Clothing Store Hell: A Shitty Mystery


Carolanne 023


From Liss, July, 2008, 

 "My Mom used to work at a clothing store in a plaza, and they had this little secret door/cubby outside where they put their sale banners and whatnot.

So she went to open one morning and this overly dramatic girl started screaming, and my mom ignored her, because she was stupid and overly finally she went over to check on her and inside the secret door area there was shit everywhere, not just on the ground, but painted up and down the walls.

They stood there wondering how the fuck it got up there. Did the shitter have paint brushes? Did they rub their nasty butt up and down the walls? No way, it was too high up. So they waited for loss prevention to come in and unravel the shit mystery.

LP checks their cameras, and they see a maintenance woman casually doing her job, sweeping and cleaning after hours. Then suddenly she stops cleaning, looks around, pulls off her pants and underwear, and proceeds to shit in the secret doorway. She gets dressed then seems to realize what she had just done and decides she needs to get rid of the shit.

So she looks around again and goes and comes back with her leaf blower.

Ok, dumbass, shit is not leaves. So she leaf blowers her shit, I guess thinking it'll just fly away and everything will be cool..

Instead it goes up and down the wall and freakin picasso's brown period. The LP guys use such high quality video surveillance they were able to zoom in and get clear pictures of the evil shitter and even see the name of her company on her shirt. They called the company, who assured them there would be action taken.

Can you imagine getting fired for shitting up a wall? Lovely!



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Bathroom Hell: A Visit From One of Mr. Hankey's Relatives



July, 2008:

RHUer Jason in Kentucky sent us a Customer shit story to end all shit stories. It didn't happen in a fitting room, but instead in a Men's room and he gives us all some sobering advice when we use public restrooms:

"One night I was at work at a big name Truck Stop about 2 years ago. I was the Shift Supervisor and had to get the place looking good for the company's founder's visit. I asked the maintenance man if he could go clean the bathrooms. He said no problem and went on his way.

About 5 minutes later, I hear my name on the intercom to come to the back hallway. I go back there and the maintenance man looked like he was gonna puke.

All he said was follow me. So we go in the men's bathroom and he points to the middle stall.

I open the door and I kid you not, there was a shit stick figure man on the big plastic toilet paper holder.

It had a round head, body, and arms and legs. It was nasty. As much as I hated to make him clean up the mess (and there was a hell of a mess), I had to.Shitfiga

The next night, he pages me again and I go back there.

Again he says follow me and we go to the men's room. In the middle stall there was another shit figure. This time it was a middle finger with detail on the plastic toilet paper holder.

I take it that truck drivers have a lot of time on there hands (and shit).

The moral of this story is, don't lay anything (cups, phones, etc) on the toilet paper dispenser. You never know what has been on there."




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People of Walmart Crazy Lady Encounter: "Excuse me, where is your deodorant?"



From December, 2010:

Hey there RHU readers. First time submission here guess I'll just go by Jaxom on here, pretty much my online persona.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share the story of Vag Stank lady.

I am currently a slave of Hell-Mart and have been for about 3 months, and just last week, I saw something that literally made me ROFL for at least 2 mins.

Anyway I was working a cart of Health and Beauty aides when I smelt something horrible!

It smelt like baby poop mixed with old people smell and a heaping amount of body odor.

I hear a lady say, "Excuse me, where is your deodorant?"

I turn around and immediately know that this woman is the source of the stank.

I tell her, "Next aisle over on the right."

All is well I think, just as long as she leaves my immediate area. So I go walk back to my cart to grab another box, which is at the end and between the two aisles.

I heard a strange pssst noise. I look down the other aisle and there is the old lady standing there, spread legged and emptying an entire can of Axe onto her crotch.

I mean an entire freakin can! Her pants looked soaked with axe.

She didn't notice me so I just left the area immediately practically ran to the back room and just fell to the floor laughing.

All I could think about was, why did I not have a camera to submit to the website "the people of ******* .com"

But yeah just a funny story I thought I would share.

I ask RHU, what's the grossest thing you've witnessed a customer doing? [to see answers, go here]



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Gross Return Hell: The Leggings


Skullies eewwFrom RHUer

I used to work at a discount clothes store a long time ago. There are many stories I could share about this place, but this one was the absolute worst...

A lady came up with a pair of leggings she wanted to return. She had the receipt.

Wonderful, I thought, this will be quick and easy.

Oh gods how the jinx struck.

She plops a plastic bag on the counter, presumably containing the leggings in question. Well, the combination of force from the plop and the movement of air proceeds to make the bag floof open.


I am blasted by the smell so powerfully that I actually rear back. I use the end of a pen to creep the bag open a smidgen, partly to verify that it really was the bag and not just a Silent But Deadly Fart from one of our patrons and partly because I couldn't believe what she was obviously trying to do.

Nope! The leggings have indeed been soiled.

Me: "I'm sorry ma'am, but we cannot return these."

Woman: "But I don't want them anymore!"

Me: "And what the hell makes you think we do?! We're not paid enough to handle bodily fluids, ma'am. And these are most definitely stained with fluid feces."

She demands my manager.

My manager is the next register over. He doesn't even LOOK at her. "Ma'am, I can smell them from here. We're not taking them back. Throw them out, or wash them yourself; I don't care. But you are NOT getting money back for them."

The woman stormed out with her leggings.

Me, to manager: "Sorry for saying 'hell' on the floor."

Manager: "I didn't hear a damn thing."

I gave a little chuckle, and went back to ringing up customers.



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Gross Retail Hell: Okay, This Story Made Me Scream...


Terri17From sme00, AskReddit

Worked at Denny's a few years back... we had a orange juice machine that would always get clogged every few weeks...

We'd run a cleaner through the machine and it would work again for another few weeks... eventually even the cleaner didn't help so we had to call a repairman.

He had to disassemble the entire machine.... he found a dead rat that had been the clog the whole time.




Gross Retail Hell: Bathroom Explosion


Terri17From metalface84, AskReddit

An old Asian man used to come in the store where I worked and cause trouble. Just so you can visualize this, he was hunched over to the side and would usually hold up his head with one hand. He wore tall rain boots, had a bazillion things clipped to his belt, and had a light strapped to his head, like a miner.

Anyway, one night he came into the store 12 minutes before closing and went in the bathroom. As closing time (9pm) approached, we made the closing announcement. Dude was still in the bathroom at 9. My manager made me knock on the door and tell him he needed to leave. He just said he would be out soon. Soon it is 9:20 and he's still in there stalling.

The manager finally went back there threatening to call the police. The dude came out with his pants down, holding a bag containing his underwear. The smell that came out of that bathroom was awful. He shit up the whole damn toilet seat somehow. Some was even on the tank and the floor.

My manager a small Asian woman, was super pissed, telling him he is banned from the store. All the while he is asking her what her name is and telling her she's mean. She storms away, leaving me to escort him out.

He keeps asking me why she is always so angry and has the nerve to ask me if I'll go get him a gallon of milk if he writes me a check for it.