Craft Store Hell: Arrest Warrant Issued For Hobby Lobby Custy Who Punched Manager After Becoming Angry Over an Exchange Card Balance



From KCCI:

DES MOINES, Iowa —A customer punched a Hobby Lobby store manager Thursday in a dispute over an exchange card, according to a Des Moines police report.

Police were called to the Hobby Lobby at 1160 East Army Post Road at 5:24 p.m.

Manager Shawn Ashby, 45, said a man was trying to buy several items with an exchange card that the man said had a balance after returning items at a different location. The cashier couldn't get the card to go through and called Ashby over to help.  Ashby told the man he would have to call to get the card activated.

CRAFTAshby said the man became very agitated and yelled at him that he was "stealing from him."

The man grabbed the card and said he would see the manager and employees in the parking lot after their shift before walking out.

Ashby told police he followed the man to see what he was driving. When he opened the door to go outside, Ashby said the man came back and punched him hard in the chest with both fists closed.

A struggle started until a customer passed by and told them to stop. That's when the man got into a black SUV and left.

The man apparently dropped the exchange card at some point and it was left behind, according to the police report.

The manager said his chest was "very sore." He refused a call for paramedics to check him out.

The police report states an arrest warrant has been issued for the charge of assault causing bodily injury.  The case remains under investigation.




Sales Agent Guy: Tis The Season For Entitled European Bitches and Monsters



In a brief moment of freedom from the holiday rush, here's Sales Agent Guy with another report!
Yes, I know the holidays bring out the worst in us.  Yes, I know there are people who just can't be pleased.  And yes, there will be times where crusties throw tantrums.  But nothing major really happened until a few days ago.
It was about ten minutes until my mission... OK, my work shift, ended.  It had been stressful, but I had made it through, and I was thinking that with only ten minutes to go, I should be safe, right?
Wrong.  Even in a single minute, things can go wrong.
Enter European Bitch and her husband/father/friend/whatever, European Monster (EB and EM for short.)
They're both buying several prepaid Vanilla Visa gift cards, big sellers during the holidays.  Unfortunately, they're also the target of scammers and people of a not-so-nice nature.  Including people who do things that this agent wishes he could go after them for, but that's just not the role of agents of RI6! At any rate, because of criminals using them for things of a less-than-legal nature, we have to check the IDs of people if the total of their gift card purchases reaches $300.  It used to be higher, but apparently they lowered it.  Beats me, but I digress.
SALESAGENTGUYSo EB comes up with three cards.  She says the first one is for three hundred dollars.  No problem, I scan it and type in the amount, and then it gives me a prompt to check ID.  Note that the ID can't just be looked at.  I either have to scan the back of it or type in the information.  Immediately, I tell EB that I will require an ID.
EB: OK, here's my work contract.  <she holds up a card that says something along those lines>
Sales Agent Guy: I'm sorry, but I can't accept this.
EM: Why not?
EB: It's an ID!
SAG: It has to be issued by the government.
EB: It is issued by the government! It's a work permit! <while getting out her credit card>
SAG: It has to be issued by the United States government.  A license, a passport, something like that.
EM: Why do you need an ID for?
SAG: It's a security issue.

EB<slamming her credit card on the counter>: There's my ID! I don't have a government issued ID! I'm traveling!
EM: What do you need an ID for?
Xmas2009 024<This continues back and forth, me explaining they need a government issued ID while EM starts yelling at me about how I'm being incompetent and things like that.  EB then demands to speak to a manager, so I page the supervisor on duty up to the front.  EM is complaining about the rules while EM continues commenting on how I'm making it harder than it has to be while yelling loud enough so that everyone else is noticing.  By the time Photo Supervisor Girl comes up, EM drops this gem>

EM: He doesn't know what he's doing! He's a moron!

That was the last straw.  If you don't like what I'm doing, that's fine, but you can take it up with a supervisor.  If you insult me though, then you have crossed the point of no return.  If it was one of my managers, I would've let them handle it, but since it was my supervisor and she was handling EB, I decided enough was enough.
SAG: OK, sir, you need to leave!
By the time I got to 'need' he was already walking towards the door, but I didn't care, I wanted to drive home the point that he'd gone too far.  I later heard that he called me an idiot under his breath as he walked by one of my other cashiers.  Photo Supervisor Girl assisted the woman who was still angry about the issue about having ID, and after getting the information about the manager and when he'd be in, she left.  I was nervous at first about crossing the line, but everyone told me I was in the right, since I hadn't done anything wrong, and since he insulted me I had a right to deny him service.
I hope that holds true still.
For now, may all your custies have SOME respect AND remember to carry a real ID with them!
--Sales Agent Guy