly asked what we though of his work. He wrote quite a bit of (seriously disturbing) stories, songs and poetry that he showed us. He went on to do a number of wierd things (like turning up to a party in really bad Drag with several hundred dollars of alcohol, having two beers and passing out in the garden).

Neither he or the two drunk girls got kicked out because this was one of those touchy-feely 'youth training programs' and that wasn't allowed. All they did was tollerate the girls and book Ryan in with a local Shrink.



Creepy Coworkers: The Personal Hunting Ground


Jason oopsFrom Majuba

A young female friend of mine is being sexually harassed by a guy at her workplace. "K" works as a sales assistant at an auto-parts store, part of franchise.

Sadly she's caught the eye of the company owner's son (not the store manager, the guy that owns the brand). The son, let's call him Junior, apparently uses daddy's stores as his personal "hunting ground" ... he's got quite a reputation for it. Bear in mind that Junior is in his 30's, married and has a couple of young kids.

K is 18, sweet kid but a little naive.

He's done everything from straight out asking for sex, texting her, sending pics of his 'equipment,' turning up at her social/sporting events and even turning up to her house.

She's really freaked. I've been trying to encourage her to make a complaint and to check her legal options (ie. unfair dismissal if she complains and he manages to swing the favour to him)... but so far she's too intimidated.



Dumbass Coworkers: Sociopath, Psychopath, And A Whole Lot Of Scumbaggery


Jason strangleFrom: Detrituss

I'm in IT. The stupidest guy I've ever worked with was ultra, mega, super dumb... and a scumbag. You know those pimpled little gits that somehow land an office job and think they're the shit? They buy fast cars, modify them, wear stupid clothes and grins on their faces? Yeah, one of those. He was working on the service desk and we had to take work off him and direct the phones so that if everyone else was busy there would be a three minute wait before his phone would ring.

When he started working there he didn't have a computer, so I gave him an old one of mine to learn on. He got upset because it wouldn't run Crysis at highest detail (P4 with a 6600 AGP card) and broke it. He then arranged for it to get stolen from his girlfriends car and ripped his insurance company off by telling them it was some crazy over-specced machine and got a quad-core monster as a replacement (over $4000 worth). He then spent all weekend trying to install windows 7, but couldn't do it, so sold the computer for $700 and bought a PS3.

This guy works in a tier 2/3 service desk where he's got domain admin rights to several customers and he can't even create a user account.

Oh, and I bet you thought "scumbag" was about the shit he stole and lied about? NOPE! That's not enough to cement scumbaggery in my book. Read on and despair...

Freddy frustrationFor the first couple of months I worked with him he didn't have a licence. He talked up his Datsun Skyline a lot. Told us daily how he updated the turbo, fitted manual transmission blah blah blah. One day he was very excited about getting his license back. Turned out he'd lost it for three years.

I asked him, jokingly, "Man, that's ages! What did you do, kill someone?"

He starts laughing so hard he could barely tell the story... the story of how he came over the top of a hill on the wrong side of the road at nearly double the speed limit (close to 200kph) and had a head-on with a family coming the other way.

He was practically pissing himself with laughter when he explained how he nearly killed the whole family of five and how the grandmother, who was in the back of the car he hit, lost an eye.

I know, that bit isn't particularly work related, but man, I've never wanted to punch a co-worker in the face so hard.