Self Checkout Hell: The largest balance I've ever seen at my store



From  dexidrone, Tales From Retail:

Wall of text incoming...

  • 12:30 AM - Normal looking guy is brings a bunch of stuff in his arms (he can barely carry it all) to the self checkout. He asks if he can leave the stuff there because he just needed a few more things. I say it's fine, so he leaves the items and goes back into the main part of the store.

  • 12:40 AM - Guy brings a bunch more stuff in his arms and is pulling a full sized cart loaded (toppling over) with random stuff. There are literally items from every department (including meat, deli, dairy, produce, frozen, pharmacy, floral, bakery, grocery, cleaning products, and seasonal). It's completely disorganized... So now I'm like, FML not this again.

  • 12:50 AM - After I've trained him on using the self checkout machine in the most efficient way, I just start pacing around waiting for an error to happen so I can fix it, and he can move on. I'm starting to think something is not quite right with this guy.

  • 12:55 AM - My co-workers on the night shift are starting to notice and each pull me aside to basically go "WTF is this!? You must be mad as hell!".

  • 1:05 AM - Guy looks to be about half way done with checking out, but there is an error with the machine so I go to clear it. At this time I notice the balance is over $800 (at a grocery store, at 1 in the morning). He mentioned that the register was getting really slow. I tell him the computer is probably running low on memory because it was such a large order. So then I suggested that he just pay this part of the order first, let the register reset, and buy the rest of the stuff on a separate transaction. He tells me if he does that the credit card provider might freeze the card because of multiple transactions.

All of the sudden I start to notice that he's been eating junk food the entire time, his eyes are black, he's grinding his teeth, and he is having difficulty staying focused... 0_0.

This is when the realization of what's happening manifests and the adrenaline kicks in... This man is blitzed out of his mind on meth, and his credit card was going to decline.

I've dealt with meth people before, so this immediately put me on edge. I didn't wan't this to end in a drug fueled rage when things didn't go his way. So now I'm doing everything I can to make this guy feel as if everything is completely okay. I pace, and I help, and then I pace, and then I help again... (I have severe anxiety and panic attacks btw so I'm feeling the pressure.) This continues until 1:30 AM when we are all (me and the night crew) ready for that special moment.

The credit card declines.

There was a bit of aftermath after this but eventually we got him to leave. He did manage to steal some cigarettes and of course he didn't pay for the food he was eating whilst shopping/checking out.

TL;DR - Some guy tweaked out on meth rings up 1,465 dollars worth of groceriesat the self checkout at 1:30 AM. Credit card declines.

-- dexidrone





Mall Event Hell: "They're being mean to me and not letting me use their bathroom!"


Carolanne 032b

From yourgirlalex, Tales From Retail:

To start off, I work at a high end store at a high end mall. There was a large, private charity event held at my mall today and there were many wealthy people there--many of them left the event very drunk. My store was participating in this event and we had our own display of drinks (non alcoholic) and snacks for customers passing by and this event was for sure to bring much needed traffic to our store.

About near the end of my shift, a group of women I'd say around mid 30s walk in (more like stumble in) and I can tell right away that they're all very intoxicated. They were walking around our store, grabbing our drinks and snacks being extremely loud and belligerent; spilling their drinks everywhere, acting like our store was a party. They all sit down on the floor in the middle of the store (our store is SMALL by the way) and this one woman starts asking where the bathroom is to my co-worker.

DW: Drunk woman CW: Co-worker M: Manager

DW: >"Where is the bathroom? I need to pee!"

CW: > "We don't have a bathroom, I'm sorry"

DW: > "You don't...have a bathroom for me to use? There's no bathroom in here?"

CW: > "We have a bathroom, but it's a staff only bathroom"

DW: >"I NEED TO GO!" Mind you, she's slurring her words

CW: > "Sorry, I can't let you go into our bathroom, customers aren't allowed. There is a bathroom upstairs in the food court."


My manager steps in

M: > "What seems to be the problem?"


M: > "Correct, it's staff only."

Drunk woman then puts her drink down and makes a run for our back stockroom. Another one of my co-workers sees and stops her before she can get into it. Then she makes a run for our other stockroom (mainly a room we use for mailing supplies). We stop her again and tell her she can't use it.

DW then throws her hands in the air and YELLS to her friends "They're being mean to me and not letting me use their bathroom! This is f*cking INSANE! I should just piss right here!"

M: > "I'm more than happy to call security and have them escort you out if you'd rather have it that way"

DW turns around at her, screams at her that she refuses to ever step foot in our store again, screams at her friends to not buy anything in our store and they all leave. Finally. They left a huge mess with spilled drinks and smashed food all over the floor, behaving like children. I hope they realized that just because they have money (or they married into it) that it doesn't mean the world stops for them.







Server Hell: From Libation To Laceration...



From fatboyfat1981TalesFromYourServer

This is from almost 20 years ago, back when I was still thin(ish), still pretty & still had all my hair. In the gap between finishing my A-Levels & going to University I got a temporary job in a town centre pub populated by people from all walks of life. It did serve food so hopefully I’m in the right place.

It’s a horrible cliché but this place was a proper british boozer- you genuinely had builders next to lawyers next to OAPs on every table, all talking to each other like family. Quiet after 7pm on weekdays but Friday/Saturday was always heaving, especially if the football was on.

One Saturday night, about 10pm-ish, chap comes to the bar. I hadn’t served him previously but judging from the stack of empty glasses on his table he and his friends were at least 6 pints in each.

I will be Me & customer will be DI (drunk idiot)

Me: “Hello sir, what can I get you?”

DI (slurring): “this is an Irish bar isn’t it?”

Me (bearing in mind the pub is called Scruffy Murphy’s: there are Guinness, Beamish & Jamesons signs everywhere): “err...... yeah”

Carolanne chugDI: “so youse are all Irish?”

Me: “no mate, as you can tell from my accent I’m local (North West England). The Landlord is from Cork but most of us are from round here”

DI: “bollocks, I bet you’re all IRA”

Me (thinking he must be joking & trying to steer the conversation back to something sensible): “ha ha, no, same again is it?”

DI, like a switch had been pressed, went aggressive & raised his voice: “nah, you’re all f*cking stinking paddy terrorists”

Me: “hang on a minute sir, no need to be like that, we’re all having a good time tonight and don’t want it spoilt, I’ll get your drinks sorted and we’ll be fine, ok?”

<side note> despite being both a dork and a ginormous coward, I didn’t look like one- I’m 6’1”, was reasonably fit, at that point was about 240lbs & sporting a grade-1 shaved head (think rugby prop forward shaped). This has caused me problems with older men trying to assert their manliness/superiority since I was about 15 that I try to deflect by being excessively polite, even for a Brit. </side note>

DI: “you fcking cheeky cnt I’m gonna slit your f*cking throat”, he then proceeds to grab a pint glass and lunge towards me over the bar.

Time stops.

He’s not actually going to go for me is he?

Do I duck behind the bar?

Do I run away?

Curl up in a ball & shout for my mum?

Fortunately the decision was made for me, DI disapperated, swiftly followed by the main door of the pub slamming & a shout of “fck off now or I’m calling the police, by the way you’re fcking barred” from the Landlord.

Jason okay thenAs it was explained afterwards, he’d been sat at the end of the bar with one of his friends (who just happened to be a bouncer on his day off). They had seen the whole exchange and, at the sound of a raised voice from DI, decided to eject him.

I start to breathe again.

“Sorry about that lad, these things happen, just part of working in a pub” says the Landlord, walking back to his seat.

Me: “really? Err ok, no problem boss, by the way what does your mate drink, I think I may owe him a pi....”


DI, in his beer addled mind, thought it was a genius idea to bang in the window opposite his friends to get their attention, presumably to get them to join him. Problem was, he’d misjudged the force required to tappy-tap-tap on the window and had put his fist through it, slicing his arm to pieces & showering the table with fragments of glass.

Que ambulance, que police, que end of his evening.



Closing Time Nightmares: Newbie Discovers Unconscious Drunk Man



From pinkcandy828, Tales From Retail:

So my shift started like it usually did--I clocked in, checked with my manager, and then went on with my business--customer service. Most of the time, closing shifts like this are fairly chill and a bit boring due to the lack of customers, but I somewhat enjoy them. Not much is demanded of me and it gives me times to mindlessly ponder stupid things and fix the store while my managers aren't looking.

It wasn't until ten minutes until closing time, 9 o'clock that something happened. And when I say something, I mean something--as in, "well...we're going to have to stay in the store longer after we close now. Fun. I didn't want to go home until eleven, anyway."

Because a man had puked upstairs on the mezzanine and was currently unconscious.

The funny thing is, it was our newest hired coworker that had notified us of this, after two customers had told him that there was vomit all over the floor upstairs. The poor guy, it was only his second day at work. Great way to be introduced to the job. But at least he knew the sorts of things he'd be faced with now. Customer service, and checking if customers were still alive.

It's part of job, apparently.

My manager had to call an ambulance once the store was closed, and within a few minutes a rush of men caring a stretcher came in. They went up to the unconscious man, who now was sort of conscious but only able to grumble responses. I only know this because while cleaning up the store, I listened into the conversations between the nurses and man. I know, bad of me, but I couldn't help my curiosity.

I heard one nurse say the unconscious man had drunk too many beers and had a whole pack with him upstairs. They lugged the man out and my manager give them her thanks. They asked if we recognized the man, and we all said no. Although, homeless people favored to hang out in our store and buy absolutely nothing--we had never seen that man.

Once they left, my manager told us that that was the second time this week something like this had happened.

Yes, it's happened before. In the same week, might I add.

And not only that, but when I was first hired, the same thing had happened then, too. I found a man--homeless--sleeping upstairs, and he wouldn't wake up. It ended up that his blood sugar levels had dipped and we called an ambulance to rush him to the hospital.

So, basically another normal day at work, right?

Well, for me it is. I'm sure that doesn't go for anyone. Despite this all, though, I do like my job. I just hate the fact that our store happens to be in the biggest part of town, where all the homeless people live. And because we're not allowed, as employees, to make anyone leave the store--even if they're not buy or even looking for anything (just sitting, for hours...literally from opening to close)--we basically house a community of homeless people.

Which I don't mind until we have to play doctor for the ones that OD before coming into our store or get alcohol poisoning. Fun stuff.

(The guy is fine now, I should probably mention.)

tl;dr: Customer pukes all over the second floor of my work and falls unconscious. We had to call an ambulance.





I Was An Unwitting Bartender


Regan fightFrom RHUer

I'm just working the register at a small liquor store. We sell mini 50ml bottles (shot sized) drinks behind the counter.

A man walks in and asks for one of them. He gives me a $5 and I turn to grab his change.

In the time it took for me to dig out his change he says, "Thanks. Just throw that out for me." Then he takes his change and leaves.

He drank it all and left before I could interrupt. I was left upset; not only did he just up and leave me with his garbage, he broke the law in my presence and I couldn't stop him. (It's illegal to drink in public where I am.)

He probably figured that it would be over and done with so fast that he couldn't/wouldn't be charged.

I left the situation thinking that for just one moment in my life, I was pretty much a bartender. :p