Retail Hell Memories: Bingo Hell - Crusty Critical Of Calling Style


This story was originally posted on July 05, 2011

OLD PEOPLE HELLCindii here! Long time since I've been on here but what happened on Saturday just HAD to be submitted!

Right, since my last post I found work in a bingo hall. It's pretty cool working there, my co-workers are awesome and if I want to learn anything new they are more than happy with teaching me.

So I've been working here for nearly 9 months now, and about 6 months ago I learnt how to call bingo. The general concept of calling is very simple but it is also quite complicated.

Anyway before this I hadn't called bingo in a good few weeks and now I'm calling it for the next two weeks due to the regular caller being on holiday. Whatever, I haven't got a problem with this. I get to talk to people and have a laugh too.

The only thing that I find hard to maintain is speed. I never know if I'm going too fast or too slow and it does annoy some people if you call the numbers too fast, but most people are fine with it.

I was calling one of the sessions (each day has a few different sessions - each a few games long) and during the game a woman shouted at me to slow down but I didn't see anything wrong with how I was calling, so I carried on as normal. After the session I went to the main reception and the woman followed me, and started shouting at me, something to this extent:

"You're an awful caller, we don't pay to see how fast you can say numbers, I've never had to complain about anyone besides YOU. I'm older than you, you know!"

I was stunned. I've had people criticise my calling before but I've never had someone be so vicious to me. She said the same thing to my manager, who backed me up 100%, but I didn't even know how to react. I would never talk to someone like that, especially when they were doing their job.

I was calling again the next day, something I was really anxious about after this, but it went off without a hitch. I got so many people complimenting my calling and I even got a hug off somebody who had won. A couple of customers said they wanted me to be the regular caller, but sadly I'm only a part-timer!

I suppose the moral of this story is that although some custys are absolutely awful but there are those who are truly lovely.

Until next time!



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Entitled Customers: Dude, We *All* Work Retail Here


Carolanne herp derpFrom u/schuss42TalesFromRetail

I’m at the National Retail Federation conference in NYC. 40,000 retail people swarming around this convention. Of course, I’m reading TFR while I eat my lunch because I’m addicted... and it seemed appropriate.

In line at a busy food vendor, 20 minute wait as it’s peak lunch rush. Two ahead of me Water Guy is ringing up, Fashion Brand Exec is behind him, and then me. We are hungry, it’s a mob, we are juggling our food and wallets. Food booth is a counter with a prep line, mini fridge of sodas, cooks on the back wall. There is no “back room”.

WG wants a bottle of water with his meal.

Very Friendly Cashier says, “sorry sir, we are out of water. But some of the other stores have some or we have soda and tea”.

WG: No, I only want water

VFC: I’m sorry sir, I just said, we don’t have any. If you’d like to ring up your meal it looks like that line across the way is pretty short and you could buy one there.

WG: Get me one from the back

VFC... repeats his offer looking confused

WG: I don’t care about your issues, get me one from wherever you keep them or go over to that other store and get me one.

... and here he utters the line ...

WG: I work in retail, I know how this works.

... remember where we are...

FBE has had enough and she steps up to take charge.

FBE: Hey dumbass, we all work in retail and that’s NOT how this works. Pay your bill and step off!

VFC contains his smirk just barely... FBE enjoyed her free cookie immensely I think. Also she probably outranked that guy by 5 levels.

When I got to the register I cracked “Hey, I work in retail..” and shared a good laugh with VFC. It’s fun to laugh at terrible people.



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Retail Balls Awards: The High Price of Being a Jerk


Retailballsjason From Billy, August, 2008. A tale of how he got revenge with a lazy Demanding Diva Customer:

"I work in a pretty gigantic grocery store. This particular chain of grocery stores is well renowned and respected and I'm at one of the largest stores in the WNY division. I'm pretty sure our store is around 130,000 square feet. It's also self service, like 99.9% of all grocery stores. It's one of those places where, if you are on a budget, you can buy some of the best quality, least expensive foods and if you aren't then you can buy some pretty expensive gourmet shit.

Because this particular location of the store is in a 'wealthy' (=middle class) area, many of our customers have SERIOUS attitude issues. A few weeks ago, a woman walked up to the service desk (where I work - lucky me) hands me a gigantic list of groceries and says 'I need these.'

Clearly, I'm a bit shocked, but I collect myself and hand her list back, along with a pre-printed store directory, and tell her that the directory will help her find things. She hands it back to me and says "No, I need YOU to get these for me. I'm in a hurry."
EntitledbitchI try to kindly explain that we are a self-service grocery store and that we don't have a shopping service and that furthermore it would probably take me LONGER to do her shopping because I wouldn't know specifically what she wanted. She refuses to accept this and soon my manager is involved, trying to tell her that we can't do her shopping for her.

She continues to make a big deal about it and asks for the front end manager (above the service desk manager). So, our gigantic Paris-Hilton-Meets-a-Hippo Front End Manager comes up. The woman starts crying to her and telling her she just came from having surgery and her mother is in the hospital and she is in a hurry, blah blah blah. The front end manager isn't buying it, but after a while she says to me 'Can you just get these things, it's the only way to get this lady to leave.' We're now about a half hour into this lady's stay in our store.

So, begrudgingly, I begin to do this woman's shopping. Her list is a work of art in itself. Instead of specific items and brands, she has such things listed as 'spaghetti sauce,' 'bread' and 'snacks.' So, wanting to provide her with the best quality items, I decide to select the most expensive items offered in each category. So instead of $1.49 store brand spaghetti sauce, $.99 white sandwich bread, and $2.00 store brand potato chips, I select two jars of $14.99 imported pasta sauce, an $8.00 loaf of fresh baked organic whole wheat bread, and $25.00 gourmet cookies. You get the idea. I fill the entire cart in this manner.
Oh yeah, and I went really slow. About an hour and a half of shopping. It was a long list!
I get everything on her list and then bring it back up to the desk, where she is just standing there with a bored look on her face, getting in the way of people trying to buy lotto tickets. I give her the cart and tell her she can get in the lines and cash out. She scoffs at this and DEMANDS to be taken care of at the service desk. Normally we can cash out short orders, but not big ones like this. We don't have a moving belt and we only have a portable bag stand (the registers have two bag stands each which are bolted in place so they don't move all over the place). She complains until we finally give in and take her order. Because we are not properly equipped, it takes me about a half hour to ring in her order.

If you're keeping track we're at over two and a half hours.
Now, if this were my shopping, on my budget (hey, I'm part time) the same list would have cost maybe $150 dollars. But due to my creative shopping style, this cart of groceries comes to about $1,400. She starts to argue with me but I cut her off and say 'Have a great day, ma'am, you'd better rush along to get to your mother in the hospital- I'm sure she really needs you now!'
She didn't know what to say after that so she just left- albeit not very happily. We printed up a second copy of the receipt and hung it in the back supply closet "Hall of Fame."





Entitled Customers: Restroom Out of Service


Jason 027

From an Anonymous Fed Up Retail Slave, August, 2009:

It's midday Thursday at the office park.

The boss tells me to replace a couple of ballasts in the fluorescent light fixtures in a third floor ladies room. I get the necessary equipment, put up a large plastic A-frame sign that reads:

"Restroom Out Of Service".

I then prop the door open, place one six-foot tall step ladder in the doorway and place bright yellow "Caution" tape across the doorway.

I then set up a second ladder in one of the stalls in order to reach the overhead light fixture. Five minutes into the job, a woman comes into the rest room. I tell her the ladies room is closed. She says, "No problem, I'll only be a minute".

Before I could say anything else, she walks into the adjacent stall, drops her panties and begins to pee.

She then looks up at me and says, "Do you fucking MIND? I'd like a little PRIVACY here!"

So my question is: What the HELL is wrong with people?

--Anonymous Fed Up Retail Slave