Game Store Hell: "You Did Not Buy That From Us, Sir"


Game Store 2From u/Lord-TableTalesFromRetail

At uniquely named game store, we sell stuff. This is not unique, nor is it news. However, I remember exactly what I sell in a day. This also happened several minutes ago, typing it up during a slow break. I'll be Me, and the guy I had to deal with over the phone will be OPG (Old Phone Guy)

Phone ring

Me: Thanks for calling store name, Lord-Table speaking, how may I help you?

OPG: Grumble playst... grumble ...ot working got it today

It took several tries to get OPG to speak properly, fun times I tell you.

OPG: I got playstation one from you guys just a few minutes ago, and it's not working. I'm bringing it in for a refund.

Me, thoroughly bamboozled as I was, replied:

Me: I haven't sold a PS1 in several weeks. Perhaps you went to another location?

OPG: No, I went to the one at street rd. and road st.

Me: That's my location, but again, I haven't sold a PS1 in weeks.

OPG: Well I bought it from you, I recognize your voice. I'm coming over, and you're giving me a refund.

He hangs up, so I start waiting around, and lo and behold, some fart walks into my shop as I opened the sub, holding his PS1. He slaps it onto my counter.

OPG: I want a refund. It won't work, and I just got it.

Me: (With a practiced air of care) Do you have the receipt?

OPG produced a receipt... from major competitor. How. I thought this kind of stupidity was reserved for politicians. So I just stare at him for a solid thirty seconds.

Me: (Trying to contain my laughter) This is a receipt from our major competition, and is about a month old. Do you have our receipt?

Returners hellhoundNeedless to say, OPG didn't appreciate my brain.

OPG: Now listen here, I bought this from you specifically an hour ago, and I demand my money back. You will give it to me!

Me: The last PS1 I sold was to a blonde lady several weeks ago, and you don't have the receipt with you. With the only receipt to have been shown to me was from our major competition about a kilometer east of here.

And wait for it... The perfect line that has low level employees quiver in their boots...

OPG: Let me talk to your manager.

Me: I am the manager.




Game Store Hell: I Don't Have Enough Cash


Game Store 3From u/EatingPieInTheTubTalesFromRetail

Own a pop and mom video game store. Since day one my promo on used games has always been: Buy 3 get 1 free (the cheapest game becomes the free one).

Guy come up to the counter with four games. Ring him up, and the cheapest game is discounted (a $2.99 copy of Max Payne on the OG Xbox).

Guy doesn't have enough money. He then demands that one of the other games should be free (the next cheapest one was $25).

Told him it didn't work that way, it will never work that way. I don't have to have this discount if I don't want to anyway.

He storms out, come back about an hour later with more cash.

Some days I just wanna sell this place and retire to someplace warm. Anyone wanna buy a game shop in the midwest?



Retail Hell Memories: A peculiar trade


Grocery hell 3

From u/GoodGuyBuns, Tales From Retail:

This story was a few years ago, my first retail job, and I worked in what is considered to be the most dangerous city in that section of the state.

So I got my first job at a video game retailer that also does trade ins for cash or credit depending. I knew everyone that worked there and was pretty friendly with 99% of the staff. Anywho, after working there for a few weeks one of my manager's house was broken into (he lived down the street from me) and the thieves stole his consoles, TV, and so on.

A few days after that a customer walks into the store with a bag, not unusual, probably has a load of games he wants to get rid of. I'm on register duty and the manager who was robbed is currently in the back of the store so I have to verify the trade in, rather than he do it. I notice in the bag there's a Playstation Vita but no charger.

Me: "Hey man, I can take the Vita, but you'll be charged for the charger"
C: "It should be charged no problem"
Me: "Yeah, but we will have to resell it and can't do so without a charger"
C: "aight, whatever"

I grab a charger from the floor, and plug it in because it was actually dead so I couldn't check it out. After some time passes I power on the Vita, making sure the touchscreen works, and so on and I notice something peculiar, so I tell him to wait while I get the manager up to the front of the store.
What was the peculiar thing? My manager's Playstation Network ID was still attached to the Vita.

EDIT: Aftermath - My manager took the Vita into the back room as a guise of "inspection", but he really just called the cops, had to hand over his Vita as evidence, and the customer was arrested.

Thieves break into a manager's house and steal his electronics, and tries to pawn off his stolen property at the store said victim works at, and was arrested.









Retail Hell Memories: That one time we stopped a crime ring


Game store 1

From u/BaldBeeredandBeardly Tales From Retail

A few years ago I was working at a videogame store. We learned to recognize customers who would consistently come in with mint condition new release games and insist on trading them in for cash, despite the fact that we paid pennies on the dollar. We strongly suspected they were stealing from somewhere, but due to a lack of tangible evidence and corporate policy on the matter there wasn't much we could do about it. We started keeping a handwritten binder with details in case anyone ever asked.

One day a uniformed police officer walked into the store and straight to the cash wrap. He handed me a photo of a woman from a security camera.

Officer: "Do you recognize this woman?"

Me: "Yes, sir. She comes in here all the time and trades in new-looking games for cash."

O: "I also have this list of names..."

M: "Well, [x] is the woman in the picture. I also recognize this name, that name, and these 2 names here. I've never seen any of them come in together, though."

O: "They have been operating a crime ring where they steal from retail stores, exchange the merchandise with each other, then a different person pawns it for cash somewhere else. Do you haveany information on them?"

M: "Actually, we have this binder..."

The officer returned some time later when my manager was in the store. They went into the back and spent a good bit of time comparing transaction notes to security footage and the officer walked away with a binder full of notes, a disc full of security footage, and a huge smile. I can't imagine this ended well for the people on the list.







Retail Hell Memories: New Year's Day


Game store 1

From u/TheWagonBaron Tales From Retail:

When I was younger, I worked at a video game shop in a small strip mall anchored by a large pharmacy and a supermarket. We were a small store. I was a key holder in the store. My story here takes place on New Year's Day about 15 or so years ago.

I was 'working' that day with my Assistant Manager. Being that it was New Year's Day, we were both extremely hung-over. In fact, we both ended up falling asleep/passing out at different times during the day. My story involves a phone call. We had a mini-script to work from that generally went something like this;

'Hello thank you for calling video game store where we buy and sell used video games, how may I help you today?'

Every time you answered the phone, you were expected to do this. No big deal.

Anyways, back to New Year's Day. The phone rings. I look around and notice it's the ASM's turn to be passed out so I pick up the phone and go through the little speech. The response?

'Are you guys open today?'

I replied, 'No,' and immediately hung up the phone.

We didn't see a single customer that day.