Awesome Customers: Solid Gold Human Being



From u/Berylldama Tales From Retail:

I work at an antique mall and as such, the POS system is also an antique. We had a gentleman come in and purchase a few vintage Avon bottles and while I wrapped them we chatted. He was lonely and wanted to talk about the bottles reminding him of his childhood and stuff like that. Totally normal interaction, to be honest.

He leaves then comes back a few minutes later having decided to purchase another bottle and a few more items he'd been thinking about. We talked again and he got to the part about his wife having passed away a year ago. He's headed out of the store again and pauses to peruse the few shelves of fine jewelry. Meanwhile, the traffic has picked up and I get busy opening cases and pulling merchandise for other customers so I'm a little flustered. He beckons me over to show him a gold and chocolate diamond men's ring. I open the showcase and he says his wife was into diamonds and fine jewelry and always wanted him to have a nice ring but he'd never found one he really liked until today. He slips it on and it fits like it was made for him. He says he'll take it. I grab the price tag which is a little placard with all the ring's information next to the ring. This baby is like $800. I'm not used to customers making such big impulse sales so I get excited. (No, I don't work on commission, so I had no reason to get excited but I do love selling things. lol)

I ring him up, having to input all the information myself because, again, this is an old POS that relies entirely on the sales associate. He thanks me again and wanders out.

Half an hour later he comes back, saying he'd gotten home and realized he didn't have a copy of the ring's details that were included on the placard. I grab his invoice and make a copy. He goes back to the showcase, looks at it, then calls me over. He says he thinks I gave him the wrong info. I look closer and realize I HAD PULLED THE WRONG PLACARD! Not only that, but I'd undercharged him. By like a lot. His $800 ring was actually a $1700 ring!

Guys. I almost died. I apologized profusely. He just smiled and said not to worry about it. He'd pay the difference. My manager came and helped me get his transaction situated since it involved a void. The gentleman was the picture of grace. He paid the extra $900 without batting an eye and this time we made damn sure he got the right information for his records.

After he'd left my manager, who is one of the rare good ones, turns to me and says very cooly, "Bet you won't make that mistake again, huh?"

TL;DR Solid gold human being buys a gold and diamond ring, is accidentally undercharged by $900, gets all the way home, realizes something wasn't right, drives back to the antique mall and pays the extra $900 for a ring he'd already gotten out the door with. Probably saved my job.








Retail Hell Memories: “I KNOW YOU HAVE IT IN STOCK!!”


Carolanne 030

From u/l_om_ Tales From Retail:

Around Christmas time in the jewellery chain store I work in, stock is generally all over the place and the system might say we have three of a particular item in stock but we actually don’t! It’s usually an unreliable source meaning unless the stock count is like ten or above we generally tell customers it’s out of stock everywhere. For obvious reasons(!)

So it’s Christmas sales and our gold bracelets have gone to 50% off, it’s towards the end of the sale and this lady comes in and I have the unfortunate luck of serving her. She asks me do we have a particular gold bracelet in her size (a size 19) Immediately in my head I know that we don’t because I’ve had multiple customers look for it, so I tell her and she pauses for a second

Lady: You have one left in stock.

Me: Sorry?

Lady: other store told me you have one 19 left in stock.

Me: Oh I’m sorry the system can be wrong sometimes, we don’t actually have that size left it’s just a discrepancy on our system.

Lady: Check.

Me: Okay I’ll have a little look but I am almost certain we don’t. other store didn’t tell you that the system could be wrong??

So I go searching knowing well we don’t have it, just because I feel bad she’s come all this way to our store!! I then explain to her kindly that we don’t and how it could be wrong on our till etc and apologise and offer to take details incase we get it back in.

Lady: You have it in stock, you won’t give me it. other store told me you have one, I want to buy it now.

So the lady was already angry before she came in and now she’s getting worse and raising her voice etc.

Lady: You have size 19 just look for it.

Me: What do you think I’m after been doing the last few minutes??

Immediately she wants the manager and I go get her, my manager says the same as I do and the lady still not satisfied starts giving out about how horrible I am and how I shouldn’t be working in customer service!

Thankfully my manager completely stood by me and didn’t apologise, she just stated that I was actually a great member of the sales team.

In the end she tried to say we should pay her bus fare back to where she travelled in from and we just ignored her :)

Tl;dr - Lady thinks we are lying to her about not having bracelet size in stock when our system technically says it does, however she shouldn’t even have that information in the first place..






Monstrous Customers: JUST PUT A BATTERY IN IT!!!



From u/talk2melikethatagain Tales From Retail:

I used to work at a store that had a jewelry counter. At the counter people could purchase jewelry or other small items without having to deal with the front registers. At the counter we also had a watch battery changing service.

There were certain stipulations the watch had to meet before we could change the battery. The rule was:

It had to be a brand that we currently carried in the store, that way if it broke we could replace it with something similar.

That was basically it.

We got a lot of a "bought this 5 years ago." Sorry if we don't currently have it we can't change it. "Oh I don't care if you break it." Cue some part-timers falling for it, breaking the watch and the customer flipping their shit.

The most expensive one they broke was a $700 Rolex. The most expensive one we carried was a $90 timex.

I worked there for a long time and happily told many customers no. I sent them on their merry way, grumbling about how we were one of the last places in town that still did it and how they were going to call corporate.

This one old man however was not giving up and asked to speak to my manager. My manager comes over and folds like a piece of paper.

So, I get to changing his battery and it is DISGUSTING. I have to scrape off like 80 years with of dead skin, sweat and dirt just to get to the point where I can get the back off. I was practically gagging the whole time.

I get the back off and usually we just pop the battery out and match it with what we carry in the correct size.

There is no battery.

Not like there was a battery and it fell out. This watch doesn't run on batteries. It is a wind up watch.

I show old man and he was not happy.


Me: I can't. There is not spot to put a battery. See? There is no space for it.


Me: NO. You haven't! There is no spot for a battery. I can't replace what was never there!

OM: It stopped working! The battery is dead, just change it.

me: I CAN'T. Where would you like me to put the battery? I can sell you a battery but it won't do anything.

We went in circles for like 10 minutes. He even had me call my manager back over. There was absolutely nothing I could do to convince the old man that I wasn't lying.

OM: Just put it back together. I AM GOING ELSEWHERE!!

Like I mentioned previously we were one of the last places in town that changed batteries in watches. Lo and behold he here comes a few days later and asks my coworker who is like 30 years older than me to change the battery. She says "sorry we only change it if we have that brand." He said thanks and walked away.

It was infuriating.






Retail Hell Memories: The Great Haggling Fiasco


Carolanne 072

From u/Deprox Tales From Retail:

A few years ago, I was volunteering at a local fair and wound up manning a local vineyard's sale stand. The pricing was very simple: A bottle of wine or grape juice was 20 (local currency, which amounts to ~$6), buy any 3 bottles and get a personalized mug and box. Vendors were supposed to give samples to anyone who walked through the stand and try to convince them to make the biggest purchase. Vendors would get 5% of each sale as "commission" (more like incentive), up to a maximum of 100 per day.

A couple in their twenties taste tested every sample we had and decided for 3 red wine bottles. They paid and everything was hassle free. I proceeded to give a sample to another person, and while I was in the middle of explaining prices, they return and the boyfriend, completely ignoring my potential customer, barks "Hey, so I already bought three bottles and you'll let me buy a juice bottle for 10" while extending a 10.

"All bottles are 20, and that's final", I answer while giving the new customer another sample. Boyfriend is not satisfied. "OK, so you want 20 and I want 10. Let's do that thing of meeting halfway and I'll pay ya 15", he says with a huge grin. Since the new customer was apparently in the middle of deciding whether he wanted or not to purchase anything, I turn my full attention to boyfriend.

"20 means 20."
"But I already purchased 3 bottles! What's the hurt in taking 5 off?"
"Some people got 12 bottles and they didn't get 5 off. No one is getting anything off."
"Alright, you're a tough one! I'll buy for 17,50 and that's that!"
"OK, now you're only missing 2,50."
"Seriously? You can't take 2,50 off?"
"I wouldn't take 5 cents off."
"Alright, man, no need to get snippy! 19! You can't deny 19!"

"For fuck's sake, if you're willing to pay 19, just pay 20", the new customer exasperatedly says while going away. Good, now I lost a sale. Girlfriend shakes her head and meekly says "Please, just pay". Boyfriend completely ignores both and asks for a manager. I call the senior volunteer, who was the closest to a manager the stand had. Boyfriend proceeds to berate me and say I wasn't being helpful and what's the hurt in taking just 1, JUST ONE off the price of 20. The senior volunteer thinks for a bit and says in a very serious tone.

"OK, sir, as a special exception, we can make it nineteen..."
Boyfriend has a shit-eating grin of victory plastered in his face.
"And ninety-nine cents. No lower than that."

I wish I had a picture of the look on boyfriend's face as he realized we would round up to 20 since our country hadn't used the 1-cent coin for a few years. Defeated, he wound up buying 3 more bottles to get an extra mug (?). His girlfriend was laughing at him the whole time.







Retail Hell Memories: Heads Up - $38,000 Pearls Incoming!


New Freddy 007a

From u/Omissionsoftheomen Tales From Retail:

I used to manage a luxury jewelry store. The kind with just a few items on display at any given time and most items were more than an average person’s yearly salary.

One of the regulars was a woman who just oozed bitch out of every pore. She would remind us, constantly, that she was “Ms Saskatchewan, 197X” which is a title that only a farmer and their sow should be proud of. It was also 30-ish years later.

My staff would scatter when we saw her coming, so I often was stuck helping her. On this particular day, she wanted a new strand of pearls.

We go through the showcase, and she puts on a strand of Tahitian pearls priced at $38,500. She hems and haws with her daughter, nods, and then... walks out of the store.

It took me a minute for my brain to register WTF.

I dashed down the mall after her, and when I caught up, said, “Mrs. 197X, you didn’t pay for those.”

I felt like Medusa was turning me to stone with the look she gave me.

197X: “Just put it on my credit card. You’re embarrassing me.”

Me: “We don’t keep card numbers on file, it’s a security concern. It will only take a minute.”

She turned as if to walk off, and then undid the clasp, slid the pearls into her hand and FLUNG them down the busy mall.

I was too busy scrambling after the pearls to hear if she said anything else, but she stopped coming to the store after that.







Jewelry Store Hell: Why can’t I have your engagement ring?!


Carolanne2 017a

From u/elizabethjp2010  Tales From Retail:

I work in a fine jewelry store

My interaction with customers that just left

Him “well we want to go get married now so we need a size 5.”

Me “unfortunately all our rings will be stock size 7.”

Him “well... what about that one on your hand.”

Me holds up Mens ring they had just looked at “ this is a men’s so it’s a 10”

Him points at my engagement ring “no that.”

Me”my engagement ring? It’s a size 5.” Him “well we will just take that.”

Me”it’s not for sale. It’s my engagement ring.”

She gets annoyed and they speak Spanish Him “well this is insane and we’ll just go somewhere else in that case.”

I honestly can’t...

From my phone sorry for format

Edit: I’m cracking up at all the should have given them a price statements, but I am the store manager so I could lose my job if I gave a price and they call my customer care team about it