Pizza Delivery Hell: Creepy Driver Decides To Hang Around And Chat


Pizza Delivery HellFrom: Kiddo

So I guess I should just stop ordering pizza?

This literally happened last night. I waited a bit before submitting to make sure I wasn't blowing the situation out of proportion due to hunger and hunger-induced impatience but....yeah, no, this was just creepy.

So I ordered a meal deal from our local Uncle's (name changed to protect the innocent) and that all goes well. I get my confirmation e-mail and a time, 30 - 40 minutes, and I'm set. Since this is a Friday night and it was supposed to rain, I fully expect to wait past my estimated time at least five to ten minutes. This store has great drivers, so this is kind of standard.

But over twenty minutes past my wait time, I call the store to see what's going on. They're busy, so busy that I'm having a hard time hearing the employee I'm talking to and he's having a hard time hearing me, but we work it out and he lets me know that my food is out for delivery and reassures me that it should be there shortly.

So I wait again. And some more.

Another twenty minutes pass (running tally 40 minutes past the outer wait time) before I finally hear a car pull up in our driveway. I go out the front door to check and it's not a car I recognize. I'm about to duck back inside to get my cellphone in case I need to make a call of some kind, but the driver happily yells out to me, "Oh you're ready for some pizza, aren't ya? You came out to meet me on the porch!"

Creepy. And why the hell don't you have a car topper?

The driver comes up to me on the porch and immediately starts trying to chit chat with me, which I wouldn't care but he's literally just standing there, not making any move to give me my food or even hand me the clipboard to sign for payment, just trying to talk me up. My dog starts barking at the door now and my stepmom tries to hush him, which is when the driver finally gets his act together and gives me the clipboard to sign.

Creepy custy dudeHe makes a weird comment about making sure I fill it out, which he cuts himself off in the middle of saying and I really, really make sure it's the right receipt and that the total matches up. I fill it out fully, making extra sure I did so because this guy is just being creepy and I try to take my copy from beneath. He quickly stops me to let me know that that's not my copy, but another receipt from a different customer on the same street and that my copy is in with my food.


At that point, I can see it's another customer's so I just give him back the clipboard and he starts to make a comment about making sure I filled it out, but cuts himself off when he sees that I have and calls me, "Good girl."

To avoid getting into a lot of details, calling me 'Good girl' is the number one thing that tops lying to me or insinuating/stating that I'm lying. So not only is this guy acting creepy, he's got me pissed now too so now I really, *really* don't wanna talk to him. He then proceeds to carefully examine my receipt, repeating my total over and over to himself like a mantra several times, to the point where I'm uncomfortably wondering if he's trying to guilt me into taking it back to squeeze in a tip for him on it.

Just as I'm about to ask if we have a problem, he finally puts the damn clipboard away to give me my fucking food and somehow, he manages to get creepier.

Now, the deal I got consisted of a pizza, some drinks, and a dessert. I got it thinking, 'Cool, I can split that evenly for dinner tonight and either lunch or dinner tomorrow' but clearly it's more meant for a couple to share.

Damien annoyedThe driver gives me my drinks with no problem, but when he opens the heater bag to give me the rest, he's content to stand there with the dessert box in hand, telling me all about how he's such a sugar fiend and he just loves this dessert and how it's his absolute favorite! I have to take the box from him and make as if to reach into the heater bag to get him to stop and hand me my damn pizza, which he finally does hand to me only to keep talking to me in an overly friendly tone. Almost like he's waiting for me to invite him in to eat with me or something.

I'm seriously creeped out, still mad, and this is just unreal to me. I mean, the store is clearly busy, the guy I talked to on the phone even mentioned that they were busier than normal for a Friday night, and here was this driver content to just stand there and shoot the shit like nothing was wrong. So I give him the cash tip in exchange for my pizza and quickly begin to retreat into the house, which prompts my dog to start barking again, which seems to be what finally gets this guy to leave.

Inside the house, my stepmom's staring at me with a clear 'WTF' look on her face and asked me if I was okay while telling me that she was about to head out there to see what was taking so long. I made sure to lock the door behind me as I just shook my head.

Now this was an older guy, way older than someone you'd expect typically to deliver pizzas, and he did have the uniform on, so part of me wonders if this wasn't like the store manager that went out to deliver a few pizzas near to the store to free up his drivers for deliveries further away but .....seriously, it was creepy. I know it's not coming across as such here in the post, but this guy was honestly creepy.

Seriously, maybe I should just stop ordering pizza....



Creepy Customer Service: Domino's Driver Fired After Bombarding a Custy with Freaky Text Messages




From Metro:

A creepy Domino’s delivery driver was sacked after bombarding a woman he delivered pizza to with ‘freaky’ text messages.

The driver was dismissed after Imogen Groome, 22, was inundated with love notes on Friday night.


The graduate from St Thomas, Exeter, met the delivery driver after she ordered the pizza around midnight.

After the exchange, she got inside to eat her snack, when a text came in from the same number which said: ‘You are so beautiful, God bless you.’

The messages carried on until yesterday morning when Dominos began investigating the incident.

Imogen said: ‘It’s really sinister and freaky and I am really disturbed by what happened.

‘It has made me not want to use Dominos delivery any more.’

Nina Arnott, spokesperson for Domino’s Pizza Group said: ‘We are very sorry to hear about Imogen’s experience, which was wholly unacceptable.

‘Following an investigation, the driver has been dismissed with immediate effect.

‘We are in touch with Imogen to help put this right.’

via Metro


Creepy Creeper And The Sexual Harassment Claims


Retail hellFrom: RHUer

I worked at one of those large chain restaurants that's basically fast food with service. I didn't hate it, I had some really solid co-workers who were fun to gab with and made the whole ordeal of being a server much more bearable (RE: Asshole customers who take out their unhappiness on chipper servers).

However, we had one co-worker whom I can only describe as a Creepy Creeper from Creepsville, Creepsyltucky. Dude had been in prison, was clearly mentally off, had no teeth (NONE), and for some reason worked FOH. The guy, let's call him Steve, had a horrible habit of violating personal boundaries with both female and male employees. I mean ALL UP IN YA' SHIT, Steve would grope women "by accident" or press himself as close to your body as possible when there's plenty of room to spread out. He also reeked, ugh.

During the time I worked there, a little over a year, he was there for at least 9 of those months, having already worked at the store for a year or two. This was with a venerable cornucopia of sexual harassment complaints surrounding him. I even had an incident where Steve snuck up behind me, lean into me, and proceeded to rub my shoulders without asking or anything. I freaked out and he got offended because he was "just trying to help." Ewwwww.

Anyway, eventually Steve goes too far. A girl was bending down to put away a dish tray and he snuck up behind her pressing crotch to ass so that he could reach over her to put away a single glass. Because there was no the GU...on a monday night...with four servers on duty...yeah, sure. He stayed behind her for the full 5-10 seconds of horrible contact and awkward realization and was once again offended by the girl being upset with him.

A week later Steve tells the one gay guy at the store that, because he has no teeth, the men at the prison liked him more 'cause "no friction." Have you gagged in your mouth yet, RHUers?

It's pretty grody.

Basically a large portion of the serving staff filled out numerous harassment slips and my managers forced the company to fire him. In the middle of Steve's lunch shift he gets pulled into the office and lectured by our GM and (first one in a while, which is why I think there was a push to get him fired) new female manager.

He finally leaves the office, clocks out looking upset and VERY confused, and leaves the premises.

Later that night one girl gets a text from him saying he got fired over "lies and bullshit."

The girl he texted? One of the BIG, BIG harassment claims that got him fired.



"I Just Called To Say You Look Nice Tonight"


Asshat bossesFrom: loreminouche

I used to have a boss at this coffee shop I worked at before college. The guy would stay at home and watch us on live feeds from cameras he set up around the cafe.

It was actually his son who set them up for him, and he let us know 'cause he was a cool guy. Otherwise our boss would have kept us oblivious until the creepiness made it obvious.

Anyways, he would call in randomly when we were on break, or cleaning or whatever to "say hello" and remark on how busy its been. Whenever he called though he'd usually end up commenting on our clothing or hair, which gave off a very creepy vibe.

It just made us wonder just how often he would watch us on his off time. The staff was also 99% female, and as far as I know he didn't do that to our one male coworker.



Creepy Bosslady Stalks Store, Proceeds To Assault Visiting Worker


Creepy ladyFrom: troce

I had a boss that did the same type of shit!

I worked at a small accessories store on the lower level of a mall. Mind you, it wasn't my home store, I was just working there to help out because their location was terribly understaffed - probably because of this Bosslady. There was usually only one person on staff at a time at this store, with a 2-3 hour crossover when the opening and closing key holders were there.

So one day, I was coming in to close, and my coworker told me that the crazy Bosslady (who had the day off) had been hiding behind the bench that sits on the upper level of the mall across from our store front. Weird.

Coworker left, I went about business as usual, always checking the upper level. Caught her creeping a few times, but she hadn't seen me.

So I go to close the store and at this point she'd moved from the upper level to hiding behind the kiosk directly outside my storefront. I leave, lock up, etc. and she JUMPS out from behind the kiosk and proceeds to FRISK me! (Which btw is COMPLETELY against company policy, not even counting the fact that it's assault).

I yelled at her, jumped back and was like, "Listen, Bosslady, keep your hands off me. There's no way in hell I'm stealing from you, and you should know that, considering you've spent the last eight hours watching me from upstairs!"

She tried to laugh it off like she was just joking or whatever, but I handed her my keys and told her to find a new key holder.

I called HR the next morning and reported the incident, and she was fired that week - so that was cool.



Creepy Manager Stalks The Store


Creepy headFrom: aussiedoglady

I'll preface this by saying this is an installment of lunatic tales from my now ex boss.

I was working a few days on with her, and a few days with a coworker. I really looked forward to these days, as you didn't have to spend your day creeping around the shop like a hunted animal. You could also play music, and have a laugh with customers without feeling imaginary daggers in your back.

This was one such day, and it was about lunchtime. Another bonus of not working with her was the chance to have a full half hour lunch break. I could have asked my coworker to pick up some food for me on his lunch break, but he was a lazy git and had a habit of disappearing for an hour on his break. Or longer if I asked him to get me something. I ran across the road and into a local shop. Ten minutes later I get a phone call from my coworker.

"Hey doglady, just warning you that She Who Must Not Be Named just called the shop. She said she saw you walk out ten minutes ago and wants to know where you are."

Ooookay. A bit creeped out and a lot panicked now. It was her day off, wasn't it?

I get my food and jog back to work. Apparently boss lady had called again while I was out. It was now eighteen minutes since she had last seen me. The idiot in me decides to do something stupid. I walk into the bottle shop next door (don't worry, I bought water), and say hi to the guys working there, how's business etc...

As soon as I wander back into my work, boss lady is there. She was worried, as I had been away for apparently twenty minutes. I asked her if it was a problem leaving my coworker in charge while I duck out to buy food, and she laughs and says, "Oh no, doglady, you need to eat more food, it's fine by me. I was just worried because I didn't know where you had gone."

She then tells me how unbelievably busy she is and can't stay. Turns out she was unbelievably busy watching us from a car park near by... on her day off...