Greeter Hell: Sir, please don't leave with the sensor


Jason 036

From SassyRoro, Tales From Retail:

We've had a lot of stealing in our store and I was assigned as greeter today so naturally if we get robbed I'm the one who gets blamed for it. This man pays for his items and as he leaves through the entrance the sensor alarm goes off. He heard the loud alarm but didn't stop or look around or anything.

Immediately I suspect he is stealing and I was not gonna be the one who let a guy walk out with hundreds in merchandise.

I ran after this guy and he speed walks away pretending like he can't hear me say, "Sir, I'm so sorry we left a sensor on your clothes SIR PLEASE COME WITH ME."

I chase him six stores down and he finally turns around looking annoyed but forcing a smile. I take him back to the store and turns out he wasn't stealing.

Why would anyone knowingly walk out with sensors in their clothes? Why run from me I'm trying to help you?