Shoe Store Hell: Kicking Sticks And Pulling Tricks


Shoe hell 3From Visionary56TalesFromRetail

I work at a store that sells Ugg boots, skins, souvenirs and general Australiana stuff. Between Mothers day and winter is our busiest time and this happened late afternoon towards the tail end of that peak season.

I should also mention that we only have 1 staff member on in the store per day but the store I usually work at happens to be on the same street as the head office. This means that we can work pretty closely with them and my manager or the owner can help out if need be.

The afternoon rush had chilled out and I hadn't had a customer for a while so I was looking forward to a peaceful close of shop. The customer in question (Stick Kicker - SK) came charging in like a bull. He was easy 6'4 and big. Not fat, but built. Acting all friendly he places a shopping plastic bag on the counter with a pair of our Outback Ugg boots in them. They're sturdy ones with rubber soles and toe guard.

SK: Hey mate, I got these shoes from you and I paid a fortune for them and it took me ages and I wasn't sure about spending that much but I got them and now they've got a F---ing big hole in them. They're supposed to be tough ones.

Me: Well that's not good, what happened?

SK: I put them on for the first time and went out in the yard after my dog. It was dark and I kicked a stick which tore through the shoe so I need a new pair. Just grab one for me. It was only last week or something.

He's looming over the counter and pushing the boots forward.

Me: We can't do a replacement if the boots weren't actually faulty sorry. We do have a repair service down the road at our head office but the hole you put in them is in a difficult place to fix so you'd have to check with them. I write down the street number on a business card

DouchedWe have a bit of back and forth with him being mostly friendly but insisting that I can just grab a pair off the shelf and give them to him because he paid so much in the first place. I'm being as friendly as I can at this stage and know that my manager would have more stern words with him. Also I'm a very slight guy and definitely under 6 foot so I don't want to anger the giant.

SK: You can't expect me to wear these with a hole in them, so I need a f---ing new pair. Just grab one and we won't tell the boss.

Me: No, I can't do that. Feel free to check in with them though to see if they can help you. Like I said they're just down the road.

He eventually leaves and I called head office to give them the heads up. They confirmed with me what I already knew, that he would have to buy a new pair because his actions had nothing to do with us. Obviously! So I know she's going to deal with him and I go back to my afternoon. Not long after the guy comes back, red in the face but still trying to act all smooth. I'm in the aisles now and he comes up and starts following me through the store.

SK: Yeah I spoke to her and she said it's no problem and you can just get me a new pair. I want the black ones in size 11. You can go and get them. It's no problem.

RHU Characters 247aMe: Okay then, I'll just go out back and grab them.

I had to tell him twice that he couldn't follow me out the back of the store (staff area only) so he stood at the edge of the divider and waited. I can't think of any reason why my manager would allow his to happen so I grab out my mobile and quickly call. She tells me he's trying to have one over on me and offers to come confront him but I just tell her I've got this. She's a middle aged lady and as much as she's willing, she shouldn't have to deal with this. He hears me on the phone and starts shouting that I should have his shoes and be back by now. I come out with the shoes and he's standing as close to me as he can without touching.

SK: What was that about?

Me: Well my boss says you can't have them, you're going to have to buy another pair.

before I even finish the sentence 

SK: Yeah I was messing with you mate, just messing. It's f---ing criminal that b----. They cost a fortune. I don't want to buy any more.

Me: Okay then, I can put them back if you don't want them?


That escalated quickly but i'm just hoping that I can put it through and he'll leave me alone. Things just got worse from there. As I'm finalizing the payment he is still fuming at me and saying the typical "I'm going to report you" and "I'll never come here again" nonsense. Then as the receipt is being printed he starts threatening to find where I live and beat the s*it out of me and my family. He literally grabs the new shoes off the counter, throws the broken ones past me and storms off saying how he's going to kill me and that I should come in the parking lot and have a go.

And all because he kicked a stick.



Get A Business Degree And You Too Can Spend Your Days Dressed Like A Slice Of Pizza!


Freddy bookFrom AvieLikesThisAskReddit

I hate condescending people, because they assume college solves everything. I went to college; I still sell pizza. I like it.

I made an appearance as "Mr. Slice" (yes, a pizza costume) at elementary school for a fundraiser, and a little girl came up and gave me a hug.

She said, "I wanna be a pizza!" She might've been in kindergarten.

Her mom comes up, and starts to lead her away. "No, you're going to college! You're not dressing like a pizza for a job!"

My blood boiled, but my face was obscured by the costume, so I went for it. "Ma'am? I went to college, and I still work for a restaurant."

She stopped, cold. Then she asked, in a smug tone, "What was your major?"

"Business." And it's true, I did major in business.

The woman looked horrified, and walked off.

Worth it.



Monstrous Customers: "Killer," The Duck, And The Douchebag Dad


1 monsterFrom DeaditeQueenTalesFromRetail

Our vet clinic prided itself on being able to treat any animal that came thru our doors with the exception of anything in the monkey department (we considered keeping monkeys as pets cruel and refused to promote them as pets by treating them). Our owner/Head vet had been the county's wildlife vet for over a decade and on very rare occasions our small local zoo even called him for assistance in treating some of their animals. So we were equipped for everything from kittens to Bald eagles.

One afternoon I got a very panicked call from a teenage boy (14yrs old). His brother and him had a pet duck they kept in an enclosure they had built in the backyard. They had come home from school to find something had gotten into the enclosure and mauled their duck, Killer. He was alive but badly hurt. Their parents were working and neither liked having the duck so they had refused to come home to bring Killer in to see us.

This poor boy was frantic and I could hear the tears in his voice. I told him to take a cab and we'd pay for it. He told me that his parents forbade him or his younger brother (12) from taking cabs and they'd be in huge trouble if they did. Before I could check to see if one if our techs would be willing to go pick the boys up he told me he had an idea and promptly hung up.

Now Killer had been in to see us once before and I knew from the file they lived about 2 miles away. 30 minutes later I see the two boys on a bike (eldest pedaling/steering and the youngest with a box gripped tightly under one arm and the other arm wrapped around his brother) flying into our parking lot. They had carefully wrapped a towel around Killer to keep him from flapping and placed him in an old box from their garage. Both of the boys were visibly upset and nervous as a tech whisked Killer into the back to be assessed.

I grabbed them some sodas from our employee lunch room (our owner always kept a generous stock of caffeinated drinks in back for all of us) and let them catch their breath and calm down.

One of our vets finally came up front and explained that Killer had lost quite a bit of blood and required some stitches. He also needed IV antibiotics and several other things so we needed to keep him a few days, but the prognosis was good.

The boys went from joy to fear very quickly. The eldest explained that Killer's only other visit to us had been paid by him using money he had earned mowing lawns and their parents had made it clear they would never financially contribute to Killer's care because they found the whole idea of a pet duck ridiculous. He sadly explained that he just didn't have enough money saved for all this medical care.

Our vet told him not to worry about that right now and just to be glad Killer was going to be OK.

They called their parents from my desk to let them know where they were and although I couldn't hear what they were saying, I knew it wasn't words of comfort or concern.

DouchedMom and dad showed up about an hour later to pick up the boys. Dad was the first to approach me. He wanted to know what kind of $$ we were looking at.

I explained that we hadn't created a bill yet, but based on what we were doing we were looking at $200 give or take. Dad then informs me that his son can't afford that and we should just euthanize Killer right now. THAT he'd pay for.

The boys erupted in tears and pleas.

I rushed to the back to explain the situation to the vet, and returned upfront with the good news that the entire treatment would be $100 even (that covered our cost in meds and supplies).

Dad asked his eldest son if he had that much saved, but he had just spent the last of his $$ on food and a new pond filter for Killer (the boys had constructed a small bathing pond for Killer using a kit made for a small koi pond).

Dad turns to me again, "Well they can't pay for it."

Before he could once again rip at the hearts of his children, I asked the eldest how much he made a month mowing lawns and doing odd jobs for neighbors. He told me that minus what he spent on Killer's food and essentials, he typically only had about $15 leftover each month.

I told him "Great!" and explained that we were happy to do a payment plan of $5 per month.

Carolanne and victimHis joy was again crushed by dad who went in to give his sons a speech on how "that's not how our family handles financial responsibility", etc, etc. This man was fighting for the death of this beloved duck!

"So your family believes in hard work then?" I asked.

"Damn right we do," dad answered.

Now mind you I had no official authority to offer this, but knowing our vets the way I did I felt confident offering this arrangement.

"Ok. Well the boys are too young to work in here but we do need people to cut the grass on the side of our building and clean up dog mess. They come once a week for two months and we'll consider it even."

The two boys jumped up and down "Yes! Yes! We can do that!!"

Before dad could thwart me again their mom finally spoke up. "For fuck's sake just let them do it. If we don't let them then they'll just find another damn duck."

Killer went home almost a week later. Some of his injuries were a bit worse then first assessed but we kept the deal as it was. He had a re-check a week later to make sure his stitches were dissolving nicely and during that time one of our techs who made pet collars for extra income had made a collar for Killer. It loosely fit around the base of his neck and had a cut-out nameplate in script with his name. It was awesome :)

And the boys were good to their word; they came every Friday after school, rain or shine, to keep our grassy area clean and neat. They even told us how their dad had finally warmed up to Killer and they caught him in the enclosure petting him one day.



Crazy Customers: An Offer To Help Results In Breaking His Sanity


03 crazy peopleFrom 13Scope13, TalesFromRetail

I work in a large meat department of a grocery store. We are in a nicer neighborhood and of the retail jobs I've had this place has, on average, the nicest customers that I've come in contact with. We have our fair share of idiots like anywhere though.

So on the fateful night this happened I was having a good day. Our cleaning was going well, ahead of schedule and I was on track to get out of work on time for once. Then I see The Devil approach (hereby referred to as TD).

TD walks up to the counter. I know he is picky and rude but he is a regular so I know his order and his quirks. He follows his routine as usual. Holds his hand up implying "don't help me I'm not ready" and so I sit and wait.

About 10 minutes go by and I see him looking around for a victim.

I step up and say, "Hi sir, can I help you with anything today?"

He then looks at me and smiles, unusual for him and says, "You probably can't."

I repeat it back to him, "I can't?"

Then he looks at me like I just spit on his grandmother grave. The rest of what went down happened as he was attempting to walk away from me and I kept following him down the counter.

TD: Don't give me sass

DouchedMe: (in shock) What?

TD: You heard me.

Me: I'm sorry sir what is the matter?

TD: Fuck you. Young people today have no manners

Me: Sir what is wrong?

TD: Don't fucking talk to me that way.

Insert a bunch of vague cursing and insults right in front of a mother and her child.

Me: Sir just tell me what the issue is and maybe I can help you.

TD: Fuck you. You're just giving me sass. What is you name?


Jason longface

Me: My name is 13SCope13 my managers name is XYZ. (I then show him my name tag) What is your name?

TD: None of your business. Fuck you and fuck all you idiots who work back here


TD: .... Fuck you...

Then he leaves.

I help the mother and child. I appolgize and the kid says, "It's ok I've heard that word before." Which gave me a good laugh. After about 10 or so minutes I heard over the PA "13SCope13 please call 123"

So then I ended up talking to a manager who was really understanding and said I was good to go as this guy is crazy. I guess he has done similar stuff to people in the past.

I'm now waiting for the day he comes back in. I'm torn between refusing to help him and being ultra nice. I'm going to err on the side of caution though.