Pet Store Hell: The Lady with all the questions



From pseudomugil, Tales From Retail:

I used to work at an awesome little mom and pop pet store in the fish area (really the only live animals we sold), and among other shenanigans which happened there, there was this lady who would come in roughly once a month on a Saturday.

She would, no matter how busy it was, ask question after question about the fish, waiting for you to mess up your facts even a little bit. then she would spend the next twenty minutes just tearing you a new one; things like "how am I supposed to trust you if you don't even know what you're talking about" and "you're lucky these fish are even alive with how incompetent you are" let alone that it took fifteen minutes of constant grilling to get me to mess up. I think it was her Saturday entertainment, and she never bought anything.

One very slow summer Saturday she came in and was the only customer in the store, so I made it my goal to stump her. She ended up grilling me for the best part of 45 minutes and then hurriedly leaving in a huff. The next time she came in was on a Saturday I wasn't working, and apparently she was especially mean to the girl working the fish room that day who (from what I heard) spent much of the rest of her shift in the break room crying.

Thankfully we had supportive managers and after it became apparent that this was a pattern, she was banned from the store for harassing staff members.







Return Hell: "Then I will be back with my gun"



 From  Pofoml, Tales From Retail:

Today we had an issue where we had to call the police for a verbal threat.

Guy came in with a product that he didn't understand how to use. The employee spent a good part of the morning talking to the man over the phone on how to use this product, but he just was not understanding it. She did an excellent job explaining it to the man, but he was frustrated.

He came into the store and the interaction went like this.

C is customer, E is employee, Me is me.

C: I want to return this piece of trash!

E:Not a problem, I need the device here to return it.

C:Now I gotta drive home and get that GODDAM piece of garbage and bring it back!?

Me:Sir, do not tell in the store, we have other families here, we are trying to conduct Buisness. Lower your voice and do not swear at my employee.

At this point the customer swears again and throws his keys as hard as he can against the wall.

Me: Leave immediately or I am going to call the cops. You are yelling and throwing things. Everyone in the store feels threatened by you right now.


Me: okay E, call the police. Sir, you are no longer welcome at our store. You need to leave immediately. Customer turns to exit and as he walks out the door we all heard him say this

C: I'll be back with my gun!

So we call the police and they are waiting for the guy in his driveway. They confirm that he had a gun at his house that was registered and they went to go talk to him. We have a no trespass on him so if we see him around we are calling the cops on him.

Usually I am very patient. I give customers probly way more wiggle room than I should, but today was just different. I did not give this guy one inch of leighway. Although I didn't do anything to escalate the situation, I certainly didn't do anything to de-escalate either. I still feel I made the right call given what he said as he was walking out. Who walks out of a store filled with families, small children, and elderly people making threats about coming back with a gun over a product that you didn't understand how to use?

-- Pofoml



Retail Hell Memories: Please don't throw winter boots at me


Carolanne 070

From thiccwitch, Tales From Retail:

So I used to work at a shoe store, and this story is from last winter.

It was around 11 am in the mall and, for whatever reason, I was the only one scheduled to work for the next three hours. I had a class I needed to leave for at 2 pm, so I called my co-worker asking them to come in about 10mins early so I would be able to run for the bus.

Now, as I'm on the phone with my co-worker, a customer comes in. I greet them and tell them about our sales and they raise their hand to shoo me off as she yells in my direction >"I can read, sweetie."


So I just smile apologetically and go back to finishing up my call. After I hang up the customer gives me a mean look and tells me it's rude to talk to my friends while I'm working. Not that I owe it to her, but I clarify, saying that I was asking a co-worker to come in earlier so I can get to my later class. She rolls her eyes at me and holds up a men's boot. She asks me in a condescending tone

"Will this fit my husband?"

"What size is he?" I asked back.

"I don't know. Will this fit him?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't know if it will fit him. Is he with you so he can try it on? I can keep the display one up here for you."

She raises her voice again and slams her hand on the table. >"He is NOT here with me. I just want to buy him these shoes. Get me a pair that will fit him."

I am baffled at this point, and I try to politely explain that I can't grab him a pair of shoes if I don't know what size he is because she might have to come back to exchange them for the correct size.

And this lady was not having it. She threw the display boot at my face. Luckily it didn't leave me with a black eye. I called security and she was banned.

But, like who throws winter boots at someone because I don't know a strangers boot size when that stranger isn't even in the store?





University Bookstore Hell: Don't Hit Me Please


Carolanne 047

From an RHUer:

You'd think this would be common sense but maybe just maybe customers shouldn't threaten to hit employees because there isn't a discount.

I work for a university bookstore so I constantly get asked if there is a student discount, (no there isn't, if there were 99% of our sales would have to be discounted so we'd have to raise prices there by making any discount entirely pointless). 
I had an old woman come up with a breast cancer t-shirt and shared with me that she'd survived breast cancer, very sweet and touching. But when she asked if there was a student discount because her grandson was a student and I said no she said "I ought to smack you!" and mimed smacking me. Then she laughed.
Her grandson came up the register, asked if there was a discount and again I said no. Grandma once again said "I ought to beat you for that," and laughed again.
In total she laughingly threatened to beat me up for not having a discount about four times. The first time I thought it was a little weird, by the fourth time I was downright uncomfortable. I honestly think she meant it as a joke, especially since I don't think an old woman would have been able to do much damage but I'm a short young female so I'm not exactly someone who could defend myself for long either. All in all it just made me incredibly uncomfortable to have someone, even an old woman, threaten me bodily harm four times within two minutes.
Just don't do it guys. Seriously.