Gas Station Hell: Lady, I don't have access to your bank account information


Gas station 2

From u/SlytherinAhri Tales From Retail:

I just had a woman come up and ask for 2$ in cash and "whatever's left on this" (her credit card) on a gas pump. We'll call her CL for card lady.

Me: Do you know how much is on the card? Bec-

CL: No, I just want whatever is left on it added with the cash.

Me: Well I don't have a way to see how much is on it.

CL: getting visibly irate I come here a lot and they've given me a balance before.

Me: It had to have been a store name gift card, because only your bank can tell you how much is in your personal account.

CL: extremely sarcastic tone Yeh, I usually use gift cards, I don't have any with me and I only have my credit card.

Me: Well, you'll have to call your bank because I don't have access to your bank information...

CL: Just use the 2$ then. storms off into the sunset like I'd ruined her night.








Gas Station Hell: Yes, please complain about me for doing my job


Gas station 2

From u/avgtiddygothgf Tales From Retail:

I work at Gas Station™ and this is a short thing about something that happened a few days ago. Me=me and Dude=dude.

Dude: hey can I get Copenhagen long cut?

Me: yea, got your ID?

Dude: uh, I actually used to work at this location...

Me: well I don't know that. ID please.

Dude: well I don't care.

The dude hands me his ID and he's of age. He gets some other stuff and his total is like $29.whatever and he runs his card as credit which means he has to sign. He tries walking away before he signs.

Me: hey you gotta sign this tho, if you used to work here you should know that.

Dude: oh, you got some attitude. What's your name? I'm gonna complain about you.

Me: it's avgtiddygothgf, please do.

Not very exciting, but it annoys me when people try to pull "I used to work here" or "I'm a regular" when I ID them. Like just cuz you're here every day or used to be employed here doesn't mean I know who you are, and not IDing you isn't worth the fine and federal charges I could get for selling tobacco to a minor.





Retail Hell Memories: Magic Door



From u/mentalfoam Tales From Retail:

Many moons ago I worked nights in a petrol station fairly rubbish job but paid the bills. Now this station wasn't in the nicest of areas so had frequent shoplifters. My attitude to it was as long as they weren't blatant I didn't care in not gonna get stabbed over a pot noodle.

One time tho there was a regular thief was in just him. Clocked him stick 2 bottles of milk under his jacket thought I'd mess with him.

So using the remote key I turned off the sensor for the door. Told him that we had a new thing added to the door that detects if the person has unpaid for goods and automatically locks door.

He said didn't have anything and to let him go. Explained that it's new and that only cops can open it sorry they should be here any minute.

I said look mate I'm not saying that you have anything on you but if there is a chance he has anything to put it back and it should open. Que him sheepishly put the milk on the counter as he done this I turned the door back on. So he went to leave and it worked. Still makes me giggle that the local thieves thought we had a magic door lol







Dumbass Customers: If only there were a way to indicate we're closed...



From u/Balmas Tales From Retail:

The gas station I manage is having technical difficulties, and IT instructs me that for them to reset the pumps, none of the pumps can be active. As such, I string a line of traffic cones and police tape across the entrance to the gas station, and wait for people to leave. For information's sake, our gas station has a one-way arrangement: come in one entrance, funnel out one exit. Both are clearly marked with "Enter here" and "Exit only! Do not Enter!"​

People trickle out one by one, and I eventually give the IT guy the go-ahead to reset the station. As I sit down to some paperwork, I spot a car sloooooowly crawling by the entrance, and then zooming towards the corner with the exit. I sigh, and make my way out to where the customer is pulling up to one of the pumps, having gone the wrong way down a one-way road marked with a Do Not Enter sign to get there.​

"Is the store closed?"​

Lord, give me patience. As gently as I can manage, I indicate that the reason that all entrances are blocked, the station is entirely empty, and only the exit is unblocked is because, yes, we are closed.

She huffs. "Well, you should have put up a sign! How were we supposed to know you're closed?" And she zooms off.

Honestly, lady, if the police tape and traffic cones across every entrance weren't enough to clue you in, I don't think you'd have noticed a sign. Some people, I swear.









Gas Station Hell: Take A Penny, Leave A Penny, Steal A Dime


Gas station 02From u/gkc07TalesFromRetail

Gas station worker here. I'm pretty sure a lot of you are familiar with "Leave a penny, take a penny" jars.

So we have this one annoying regular who always complains about everything and uses change from penny tray for his own convenience. The thing is, this guy always have enough money. He just doesn't want to break up his bills and he never left any change into the penny jar.

This event happened two days ago. RG=Rude Guy, M=Me

RG: Give me those dollar blunt wraps.

M: That will be $1.06. (6 cents for tax)

I saw him opening his wallet and he had plenty of dollar bills. He places a dollar on the counter, sees a dime in the penny jar, and places the dime on the counter.

M: Alright, thank you.

RG: My change?

M: That wasn't your change.

RG: What?

PET18M: That was from the penny jar. I'm going to put four cents into the penny jar. Maybe you should leave some change into penny jar next time.

RG: No, that's my four cents.

M: No. You could have used another dollar but you decided to use a dime from the penny jar. There are people who actually need these spare change, unlike you.

I know I sound rude. However, if you had spent even ten seconds talking to this guy, you will immediately realize this guy is a jerk. The way how he treats my fellow co-workers is ridiculously rude.

RG: So you stealing my money?

M: No. You stole money.

Now this is the funny part. RG stares me for about three seconds and turns back to the guy who was waiting behind.

RG: Hey you see this right here? This guy is refusing to give me my money! Haha!

G: No man... you just took that change from penny jar... I don't think that's your money.

RG: What?

G: Hey sir? (Looking at me) Can I just buy gas and go?

While G was using his card to purchase gas, RG was just staring at me.

RG: You are rude, you know that?

M: Thank you. Bye.

RG: I will never come back to this store again!, Mumbles "Idiot"Leaves

Needless to say RG came back today. It was pretty funny because he avoided my register and went to my co-worker's.