Retail Hell Revenge: I Speak Your Language


Carolanne 035

From  Adhara27, Tales From Retail:

So I work in a big box home improvement store in a military town. We get many international shoppers in the store and I've taken it upon myself to learn a few languages so as to help my customers better.

Today, fifteen minutes before closing, a group of men came up to the counter with some basic construction materials. They were chattering in Russian, which I know to some degree. Their conversation was normal at first, primarily focused on their job.

Then they saw me, and it was like a switch flipped. I know more vulgar Russian than anything else because my friends, being gamers, used it most often. I'm also a short, dorky looking Latina. Very few people believe I speak Russian until I do. The men were saying some pretty filthy things but instead of calling them out, I decided to truly mess with them.

I acted oblivious to their conversation and rang them up, processed their payment and finished bagging their goods. As I gave them their last bag, I spoke up.

Me: Spasibo! Dobroy nochi! (Thank you! Good night!)

The immediate double take they did almost broke my composure. The boss particularly went red as a tomato and babbled out a quick apology. The rest of the men looked like they wanted to leave as soon as possible.

I love being multi-lingual.

-- Adhara27






Monstrous Customers: Man Throws Package of Corned Beef at Cashier



From nicolejane, Tales From Retail:

I just started my job as a cashier at a grocery store about 2 weeks ago. I’m in a register by myself now and it’s going alright.

There’s a forecast for heavy snow later that night, so the store is slammed. People were fighting over items in the aisles, over carts, and over places in line. I’m not sure what it is about snow on the weather forecast that makes people lose their minds.

A customer comes up to my line and I’m scanning through his items. He’s complaining about the busy the store was and how long the lines were through the transaction, which is understandable.

After I ring up his purchases, he hands me a coupon for his corned beef. There’s a huge discount on it in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day.

However, the coupon didn’t start until the next day. I informed him of this and he said, “It’s only one day, can’t you give me the sale price anyways? What does it matter to you?”

After telling him I couldn’t use the coupon, he picks up the package, yells “WELL THEN I DON’T WANT IT” and throws it at me. Hard.

I managed to dodge it so it just brushed my shoulder but it hit the floor with a lovely “splat” sound.

It was so busy that I didn’t want to bother anyone so I just picked it up, voided it, and rang him out.






Retail Balls: Store Manager Unleashes on Monstrous Customer



Always awesome to see a store manager take down a monstrous customer....

From CaptainOso06, Tales From Retail:

I work in a high end retail store as a Co-Manager where you pretty much have to dry clean any of our clothes. I was opening that morning with my store manager. So I get a customer who comes in and tries to make a return because the item is “defective.” I’ll use C for customer and M for me

M - Hello sir, how can I help you?

C - I’d like to return this shirt, it shrunk and the seam is damaged.

I proceeded to inspect the item which was clearly worn and with a stain on it and they probably tried to wash it out with a regular machine. It was also missing the tags inside the shirt so I’m in no way going to accept it.

M - Sir I’m sorry but unfortunately I cannot take this item back as this item is defective and seems to be worn.

C - What the F*** you mean? You guys sold me a piece of S*** and now you won’t take it back?

M - [proceed to show policy on receipt] Sir it’s on our policy, there’s nothing else I can do. In order for us to give you a return the item must be brand new with tags on them.

C - Well F*** you I want corporate’s number because I’m going to report you and I’ll get my way.

M - No problem sir I’ll get you the number right away.

So here I am getting him the number while he’s still complaining, cursing and making a scene. Being in retail long enough you learn that this isn’t anything new and you just have to shrug it off, but wait! So my Store Manager happened to overhear everything and noticed that he was being rude and disrespectful and proceeds to do the following. I’ll use SM for her.

SM - [Grabs shirt and puts it down in front of the customer] “Sir... take your shirt and get the F*** out of my store (pointing at the exit)

C- [Shocked] F*** you b**** you don’t tell me what to do [grabbing shirt and putting it back in the bag.]

SM - You have been very rude in front of the customers and my staff so get the F*** out right now.

M - [Looking at my boss like she’s a goddess with tears of joy (exaggeration) lol]

The man keeps complaining as he walks out the store and we never heard from him again. It’s nice to know that there’s bosses out there that won’t allow customers to get what they want just because they’re throwing tantrums.






Retail Balls: Customer Denied Service For Rude Outburst



Molly_Mog is bestowed a Retail Balls Award for how she handled a monstrous customer:

So yesterday was the most satisfying day I've had in ages.

I was on the till, the weather is closing in and it's busy as all hell, we're hands on deck all over and the boss is finally taking a quite bite to eat. This is the scene and this is how it happened:

A bloke came up to my till with several coffees he'd just got from the cafe bit down the end and asked for some tobacco, papers and tips, that's fine and I get them. As I notice his coffees I politely tell him: "Next time, to save you time, you can get everything all at the same time."

He had been very polite and seemingly happy but suddenly turned into a vicious spitting monster (I mean really, completely changed) and starts shouting at me: "Don't tell me how to fucking order my stuff you stupid cow!"

I'm stunned and literally stop in my tracks as a friend who was with him told him to calm down and stop that. He told her to shut up too and I shouldn't be telling him what to do. I'm angry and confused at the same but time for once didn't let the anger go. I still had the papers and tips in my hand and the tobacco was still on the counter, nothing paid for.

A calm washed over me and I looked straight at him and told him: "I do not deserve to be spoken to that way, I'm refusing you service."

I go to take back the tobacco and he tries snatching it from my hand, almost succeeding, but stopped himself and his friend ushered him out of the shop as he mutters on about how I shouldn't be telling him what to do. She looks at me as they go and mouths: "I'm sorry."

My co-worker said I should go and tell boss because that doesn't fly and we need to keep him informed when arseholes pull that type of stunt. So as I'm heading to the back the bloke returns. He's obviously calmer and says: "Miss, can I talk to you for a minute?"

This is the first and only time I've ever been able to do this and I still look back in shock. I looked him straight in the eye and with a perfectly calm and straight face I resounding said: "No!"

Then I walked out to the back to tell boss that someone might want to talk about what had just happened, instead the bloke had walked off.

I'm still surprised at it all.






Server Hell: “I’m leaving because my soup isn’t BOILING”



From  fuck_a_stamp Tales From Your Server:

Tonight was really bad. I’m only three weeks into this new job but I’ve served before. But there are so many dumb rules that it makes everything harder.

Had a table come in with a couple. Man says he’s disappointed his normal server isn’t here and that they’ll just have to settle for me. Ok fuck you too. Then he orders soup. He wants it BOILING HOT. He’s also in a rush so that makes sense.

The soup is always kept heated already because servers grab it so I go to the managers and tell them about it and they nuke it in the microwave to make it really hot. It splashed around in the bowl and I tried to clean it up a little. So I go to the table and he looks absolutely DISGUSTED. Says “this isn’t hot like I wanted, soupy like I wanted, and I can tell that it’s been microwaved. We’re leaving. I used to be a manager at a restaurant and...” blah blah blah.

The table I had before that ordered wine and as I was pouring it, their 8 year old daughter reached up and hit me and I dropped the glass on her and spilled wine all over her. I’ve never wanted to go home so bad in my life. I mean I felt bad at first but now I don’t because SHE hit ME. Is that bad?

I had to come home and pop a Klonopin just to calm down.

-- fuck_a_stamp