Heavenspawn - Warming A Retail Slave's Heart


This story was originally posted on July 10, 2011


HeavenspawnHey, it's Bats again.

I haven't sent anything since my last post since I thought it'd be nice to send in a good customer story. Today I had the kind of experience that restores my faith in humanity after working in retail.

My work was doing a food drive this weekend and this afternoon, since I was so frazzled looking by the time I took my second break, I was asked if I would like to be in charge of handing out information leaflets (which included a list of items we would accept as donations) and collect the donations in a trolley at the front of the store. I had so many customers who are normally so rude and horrible to me/other staff members who took leaflets and bought whole bags of extra food to donate.

It was nice to see that even the people who are total dickheads to retail staff are capable of doing nice things. But that (even though it did put me in a better mood) is not why I am writing today.

I am writing because of one kid. He looked to be about 10 or 11. Our conversation went as follows:

Kid: Why is there a trolley with food in it here?

Me: It's food that's being donated to the hungry in the local area.

Carolanne diveKid: So it's all being given away?

Me: Yes. People buy food and put it in this trolley and we give it to people who can't afford to buy food so they don't go hungry.

At that the kid's dad caught up with him and they walked out of the store. The kid had a very serious look on his face.

Not two minutes later he runs up to my trolley with a packet of instant noodles and says "I made Dad buy these for me but I think my noodles are better in here" and put his noodles in the trolley.

He didn't leave until I promised him that I would tell whoever came to pick up the food how to cook the noodles right.

The fact that one child was more generous than most of the adults that walked by was enough to keep me smiling even when I went back onto a checkout (at least until they were late letting me off at the end of my shift, but c'est la vie).



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Thrift Store Hell: Heavenspawn Encounter


HeavenspawnFrom Puppies In Prada

Had another heavenspawn at the registers the other day at my Thrift Store. She's with her parents and buying a few toys.

Now, it's the end of the day, so we're all tired, and just want people to go home. But when this kid comes up, I pull it together. She has a pouch full of loose change (normally that's a bit of an 'oof' for most cashiers) and she wants to buy the playset she found.

Her total is $2.50, and she proudly spreads approximately $0.15 on the counter.

Kid: "Here you go, $15."

I can feel some amusement roll through me, but I refrain from laughing. She's young, still learning, and hasn't sorted out the difference between cents and dollars yet. Best not to make her feel self conscious about her mistake.

It's all good though, her parents are right there and start to help her in that respect.

Soon a fist full of change is on my counter, as they start to help her figure it out, reminding her that $0.15 is the same as 15 pennies, and the total is $2.50, so she needs a bit more than she has out.

Carolanne and thenI step in and count the change, out loud, in front of her. She may or may not have a big enough grasp of money to keep up with fast counting, so I do it slowly. We make it through some quarters, but also nickels, dimes and pennies. I balance it, because I have to count this out in less than five minutes, so I don't want ALL pennies, or all dimes, etc.

I take the right amount, and let her put the excess change back in her pouch.

I got thanked by both of her parents for being so good about it and for being patient with her. Apparently she'd been saving up her change and this was her first "big" purchase.

I thank them back for bringing up such a good customer, and they head out into the night with the playset.

I was tired and done with customer service for the day... buuut that ended the night on a good note, so I felt better about humanity, just a little.


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This also means that I'll be dropping my moniker, and you'll know who I am. I'm okay with this, and when the time comes, I hope to see you all there!

--Puppies In Prada


Cart Pushing Hell: Rainy Day. No Help From Inside, But Help From A 10 Year Old... Again



From u/SugoiPanda Tales From Retail:

So a while back I made a post about some random 10 year old helping me out as I was pushing carts. So it happened again today (and pretty sure it was a different kid).

I showed up at work and we had 2 cart guys so thought it'd be alright. Nope, he left at 11:30 and the next guy apparently wasn't scheduled till 2pm. Well it was raining pretty much all day, and we got this canopy like place where people can put their groceries in their car without getting wet.

Well people leave the carts there and I have to go grab them. Well I couldn't grab them cause I was by myself and had to grab carts from the lot. Well I got to the point where I figured I could afford grabbing from the loading area and when I did I noticed a lot of carts lined up in a row.

So went over grabbed them and started to head off and I saw a 10 y/o kid pushing another cart to the line. Took them into to the cart room and came back and this kid had made a second row for me, so grabbed them and took them to room too. Came back and he had pushed some more as his mom was getting in the car, so he had to leave but the kid made it so easy for me to clear of the loading area.

Meanwhile later in the day when I was still by myself and repeated it on the radio, no one from inside could be bothered to come out and help, was just thinking "Maybe hire that 10 y/o, he's more help than they are."







Cart Pusher Hell: Nicest Person on the Lot... A 10 year old.



From u/SugoiPanda Tales From Retail:

So this happened a while back. I was at work, pushing carts, and most of the people were either just indifferent or jerks (nearly getting ran over is just a part of the job sadly). Well anyway I was using the machine and we only had like 2 maybe 3 cart guys at the time. So I'm hitting rows and usually some people will take their cart and go ahead and put it on the machine, and I'm grateful for those people.

However, when I was pushing some carts on this one row, this kid probably 10 years old, took the empty cart and pushed it over to me, so I grabbed it and said "Thanks little man".

Well next thing I know, he's in the corral grabbing more to put on the end. So I grabbed what he handed to me, and he went back to his family. I move the machine up a little so I can get the next corral, then the kid comes up with another cart that his family had used.

He saw how I was pushing multiple carts so as I added the carts to machine he went to try and push multiple carts at a time as well but he was struggling with it, so I said "I appreciate the help, but let me get those, you can grab that one." and he grabbed another single cart. Got done and said "Thanks for the help."

So nicest person on the lot, was the 10 year old kid.








Retail Heaven: Witnessing Brotherly Love


Carolanne 006

From  thelotchkeykid Tales From Retail:

A few days ago, a mother and her two kids come into my apparel and accessories store and look around for a while. The little boy is about 9, and the girl is about 5. After poking around for a while, they come up to my register and lay everything down: a hairbow, a little girl's watch, and a piece of candy.

As I ring everything up, the little 9-year-old boy gets out his wallet and carefully starts counting out the money.

The mom sees my surprised look, and she tells me quietly "He worked all weekend, and now he's using his money to buy something for his sister."

It was so sweet and genuine that I teared up. When I gave him his change, he even held it out to the little girl so she could pick out a quarter with a state on the back





Little Girl's Compassion Leaves Lasting Impression On Game Store Worker


Game store 2

 From  thegamesthief Tales From Retail:

I work at a friendly local game store, we do tabletop games, ttrpgs, that kind of thing, and we have a really strong community of awesome people who game here regularly. With that out of the way, my story:

It's a really, really slow Sunday, nothing has happened all day, and I've been doing homework most of the day, with nothing else to do until a family of 3 walks in. It's a fairly young couple and their daughter, probably 5 or 6 years old. They look around for a while, I give the usual "let me know if I can help" and that stuff. About 10 minutes into them getting here, with me working on other things, the daughter (DT) and the dad (DA) have this conversation with me (ME)

DT: That man (pointing at me) needs a hug daddy. Hug him.

DA: Well as nice as that is honey, I don't know him very well, he may not want a hug from somebody he doesn't know.

ME: I love hugs, and I normally would say yes, but your dad is right, I don't usually want hugs from people I don't know

DT:(now visibly sadder) oh. Ok. I'm not going to make you hug my daddy if you don't want to... But if you need one, let us know!

And they both just kept on looking around the store for a while, ended up getting some dice, and as they were leaving, the little girl turned to be and said "I hope you find someone to hug you!" And left with her parents.

It was easily the nicest thing that's happened to me working retail ever, even working at an amazing shop like this one.