Gas Station Hell Flashback: Tera's Encounter with a Meth Head



From Terah when she worked in Gas Station Hell, posted to RHU, December 2010:

This is a story that happened a couple years ago, but we brought it up today at work somehow, and I decided I'd let you guys hear.

It was a SLOW fucking day in the gas station, I was working with Moon (my nickname for her, everyone else calls her 'Sister') and just finished sweeping the floors.

I went up to the registers and saw the butane lighters on display. We had had some that consisted of moving parts, designed like casino games (Cards, Slots, ect) and stood there for a few minutes just spinning one that looked like a roulette wheel, before walking off to put the broom up and get cigarettes. (When I say slow, I mean SLOW. We'd had MAYBE 2 customers between us in the past hour. I remember the slow days like that)

Before I can get to the door in the back, Moon calls me back over, because a lady had come in with a lighter for a refund.

No problem, Terah bounces up like a good little soulless drone and asks what the problem is. The lady was on something, that was obvious to even me, and I'd had a sheltered life up until my introduction to the level of hell that is Retail.

I don't know WHAT she was on, but I'm calling this one Meth Head (MH).

MH: My husband bought me this ligther, but I already have one. Can I return it.


MH: Why not?

She wasn't hateful, she was really quiet, but as Moon later told me it was probably because she was higher than a kite.

I explained it wasn't one of our lighters. She picked one off a display case and said 'Yes it is. See, it looks just like this.'

Terah: No, they only look similar. See, this design is different, the clickers are colored different and! [Rings up her lighter] 'Not found in database'.

MH: Oh, okay.

OCTOCAROL 175So I turn to make a cigarette list, Moon turns for something, I hear a 'clunk' and turn around.

MH has produced a more expensive lighter.

MH: I'm sorry, THIS is the one I wanted to return. This was from here.

Terah: ... you didn't buy that lighter.

MH: No, my husband did, I need to return it.

I tried to not laugh or yell. It was funny and I was pissed at the same time.

I told her I wouldn't do a return several times, and it just looped between 'my husband bought it I don't need it' and 'I'm not returning this, please leave.'

MH: Well why not?

Terah: Because in the past hour, I've had two customers before you, we've been SO slow, I got bored and started playing with the butane lighters.

There was ONE lighter in the display with a roulette wheel that moved and [grabs said display and slams it down on the counter where we could both see it] it's not in here anymore.

I was messing with that not five minutes before you came in.

Please leave the lighter behind and get out of this store before I call security on you.

She just wandered on out and I haven't seen her since.

--Terah the Gas Slave



Dumbass Custys: Dumbass Day Part 1 - Where Is My 85 Cents?!


Dumbass 3From: turtlecage

It all begins on Dumbass Day. A few days ago, I had more stupid customers in 1 day than I have ever had in the seven months I've worked at my store. In fact I have several stories from just that day, and so this is the first of many.

We had an otherwise good day other than all the stupid people. Very steady flow of customers, enough that I was keeping busy and never searching for something to do, and not so many that I felt like I was drowning.

A man who seemed to be about 50 holds up his EBT card, and says, "Can you give me 48 dollars?"

Surprised, I said in my perfect retail angel voice, "I'm not sure I understand your question."

"I need to get 48 dollars out of this card in cash." Then he threw his card on the counter. This was mildly infuriating because our whole card setup faces the customer, they do all the swiping and button pushing themselves.

"Well," I said, handing his card back to him. "I have no way of giving you that specific of an amount, and you need to buy something in order to use your card."

"I need 48 dollars, though. Can't you charge me 48 dollars and then just give me the cash?"

I was starting to get annoyed, mostly because EBT is primarily used for food stamps, however there is also EBT cash benefits, which customers can use to buy things they need that aren't food, like toilet paper, toothpaste, things like that. I had a strong suspicion he wanted to pull the cash out to buy drugs, which is in my opinion, a morally incorrect abuse of this government assistance. I see hundreds of single mothers buying toys for their babies with EBT, and then I see guys like him, pulling cash out and using it for booze and things.

"Here's what you can do." I said, while a line was beginning to form behind him. "Our cheapest item is a candy bar, which is 85 cents." I held up a snickers, which he didn't object to, and scanned it. "Okay, now just swipe your card."

He swiped it, (it took him about four tries, he wasn't holding it the right way.)

"Now what do I do?!" At this point he was raising his voice, although no conflict of any kind had occurred yet. Another thing I find annoying.

"Press the button that says 'cash benefits'."

Cashier hellHe pressed the button that said 'food stamps'.

I sighed inwardly and said, "Oops, that was the food stamps button. I'm gonna need you to reswipe your card and select the cash benefits button." At this point I was speaking slowly and clearly because he seemed to be really out of touch with the world around him. He kept making weird grunting sounds and licking his lips.

"I don't know how this shit works! Just give me 48 dollars."

"I cannot give you exactly that amount sir, your options will be ten, twenty, or fifty dollars."

I swiped his card for him, and pressed the button for him. I normally never do this because it makes me uncomfortable to touch other people's credit cards and press buttons for them, unless they are handicapped or very elderly and find it difficult. But now there was a long line of people, impatiently tapping their toes and huffing and puffing, all while staring at me, as if this was somehow all my fault.

I decided to press the buttons for him still, because he seemed to be incapable. But I carefully explained everything I was doing.

"Okay, here it says 'select cash back amount' The only available options are ten, twenty, or fifty dollars. Which would you like?"

"48 dollars."

So this is how it's gonna be...

"No sir." I said, getting agitated. I paged for a backup cashier because now there were about 5 people behind him, most of them only had 1 item they needed to buy. I honestly felt bad for the people who had to wait behind him.

"What do you mean no? I need 48 dollars! Exactly!"

"Well I'm sorry to hear that because it's just not possible. Should I press ten, twenty, or fifty dollars?"

PET41He stood there, staring at me for about a full minute, and then I said, "Sir please keep in mind that there are people in line behind you."

"I don't give a damn!" He yelled.

"Well, since I have no other options, I'm going to select twenty dollars for you, because fifty would be more than you asked for." I pressed the twenty button, the register opened, and I handed him his candy bar, and a twenty dollar bill.

"Wait," He said. "Where is my 85 cents?!"

"What?" I said.

"You said the candy bar was 85 cents. Where is it?"

"In our computer!" I was the one raising my voice now. "You paid 85 cents for it."

"I don't get it." He said. "I should have $48.85."

"No sir, you should not. You should have twenty dollars exactly because that is the amount of cash our system has extracted from your card. You paid for a candy bar, which is how you were able to use your card in the first place. If I gave you 85 cents I would in fact be paying you to eat candy and that's not how the world works. NEXT IN LINE PLEASE."

I know I was getting harsh on him, but he kept grunting and licking his lips, yelling at me, and being stupid. He reeked of cigarettes and booze and body odor and I couldn't handle him being near me anymore. I know he might have very well been mentally ill but he had the telltale look of a junkie.

This was also towards the end of a 9 hour shift in which I had met more stupid people than I ever have in one day.



YoAuntie's Latest Trifecta of Weird Custys


YoauntieIt’s the latest edition of YoAuntie’s Trifecta of Weird (™) !!! All three stories happened to me on  Thursday of last week.


There is a mentally challenged woman who gets a ride with me into the market every Thursday morning, then goes home via the senior taxi after doing her shopping.  Our marketplace attempts to be a friendly place for people with cognitive disabilities: we encourage van trips from adult day care and similar facilities, and we pay extra attention to our these customers because we want them to eat healthy and fresh food.  I am one of several vendors with experience dealing with special populations, and we are reasonably patient with behavioral issues.

Unfortunately, my customer got a phone call from her husband as soon as she entered the market, and immediately started cursing and kicking furniture while revealing the darkest secrets of their sex life together.  When she came into my shop and began to throw things, I asked her to leave.  “Go out and sit in my car until you feel better,” I suggested.  

She began to threaten suicide, saying that we had all “abandoned” her.  When she grabbed a pair of scissors from the flower shop and began to cut her arms with them, we had to call for emergency assistance while my delivery driver Kenny K. held her down to keep her from hurting herself.  Later we heard that she had decided to go off her medications a few days earlier.

Carolanne 002----------------------

A woman came into my shop at lunchtime, and asked the price of “Protective Glove” hand cream. “$2,” I replied.

Custy: Will it be $2 tomorrow?

Me: Yes.

Custy: Are you certain?

Me: Yes, ma’am.  Would you like me to hold a tube for you till tomorrow?

Custy: Well, how do you know that it will still be $2 tomorrow?

Me: Because I own this store.  Let me put some aside for you.  There’s no obligation, and then you’ll be certain that it will still be $2 when you pick it up tomorrow.

Custy: I don’t want you to hold it!  I just want to know if it will be $2 tomorrow.  And will you definitely have it tomorrow?

Me: Probably, but if you want to be sure that it doesn’t sell out before you get it, then let me put some under the counter for you.

Custy: I just want to know if it will be available tomorrow.

Me: I can’t guarantee it unless you let me set it aside for you.  

Custy: I said that I don’t want you to hold it.  I just want to know whether you’ll have it tomorrow for $2!

Me: Without my crystal ball, I really couldn’t tell you whether it will sell out before tomorrow.

She stormed off, muttering to herself.

(Postscript: it’s been over a week, and she has never returned to buy the product.)

Carolanne 009------------

At closing time, a drug-addled woman found her way into the market as Tommy the maintenance man was locking the front door.  Normally, we are not permitted (at the insistence of our Amish property managers) to tell a customer that we are closing, as long as they make it through the door into the market before we lock it.  But this visitor might actually get them to change the rule.

Most of the vendors had already left for the night, or at least they had their lights out and their shop gateways locked.  I’d had a last-minute customer, so my lights were still on.

She proceeded to look at every shelf in my shop, while crying and shaking.  After 30 minutes, even the Amish were hanging around in the aisle, asking me in Pennsylvania German to finish the transaction.  At this point, I stopped giving subtle hints, and went straight into saying “Listen, we need to close the building right now.  The Amish vans need to leave, and I live in ‘Murder Town’, so I have an hour’s drive to get home.”

The 50 feet between my shop and the front entrance seemed endless.  Each time that I tried to lead her toward the front door, she would suddenly peel away and start looking at a random product display, asking a dozen nonsensical questions. I finally said several times in a cold tone, “You must leave now, or we will call the police.”  She didn’t hear me the first few times, but eventually she moved about 20 feet closer to the door, before making a sharp right turn into the bakery and asking random questions about the raisin bread.

The Amish are traditionally unwilling to involve the police in their businesses and activities, and we also knew that calling the police would make it necessary for us to stay even longer, so we sloooooowly herded her to the front door.  As Tommy was unlocking the door to let the customer out, she did a 180-degree turn and went back toward the vending machines.

Nearly an hour after we’d locked the front doors and dimmed the lights, she finally wandered outside.  Without mentioning it to the Amish, I then quietly called the police station (which is located in our parking lot) and let them know that while the customer hadn’t done anything illegal, they should probably watch her as she drove away.




Stoned Coworker Destroys A Door


Coworker hellFrom: retales

It was a brisk fall day, I was out in the garden center of our retail store behind the cash register ringing up some mulch for a lovely customer.

I heard the beeping of an oncoming forklift and saw StonedDriver behind the wheel. I didn't think anything of it because he drove the forklifts all the time and had been with the store for over a year.

A few minutes later a loud crash rings out, I look up from the customer's 23rd bag of mulch (that I have to ring up one at a time, because of the store policy forbids using the quantity key) and see the forks had smashed through the sliding automatic glass doors leading from the inside of the store out to the garden centre.

StonedDriver jumped off the forklift to assess the situation, and I walked over to talk with him.

StonedDriver: "I don't know what happened man, I must've turned the wheel the wrong way... nobody was hurt though so that's good."

Me: "Yeah, nobody was hurt, and I'm sure corporate will replace the doors, do you want me to call the manager?"

StonedDriver: "Nah, I got it, hopefully NoHumor won't be too mad."

Jason NyerpNoHumor arrived and began to examine the sliding glass doors.

NoHumor: "Alright, this shouldn't be a problem, Retales, feel free to get back on the register. StonedDriver come back to the training room and we will go through the drug test process and you should be back to work in a half hour."

I could see StonedDriver pondering his options after realizing he was about to take a drug test.

StonedDriver: "Oh...well, NoHumor... are you sure there is a drug test?"

NoHumor: "Yes, StonedDriver; you drove a fork lift through a glass door. There will need to be a drug test."

StonedDriver "Well... Then.... I quit, here's my name tag."

The doors eventually were repaired and StonedDriver was replaced, but I'll miss him watering the plants in the morning saying, "Don't worry guys, I'll make sure you're good and healthy and ready to go to a good home."



Training Hell: Pure Hell From Beginning To End


TRAINING4From: ScooterTheMartini

I got a job working at an office supply store. The store wasn't gonna be opening for another 2 weeks. So the GM had every employee come in one day and told all of us that we'll be training at 1 of the 2 stores in town. I find out that I'm going to a store that NOBODY else is going too. Out of 25+ employees working at the new store, I'm the only one going to a store by myself. Everyone else gets to train together at the other store. Thanks, GM! ...Not.

So, the next day I'm supposed to start my training and I drive to the store I've been assigned to train at. When I get there, I tap on the sliding doors to get someone's attention. They look at me confused like, "Who the hell is that?"

A manager gets called over and the employee points at me. They talk for a minute and the manager comes walking over to the sliding doors. She opens it a little and says "Sorry, we're not opened yet."

"I know. I'm supposed to start training here." I reply back.

"Oh? Nobody mentioned anything to me." She replied.

"My GM from the new store opening assigned me to this store to be trained. She said she will call the stores to let them know they will have trainees." I said.

"Oh. Well, let me go look on the desk for any papers I might've missed and if I still don't see anything, I'll call the GM of your store." She replied.

Now, it's 7am and it snowed overnight and is currently snowing as I'm talking to her. I asked if I could come in and she told me I couldn't until I've been verified. She comes back about 15 minutes later telling me I can come in and that I've been verified as a trainee. I reply with a thanks. All the employees are looking at me in wonderment. Not sure why, but ok. I ask around to see if anyone can help me get trained. An older guy walks up to me and says "I'm supposed to train you, I guess. Let's go to the back."

So we walk to the back and he's already talking and telling me what I need to do. This guy is talking REALLY fast. After an hour of "being trained," he tells me "that's it for today. I'll see you later." And he promptly leaves work!

I didn't understand anything he said! Wouldn't even let me get a word in. I'm not allowed to leave like that as I'm being forced to get 8 hours of work by my GM.

Asshat bossesSo I go up front and talk to the cashier asking if there was anything I could do. "You could hand out flyers to people when they walk in." Easy enough. So that's what I did for 7 hours.

The next day, same thing at the door. A different manager that day didn't know about me either. None of the employees that saw me the day before cared to say anything as well. Sigh.

This time my GM phoned this manager stating that I'm no longer working the position I was assigned. Now I've been assigned to be a cashier. Ok. So I go up to the clueless cashier and start asking questions. She creates a loud sigh and tells me to stand by the door to hand out flyers. Really? I did that for 7 hours the day before and need to learn how the cash register works.

Nope, I've met a bitch. She yelled and screamed and cursed me out. Took everything I had to not yell back.

So again, standing by the door like an idiot as no customers were coming in. I see a guy come walking in and hand him a flyer with a smile. He tells me "I work here, idiot."

My bad. I watch as he goes behind the counter to the 'photo' area. I let him get settled before I talk to him. So I see he sits down in a chair and proceeds to do nothing. Literally, nothing. I go up to the counter and ask him if he can teach me the cash register. He just stares blankly at me. It's this moment where I realize that he's stoned. The signs were there. I ask again. He tells me to come back later. What? Why? He said he was "very busy". Whatever. So another useless day ends.

If it wasn't messed up before, it's about to get really messed up. I guarantee it.

I come in for the third day of "training". This time I get in right away because the first manager recognized me. Yay. As soon as I was about to walk to the cashier, I get pulled aside by BOTH of the managers and they tell me to come to their office. Confused, I said ok. I get sat down and ask what's going on?

"We just heard some accusations against you." Said Manager #1.

"What?" I replied.

"The guy at the photo area said you touched his butt and kept caressing it. Is this true?" -Manager #2.

"You can't be serious! I asked him if he could teach me how to use the cash register since (let's call her..) Becky didn't teach me anything."

"We won't allow sexual harassment in our store. We've already called your GM about this." -M1

"But I didn't do anything! There's cameras in this place. Look back at the footage and you'll see nothing happened." -Me

"We take our employees words over a new persons word any day of the week." -M1

"Do you understand the consequences for this? We understand you're a trainee but this behavior is unacceptable." -M2

Carolanne raid"I didn't do anything! He was probably imagining it happened since he was stoned off his ass...." -Me

"You can leave our office now. We won't tolerate your behavior any further." -M1

Until this day, I don't think I'd ever heard of a male filing sexual harassment against a female. Yes, I'm a woman. (This happened years ago and back then, ya really didn't hear about female on male harassment. Nowadays, because of social media, it's become more common and you actually HEAR about it.)

After an unbearable two weeks of "training", I finally go back to my now opening store. Again, every employee and manager is there. I start to talk to the managers telling them that I didn't get much training. After they asked questions, I told them what all had happened. Right then and there, my GM pulls me into the office and says this classic line...

"I heard what happened and I'm severely disappointed. I don't want you to talk to the other employees or managers UNLESS it's about work. Do not talk to them otherwise."

"How am I touching some dude's ass if he was sitting on it?! Where is everyone getting this story from??" I asked.

"Doesn't matter. It's filed against you. If one more thing happens against you, I'll be firing you. As for your training, I heard you were lazy and didn't even try to learn anything." -GM

"Now that's not fair. You sent me to a crappy store to get trained by morons. They were the ones not teaching me. I wanted to learn!" -Me

"I don't like your attitude. You can leave my office now." -GM

I walked out. Should've walked out of that job, but alas, I needed the money. This GM was ruthless towards me for the 8 months I was there. She cut my hours many times, threatened to fire me a lot, made a VERY pregnant girl stand on her feet all day at the register even when her feet and legs were swollen, gave me the crappiest cash register (the one that only accepted cash) on Black Friday while 2 of our slowest cashiers used the 2 good ones.

Then she sent me home 2 hours into Black Friday because I "wasn't doing anything." Who pays in cash on BF?!? Only 3 people came to my register in those 2 hours. One of the 2 girls at the good registers kept telling me that I could have their register but the GM didn't allow it.

I put in a notice that I couldn't work a certain day 3 weeks before that night. Personal matters... a.k.a grandmothers funeral. The GM 'lost' my paper and told me I had to work. I tried to ask everyone I knew if they could take that day of work and that I'd take a day of theirs, like a trade. Nobody wanted to.

I "called in sick" on that day even though everyone knew I needed that night off.

I was fired the next day.