Discount Rat Revenge at Shoe Store


Shoemess From Fiona, January 2010:

Dearest Retail Hell,

Another story for you from the depths of the shoe store jungle. 

My husband and I own and work in a shoe store.

There is parking right outside the door and we have big glass windows all along the front of the shop.

One day my husband served a young Asian couple (I wasn’t there at the time). 

They took ages for her to try on sale shoes, and in the end she argued for a further discount on an already well discounted pair of shoes, as she had found a tiny mark on the leather (was probably part of the natural leather grain). 

My husband refused to lower the price further. 

We are well used to customers trying to create imaginary faults in a shoe to get a discount (sorry, deescount).

Sometimes we’ll take another small token amount off and the customer leaves happy. Depends how much of a dog the shoe is and what kind of a mood we’re in and how nice the customer is.

On this day he’d had enough of this couple and said ‘the price is the price’ basically. 

So after mucking him around and not getting the shoes for 150% off the original price, they left. 

Not long after the man came back into our store.

Turns out someone had backed into his car just as he was leaving and he wanted to know if my husband had seen that it was the other person’s fault and could be an insurance witness for him.

‘Sorry mate, I didn’t see the accident, as I was putting away the shoes your wife didn’t buy’.  (his exact words - 'the shoes your wife didn't buy' - classic).

A sweet moment for a retail slave to savor.






Aggressive Discount Rat Encounter



From Bridget, August 2009:

So our store has coupons every weekish that come out in the paper. They used to give them away at customer service and we usually had a few to spare at the registers. When they stop for some random reason, we have to explain that we don't have coupons to give away. I cannot re-scan coupons-I will lose my job (I'd rather quit than be fired, which I did!) 

An associate was buying some things and had forgotten her
coupons.  A nearby manager said she had extra coupons she would tear up and I should re-scan the coupon. 

Unfortunately for me, a customer behind her viewed this exchange.

Customer:  Do you have any extra coupons?

Me: No, I don't.  They don't give them to use anymore.

Customer:  Yes you do.

Me:  What?

Customer:  You gave some to the girl before me.

Me:  She's an associate and is using a manager's coupons, it's a little different.

Customer:  She told me in the dressing room that you had a bunch of coupons I could use at your register.  This isn't fair!

(That's right, the associate flat out lied to the customer.  Bitch.)

Me:  Well she wasn't telling the truth.  Like I said-they don't give them to us anymore, if we want coupons for ourselves we have to get them out of the paper like everyone else.

Customer:  But you have a whole bag of them right there!

Me:  Those are used coupons, I can't re-scan them.

CouponhellCustomer:  Yes you can!

Me: No, I can't.  I will lose my job.

Customer:  But you just did it for her!

(this exchange goes on for a few minutes)

Me:  Like I said, they don't give them to use anymore.

(At this point she looks like she's going to cry)

Customer:  It's not fair!  You come in early and take all the coupons for yourselves so the customers can't have any!

Me:  We don't have coupons at the store at all.  I don't have this stash of coupons that I hide for the hell of it.

Customer:  Well, I thought [dept. store] needed my money.  I was probably going to spend over $300 today and you just lost my business. I'm very disappointed.

Me: And I'm disappointed basic education failed you so horribly-so I
guess we're even.

There was no fucking way she was going to be spending $300.  Maybe she was so used to leeching off of the government for welfare she expects handouts.  Not from this girl.  I partially blame this on magazines with shopping "tips" that say if you annoy the clerk enough you'll
get your way. 

Screw that noise.







Retail Balls Awards: Art Store Discount Rat Gets Told



Given to Art Store Slave, August, 2009:

Basically I live in South Florida, not the fun area (Miami, South Beach) but the area where old, rich, cheap people come to die. Retirement town Boca. I work in Deerfield, not much better, at an art store.

Anyways, because of the aging population a good majority of my customers are on the wrong side of 80, and they take their anger out on us youthful employees (I'm 21.) Most are ok, but there are some that think because they took a finger painting class at their nursing home they're the next Picasso and thus we have to bow to their every wish. Even worse, there is this one particularly spiteful bitch who often comes in just to annoy.

Today was no different.

This lady has a fun habit of not only picking the cheapest products but harassing us for every possible discount. Her new favorite hobby is bringing us the coupons for our competitors. We do NOT accept these but my manager is too big of a pussy to turn them down so I'm forced to
smile and put up with her cheapness (new word?.) If corporate ever found out we are accepting these we would of course get in trouble.

Anyways, so this lady comes to the counter with her two tubes of paint (a whopping 4 dollars each) and has two coupons for Pearls art supply store (our competitor) that give 50% ONE item and it very clearly also states that it can not be combined with any other coupon.

So this is her demand: We sell her the two paints, use our competitor coupons on them but make up new rules for them (i.e. using both at once) PLUS give her our 10% discount because she is a senior.

OCTOCAROL 338Our 10% is for students and teachers, NOT decrepit old bitches. Not to mention once we put one discount in it is literally impossible to add an additional discount because our system is older than I am. Could I do the math and manually fix it? Sure. Will I though? Hell fucking no.

So I tried to compromise. After telling my chicken shit of a manager the situation he says just to take one coupon and that's it. So I explain this to her. I told her the 10% wasn't happening because it never happens and its not about to start now...

Her response? "Well it was worth a try, you all don't respect your elders" -insert my eye roll-. Next I explain to her that we are going to give her the courtesy of breaking policy just this once and will accept only one coupon, not both as per the rules on them.

Her response? "Well fine I guess I'll buy one now and then you can ring me up again so I can use the other" in a snotty ass tone.

Yeah, because the customers behind her would LOVE that, not to mention I'm not entirely inclined to do this bitch any favors.

So my response?

"Actually ma'am that's not going to work. I'm not about to get in trouble because you're dead set on saving $2. If you want me to ring up two separate purchases you will have to not only leave the store completely but come back and stand in line again. And once that happens I can not guarantee that we would be willing to break policy after already telling you that this is not how our store operates. In fact, the chance of me accepting the second coupon is slim to none."

This encounter ended with her using her one coupon for both items, looking shocked, and storming out the store muttering something about how dare I.

Yeah lady, how DARE I not put up with your bullshit. Oh, and on top of this, this was roughly 30 minutes after we had just opened and I'm obviously not a morning person.

It may seem like I had a bit of an attitude with her but this is the same lady who will stand there and check her receipt and write out the math which 1. holds up the line and 2. basically calls me incompetent. I'm a third year student in college originally studying Biology (2 1/2 years) and recently switched to Graphic Design. Math is a particularly easy subject for me. I can tell you the discount, tax, and final total of all of your items in my head (which I do occasionally just for shock

value.) I have an IQ that's high enough to allow me to do these things (not that IQ matters all that much) and much more, so don't imply that I'm an idiot and don't give me an attitude when I am forced to sit there and explain to you repeatedly that although you THINK you found a mistake, you're WRONG. That is probably my biggest pet peeve.

--Art Store Slave






Discount Rats: The Almost 100% Discount -- How a Customer Basically Robbed the Store of over $300, and did it Legally



From  u/faezeldaag Tales From Retail:

The store was super busy -- midday on a Saturday, busiest time of the week. Almost every employee was working that day -- a few had been called in because of how busy it was. We were having a sale on all clothing items: 50% off their original prices.

There was a group of women who'd been shopping for hours, totally cleaning out the clearance section. They had so many items, it was crazy. One of the women asked my co-worker if the 50% was off of the original price or the clearance price. My co-worker answered her clearly saying, "The original price." The girl who was with the woman spoke over my co-worker and said "It's off the clearance price!" My co-worker and I both corrected her and told her that it was 50% off the original price, again. She nodded, said 'okay', and went back to shopping. Thinking we'd answered her question thoroughly, my co-worker and I went about handling our busy store.

About an hour later we hear someone yelling at the registers and both of us look up to see what's going on. It's the woman we'd spoken to in clearance and she's irate. We both just go about hanging clothes, not wanting to get involved because we're already stressed enough with how crazy busy we are. But to our dismay, we get involved anyway.

Walking towards us, with our manager at her side, is the woman who asked us about the sale. She's pointing at us, so angry she's red in the face. My manager walks over and says "girls, this customer is saying that you two told her that our clearance sale is 50% off the clearance price". We look at each other in total confusion. We'd told her the exact opposite -- we'd corrected the girl with her when she'd said it was 50% off clearance! Both of us immediately tell our manager this, but she's pissed and she's only worried about what the customer is claiming.

All of us go up to the registers to 'take care of it'. The woman told the story again -- in her version, we'd reassured her that the sale was 50% off the clearance price and, we'd corrected her friend when she'd claimed otherwise. Her friend vouched for this version of the story and, they demanded that they get the discount they'd been promised. For some reason my manager gave in, claiming (to the customer) to believe their story over ours -- she told the customer that we'd probably misunderstood her question, but that in the end, we'd been in the wrong.

As the transaction was completed, my coworker and I were made to stand behind the registers. We felt like we'd been totally put on the spot -- the women were glaring at us over the counter and, they snickered at us when my manager decided to give them their discount. It was super unfair, especially when we'd given her the correct answer in the first place.

Let me just get all these details straight before I tell you how much money these women got off their purchase. The sale our store had going on was 50% off all clothing items. The clothes in the clearance section had already been marked down from their original prices by 50%. They were already on sale -- the promotion our store was having extended that sale to all other clothing items. If you read the fine-print its obvious, it was written like this: 50% off all clothing items (original prices).

So all in all, this woman and her friends got off with the marked down clearance prices (which were already 50% off the original prices), 50% off of the marked-down prices and, an additional 30% for the inconvenience. So here's an example of how this discount worked: most of our clearance tops were $16. Half of 16 is 8, 30% off $8 is $5.6. This woman had at least thirty tops. $16 x 30 is $480! She got 50% off of that and, an additional 30%. That means that this woman literally paid $168 for a transaction that should've costed her almost $500. It's like she robbed the store of $312!

It totally blows my mind that she got $312 worth of free stuff. But hey, the customer is always right, folks.






Bakery Hell: Why do people think we can just give out stuff for free?



From  u/That_1bitch Tales From Retail:

I work at a bakery and most of our regulars are really nice, and i enjoy talking with them, but theres one guy whos rude and pissy every time he comes in.

A little context: we have a sale on our donuts and muffins at the end of the night because we throw them out after we close. (sale starts at ten, we close at 11). You can get 6 donuts, or 4 muffins for like $3.50. This is a steal because otherwise it would be like $8 and change.

I have a few regulars come in for this sale pretty frequently, one of which is this old man. Ill call him OL. Im already on his bad side because ive refused to give him the sale early before. He comes in often, he knows it starts at 10. I have no idea why hed come in a half hour early for it. The most i do for people is give the discount ten minutes early but not any more than that.

Anyway, OL comes in, takes forever to look at the muffins we have. Picks out four and then an extra one, so he has five in total, also grabs a bottle of milk. I ring him up and it comes to $7 and change, i tell him his total.

OL: $7?? what the hell? Come on now! Why is the total so high?

I print the reciept and check it, the total sounded about right to me but it is possible i made a mistake. Nope. Theres the 4 muffin sale, one extra muffin, and a bottle of milk. I hand him the reciept to show him.

OL: why are you charging me extra?? This is so expensive!

At this point I'm confused, I know he knows the muffin sale is four of them, not five. He comes in often and when he ordered he said he wanted the fifth one as an "extra" one. So I reference the receipt again and tell him the total is correct.

OL: people here usually give me the extra one for free! You cant just give it to me!?

I wanna make it clear, theres only one person who gives it to him for free, and that guy only works out front a couple times a week. No one else does this. Hes extremely rude and sarcastic every time he comes in, and honestly if he was nicer i probably would have thrown it in for him, but fuck that guy.

So I tell him I can't do that, its against the policy, etc etc. He gets pissy, tells me to put it back, goes on this rant about how we're forcing him to go someplace else (good luck finding somewhere thats gonna give you free food buddy) starts slamming his money on the counter and storms out.

I am just baffled that the most rude and sarcastic customer I have would expect me to give him stuff for free. If you want something from somewhere you have to buy it, it's that simple.






Discount Rats: Very short discount battle



From u/_Tatjana_ Tales From Retail:

I have my own retail business for kid's stuff, clothes, shoes, you get the point. A family comes in. Me=me, Customer = well, you guessed it. The situation happened just now.

Customer: you can give us good price, right?

Me: Ofc! We have the table here with sale items, all good price.

Customer: I don’t need sale items, if I like anything in the store, you will give me discount?

Me: (working on Sunday, so guess the mood) with a smile Sure, but you would have to give me a % of your salary.

Customer: What do you mean?

Me: Well if you want to get % of my income, I think it’s only fair....

Customer: Haha, we will take them full price

Me: Nice! Here are your shoes and have a great day!

Sometimes it is nice to own the business and not having to care about managers or corporate :D