Monstrous Customers: "That's not right there's too much fat, it looks like garbage, are you sure that's sirloin?"



From Jekyll and Hyde, September, 2009:

I work as a butcher for a local Grocery Chain. One Monday evening, a woman approaches my counter asking if I had more of the sirloin steaks I have on sale for the week. I tell her i have none already cut but I would gladly cut her some. She agrees so I cut her a 1 inch steak showed it to her asking if this was OK, her reply:

"That's not right there's too much fat, it looks like garbage, are you sure that's sirloin?"

I replied: "Ma'am this is the sirloin." (for those who may not know Sirloin is a very lean but as with any meat there will be some fat).

So I told her I'd open a new one. I repeat the process and still she was unsatisfied promptly adding "I come from a family of butchers and that's not sirloin it's way too fatty."

She then gestures to the All Natural Sirloin steaks I also carry adding, "Open one and let me see how it looks."

Again I cut a 1 inch steak and showed it to her. Still to no avail I couldn't please this woman.

Trying not to reach across my counter and choke the ever-living hell out of her I said, "I'm sorry ma'am but I have no control over if there's fat in the meat or not."

To which she replies:"OK smartass, I want to speak to your manager because you're being very rude to me."

At this point I have other customers who are starting to get upset because this woman is wasting everyone's time. I tell her I'm the evening manager since I'm the only one there at night and have been there for 4 years.


She now has that you're-full-of-shit look on her face, so I call the store manager who is working that evening who happens to like me. He knows how hard I work for how little pay I make.

This woman starts bitching profusely, saying she knows the owner and how appalled she is to have such rude people serve her, to which he replies: "Really so do I, would you like me to call him for you so you can complain about us?"

Did that ever shut her mouth, then she says, "This is bullshit and I'm never shopping here again."

To which my manager replies: "I'm sorry you feel that way ma'am, but please don't get ass marks on my doors on the way out.

I don't think I'll be seeing her ever again!

--Jekyll and Hyde




Meat Department Hell: Sharp Knives Hurt



From u/Filistata, Tales From Retail:

I work in the meat department in a large grocery store. Now I'm not a meat cutter just a clerk. I stock and clean, but am not supposed to cut. Most people are ok with this and will come back later. Not this lady.

Pushy Lady: I need 2 chicken breasts cut into stir fry

Me: well I'm not a cutter and am not supposed to be cutting meat. Unfortunately all the cutters have gone home for the night.

PL: Well then why are you back here. It's easy just cut it into strips for me.

Me: well I'm not supposed

PL: (interrupts me and gets louder) so you aren't going to cut this. It's easy really I'll show you.

She started miming cutting the chicken and all I wanted to say was if it's so easy do it yourself.

Me: ok well I can try I guess but it might not be as good or exactly the way the way you want.

I take the chicken into the back pick up a knife and go to dry it off, since I had just done dishes, and slice my finger right open. I run out and all I hear is

PL: are you serious did you just cut yourself.

Ended up in urgent care but didnt need stitches and then o top it all off I find out she was complaining that I faked cutting my finger just to avoid cutting her damn chicken.





Dumbass Customers: "Look, Miss, that's completely normal"



From u/Certified_GSD Tales From Retail:

I'm a butcher for a local deli/grocery cornerstore.

Not as many selections like a big chain grocer, but moreso than a gas station/convenience store; plus, we have choice meats, thick steaks, and other things you'd expect a meat counter to have. It's more expensive than what you could get at a big chain ($13.99/ LB. Strip Steaks and Ribeyes over Big Chain's $9.99/ LB., $5.99/ LB. for hamburger over $1.99/ LB.), but it sure is a helluva lot better in quality since we still cut the damn things ourselves and make 'burger from chuck and steak scraps.

One of the problems I occasionally get are customers who don't really understand the chemistry of meat, or really what meat is. An older woman approached the counter and complained that the meat at [Big Box Grocery Store] had maggots in their hamburger (ground beef). I, of course, feined concern with the Retail Smileā„¢ and pretended that I cared before offering to try some of our own hamburger. She had asked for two pounds, which I began to dole out before exclaiming

Look! Your meat has it too!

I had just ground up the hamburger an hour earlier, so there really wasn't any possibility of any sort of maggots. I asked her to point them out.

All that white stuff in there! It's nasty!

Flabbergasted, I told her

That's the fat. If you want, I can get'cha extra lean, but it'll still have a little bit of fat.

She didn't like that at all. She also didn't like how the meat was brown in the center. I, of course, explain that

When we cut, and especially grind, meat, all the blood comes out of the muscle. The blood is what gives it the red color, and when it cooks off, you're left with the brown muscle.

She really didn't like that answer and complained about not having 100% lean meat, which would taste absolutely godawful.

Look, Miss, that's completely normal. We don't put dye in our meat and we never will.

She ended up buying a pound of it. I had to wonder how she could go at least thirty or forty years without ever knowing that the white stuff in ground beef was just the fat...










Monstrous Customers: The Silent Treatment



From u/nburns1825 Tales From Retail:

I work as a retail deli manager and while I have had my fair share of rude customers, this particular interaction was uniquely frustrating. I am a very helpful person and, despite not knowing where every item in the store is located yet, am always willing to help a customer find what they are looking for.

I was stocking my salesfloor case when I overheard a lady proclaim loudly for all to hear, "I hate this store, I can never find what I'm looking for!"

Now's my chance! I stop what I'm doing and turn toward the customer and say to her, over a display, "Hi, what are you looking for?"


Okay, I thought maybe she didn't hear me or didn't see me since there was a display between us. She turned into the main aisle and passed right by me and I said, "Excuse me, what can I help you find?"


The lady, followed by her younger daughter and teenage daughter turn down the aisle directly across from me and the daughter stops and yells back at her mom, "Hey, he's trying to help!" The lady ignores her daughter and keeps walking.

The daughter turns to me and I can see her soul dying. She starts to say, "we're looking for..." then, from down the aisle, Satan herself snarls,


The daughter, her soul having fully departed her body leaving nothing but a husk behind says to me, "I'm so sorry" and she turns and follows her mom.

My customer service switch flipped off and I said to her, loud enough for her mother to hear, "It's not your fault, some people are just rude and you can't please them".

I'm still irritated.

TLDR: rude woman ignores me when I offer her help







Crazy Lady Encounter: Oh what a difference half an inch makes



From u/hppiefrk Tales From Retail:

So woman and her husband come to meat dept. Friday morning. She was so upset she was literally shaking. Apparently on Thursday night she had come in and asked for 1 1/2" steaks, and the seafood guy (who is located just outside meat dept. and runs interference for us when we're busy) told her that the steaks she had were an inch and a half. Which wasn't true, after we looked, the were like maybe slightly over an inch. But she kept going on and on about 'how poorly they were cut' and 'they weren't and inch and a half' and 'nobody would cut her inch and a half steaks' (which seafood guy said she never asked - he admitted fault being off by 3/8"). So she brought them back.

Another meat cutter goes back and cuts her 6 steaks at an inch and a half. After listening to her go on and on and on about these 'not inch and a half steaks', actually SHAKING because she was so upset, he took great care to cut her exactly 1 1/2" steaks.

Upon bringing out and presenting, she said oh, no....these are way too big. I don't want to spend that much, why are they so much more? Why are they so BIG? I don't want these! Uh, because you have an extra 3" of steaks, that's why. He finally said go pick out a pack of steaks that are the 'right size' and I'll cut another 6. She picks out a fucking pack of one inch steaks, identical to the ones she originally had. Her husband looked at his feet the whole time.

The kicker to the whole incident? At the dept. manager weekly meeting later that day, our store manager read us a complaint from corporate that had come in that began "The seafood guy LIED to me, I wanted inch and a half steaks..."

So now we're stuck with 6 (perfectly good) steaks that she brought back (Shrink - left the store) and 6 big steaks that she made us cut (harder sell at our particular store where the clientele is thrifty), and complaints from corporate....all for her to end up with the same fucking steaks she had in the first place. Some people are just absolutely nuts with their first world problems. Are your perceived 'wrong size steaks' actually enough to warrant literal shaking with upsetness, complaints to corporate, and complaining to everyone from the meat dept to customer service to the store manager? And now that she found out she actually DID get what she wanted, is she going to call corporate and tell them hey, my bad? I'm gonna guess no.