Retail Hell Memories: The napkin ring secret shopper


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From u/xanderbitme Tales From Retail:

/u/misscrochetfingers's napkin ring tale reminded me of a secret shopper I had about 20 years ago.

I worked for in a housewares store (picture a smaller version of Bed, Bath, & Beyond). It was shipment day, so we were busy unpacking the merchandise from boxes and putting it away.

I'll be "Me", secret shopper will be "SS", and my boss will be "Boss".

Me: Hi, welcome to NameOfStore. Can I help you find anything?

SS: Yes, where are your napkin rings?

Me: They're just over here.

I escorted her to the endcap where the napkin rings are located.

Me: Is there anything else I can help you find?

SS: No.

Me: Ok. I'll be at the checkouts if you need anything.

About a month later my boss pulled me in the back.

Boss: We had a secret shopper about a month ago, and I'm afraid you scored very poorly.

Me: What? Why?

Boss: Apparently a customer asked you about napkin rings, so you showed her where they were and then you just walked off.

Me: No, I showed her where they were, asked if she needed anything else, and when she said "No" I told her I'd be at the cashwrap if she did need anything.

Boss: Well, you didn't go over the benefits of the product with her.

Me: Benefits? What benefits? They're napkin rings. They're purely decorative, and absolutely useless! Am I supposed to go over how this one is acrylic, this one is rattan, and this one is wood? There are no benefits to go over! Plus, it was shipment day.

Boss: I know, I know. Just telling you what corporate said about the secret shopper's report. Plus, you also got dinged on appearance.

Me: Appearance? I always follow dress code.

Boss: I know. She objected to your earrings.

(I'm male, this would've taken place sometime between 1995 and 1997, and my earrings were plain titanium studs... nothing dangly or eye catching).

Me: My earrings are within the dress code!

Boss: I know, but it's on the report.

Me: Whatever.

Boss: Yep.








Back To School Dress Code Drama: School Sends Letter To Parents Banning Their Daughter's Wonder Woman Lunchbox



From Boing Boing:

Not sure if it's the scary-looking lasso or the ass-kicking red boots, but a school on Mainstreet, USA banned this dangerous Wonder Woman lunchbox from campus. Said school sent a letter to the lunchbox-toting owner's home, telling her parents that their daughter can't bring "violent images" onto campus. Sheesh. Here is the letter, brought to us by


Good thing my daughter chose a solid color for her lunchbox this year!


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