Mother's Day Hell: “My Son Spends At Least $100 On Me”



From zoomystar, Tales From Retail:

I work in a florist and every year when Mother’s Day is celebrated it is a very busy time. Our florist makes many types of hampers including flowers and fruits. I had one argument with a lady who thought her Fruit Basket was a cheaply made $100 Basket. M: Me, CL: Cranky Lady.

M: Answers phone call.

CL: “I want to talk to manager”

M: “Speaking how can I help” Already knowing this was going to be “fun”

CL: “ I just received a very poor excuse for a fruit basket, I know my son would have spent a minimum of $100 on me and I think it’s disgusting that what was delivered was definitely not worth $100”

M: “I’m sorry you’re disappointed ma’am, but I have made the Basket according to the order”

CL: (Angrily) “I won’t settle for this and I will be letting my son know to shop elsewhere”

M: “Well I’m sorry to disappoint you ma’am but you were worth $25 this year” “Happy Mother’s Day”

CL: “Well how dare you” and cranky cow hung up

TL;DR: Lady comes in complaining order is too small and that her son spends a minimum of $100 on her on mother day when in reality it was worth $25

(This is my Mum’s Story = Me)




Retail Hell Memories: Valentine's Day Customer Just Rude...or a Scammer?


From LilythKitten:

So this story popped into my head the other day and I thought it be worth sharing. 
First a little bit of background that is going to be important. I work in the floral department of a grocery store. When none of us are there, the produce department covers our department, taking orders, filling balloons and doing basic things like wrapping flowers. We're one of 3 stores in this particular chain in my city, but we have the nicest floral department out of all of them so on busy holidays we get a TON of business.
A few years ago, I had just started in that department due to the manager being put on sick leave after being diagnosed with late stage bone cancer. My training week for that department was the week of Valentine's day, so in addition to the usual Hallmark holiday hell, I had to deal with learning an entirely new department. We had extra staff including a few cashiers to run our register and the cafés portable register which was brought over to our department.
Now because of the way our system for ordering flowers works we can't guarantee colors for roses so whenever someone places a Valentine's day order we require them to select two colors for roses just in case we don't have one of them. It's a first come first serve system so the earlier you put in your order the more likely you are to get your preferred color. Due to the turmoil of it being a holiday on top of having our manager on extended medical leave and a new trainee in the department, it was absolute madness that year. We managed to pull together and make the weekend run fairly smooth all things considered until this man walks in at a about 7:30 pm on Valentine's Day.
AM will be angry man,  D will be daughter, L will be me and N will be my coworker. 
L: Hello sir!  What can I do for you today? 
AM: I'm here to pick up an order for (name). It should be a dozen red roses. 
OCTOCAROL 175N: *digging through the order box looking for his order slip* I don't see it, could you check the cooler and see if it's there. 
I go and check the cooler but I can't find his order. 
L: I'm sorry sir but we don't appear to have an order under that name and we're currently out of our red roses. Is there any other way I can help you? 
AM: I put in this order three months in advance every year!  I am the first person to order Valentine's Day flowers each year. What do you mean you don't have my order?  
N: Well the order could have been misplaced by someone after being taken or our manager could have it (there was honestly no reason the manager would have taken it home but we weren't going to tell this guy that), but she's on leave for a severe illness right now. Is there another way we can assist you? 
At this point angry man storms out of the store and a few minutes later a woman, probably in her mid thirties comes in. 
D: Hi, my dad asked me to come in and talk to you about an order for (name)?
L: I'm sorry but we don't have any orders for that name. 
D: *starts sobbing* well do you have anymore red roses? I talked him into letting me come in and take care of it because you're all so sweet and I didn't want him to yell at you but we really need these flowers. It's going to be a lot better for you to deal with me than it would be to deal with him!
After several minutes of telling her that we are out of red roses she finally settles on a dozen dark pink roses. We give her a free upgrade (extra greens, baby's breath, clear wrapping, glitter, and a bow) which usually costs about $15. She's all set to pay but decides to call her dad.
After speaking to him on the phone for a few minutes she starts crying again and tells us that her dad said the free upgrade "wasn't good enough". At this point the assistant store manager gets involved and they end up leaving with a $35 bouquet absolutely free and a $20 gift card because "we lost their order." Our entire department was absolutely livid. We are very meticulous in our record keeping for Valentine's Day so there is a 90% chance that if we don't have your order, you did not place one and we don't take Valentine's Day orders more than a month in advance. We were all tired after scrambling to fill pre-orders, make bouquets and vase arrangements on the spot for walk-ins, and fill balloons all day and this was honestly the last thing we wanted to deal with. 
TL; DR: Man comes in to pick up an order that we have no record of, then sends his daughter in to sob her way into getting a free bouquet and a gift card because "she didn't want her dad to yell at us. "





Old People Hell: Look Up The Order I Placed At The Other Store!


05 Old People headFrom MonsteraDeliciosa,TalesFromRetail

At the tail end of the day, I had a call transferred by a distraught-sounding receptionist. Abridged, it went like this:

Me: Thanks for holding, this is MD, how can I help you?

heavy breathing

Me: Thank you for holding?


Me: Monstera, how can I help you?

Old Man: Why do I keep having to talk to new people! I have this authorization number! I did an order for a delivery to Suburb.

Me: I'm sorry, I don't have any deliveries scheduled.

Old Man: IT'S AN ORCHID AND A PEACE LILY. I have talked to all these people and nobody answers me and I have an AUTHORIZATION NUMBER.

Me: I'm sorry about that, but we really don't have any orders for delivery, and didn't take any today.


Me: .......

Old Man: I have called all these places and I don't know where I placed my order but I have an authorization number and you don't look it up. Do you have a Heidi there?

Lightbulb!!! At last, something!!

Me: Sir, I think you may have called Nearby Florist owned by Heidi. You should call them to see if they have your order.

Old Man: Look it up. I have the authorization number!!!!

Me: I'm sorry, I don't have a way to do that for a store that is not THIS store.

Old Man: Do you have the phone number?

<sigh> Sure, let me get that for you. So many questions.



Flower Shop Hell: A Rant About Chronic Abandoners


Flower 3From NotAlliSayIsTrue, TalesFromRetail

I work at a floral shop located inside a high-end grocery store. There are displays of flowers all around the store besides just at the floral section. Our flowers are always premium quality and we are proud of that. What we can't help all the time however, is the customers.

Would it kill you to put the flowers you don't want anymore back in the water?? The store is huge, I don't know what section you chose to go and leave the flowers at, nor is it my job to guess.

And please, I know you are a chronic abandoner, so next time you come to complain about our quality in flowers, I'll tell you that I keep on catching you setting your flowers on a shelf only for me to find them dried out later. We have cameras: we know who abandons flowers.

I'm not your nanny! It's not my job to hunt for your abandoned flowers! Have some respect for the things you buy and have some common sense!

Flowers are not canned beans, so don't hide a $50 bouquet behind a stack of cans.