Dumbass Customers: Teenager drops into repair shop because laptop won't start



From u/micksack Tales From Retail:

A quick story that just happened.

Me is me. DT is dopey teenager.

Me. Hi welcome to my shop.

Dt hi can I ask you a question

Me. Yes

Dt. I have a laptop and was using it last night and now it won't turn on.

Me. Ok can I see the laptop.

Dt. No I didn't bring it with It's under warranty and was wondering if you can tell me a few things it could be.

Me. I cant help you with out the laptop. And if it's under warranty you should bring it back to where it was bought.

Dt. Ok but what could be stopping it from turning on.

Me. I'd have to see it to figure that out.

Dt. The lights on it were working last night now when I put the charger in there's no lights why's that's.

Me. Again I'd have to see the laptop. It could be the charger it could be the port, if you had brought it in I could check those for you now for no charge and it won't void your warranty.

Dt. Ahh ok and walks off.

This is very common with my customers. Want to know the cost of the repair but don't have the item or the make or model and possibly don't even know what's wrong. My favourite description is, you know the thing, the thing you press that's not pressing anymore.






Bad Returners: He can do the math



From u/Disaster_Plan Tales From Retail

A customer bought a $40 USB hub from our store on May 17 and wanted to return it on Aug. 22. I was called.

The 20-something customer claimed that two of our salespeople told him the hub could handle Firewire, but it can't. Riiiight.

Then he said he spent "hours" on the phone with a Netgear tech who finally told him the hub wouldn't handle Firewire. Riiight.

And he couldn't return it earlier because he was "busy" and "has a life" and his mother died! Riiiight!

I don't like being lied to, but to get rid of him I offered to let him return the hub for store credit.

"I have no use for store credit," he said.

"I'm sorry, that's the only option. Our return policy is 30 days and you've had the item for 90 days," I said.

"I don't see any difference between 30 days and 90 days."

"The difference is 60 days."

"I can do the math, but I still don't see any difference between 30 days and 90 days."


"Do you want store credit or not?" I asked.

"I guess I'll take it. But I still don't see any difference between 30 days and 90 days."






Electronics Store Hell: GET IT OFF OF HIM NOW


Jason 031

From u/KCCOmputer_Mikey Tales From Retail:

I work at a big box electronics retail store. Yeah that one. We had a husband and wife bring in their grandkids today to get them a couple gifts. The youngest wanted a VR headset. 9 years old. He was looking at PlayStation VR, but all of the games are too mature for him. I suggested Google Daydream and Gear VR, but he doesn’t have a smartphone (Thankfully. More on that later.). We carry that Star Wars Lightsaber Battle kit but it’s expensive and only does one thing.

I suggested Oculus Go. $200 and it has games and educational stuff on it, so that’s a win. I did mention that I have a 11 year old and when he was 9, he couldn’t use my Gear VR because the eye spacing was too wide for his face. I don’t have a demo of Oculus Go, so I suggested buying it and opening it at my counter so he could try it. “If it doesn’t work or he can’t see it right, we’ll just return it; no questions asked.”


They bought it and I began unboxing it. Put the battery in the remote and plugged the headset in to charge for a minute. I asked the woman to place the headset on her grandkids and secure it tightly. Everything is going perfectly.

She secures it and pauses for a moment looking puzzled and said “this won’t affect his epilepsy will it?”


So yeah, I almost accidentally killed a kid today.







Electronics Store Hell: Cart Surfing



From u/TellTaleTimeLord  Tales From Retail:

I'm back from the electronics department, this time with a story i dont think I've ever seen anything similar here. Me will be Me, CM will be Cart Man. This happened about 20 minutes ago.

So i'm standing behind the counter, and all of a sudden,i see a grown man ride by me on a cart,going fairly fast, and he stops to look at something, so i decided to wait and see if he does it again, and he does....So i manage to get his attention, and this is what follows:

Me:"Please dont do that around the TVs"


Me:"Please don't do that around the TVs"

(We put TVs in the center aisle on pallets to draw more attention to them)

CM:"Nah, its fine,i wont crash it"

Me:"You'd be surprised"

CM:"Nah,its fine"

Me:"just please dont do what"

And then off he goes,riding into the sunset.

I had someone with a radio tell management, and they asked us to tell him to stop, so then they radioed and told them i already did,im not sure if they caught him doing it.









Electronics Hell with: Get me a fresh one!



From  u/TheFascination Tales From Retail:

I work in electronics. Older people can understandably be confused by technology, so I normally go out of my way to be accommodating to the elderly, but this lady was something else.

Old Lady: I’d like to buy these wireless security cameras. My friend got them for $100 off last week, so I want it for the same price.

Me: The sale is over, so unfortunately we can’t give you that price. All I can offer you is a price match if a competitor has a better price.

OL: You’re the only store that sells these! [Not true, but why argue?] I’m old and people get robbed in my neighborhood! You need to be nicer to old people like me. I don’t have this kind of money!

Predictably, she asks to speak to my manager, who tells her exactly what I said. She concedes grumpily.

OL: I don’t want the ones that were sitting on the shelf. Go get me a fresh box from the back.

Me: But they’re the same thing....

OL: Please, just to make me happy!

I go to get another box.

OL: [snatching the new box] How long has this been sitting back there? Where’s the expiration date?

At this point I realize she thinks electronics are like perishable food and will go bad on the shelf. I crank up my salesperson persuasiveness to Full Throttle and, after a long conversation, manage to get her to the register to check out. (She makes me push her cart of course.) I’m about to wish her a good day and escape when suddenly...

OL: How do I power these cameras?

Me: The batteries are rechargeable, and they last several months on a charge.

OL; Wait, you mean I have to recharge them? I’m 82 years old, I can’t get on a ladder to take them down!

Me: Well we have cameras that can be plugged in instead.

OL: So then the burglars will just unplug them, and then what good will they be? That’s why I want wireless!

Me: How would you prefer them to be powered?

OL: I don’t know!

So not only does she think her cameras will rot on the shelf like last month’s mangoes, she also would like them to draw power directly from the cosmos.

She bought them anyway.






Dumbass Customers: What do you mean I need a real gmail?!



From u/Morktorknak 

This customer just walked out of the store not 5 min ago, and I stopped laughing just long enough to type this.

Customer walks in and needs some help with her Apple ID, and she has her password written down, which is a miracle by prepaid cellphone standards, so my coworker tries to help her out for a bit to no avail.

Coworker: I'm trying to reset your apple ID, so you'll have to check your gmail first

Her: What do you mean? I dont have a gmail...

Coworker: Well you need one when you create your Apple ID, and its listing a gmail right here

Her: Oh that's not a real gmail

Coworker: ...what?

Her: Yeah I made that gmail up it doesnt actually exist

At that point even I looked over and my coworker and I exchanged looks that basically said "how stupid can you be." If this was some old lady that didnt understand technology that would have been a bit more acceptable, but this was a teenage girl who was somehow tech illiterate in 2018.

Coworker: Well theres nothing I can do without a real gmail

Her: But I cant use it! It's useless and I just bought it! Can I return it?

Coworker: Yeah but you'd have to go back to the store you bought it at

Her: Why?! That's too far! I need to return it because it doesnt work!

Me: Well it does work, because you do have service and stuff it's just your Apple ID needs a real gmail to work, I'm not sure why you'd put in a fake one

Her: I cant download anything though so its useless! I just bought it earlier today cant I return it?

Coworker and I looked at each other again, knowing this would just go in circles

Coworker: Yeah but you'd have to go back to the original store, unfortunately theres nothing I can do now, but you do have 7 days to return it.

Her: ...fine! First thing tomorrow I'm going back to that store to return it.

She left in a huff (as is tradition) and we couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor workers she was going to yell at tomorrow when she found out the phone was a final sale, no exchanges or returns allowed, as was clearly indicated on her receipt.