Entitled Traveling Customers: Handing The Kid Off To A Stranger


Bad parentsFrom Damsell

I had a middle seat on a flight, which always sucks, but in this case it really sucked.

When I got to my seat, the window seat was taken by this quiet, shy guy who I just acknowledged with a small smile before taking my own seat.

Then this lady comes on board. While I am not a skinny woman, this woman obviously was large enough to need two seats. On top of that, she had a crying, fussy toddler with her that was traveling as a "lap child."

In order to accommodate this lady I was practically sitting on shy guy's lap and we just kept looking at each other with wide eyes as the woman tried to get settled. After the stewardess got her a seat belt extender, she hands her kid over to me and this guy without a word.

I think we were both too shocked to do anything but stare at this blubbering child the first time around. It might have been different if she had asked, or if she had only done it to get her seat belt on, but throughout the flight she kept trying to hand this kid over to us!

I finally turned to the guy and said clearly, "Hey, out of curiosity, how do you feel about kids? Because, me? I fuckin' hate 'em."

She gave me this death glare that I returned, then gently but firmly plunked the kid back into her lap.

Just a short time later she tried to plunk the kid in my arms again!

I looked her straight in the eye and said loudly, "I don't want your fucking kid."

She told me she just needed me to, "just watch him for a little while."

I told her, "Your kid, your responsibility. You're his parent. Hold him, or buy him another seat. I will NOT be responsible for him, nor will I babysit him.  You try to hand him over one more time, and I goddamn guarantee you, there will be a fight."

She spent a lot of time huffing angrily, like it was a ridiculous imposition upon her to take care of her own child. It was the most uncomfortable flight ever.



Entitled Customers: Come Look At This


Carolanne 070

From u/DragonDeadite  Tales From Retail:

Basic rule is we don't leave the store to look at people's appliances they have in their truck. I'm far too delicate and someone could decide to kidnap me and we're just not having it (plus we're not techs so we don't really know what to look for on your machine). Yesterday this was well tested when I had a customer come in and ask me to go look at their gas stove to try and figure out what is wrong with it.

Well, first off, if there's no power hooked up to it, OR GAS, I can't really figure anything out. Second, it is a brand we don't even deal with, so I'm batting somewhere around negative 300. I tell the guy this and where he needs to go and he gets all pissed off because I wont walk out to his car to look at a machine that will result in me telling him the exact same thing. Fine, whatever, he walks off yelling about great customer service.

Maybe half an hour later I get a customer that comes, tell me he has his part in the car and asks if I will come out and look at it. Great... another one. I explain that no, he needs to bring the part in. He grumbles, says he just wants me to come look at it. I again refuse and tell him to bring it inside. Keep in mind he has said PART, not machine, so he has a PART in his car. I'm thinking maybe a console or a motor or something he just doesn't want to carry.

Noooope. It is a thermostat. A high limit dryer thermostat that is about the size of a quarter and weighs almost the same. He wanted me to walk out to his car to look at a THERMOSTAT that he just didn't feel like bringing inside with him.

Some people...








Entitled Customers: Hurricanes are a conspiracy theory, I want my pork



From u/degfan Tales From Retail:

Not too long ago switched over to the meat department in my retail store. We get our pork from a supplier that got affected by the hurricane. We got a one time temp shipment by a different supplier and our pork was full for about a day or two (I was off so I'm not sure exactly) but now we have pretty barebones supply. This is the story of an older lady who doesn't believe that recent local events can affect stores. Ol for old lady.

I was pulling some chicken that wouldnt go on the shelves back into the backroom

Ol approaches me and says "excuse me do you have any pork on that cart"

Me: no ma'am its chicken

Ol: well where's all the pork chops?

Me: well we're still getting bits and pieces but the hurricane affected our supplier, I'm not sure when we'll be getting more in.

Ol: well that's a lie because I came here a few days ago and the pork was full.

Me: well we did get a shipment from a temp supplier but most of it is gone now.

Ol: You don't have to give me that talk, I know some people are just lazy and don't wanna go back there and get it.

Me: I apologize ma'am is there something particular you are looking for?

Ol: no not anymore, ill just go to X to get it

Me: ok, sorry about that

Ol then walks off.





The Entitlement Complex: Why Should I Be Penalized For My Child's Shoplifting?!




Editor's note: Well my brain just had a Blue Screen Of Death trying to process that... thanks for forcing me to do a hard reboot. XD

On a more serious note, lady, are you fucking stupid? They don't want your business if you just dismiss that your child committed a fucking CRIME! That he didn't "get away with it" is irrelevant. They shed NO tears at losing you.This is a multi million (if not billion, IDK the actual numbers here) dollar business. They can lure in hundreds of others with a simple advertisement!

--Entitlement is still a Disease


Crazy Customers: No Privacy



From u/Southpaw1125 Tales From Retail:

This actually happened a few minutes ago and I’m still very confused. So I work at a certain farm and feed store as the assistant manager, and I am working the opening shift with one cashier and one associate. I was doing normal managerial things when a customer walks up, looking very confused. He will be CC and I will be me. The conversation goes like this:

Me: “can I help you find anything sir?”

CC: “no I’m just... looking...”

Me: “alright, well let me know if you need help with anything!”

CC: mumbles and walks away

Cut to ten minutes later, and I have to use the restroom. So I walk in, begin to do restroom things, and I hear a knock on the stall door. It’s the same guy from before.

Me: “sorry, it’s occupied”

CC: “yeah I know, I saw you walk in here. I just need to know if you have any more of generic cattle feed in the back room.”

Me: “..uh sir if you would like to go find another associate she can check for you.”

CC: “yeah but you’re not busy”

Me: “I am kind of in the middle of something here..”

CC: “oh fine. You fuckin’ millennials are so damn lazy, always pushing the work onto somebody else. I’m calling corporate.”

I honestly hope he does, so I can explain exactly what I was doing where I couldn’t help him. What exactly possesses somebody to do that?!








Monstrous Customers: "You need to call customer service. I can't help you if you come in." Guess whether she came in or not.



From u/TransgenderPride Tales From Retail:

I'm a manager of a department store. Today we got a call from a lady who was... worse than usual. I only took over once she asked for a manager, but she terrorized my poor associate who answered the phone, she was new and still gets upset when customers yell at her (bless her).

As far as I could make out, this lady had brought a pair of shoes two months ago in New York despite them being too small, wore them until now, and apparently decided they gave her bruises "worse than any other shoe" (what kind of shoes is she wearing???) and wanted to return them.

L: Anyway, the other person on the phone was being VERY rude. I just want to return these shoes or exchange them!

Me: As I've explained to you, once they've been worn that much, I can only exchange them for another size, I cannot give you store credit or a refund. Unfortunately, we don't have that shoe-

L: This is unacceptable. I spend thousands of dollars at [Store Name Here] and they ALWAYS do this for me!

Me: Ma'am, I don't have the shoe you're looking for.

L: THEN GET IT. I'm coming in.

Me: Ma'am, I can't help you in the store. You need to call customer service, or a different [Department Store Name], to see if they can help you. If you want to give me the UPC code, I can help you look it up.

L: No I'm coming in.

Me: As I've told you-


She called back 2 minutes later...

L: And what is your name?

Me: Erin.

L: Sam??? S-A-M?

Me: Yup.

Luckily I was gone before she showed up. According to my closing manager, she asked for Sam, got told there was nobody by that name, threw a fit, said she'd drove 30 minutes, yelled some more, didn't get what she wanted, and left.

I wonder if she ever called customer service?

Go figure.