Furniture Store Hell: Throw Blanket Meltdown


Carolanne 002

From  Kara-El, Tales From Retail:

This just happened before I went on my break. I am on mobile so forgive my mistakes...

I am the customer service manager for my Furniture Store. Meaning I take care of customer issues. It is my job.

A customer calls in and one of my gals in the office answers the phone. The customer (CB) is mad and almost immediately starts cussing at my girl, won't give her any info to help, asks immediately for a manager as her salesperson is off today (so she can't cuss at him, I guess).

Only one manager of the store is on duty today and she's in the middle of a customer who is purchasing over $10k in furniture. CB is told that the manager can give her a call back when she is done.

CB Is not happy with that answer, starts cussing again. She is given a warning to stop with the foul language and after she continues to use foul language she is hung up on.

She immediately calls back and I get her. She asks for the manager, I let her know that the manager is still busy and that i can help her as I AM the customer service manager after all.

She starts swearing at me and continues to ask for the manager. I give her a fair warning to stop swearing and she doesn't so I hang up on her.

She continues to call back another 5 more times and I pick it up each time, asking her politely to stop cussing and tell me her issue as that is my job to help her. She continues to swear each time and each time I hang up on her.

So she ends up calling our corporate helpline and they all the store. I speak with the rep who has CB on hold and she tells me that CB is upset because she was missing a small $20 item (a throw blanket) from her sale.

This bitch was being a bitch over an item we give out for free at least 10 times a day.

The way she was going on I thought maybe we delivered the wrong item or damaged her home or the drivers hit her car or something.

No. She was all pissed off about an item I would have given 2 or more, if she had just been cordial about it




Call Center Hell: Handling A Vular Caller By Being Helpful!


CallcenterskullHey there. Ms Kew here.

Been a while since my last post. Still in a call centre (now with the great Canadian B-E-Double Hockey Sticks), going on 6+ years, but this story is from my first project, with Phony, as their online sales support team.

Now, with Phony, selling/assisting custies with their online purchase of electronics, we were required to ask "lifestyle" questions to ensure the custy was purchasing the correct item they actually needed. You may not (or, given the readers on this site, most likely MAY ) realize that a majority of custies think that we are all out to scam them out of their hard earned money but the purpose of these questions was so I could actually recommend the right item for them!!

But there is one policy that Phony had comes into play in this situation, that I do not have to deal with any longer(will give props to The Big Brass Instrument for this). We were not allowed to disconnect a call, FOR ANY REASON, without a team managers (TM )approval first. In fact, the TM was supposed to take over the call.

So I get a call one night ...

For the sake of brevity and that there are not enough symbols on the top row to cover the entire conversation, the majority of this call is reduced to a few sentences, rather than quotes.

Me: "Thank you for calling Phony, my name is Ms Kew. How may I assist you with your purchase this evening?"

Customer: "Ah, thank you, Ms Kew! It's so nice to talk to a woman. Do you know the new tablet that Phony has come out with?"

Me: "Yes, sir. What can I help you with regarding 'the tablet' "

Cue this 'gentleman' describing, graphically, what he would like to do to me with said tablet. This diatribe went on for about 5 minutes

Now, I while I come across as very quiet and "business like", I am not some meek little mouse, as some of my co-workers have come to discover!

After getting over the initial shock of this man's words, I flag one of the TMs over to my desk. When HE gets to my desk, (about 3 minutes in) I mute the call and tell him what is going on.

The response I got?? "Deal with it. He'll most likely hang up as soon as I take the call."

WTF!!!! THAT is why I flagged you!!

RHSEPT 291Me: "Do I have permission to end the call, then?"

"NO." and he walks away!!

So, I decided to have the same fun with this guy, as I have with obscene callers I've had at home, only within company policy of asking "lifestyle" questions.


Me: "So, other than the purpose you have already stated, what else do you plan to use the tablet for? Is it for work, school or just personal pleasure?"

- few minutes more of vulgar descriptions.


Me: "Did you know that tablet comes with a 10mp camera and either a 32GB or 64 GB hard drive so that it will record HOURS of the activities you have described, in both high quality photos and videos?"

A few moments of silence and then custy expands on his earlier plans.


Me: "Now, that you have told me exactly what you plan on using our Phony tablet for, I would highly recommend our 64GB model, along with our full coverage warranty, which includes accidental and moisture damage, because I think you will be at high risk of dropping the tablet because your hands may be slippery while using it and it sounds like moisture damage would be an even higher risk"

There is a good length of silence, enough that I ask, "Are you still there, sir?"

"You're no fun!" CLICK.

Amazingly, I was actually written up for this call because, "You should not have antagonized a potential customer" and I forgot to capture the # on the caller ID so they could block him!! No contradiction there, at all!

--Ms Kew


Optometry Hell: The Consequences of Denying a Return


RHU Characters 247a

From OpalBooker, Tales From Retail:

I work for a large chain of glasses stores.

I came into work the other day to see that the women's bathroom (which is marked employees only but the doctor's office inside our store insists that customers need to be allowed to use) was marked out of order. It was busy enough that I couldn't ask what happened right away. A few hours later my GM walks by the manager's office where I'm taking a fifteen with gloves, a mop, and a plunger.

I finally get ask what was going on and she tells me that a few hours earlier, a customer came in complaining that her prescription was wrong and that she couldn't see. When her file was pulled up, the glasses turned out to be two years old.

We offer a 30 day return policy, including script changes. It's printed clearly and in large print on the back of every receipt. After two years, a prescription change is completely normal, and absolutely not something that we can exchange, especially not without a new prescription (which of course this woman didn't have anyway). The usual excuses about being too busy and how we should put our customers first ensued, naturally.

When my manager told this bitch that she couldn't do any kind of exchange, the woman went back to the doctor's office, presumably to set up an appointment. We thought it was over, but she proceeded to ask the doctor's staff to use our restroom and flushed an entire package of paper towels down the toilet. It overflowed quickly and the woman left without a word.

Just. Fucking why? You're a grown ass adult and you just flooded our bathroom on purpose? Fuck.

For the record, even after this the doctors insist that their customers deserve to use the in store bathroom.




Custy Meltdowns: Cussed at Over Chocolate Creamer


Jason 031

From Silverdudes1, Tales From Retail:

It's been a few days since this happened, but I didn't really have a day off till now to fully make the post.

So here's how the story begins. I'm doing my usual business, stocking up my dairy section. Days going pretty well for it being a truck day and all. A man in a wheelchair comes up to the creamer section as I'm stocking it. And this conversation follows. (M for me, W for wheelchair man)

M: "Are you looking for any particular kind of creamer?"

W: "Yeah, I'm looking for a chocolate or chocolatini creamer."

M: "I don't carry any chocolate creamers right now."

Chaos ensues here

W: "Don't feed me that Sht!" "You're full of sht." "You can go ask your manager, he said he was gonna order it for me" "You had it a few weeks ago." "My mom was in here about 3 weeks ago and the manager said he would order it." "I'm gonna talk to your manager." "Now get away from me with that sh*t."

So at this point I just walk away, cause if I had said anything I would have flipped my lid and I couldn't have that of course.

Now when he mentioned his mother coming in and the manager saying he would order it, I think I might know the conversation that happened if I remember correctly. I remember my boss called me to the customer service desk. I went up to the desk and my boss says, " This woman was looking for chocolate creamer." I mentioned I don't have any chocolate creamers at the moment, and that they discontinued the last chocolate cream I had a few weeks ago. She said, "Well how come the store across the street has chocolate creamer and you guys don't?" My boss tried to explain to her that we are different company, and he said we'll see if we can get it in, but there is no guarantee.

Anyways I was absolutely livid the last hour of my shift. I had so much I wanted to say to that guy. Like how I know my department considering I've done it for almost a year now, and the fact that I can't order what doesn't exist in our inventory.

I'd have to say that is one of the most annoying things is when people think just cause we are a store we can order anything we want. Like no, we just order what the company provides us. And put new items up when they give them to us. I can't just order an item that my warehouse doesn't even carry. Also that woman wondering why the store across the street has an item and we don't. Ma'am we are store X not store Y.






Atlanta Gas Station Hell: Crazy Lady Trashes Store


From Daily Mail

A video has emerged of an angry woman trashing a gas station in front of shocked shoppers and staff. 

The footage, which appeared on YouTube on Tuesday, began by showing the unidentified woman sitting on one of the counters inside the store. 

Clutching a paper soda cup in one hand, she told one employee how she would 'beat' his 'a***' after being freed from jail where she was due to serve time for disorderly conduct.   

TrashThe woman calmly began her trail of destruction by throwing a bag of chips at the his head, later shouting: 'When I get out, I'm going to f*** your a** up.'

It's not clear where or when the video was taken. The woman shouted 'ATL' repeatedly at one point, suggesting she may from Atlanta, Georgia. 

She then tossed packets of candy on the floor before knocking over the computer at the register as onlookers gasped and staff pleaded: 'You need to calm down.'

'I did it, I did it. Call 'em,' she said, egging on workers who had threatened to phone the police. 

She then hopped down from the counter and appeared to walk away, shouting: 'See ya, wouldn't want to be ya.' 

Before leaving the gas station, she walked the aisles running her hands along shelves of goods so they fell to the ground. 

As she became more aggressive in her rampage, other customers urged her to stop. 

The woman eventually was shown out by a male shopper who appeared to escort her to the door from the back of the store.  

Police Atlanta told they hadn't yet been aware of the video but were looking in to it.

Read more Daily Mail


Fast Food Hell: King Kong Doesn't Like Tomatoes


OCTOCAROL 218From Phosphorescense, Tales From Retail:

I worked at a burger joint while in school, and during the lunch rush one afternoon, a lady ordered a hamburger with no tomatoes.

When her sandwich arrived, there was a tomato on it. She proceeded to bring the hamburger back, and request another. Totally fair.

We start remaking her sandwich, and while standing there, she starts turning as red as the tomato she despised.

She started yelling " How could you be so stupid! I said no #!&$*ing tomatoes! I'll burn this place down!"

She storms out, without her new sandwich, and heads to her car.

At this point, I'm worried she might be grabbing kerosene, but she comes back, empty handed, and attempts to rip the (glass) door off it's industrial strength hinges.

While she is fighting with the door and scaring small children, the manager tells her to leave.

She refuses, and more fervently tries to break the door down. Only after we called the police did she leave. And she actually managed to break one of the hinges.

She never did take the new sandwich.