Grocery Store Hell: "I've Been Waiting in Line For 10 Minutes!"



From PM_YOUR_BOOTY_VAG, Tales From Retail:

I work in the produce section of a grocery store and I experienced something today I have to share.

So part of my job of being a produce associate is just stocking fruits and vegetables. One of our biggest sellers are bananas so we not only have a big display in the produce section, we also have two displays by the registers.

I was stocking one of the banana racks by the registers and it is not in a very good spot. I either have to block a checkout line on either side of the rack or take up space in the main walking aisle. Well fortunately one of the checkout lines was closed and I gratefully put my cart full of banana boxes next to the rack and filled the rack of bananas without inconveniencing anyone. Or so I thought.

After 2 or 3 minutes tops, I turn around to a flustered looking customer. She makes eye contact with me and says

Her: Uh are you not in line?

I was very perplexed by this.

Me: Ma'am I work here. I was stocking--

Her: I know you work here but you're in a line for checkout! I've been waiting in line behind you for 10 minutes!

Me: This register isn't even open. The ones on the other side are though.

Her: This is ridiculous!

She then carted her stuff away leaving me very confused. One of the cashier managers thankfully saw and heard the whole thing, because I found myself being coached by the manager later. (You must be mindful where you're standing so you don't block customers.) After I told the manager what actually happened, and with the full confidence of having security cameras and a witness to prove it, I didn't get written up or fired.

So now I can continue my thankless retail job until I finish school. Yay.



Phone Store Hell: Custy Caught Lying About Exploding Phone


Jason2 027

explodingphone2016, Tales From Retail:

I work for a company specialising in mobile phones and electronics, I work in their retail store which also does servicing and repairs. Since the whole debacle with phones blowing up we get a lot of questions about these kinds of incidents regarding ours and other companies, which is fine, people have the right to be concerned and make informed decisions.

Today a lady (L for lady/liar) came into our store to pick up her phone which she booked in for a public liability (PL) assessment. A few days prior she came in to give us her phone, in which she told my colleagues that her phone blew up in her kitchen whilst she was sleeping, and demanded compensation for her microwave which caught fire due to being next to the phone. Fair enough in my opinion, this is a horrible situation. I don't think that's unreasonable, so we book it in and send the phone to our head office with the PL team.

Today she comes in because we called her and said the phone was ready to be picked up, assessment was completed. I look up the interaction history between her and head office so I have an understanding of everything that's happened since.

Interaction 1:

Customer has stated she will go to the media if we do not replace and refund her phone. Assessment has not been completed.

Interaction 2:

Customer is seeking refund for device and accessories and compensation for microwave oven, dish cloths, a floor mat and a pair of shoes. Assessment has not been completed.

Interaction 3:

DO NOT GIVE CUSTOMER REFUND SHE PLACED IT IN THE MICROWAVE WHICH CAUSED THE PHONE TO EXPLODE AND CATCH ON FIRE. Traces of food, particles and damages consistent with a device being placed inside a microwave oven have been found. Customer would not answer phone so she is unaware of the outcome of this investigation.

I take the phone out and sit with her and explain what the PL team has found.

Me: Hey there, L. Our head office tried to contact you to let you know the outcome, but couldn't get through. Your device is being returned unrepaired due it being found that there's been customer induced damage which has caused the phone to combust. I'll be honest with you - it's been found that the device has been placed into a microwave or an oven of some sort and will cost the amount of a brand new device for repair which you can go ahead with if you like.

L: What, so I'm not getting a new phone? This is f***ed. If I took it to /competitors company/ they would just REPLACE the phone on the spot AND I'd get a refund!

Me: I'm sorry, we just can't give you a replacement and refund for someone putting your phone in a microwave.

L: Well I think that thing should kind of be in the warranty manual.

She walks off, flipping me the finger as she steps out of the store.




Misty Meanor: Double Trouble Retail Hell



Misty Meanor here, with more tales of woe from the world of Retail Hell.  In fact, let's make today a double-helping, shall we?
First off,
A few weeks ago I had just started my shift, and an older man came up to my register.  The moment I said hello to him, he said he couldn't hear well, and asked me to speak up.  So I spoke a little louder.  This went back and forth a couple more times until I got fairly loud.  Throughout the whole transaction, though, he kept saying things to me, and when I spoke back, I got to the point where I was literally yelling things.  This, however, was when things began to go downhill.
At some point, he started saying things like, "What are you yelling for?" and "Don't have to yell!" All the while he had a huge grin on his face. Even after explaining why, he still continued to do this to me.  I never so wanted to actually scream in my entire life, but I don't feel like losing my job either.  The moment he left, I just breathed a huge sigh of relief.  I understand if you have trouble hearing, but don't make it into a game like that!
Carolanne 070And now, from today,
A woman and her two children came in to buy some things, then they left.  Apparently, however, they forgot to buy some cough medicine.  So the daughter and her younger brother came in to buy it.  However, when I scanned one of the boxes, it prompted me for ID, as it's a policy that we can't sell certain medicines to minors.  So I asked for her ID and she gave me her learner's permit.  Unfortunately, she was just shy of 18 so I had to decline the sale.  She leaves with her brother, I think that's the end of it.
A few moments later, the woman comes back in and starts yelling at my co-worker next to me about how they just wanted to buy the medicine and we had no right to refuse the sale.  I brushed aside the fact she misgendered me, since I am still presenting as somewhat masculine, but my voice sounded feminine.  I tried to explain what happened but she snapped at me, "Was I talking to you? This ain't got nothing to do with you!" The co-worker ended up getting a supervisor to explain what happened, but the mother was having none of it.  Throughout the whole purchase she was snapping at the cashier about how her daughter was almost eighteen (this ain't horseshoes, honey!) and how we made things more inconvenient for her.
Bitch, please.  If I had done that I would've lost my job and been prosecuted! Whatever your problem is, I dunno, but don't take it out on me or my co-worker!
For now, may all your co-workers be understanding of the law and not deliberately testing your patience!
--Misty Meanor





Gift Card Hell: Crazy Custy Doesn't Agree with Expiration Date


Carolanne 002

From allisonelle, Tales From Retail:

So this one is from last year while i was working at a small arts supply store. We didnt have reloadable gift cards, but had paper gift certificates you could purchase that were good for 5 years. The paper gift certificates were automatically generated by the cash register once the customer paid for it - but the cashier could not manipulate the expiry date on the gift certificate.

So a woman comes in and buys a 50 dollar gift certificate (GC) for her daughter's birthday and looks at the expiry date after it has printed out and this is the exchange the customer (c) and I (m) had:

C: Why does this GC expire in four years instead of five?

M: Let me see - oh no look here the GC expires exactly five years from today

C: No - it says in expires in 2020, and its 2015. That means it expires in 4 years.

M: I'm sorry - but 2020 is five years from now ma'am , it is currently 2015.

C: Yes - but it is half way through the GC should expire in 2021.

M: Im sorry to have to disagree with you - but the date today is april 30th 2015, and the GC Expires on april 30th 2020. Thats exactly 5 years - to the day.

Then the customer gets angry...

C: Are you an idiot - or a crook? You are ripping me off of a one year that this gift certificate should be valid for.

All the while her arms are folded and she is tapping her foot really aggressively with impatience

M: I don't believe I'm either. Look if I was born today, my first birthday would be april 30 2016, second birthday april 30th 2017, 3rd 2018, 4th 2019, and 5th april 30th 2020 - correct?

C: I don't see what your birthday has to do with anything. You're a crook, and a liar, and I won't ever shop here again!

She then rips the GC in half, throws it on the ground, and storms out of the store.

Honestly if I could - I would have made the GC good for one more year if I could of - but if you didn't think your daughter was going to use the GC - why are you even buying it??

I was happy to never see her again.




Phone Store Hell: Out-of-Stock Tantrum


OCTOCAROL 188From AmericanGagaStory, Tales From Retail:

Had a customer come into my store for a specific phone, as she had money-off vouchers that applied to that specific item. Problem was, we had completely sold out of them, and the manufacturer hasn't been sending them out to stores for a while.

Had a lady impatiently checking her watch and huffing unsubtly while I was serving.

I finish with my previous customer and she approaches.

Me: Good afternoon, how can I help?

Her: Have you got an LG G4 Compact in stock?

Me: Unfortunately not, sorry. They've been very popular and we probably aren't going to be getting them in again.

Her: THAT is ridiculous, you made me queue ALL this time just to tell me I can't have it? This is not fair!!! DOUBLE CHECK.

I knew I didn't need to double check but I did so anyway.

Me: We literally don't have them in stock. I can't conjure them out of nowhere!

Her: You PEOPLE are USELESS. If you had a terminal in the shop like [name of random retailer that doesnt even do what we do] WE WOULDN'T BE HAVING THIS PROBLEM.

Me: You can check stock on the website.

Her: But not STORE STOCK.

Me: Yeah, you can check store availability.

Her: Useless.

She turns around to leave.

Me: I'm sorry!

Her: No you're not!!! You people are such letdowns!

At this point she decides to pick up a load of leaflets and scatters them all over the floor.

Me: You're going to pick those up, right?


Me: Okay, love, do me a favour? Don't come back into this shop again, thanks.

Her: You can't do that!

Manager (who has been present on the shop floor this whole time): He can and he just has. We don't want that sort of behaviour in our shop. Please leave.

And off she went.

Funny thing is that I could've ordered one for her from the main retail warehouse and it would've arrived in three days. But she flipped out before I got the chance to explain this.

People are the worst.




Copy Shop Hell with a Crazy Lady: "Where Do You Keep Your Guns?"


Carolanne2 025

 From Vjaa, Tales From Retail:

I work at a retail store with a copy shop in it. We have this lady that comes in every so often and is the meanest thing that's ever lived.

The slightest thing off from what she wants, she loses it, each time getting worse and worse. I get needing things right, but she takes it to a new level. She gets livid at other people for her OWN mistakes.

A recent one: She comes in to pick up her copy job and one piece is a bit off center.

Lady: This is wrong. It's wrong again. (Text on her file is off-center)

Me: What's wrong?

Lady: It's not centered. Just list last time.

Me: We printed it just as you sent it to us. We don't edit files unless asked. If it's an obvious mistake we try to call out on it, but we don't catch everything.

Lady: I put in my email that I want it centered... You know, I come here in my day off and have to deal with this every time. Can... Tell me what language you people speak back here, because if I have to I'll learn it so you get it right.

Me: I will edit the file for you and center the text. From now on though, you need to send it to us centered yourself, so there's no confusion.

I go to the computer and work on get file. She's messing around the papers I gave her. I can hear her huffing and puffing, getting louder and louder.

Me: Is everything OK with the rest of the prints?

Lady: No. There's mistakes..... Do you sell guns here? You sell everything else don't you? I'm just going to have to shoot myself. I can't keep wasting my time every week, going here and dealing with this. Where do you keep your guns?


From here I just stayed silent the rest of the transaction, fixing her print and checking her out. The only other thing I said to her was how much she needed to pay and thank you.

Lady: I'm going to be calling the corporate office this week. (As she was storming off.)

I never heard anything about her call. She's mentioned but shipping at other stores in the company anymore. I have a feeling she was asked not to come back, as we were considering asking her not to come back too, because if how mean she is.