Drugstore Hell: “Why are you asking to check my ID?” “Because it’s store policy-“”yes but WHY” “because you’re buying certain medicine-“ “BUT WHY”



From u/Luna6696 Tales From Retail:

Title is pretty much it, but let me elaborate.

You have to be 18 to buy certain medicines because of their components. People use them to get high/drunk, etc.

I get a lady in her sixties buying some, and out of habit I ask for ID. Usually for the older folks I’ll just confirm it without seeing ID because clearly Aunt Ethel is over 18, but you know. Habit.

She’s offended, astounded, disgusted. Wrinkling her nose, her brow.

Lady: “Why do you need to see my ID?”

Me: “Oh, it’s just store policy for some things.”

Lady: “But why do you need my ID? Why are you asking for my ID?”

“Because with certain medicines, we need to make sure the guest-“


Me, after taking a breath: because some medicines have components in them that can be misused and people may use them to do bad things”

Lady, muttering: I thought all that stuff was kept behind the pharmacy...grumble grumble...

Like, I’m sorry we don’t just store medicine like NyQuil behind the pharmacy- which closes at 6- in a store that closes at 10???






Retail Hell Memories: Smelly Theft



From u/bunnyfrog_1st  Tales From Retail:

This story from my time in Cheap Beauty Shop.

Xmas time, so place was heaving, people were practically shoving so they could get gift sets and body lotion for their loved ones, because of course nothing says you care like body lotion.

I was on the perfume counter, working my way through the queue and occasionally doing giftwrapping. The public, for once, were behaving and waiting their turns.

Next up was Slightly Drunk Slob. He had no items to place on the counter.

Me: Hello, what can we interest you in?

SDS: Uhhh, what you got that's cheap?

Me: (practised spiel)

SDS: Um, whichever one is down there (points at bottom shelf)

I have to point out here that the shelves for the perfume section were literally made out of mirrors, so while my back is turned, can quite obviously see SDS stuff a box of the very cheap stuff into his armpit. I turn round and look at him steadily. I can actually see the little box peeking out from his sweaty pit.

SDS: Hey, I asked you for something!

Me: It looks like you already made your selection. How will you be paying?

SDS: (Academy award here for the Total Surprise on his face) Oh, what's this? I don't want this.

He then takes the moistened perfume box from under his arm and puts it on the counter.

Me: You know we can't sell that now?

SDS: I don't want anything. (Leaves quickly)

I actually have to use one of the wet wipes we kept under the counter to move the fragrant fragrance before the next customer rocks up...








Discount Rat Takes Down a Dumbass Drug Store Cashier



From u/cpazynski, Tales From Retail:

So I work in a very busy drug store in a rather large city. I recently had a customer come in and as I was ringing her up I asked for her membership card. To which she replies “yeah I actually know an employee, could you give me her discount?” (Our employee discount is linked to our membership card). This is also a pretty big no as only family is supposed to use the discount.

When I explained to her that if she knows this employees phone number she can enter it on the keypad, but I can’t just give her a discount, she got pretty upset. “I’m here all the time and the other employees always bypass the phone number for me. So I know you can just type the discount in for me.”

My manager notices the commotion and comes to see what was happening. This also happens to be the same manager that the customer was just asking about applying for a position in the pharmacy with.

The customer then started once again asking for a free discount, that she didn’t earn, on this merchandise. “You guys know *****, she works here, I want to use her discount.”

My manager then proceeds to explain that this is grounds for termination for the employee.

And the customer once again asks for the discount! Eventually she understood that we are not going to give it to her and she leaves.

The employee ended up getting fired, because this isn’t the first time she’s given away her discount to whoever.

And the customer did not get the position in our store.









Retail Hell Memories: Bad milk and a free ride in an ambulance on the company’s dime


Jason 036

From u/pnwdogmom Tales From Retail:

This was a few years ago when I worked at pharmacy/convenient store. After I was there longer than most of my coworkers, they mostly let me be on the floor and stock or whatever needed to be done. I also worked in the nicest neighborhood in my city, so we typically didn’t get many interesting stories, just a bunch of rude upper class customers. I still can’t believe I was able to witness this, it’s the most bizarre encounter I had seen my entire 4 years of retail.

This guy came in, he was around late 40’s- early 50’s, and purchased one of those small, single serving cartons of milk. My coworker helped him with his transaction and he left happy. Next thing you know, he comes back in with it, very unhappy. The dialogue goes something like this: MG for Milk Guy, CW for Coworker, FSL for Floor Shift Lead.

MG: Is your milk old? CW: I don’t believe so, does it say it’s expired?

MG: No but it doesn’t taste right. There’s something wrong with it, this is the sickest I’ve felt my entire life.

CW: Well let me get our SFL.

SFL: Hi, how can I help?

MG: This milk is rotten. There’s something not right and I feel very sick.

SFL: Is it expired? We typically pull them a few days before they expire and check them daily.

MG: Well no but it just doesn’t taste right there’s something wrong and I’m sick. I think I need to go to the emergency room.

SFL: Well if that’s the case then I’m going to have to call an ambulance, as I can’t let you go on your own saying it was something from our store, it’s a policy of ours and it makes us liable and unfortunately, we have to file a report and do it this way or else you’ll pay out of pocket for it.

MG: That seems excessive, I can just drive myself.

SFL: I can’t let you do that if you go to the emergency room. We are now liable for this issue.

MG: Well I don’t know if it was the sandwich I ate with it, I left it in the car all day and it has mayonnaise on it.

SFL: internally screaming Well it’s now your decision, it’s either have us call the ambulance and they’ll have to roll you out in a stretcher and take you to the hospital or you can leave without us filing a report and you can pay for the hospital bill.

MG and SFL argue a little more before he agrees to get an ambulance. The ambulance shows up and he starts arguing with them how it’s unnecessary to go out in a stretcher and he can walk to the ambulance just fine. They basically said get on the stretcher or it’s not that serious and we’re leaving. Long story short, he left on the stretcher.

My SFL was just in shock the rest of the night. She filled out the report and contacted the company who brings our milk and let them know of the situation in case it was the milk and there was a chance of others getting sick. We pulled the rest of what we had in stock and didn’t hear anything the rest of the night.

The next day he returned and apologized to my SFL, saying he didn’t know what had gotten in to him. He said the tests all came back fine and it wasn’t the milk. He also mentioned that his father has just recently passed away and he’s been acting out a lot because of it. We all felt really bad for the guy, I hope he’s doing okay wherever he is.








Crazy Lady Encounter: I'm leaving call the cops.



From u/GoldPlatedMilk  Tales From Retail:

So I work for a large pharmaceutical company as a manager. When I was first starting out we had a lady who came into the store obviously tweaking.

Now I'm used to dealing with people like this, just not this early in the day (it was like noon). She proceeds to grab two hand baskets and browses the store, no big deal. All of a sudden she takes one arm and scrapes a whole 4 foot section of cosmetic shelving into one hand basket. She then turns around and proceeds to wipe a whole shelf of cold medicine into the other, then beelined it directly to the front of the store and tried to leave through the front door.

This is where my Cashier stepped in front of the door and told them they couldn't leave without buying the product. This is where I stepped in,

CL = Crazy Lady

Me = Me

Me: Ma'am I can't let you leave my store.

CL: screaming Call the cops on me, I'm leaving stay out of my way.

Me: laughing No your not grabs hand baskets out of her hands Have a nice day!

CL: lets out wicked battle cry and leaves

I proceed to put the baskets behind the counter and head to the office to file a report. According to my cashier she came back in a few minutes later walked around the store looking for me and then screamed and left.

People are great.