Dollar Tree Store Manager Arrested After Custy Finds His Phone Hidden in Women's Bathroom Recording Video


From ABC7:

A manager at a Dollar Tree store in East Los Angeles was arrested after being accused of peeping on a customer and secretly filming her in the store's bathroom.

On busy Whittier Boulevard in East L.A., shoppers expect a good deal at the Dollar Tree, but no one expected to hear the store's manager had been arrested, accused of recording a woman in the restroom.

Carlos Martinez was arrested on Sept. 7. Now, the woman at the heart of the case, 24-year-old Alexandria Sabori, is coming forward.

Sabori said when she discovered hidden the phone that was recording her in the bathroom, she couldn't believe her eyes. She said she kept telling herself that she couldn't be a victim of such a crime.


Sabori and her attorneys fear there are other victims. They also want a response from Dollar Tree about how they train their staff.

"Nobody had ever reached out to Ms. Sabori. Nobody came from Dollar Tree to answer questions or explain what has happened," said Patrick Nolan, Sabori's lawyer. "That's when we got involved, and I can tell you, Dollar Tree is going to answer our questions now that we're involved."

Sabori says the secret recording has taken an emotional toll.

"I just really want parents to watch their kids. You know, this could have been my niece instead of me," Sabori said.


As cameras get smaller and better, the threat of being secretly recorded grows, and that's making a lot of people uncomfortable.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is still investigating the case. They want other potential victims to contact them




Job Interview Hell: The Interview With A Creepy Manager


Carolanne chanelFrom: thenamelessnarrator

A few years ago when I didn't have a job I applied to a large chain store. It was kind of really cool when they called me in for an interview. Just I didn't know how sketchy the whole thing would be when I went in for said interview.

I got there right on time, but was told to sit and wait which was fine. There were at least a dozen other people and I was casually kinda listening to their conversations wondering if they were there for interviews as well.

Half of them were talking about how they had gotten the job, but have yet to been told when to come in to start working. The other half had been working there, but have yet to be paid for an entire month now.

The woman who told me to wait kept avoiding coming out when she saw them, like she just looked almost spoooked seeing this large group of well dressed young people angrily talking about how a large business was basically f-ing them over. Finally she comes out, tells them "We'll call you tomorrow" and shoos them away. Another twenty minutes and she says I can come back for my interview.

She doesn't lead me anywhere, just takes me to the back, points down a dark hall and tells me it's the second door on the left and somebody will be in eventually.

Weird and honestly after hearing "we haven't been paid yet" I kind of wanted to leave, but again I was like 19 and just really wanted a job. So I go and I sit in this sketchy looking maybe break room that is dimly lit. I wait for maybe 15 minutes, finally this older man comes in. he's gotta be about 45 or so, short greasy hair, several gold teeth, "I'm not allowed in several public parks" gold ear rings and he's just....Really weird. Like it felt more like an awkward conversation with your friend's creepy dad than a job interview.

Creepy ladyHe NEVER asked me work related questions. Not once. He asked what school I attended, he asked if I worked well in groups in school, did my teachers like me, did I make a lot of friends, did I get good grades, what subjects did i like, etc.

I mean I thought maybe that would have something to do with the job, but it was really just 20 minutes of awkward silence and him asking about my social life when I had been a teenager. After this bout of awkward Hell he finally said the interview was up, I could leave, and they would call me.

I gratefully and quickly walk out of the room and out of the back of the building and go to find my mom.

A couple days later my phone breaks so I start using my mom's instead, I call the store to let them know and give them this temporary number in case they do decide to hire me. A woman answers, I tell her I'd had an interview just the other day and that my phone isn't working and I want to give them the number they can reach me at for now.

She sounds irritated by me calling in the first place then even more annoyed by my simple and very polite request. She tells me to hold on for a second while she gets something to write it on. Two minutes go by, then five, then ten, and then I hear her come back and hang the phone up.

I don't know what is going on with that store or maybe just my area, because honestly I could post a whole series about just how terribly run/dangerous/sketchy so many of these places are.



Dumbass Coworker Hell: Hello Customer, I Do Drugs!


PET39From: Kympro

I worked with someone who was a complete dumbass when I worked at the Golden Arches.

The guy had his last name tattooed on his NECK for one. When an older regular asked him about it, he said he used to use heroin and would be so out of it, he would forget his name. So he tattooed it on his neck so he could read it in the mirror.


The idiot also sleezed on every chick there.

I had to convince the managers on shift to have him away from the girls because he just wouldn't leave us alone.



Toxic Coworkers: You're Married, But I'm Awesome So Why Don't You Come Home With Me?


PET16From: N/A

Not quite a coworker, but a guy who worked in a different store from mine was sitting near me on the bus.

He worked in the dish room at Legal Seafood and somehow thought he could use this fact to hit on me.

He boasted that he was making $900 a month and thinking of getting his own place.

I'm a married woman (he even complimented my ring; clearly not working with a full deck) but even if I were single I wouldn't have considered it...

The guy totally reeked of shellfish: the kind of smell that needs five baths and a can of Axe just to mask it. If he smelled that bad after standing in the fresh air at the bus stop for twenty minutes, I dread to think what the room must smell like.



Toxic Coworkers: The Reverend And His "Private Prayer Sessions"


Joe the cigar guyFrom: Joe the Cigar Guy

The toxic coworker that instantly came to mind was The Reverend.

While the rest of the crew was doing actual work, The Reverend was off trying to get young, attractive women to attend a "private prayer session" with him.

When he was challenged on 'his soul-saving,' he'd call us all heathens and start quoting Scripture.

--Joe the Cigar Guy


Toxic Coworkers: The Creeper They Can't Get Rid Of


Coworker hellFrom: Magical Shrimp

Oh. OH GOD. There is this one ASS that I work with that we all just want to strangle. He just cannot seem to shut the hell up the whole time he works. On and on to us, to customers, to customers' kids, it's like verbal dia... wait, how do you spell it? You know what I mean.

But the worst thing isn't the nonstop talking, or even the sweat pouring off his body no matter what temperature the store is. It's his creepy ass conduct around those of us who he is constantly referring to as his "younger, more attractive coworkers."

Blech! He says that at least two or three times a shift to customers. When he's not doing that, he's putting on this "wise older man" demeanor, telling male coworkers to "take care of [his] girls" when he's leaving, or just plain STARING at me.

Customers actively avoid his till because he talks instead of works. Both my mother-in-law and sisters-in-law have told me that they just don't feel comfortable around him. I know exactly what they mean; the man literally radiates some kind of "pervert" aura.

But he'll never be fired because he's got muscular dystrophy (I think) and I'm sure the store gets brownie points, possibly in monetary form from the government, for hiring him. He's been there ten years and isn't going away.

--Magical Shrimp