Gas Station Hell: Apparently Asking For ID is offensive


Gas station 2

From u/EvilStitch0611 Tales From Retail:

I started my 2nd job today at a gas station located in front of a super store. You know, the store that usually has 3-4 out of 30 registers open?

Anyway, it’s my first day and I get put (i.e thrown) on the register. Of course, I’ve watched the training videos. They said “card anyone who looks 30 or younger”, so I’m carding people (because I’ll be damned if I lose my job over someone being underage). Then this one lady comes up and she wants cigarettes. I ask for ID, she gets a whole attitude saying “I don’t have my ID, but I’ve been here before. I’m a regular. Blah blah.”

I’m thinking, “That’s good for you, but I don’t know you.”

Out loud: “I’m sorry, but I need to see your ID.” She stomps away like the “mature” adult that she is.

Ten minutes later, she appears with the ID. “Look, I have my ID. I’m 34 years old. Can I get my cigarettes, now?” She receives her cigarettes and proceeds to stomp away.

I’m confused. Why be upset when asked for ID, when you’re clearly purchasing something that requires ID?

I can tell that being an Assistant Manager is going to be SOOOO much fun!










Misty Meanor's Tales From the Gas Station: It just gets better and better...




Who's that lying on the ground, barely able to move? Is that a zombie that's on its last legs? Is it someone who had too much to drink? Perhaps it's someone who didn't get their coffee?

Nope, just Misty Meanor, all worn out from her latest experiences at the gas station.  And boy, she must really be wiped out if she's collapsed like that, right? Well, let's hear it from Misty herself...
Keep in mind, a lot of this will deal with tobacco and ID situations.
Ever since my last report from the gas station, things have only gone from bad to worse.  I thought lacking a co-worker for the overnight shifts was bad, but just wait until you hear what else has happened at the gas station recently.
For one, it turns out the other overnight worker "Anna" apparently had a stroke caused by hypertension a while back.  To be honest, I feel like I could easily have a stroke as well if things don't get better around here.  But I digress...
I learned recently from Michelle, my GM, that Anna had requested a week off, but Michelle had to reject her request because the schedule had already been made out.  Fast forward to the day before the week she wanted off began, and Anna calls in saying she's in the hospital having suffered a stroke from hypertension.  Given that the stroke occurred right before that week began, Michelle and I are very suspicious about this, especially since Anna hasn't been in touch with the store at all, directly or otherwise.  It's true something might have happened with her and that's why she's not able to communicate with us, but until we learn more, we're still suspicious given the time frame.
Gas station 2Another thing that's worth mentioning is that the store has a rule that if you look under 40, we must ID you.  Seriously, if we think you look under 40 and you're over 40, you should take it as a compliment! If you look underage, though, we're not doing it to be mean, but because it's the law! And if I turn you away because of a lack of ID, don't try to get someone to buy the tobacco for you, because we do know what's going on outside and we are keeping an eye on you! If we see you trying something funny, you will be ejected from the premises!
In one case, I was refilling the coffee, because customers like their coffee, and a kid came up and asked me, "You got [brand] cigars?"

Trying not to sigh or roll my eyes, I told him, "One moment, please." I got behind the counter again and I looked again.  Just like I thought, he clearly looked underage.  "Do you have an iD?"
His response was, "I left my ID at home."

I sternly told him, "Then I cannot sell you those cigars."

He immediately responded with, "Oh, OK, I understand.  No problem." He made his way to the door and said, "Thank you, have a nice day." The way he was acting made me suspicious, so I glanced out the window.  Sure enough, I saw him talking to a woman who was about to enter and holding his money in his hand.  
I immediately went to the door and told him, "I know what you're doing, so cut it out!"
"I was just asking her a question!" He replied.
"Well you're not getting any cigars!" I replied and went back inside.  I proceeded to check out the woman and then noticed he was still standing there.  He also had a couple of other kids there and was about to hand money to one of them.  "What are you doing?" I asked.
"We're just hanging out here." One of them replied.
"No loitering in the gas station! You need to leave now!" I told them and went back inside.  They started to walk away towards the bus stop nearby.  A few moments later the door opened and the two kids who were with the original stuck their heads inside just as Michelle came out of the office.
"Can I help you with something?" Michelle asked.
"We were just looking around," One of the kids said.
"I've seen you before," I said sternly.
"Oh yeah," The kid replied nervously.  "I live around here." Eventually, they got the message and left.
Gas station 1Another time, my co-worker "George" was putting the trash out, and as he came back in, he told me that a woman had come up to him and said she forgot her ID but that she was 35 years old and wanted to buy cigarettes, at which point her told her no ID, no smokes.  I shook my head, then saw her asking someone in the parking lot to buy them, at which point the person walked away.
I went into the back office for a moment and when I came out, the woman was there holding up her credit card, saying she was 35 but she forgot her ID.  It took us several tries to get her to leave.
Come on, really? If you forgot your ID, then what makes you think we're going to sell you tobacco?
Then there was the time a woman didn't have her ID so she went to the car and got her brother/boyfriend/whatever (he claimed she was her sister, but I dunno.) They both came back in and asked for the same cigarettes as before.  I told them I needed to see both of their IDs, and he replied that they were just for him.  I sternly informed him of the policy requiring us to check everyone's IDs, and he said, "She's my sister, she's twenty-five years old!"

"That's not good enough," I replied sternly.  "I need to see both of your IDs!"

"But they're just for me!" The guy insisted.
"I don't care! Rules are rules!" I said, starting to lose my patience.
"OK, then how about she goes back to the car and I buy them?" He asked.
"Nope, not gonna happen.  You're buying cigarettes with someone who didn't show ID, I can't allow that." I said, trying not to lose my temper.
"But they're for me, not her!"

"No smokes, end of discussion!"
Then there was the time several kids came in and asked for rolling papers.  I told them I needed their IDs.  One of them claimed that they were there last week and that 'the guy' (most of the workers there are male) let them have the wrapping papers, and that I should remember them.  Kids, I started the week you came in, and even then we still need to check your IDs.  They left.
Last, to round things out, I had a dude come in and ask for gas and cigarettes.  When I asked for an ID, he said he couldn't give it to me, something about being federal or something.  I told him I needed to scan it, at which point he got rude and said, "I don't want my cigarettes.  Just gimmie my damn gas!" So I did so, and he walked out, only to turn around and say, "You know what, give my money back! I don't like how you're treating me!"

I did so and the whole time he was ranting about my being racist and that it was a federal offense.  OK, if it were a federal offense, there wouldn't be any racism in this country.  And furthermore, we were both white.
The whole time he was ranting louder and louder.  The moment I handed him his money, I told him to get out.
Because of the shortage of staff, I've been forced to work more hours than usual.  Most of them are overnight shifts which I'm hoping are rather quiet like my previous one.  At least I get to relax in a chair during quiet times and sip soda.  But it seems like there's no shortage of crusties.

For now, may your customers be respectful and may your co-workers be considerate!

--Misty Meanor




Monstrous Customers: So mad he spit



From  ZombieLolipop, Tales From Retail:

Cashier at a large chain supermarket, this happened like an hour ago, easily the craziest thing I've witnessed so far.

So, older guy and younger dude are checking out together. They buy their stuff and the younger dude leaves with the cart, the older guy stays behind and asks to buy cigarettes.

Me: I'll need to see his ID, the guy walking away. You're together right? Uh...amigos?

Him: ID? ID?

Me: Yes.

He proceeds to slap himself in the face two times (once on each cheek), spit on the floor and walk away.

...Ok~ <:3c

I gleefully tell my manager and ask him to call maintenance to clean up the spit so no one catches rabies or whatever he was carrying.

-- ZombieLolipop








Crazy Customers: Guy tries to bring gun to store because he forgot ID



From kirstyyycat666, Tales From Retail:

So this just happened, and I still cannot believe someone can be this stupid... I work at a grocery store and sometimes I have to work register when it's really busy (like today). So everything is going fine until this dude walks in to buy a wrap. He looks about 15 (apparently he is 21) do I ask for ID. He then goes on to tell me how he never needs ID to buy tobacco. Ok dude, so not true but whatever. So the other manager comes up because this dude is just yelling saying we are wrong for needing his ID. Other managed tells the guy if he doesnt like it, he can go somewhere else. Dude then leaves. I think it's the end of it.

About 10 minutes later guy walks back in with his ID. He starts threatening me because I made him walk him (2 blocks lol) to get his ID. I tell him if he is going to act like that, I'm not serving him. He tries to get the other girl to serve him, I tell her dont. So he freaks out and tries to come behind the counter (our registers are on a counter like how you would see at a gas station) . He gets like 2 feet in before other manager comes over and starts punching him. He goes outside comes back in 5 minutes later and does the same thing.. other managed starts whipping him with this big wirey straight up whipping this point the owner is there too and he starts pushing the dude outside. Dude runs away. We think it's the end of it again, but call the cops anyway...

He comes back again. He's outside and has a gun, but the cops are already surrounding the place (clearly visible idk why he even attempted coming back). They have already seen the surveillance footage so were planning on going to his house (you can see his address on his ID when he came back). They hear he has a gun and arrest him for attempted robbery and assault and idk what else.

Guys, don't bring a gun to a store because your dumb ass forgot your ID.











Game Store Hell: Please don't try buying Call Of Duty while wearing a school uniform and with no ID.


Game store 1

From SurlySmudge, Tales From Retail:

I work in second hand games/gadgets retail, for a little background.

Hot off the heels of half term, with the whole store attempting to be hyper-vigilant with regard to restricted rated media, a probably 16-17 year old tried to buy Call of Duty: Ghosts.

While wearing his school uniform. Of course my instant question was "do you have ID?"

"No." Said the young man, slightly confused I might ask such a question.

COD: Ghosts is rated 16 or over, he does -look- the right age but I don't fancy getting fined for a game we sell for less than a fiver.

"Nah man, I can't sell you this without ID."

He complains, but leaves without pushing the point. I go off to let my manager know just in case his friends in the store try getting arse-y with us (a frequent issue) when I hear the young man bitching on his way out that he got "fuckin' ID'd!"

Just bring your goddamn ID with you if you're buying restricted products, it's not that hard.





Toxic Managers: "Just Give Her The Alcohol Without I.D. Do It!"


RHU Characters 192From HolyShitItsaRaccoon, TalesFromRetail

Here's one for you. Some chick dressed as Harley Quinn didn't have ID and in the UK we are required to see it if you are in a group and look under 25 when purchasing alcohol.

She said her boyfriend works at the Mcdonald's housed inside the store, and that a colleague who was off that night knows her so she never has to bring her ID.

She also told me that she has work in the morning and I'm cutting into her drinking time, that it's all my fault and if she has to leave and get ID, something terrible is going to happen.

Supervisor comes along and offers her a discount off her purchase if she goes to get ID, she refuses and repeats her threat of something terrible is going to happen and starts dropping f-bombs left and right.

Supervisor asks her three times to stop swearing and eventually she gets the guy (wearing normal clothing and has ID) with her to go to her apartment to get the ID on her bedroom floor while she waits at the checkout.

It takes a while so I avoid my checkout while she waits with her friend who's dressed like Poison Ivy (had ID) so I can do other work to occupy myself with emptying trash from other registers etc.

Supervisor notices it's been awhile and the guy isn't back yet, so he tells me to just go ahead and let her purchase their alcohol.

I refuse (let pretend that he's not telling me to do something illegal here) and I tell him she scares the crap out of me, since she was being threatening and abusive.

The Supervisor then tells me that we obviously need people tonight that do their jobs, tells me he doesn't want to embarrass himself by telling the customer I refuse to serve them, and that I should go home.

While the supervisor stormed off to sulk (and tell another supervisor that I'm misbehaving), I managed to beg a colleague to take over, which caused my supervisor to rush over there now that he could be best friends with the customers (all smiles and giggling) up until the transaction was finished to which he then began to walk past me huffing and puffing, presumably to sulk somewhere and complain about me some more.

That is when I took the opportunity to grab my stuff and get out. Thankfully I ended up getting sick and used it as a sign to take a few extra days off to avoid him.

So along with a new hate for my supervisor, I now have a huge dislike for Harley Quinns and clowns.

I think I want to become Batman.