Inventory Hell: Right After Christmas Hell

Carolanne chugFrom: Tina

Here's true Inventory Hell:

A toy store just after Christmas, we have our "in-vomit-ory" the NEXT Thursday. I have spent at least three days on my knees: sorting piles of mismatched shoes, all of which ALSO need to be marked down...

Then there are the open packs of socks and underwear, since NOBODY knows what size their brats feet and asses are.

I made it simple... I marked every shoe, regardless of size or brand, down to $4.00.

The hope was that they would all be bought before we have to count them for the big day. My boss thought it was a great idea, so that was a double win! I can only guess that he was as sick of sorting through the mess as the rest of us were.


Inventory Bullshit: Doing Their Jobs For Them

SpritzyFrom: Spritzy

The company I work for has a company that comes in and "does inventory" for us; but we have to count everything first and put little tags on all the shelves and racks (which are constantly torn down by bratty kids).

Then this "inventory company" comes in and scans all the little tags and makes sure everything is correct and if not, tells us whats off so we can recount it...

So we technically have to do inventory ourselves and in addition, put up with the inventory company people getting in our way.


Inventory Hell: Nothing Is Working

Carolanne Argh 2From: RHU Facebook

Last night sucked. I was set to do inventory, which I have done before at this store, but not like this. Let me count the ways why last night sucked.

1) We have a new register system. Completely different from what I'm used to. One of the "perks" of this system is that there are certain things that only management can do, such as enter in waste, print off certain sheets, etc. So I have no idea where to go to print off the inventory sheet. And even if I did know, the weekly inventory sheet is the same as the monthly inventory sheet which is the same as the quarterly inventory sheet.. which means that they count a lot more on the quarterly sheet than they need to for the monthly and weekly.

The manager was SUPPOSED to print off the inventory sheet for me, and then highlight what I was actually supposed to count.. only he forgot. And so I had to dig for an old inventory sheet on the computer, and add and guesstimate as to what I need to count, since it's been a few months since I last did it.

2) The people scheduled with me. I had a brand new person, second day there, who I've been training. And I had UFU with me, who is slower than molasses and who drives me up the wall with her slowness. How the fuck am I expected to leave those two by themselves to count in the cooler and freezer?

Jason bored 2Answer is that I could not. We had a rush basically from 5 until 7, and then I had to do breaks before UFU left at 8, and I couldn't get much of the inventory counted at all. In fact, I still didn't get to count chips, and a few other things.....

3) ...because the goddamn scale decided to shit out on me. You know you need a new scale when the battery is held into place with a crapton of scotch tape, and the power supply for the scale is missing, probably having been mangled in a horrible accident involving mistreatment. So I couldn't finish weighing everything.

Seriously, set me up for success at the very least! I used to whip through inventory and still get everything done, and I just can't seem to manage that anymore. It's driving me totally nuts!


Canadia Is Feeling Overwhelmed In Her New Position

Let's give Candadia a round of applause for making it into the Monster Blogger's rank! Thank you for making such a big contribution to RHU!


CanadiaCanadia here eh, My little bundle of retail hell joy is beginning to take a turn.

Maybe I'm whining here maybe not, if so please please PLEASE let me know because then I'll know it's just me being overwhelmed or if management is just asking too much from me at this current time. I guess those are the same things though...SHHHH!

Okay so at the Dollar Store I was hired as a Supervisor. I have my good nights and my bad nights closing the store but right now they have me on inventory. The girl who I'm technically replacing watched over 2 aisles, which is glass and plastic products.

The first night they told me what to do and I got it no problem, I took my little clipboard and pen and went to the back only to find... Some of the boxes are blank, have no writing depicting how much is in the box and how many boxes of the same product there are which is what is suppose to be visible AT ALL times. I go back to Bubbles and ask if there's any kind of layout for this section. This is what I was told:

"I honestly couldn't tell ya, we're all in charge of the organization of where everything goes in the back, and because she was pregnant she was pissed off so she just threw boxes where ever they fit."

Awesome...So I ended up spending most of the night organizing the back and making sure all the codes were visible, how much was in each box and how many boxes there were. I didn't get to the floor count that much so they told me I had to pick up the pace. I told them how bad it was and they seemed to let it go.

Little Mini Rant here: Before I start the next part, my store seems to just let everyone have time off whenever they want it. Yes it's good if you want time off, but they OVER BOOK time off for people. My manager is on her THIRD week's vacation, and she just got back from one a few days before she went. The kicker? She's not even vacationing anywhere as far as I can tell. She shows up to work to have a smoke with the supervisor, who's supposed to be there if I need her. There is so much strain on the store because of so many people being allowed to go, that Bubbles eye has a twitch that won't go away.

Back to your regularly scheduled program...

2nd time they had me do inventory I was done the count in the back in no time at all because it was organized. But there's a downside; someone decided to go on vacation. What happens when someone goes on vacation? Someone else gets assigned it. When someone else gets assigned to it and they're a supervisor like me you end up with more work. I'm fine with that, but 2.5 full aisle's worth of stuff to count in the aisle's and the back as well. When I don't know where every single product is, you can imagine how far I fell behind.

Carolanne arghSo to help trainees like me they have a book. This book has every product in the store and organized by code and has a picture of it. Doesn't tell you where it is, so you still need to find it. Some of the stuff I swear to god looks EXACTLY the same. I can find a product get excited I finally found it, check the code to make sure, and it's the wrong one. For plastic and glasses it's great but when I go to a wall of flowers and take out my trusty book to differentiate between which one is which and the pictures are tiny and in low quality black and white. I swear if a table magically appeared in front of me it would be flipped over in frustration. So last night I ended up getting 65% of it done. I felt good and that I was finally getting it then the next day they told me that it needs to get down faster and on the same day.

Hello! I'm not exactly slow walking and going at my own pace. I'm racing up and down the aisle trying to find all this shit! They also said that I have overstock, which needs to go in the back. I got my back done and went out to the glass aisle to work on it. I had two trolley's worth of stuff to put in the back. I finished the glass aisle completely. With some help from the supervisor because the ceilings in the back are like 40 feet tall and the boxes go up to the ceiling and the ladder is really wobbly. I almost fell off when I was near the top handling a box to put it on the shelf.

Before I got her though I broke down again like I did at Burger Joint. I was frustrated as all hell, I wasn't going to get it done tonight and Bubbles would shoot me again, also she already has so much on her plate because the manager is on another 'vacation'. When I told Supervisor she got my overstock from the plastic aisle and we put it away. So it was just the plastic aisle count and the flower count that didn't get done.

I don't know what to do anymore, part of me wants to go look for a new job because I'm beginning to think I might not just be cut out for it; partially because of the inventory part. It's done every single day, I've got 2.5 aisle's to look after (flowers is just a small section, but there's a lot of different kinds) still figure out where everything is located to count it and keep the back stock clean.

It doesn't stop there though; I might be leaving for bereavement soon which means the pressure gets added onto my coworkers. I skipped my break today to try and get this done as well and I wasn't able to make a noticeable dent in it.


Bookstore Slave's Inventory From Hell



"Kill me now."

While these can be associated with anything relating to retail, these were the reactions at Bookstore Slave's Hoarders every time there was an Inventory night.

Now Hoarders was smart enough to hire an outside company to do the Inventory, Managers would stay all night, and even bought the equivalent of a pizza party to feed the poor buggers who would stay all night to do their work.

Ordinarily, slaves would say "Holy crap! For retail, that's fucking AWESOME!"

However, such Inventory took place starting at 5pm, and ran till 6 am.

13 hour shifts!

Even with an hour's unpaid lunch break that's fucking miserable. And let's not forget that from 5pm till 11pm, the STORE WAS FUCKING OPEN TO CUSTOMERS! What the fuck man?! So you've got people meandering around in the store, pulling shit off shelves, wandering off with stacks of shit that may or may not have been scanned into the system yet, snarling at the poor Inventory slaves who are "in the way" or otherwise obliviously tripping over or kicking the slaves sitting on the hard floor and scanning shit on the very bottom shelf.

OCTOCAROL 354Add to this the bored shitless announcements every 15 minutes for 6 hours asking crusties to "Please forgive the inconvenience, our store is going through Inventory right now."

And employees...who are just trying to get their jobs done... are doing the do-si-do with Inventory slaves who creep behind the already cramped registers to scan shit that's on hold or in aisles scanning the shelved stuff. Can we put the cardloads of go-backs away? Fuck no! Not till the Inventory slaves have scanned it. Then you may. Goddammit! Somebody found a pile of shit hidden behind a chair. Hey, has anybody scanned this cart of go-backs yet? Yeah? Oh sorry, I better leave this pile some-fucking-where for it to be scanned. DAMMIT! Some Inventory Slave is currently scanning the shelf where these scanned go-backs need to go. So now we gotta wait till the Inventory slaves pass the spot where this is usually shelved so we don't fuck up the scanning.

Don't get me wrong. It's not the Inventory Slave's fault that they got dragged in to do work at the same time as the Retail Slaves. Hell, they have the grace to be apologetic to the Retail Slaves as they try to huddle in the smallest space they can physically curl into to avoid bumping butts with us.

And then our store gets chewed out for the sheer volume of "shrinkage" aka shit missing or stolen that was supposed to be in the inventory but somehow never got scanned. Dude... we were open for 6 hours. You can't constantly shuffle the inventory while it is being inventoried and expect every item to magically make it into the  system some way, some how, with no misunderstandings.

And yes. PEOPLE STEAL SHIT! Since we can't beat the fuck out of anybody who may or may not be stealing, we're kinda Catch-22ed.


May all your customers be nice,

--Bookstore Slave