Retail Hell Memories: The customer's wife came in specifically to find me



From u/Twizzler26 Tales From Retail:

So this happened a long time ago in my old job at a high street jewelers in the UK but I think about the interaction a lot so wanted to share! I was working on the shop floor and an elderly gentleman and his daughter came in and started looking at the bracelets and bangles. To give some perspective this isn’t a prestige jewelers; unless something had a diamond in it, the most you could look to spend was £300-£400.

After giving them a few minutes to look I went over and asked if they need any help. The gentleman said he was looking for a bangle for his wife for their anniversary but he wasn’t sure what to go for. I brought them over to the table and chairs and let him have a sit while I took ten or so bangles and bracelets out of the display for him to have a look at. I brought them over and explained the difference between the metals, the clasps etc, let him hold them, try them on his daughter to see how they looked on the wrist. That sort of thing. I probably spent about 40 minutes with them helping them choose something.

He landed on something he liked and left happy with a new bangle for his wife. Such a nice man and it was a pleasure to see him off with something he liked.

Skip to the following Saturday and I was on the shop floor again. A lady comes in looking around for something so I head over and ask if she needs anything. She clocks my name badge and says “ahh, are you chap that helped my husband pick out this bangle?” It was the wife of the gentleman I helped and she had come into town to find me specially to say thank you for “spending so much time with him to pick out such a lovely present” and how much she loved it. Apparently it had meant so much to the old timer he told her all about the experience in store. He had no idea really what he was looking for and I was just pleased to help guide him through the minefield that can be women’s jewelry!

I’d never had such warm fuzzies working in that shop and still I think about it a lot!






A breath of fresh air in the craziness of the Father's day rush


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From  amazingkace Tales From Retail:

I work at an American retail store, famously known for its "hassle free/no receipt, no problem" returns.

I usually work at the registers on the far side of the store, but was unexpectedlyoved to the customer service registers due to a malfunction with my printer. I was thrown into a system I didn't entirely understand with a line I wasn't accustomed to.

Eventually I was doing a return for an older woman and her mother. While printing out the receipt, the woman suddenly asked me what my name was.

I wrote it on the receipt, and she leaned forward and said.

"This really is a thankless job and I'd just like you to know that we appreciate you and everything you do."

It really brightened up my day :)

I wanted to share a little nice something.







Retail Hell Memories: "You didn't have to do that.."


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From Lawsomepossom, Tales From Retail:

I used to work at a "bakery" in the mall that mostly sold cookies and cookie-cakes. We only make the cakes by order (although it only has to be 15-30 minutes in advance), and keep all of the completed order forms for about a week in case there are any issues, discrepancies, etc.

One day, I am helping customers as usual, and this nice couple hands me a $50 that they apparently found in front of the cash register. I was pretty stunned that not only a) did someone drop $50, but b) that this couple didn't just snatch it and run.

I took it to the back, and noticed it was triple folded in a strange way; not enough to be done on purpose, but too creased to be from a tri-fold wallet. I remembered one older gentleman who had just payed for a cookie cake about 5 minutes earlier with a card from a money clip, so I went to the completed order box, called the number and got his Wife on the phone (W).

Me: Hi, this is Name from Store, could you ask the gentleman who picked up this cake to come back, we think he left something at the counter.

W: He's still in the mall, I'll go ahead and let him know!

[couple minutes later, gentleman (GM) arrives]

Me: Hello Sir! Have you happened to noticed anything missing?

GM: Well, I got a call from my wife saying I had, so I checked everything, my keys, clip, phone. I'm pretty sure I've lost a $50 bill actually.

I pulled it out of my back pocket, and he is completely dumbfounded.

GM: That's incredible.. You know you didn't have to do that..

Me: [something trying to sound noble, can't quite remember]

He ended up handing me a $10 as a Thank-You, which was my largest tip over the 2 years I spent there. I felt obligated to find the money's rightful owner because of that selfless couple who didn't take it to begin with because I know 100% that I would have snagged it immediately.





Easter Tales: Cheery Ladies and Easter Eggs


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From EliBloodthir, Tales From Retail:

So it was a busy Saturday but of course it was Easter Saturday, people rushing through to buy what they can because the store is closed tomorrow and everyone panics. I was on my usual spot on the self checkouts.

For the most part people are either slightly cheery or inconveniently silent to be polite, the british way. I have some really cheery friendly ladies come through. CL will be cheery ladies M for Me. X: Manager X

Me: Hello ladies, cash or card today? CL: Card please but can you assist us on these items they don't have barcodes? Me: no problem! Come this way to this till

(Products in my company often don't have barcodes but lookups and shortcodes, it's alright for me but for customers who are new it's often overwhelming )

After it's all done I wave the ladies goodbye and I think I'm done with them. Oh boy they come back five minutes later.

CL: Hello again we got more! We know what todo this time though

Me: I thought I was having deja vu for a second, did you like the sale price?

CL: Yeah for sure, can't go wrong with half price easter goodies!

Me: of course not, who doesn't love a good bargain! I left them be for them to finish their transaction before they came over to me.

CL: we would like for you to have one of these Easter eggs, we feel you were so friendly and helpful to us and because you're having to put up with people this Easter we think you deserve it.

Me: Honestly I'm flattered but I'm not allowed to take anything from customers but if you'd like to leave feedback that's on the receipt.

CL: Is there anyone else that I could talk to or give the eggs to?

Me: You could talk to my manager X?

CL: Okay! Thank you Eli have a lovely Easter!

Me: Thank you, you enjoy yours also!

The ladies went off and spoke to my manager, who usually speaking just gives a thumbs up to good feedback but she came over to me this time.

X: Well done Eli those ladies were really happy with your service!

Me: thank you...

She cut me off before I could finish.

X: Oh and they left you these...

The Easter eggs they wanted to give me.

Definitely a better easter than I imagined!

-- EliBloodthirst





Feel Good Retail Moment: Home Goods Sales Associate Makes Customer's Day


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From  jack-o-lyn,  Tales From Retail:

I work at a home goods store and I had a customer interaction that I can’t stop smiling about. I was going about my business like any other day when a lady approached the cash wrap with only 2 or 3 small items, one of them being a cute salad plate. We chatted a bit about the plate and I finished up and sent her on her way. About 10 minutes later I see her at my register again with her bag from before and another of the salad plates. She looked really down so I made a face like “what’s wrong?”

Apparently she dropped the plate and broke it when she was putting it in her car and she had to muster up enough courage to come back to purchase the other one. I told her it was no problem and she could just go ahead and take the other one and I’d simply write off the damaged one. She looked at me with almost tears in her eyes and leaned over my register and gave me a hug. As I was wrapping the second plate she kept telling me how wonderful I was being and told me many blessings were coming my way.

When I have customers like her it reminds me why I do what I do.

-- jack-o-lyn










Pharmacy Drive Thru Cashier Gets a Sweet Surprise From an Appreciative Customer



From SamuraiJack365 Tales From Retail:

This is gonna be short but it made me happy so I wanted to share. 

I work in a large chain pharmacy. Today we had a customer come in through our drive through. I had been on the window but I was starting to walk away and my manager took over so I could grab something for her that she had trouble getting. Before I could she opened the window and he hands her a big thing of smallish York peppermint patties.

Manager: What's this for?

Customer: For doing such a great job.

M: Oh, well thank you! Are you picking anything up?

C: Nope, just wanted to give you this. Have a great day!

People like this and the last who regularly brings us fudge make the job not so bad!