Retail Hell Memories: I’m so sorry about him


Carolanne 067

From u/pigontherun Tales From Retail:

I’ve been working retail in the same jewelry/accessory store for 3 years. One day, last winter, I saw this cute little older couple that seemed like they were having a hard time finding something so I went over and asked if they need help. The wife showed me the headband in her hair and said, “I need more... all that you have, just like this.” Unfortunately, I didn’t see any on the sales floor, so I told them that I would check in the back. The husband said, “thank you, my name.”

I thought it was a little out of the ordinary that he referred to me as the name on my name tag, since no customers ever call you by your actual name.

I came from the back and told them that we had no more of the headband she wanted in the back either. She was a little disappointed, but I showed her some different ones that she settled on buying instead. After I checked them out, right as they were about to leave, the husband stopped and looked at me. Before I could ask if he needed help with anything else, he asked if it was alright if he gave me a hug.

I was a little confused, but I think we’re all used to dealing with strange things in retail. Also, I didn’t think he was hitting on me or anything like that, especially since his wife was standing right next to him so I agreed and gave him a hug.

He said, “Goodbye, my name” and immediately darted out of the store.

At this point I was just staring at his wife, who then said, “I’m so sorry about him... our daughter died in a car crash a few months ago. She had the same name as you. While you were in the back he was saying how much you reminded him of her.” She then pulled out a picture of their daughter from her wallet to show me and I felt like someone had just stabbed me in the heart.













Discount Rats: Fibbing and exaggering customer tries to weasel his way into getting a discount



From rocksnowls Tales From Retail:

I am trained in the jewelry department of my store. One day i get a call for a customer who wants to try on a few of the locked up watches ranging from $60-$150.

It's an older gentleman who speaks in an enthusiastic yet monotone voice. It's unbearable to wait through him drawling on about the kind of colors he'd like in a watch. As he gets to trying on the last watch he requested, he notices it looks like it has the smallest of scratches on it's bezel.

Customer: "Oh no, this one has a scratch. Darn, I really like this one"

Me: "well, we do typically mark down damaged products so if you're interested I could see how much of a mark down this watch would get"

Customer: "oh yeah, it's reallllly bad. I don't even know if a discount would be worth it. I'd consider taking it for half but it's just so baaaaaad"

(It should be noted that I am only 1 foot away from where he's holding the watch and I can't see a single scratch on it)

Me: "well here, I'll take a look at it and find out how much of a discount you'd get"

Customer: "yeah please do, it's really bad"

I take the watch from him and hold it up to my face. Oh what's this? A black spec? Hmm...

Me: "is this where you saw the scratch?" Customer: "yes, it's pretty bad"

I take my thumb and rub over the black spec (aka "the scratch"). It rubs completely off. It was a leftover sticky bit from a sticker.

Me: "oh would you look at that! That must've been from a sticker"

Customer: "huh oh yeah. Could I still get a discount?"

Me: "sorry, no"

He leaves eventually, but had no shame in his exaggeration of the damage to the watch. His insistence on how badly damaged the watch was bothered me more than it probably should have.

Having to do customer service in jewelry leads to a lot of annoying customer experiences. I've only been servicing people there for maybe 4-5 months and I have dealt with more bad customers there than I have in 7 months working across the rest of the store.







Jewelry Dept Hell: Sorry, lady, we don’t refund your lost items



From SkullStar Tales From Retail:

At work, I’m usually in two departments. The Jewelry counter being one of them.

As Mother’s Day approaches, it starts to get busier. It doesn’t help when the phones start ringing with customers looking for stuff.

When the phone rang yesterday I thought it would be just another person inquiring about our selection.

Unfortunately I was met with hysterical crying. The customer on the line proceeded to tell me a long story about how she’s been coming into the store everyday for the past couple of days and spending a lot of money.

She said she bought a ring in Jewelry on Monday and when she came in on Tuesday, she lost it in the store. According to her logic, we owed her money because she left the ring in the store.

When I explained it was her property after she purchased it, she began to scream at me and tell me I didn’t know how laws worked. She said she couldn’t believe we would steal from her after she gave us all her money.

At this point I put her on hold and called a manager. The moment the manager picked up the phone the screaming continued, to the point where the customer threatened to call the police.

The manager backed me up and told the customer the same thing, we can’t give her a refund for something she lost. Adding to that, the manager asked for the customers name and number just Incase we found the ring anywhere. The customer said she felt uncomfortable with store employees knowing who she was and requested corporates number instead. The manager gave it to her and hung up the phone.

I really don’t know the logic some people have. It baffles me.

Turns out she did indeed buy a ring, she brought the receipt today. She said she wanted the exact same ring and should be about to get it because she had the receipt.

I told her it doesn’t work like that and she started to throw a fit in front of the jewelry counter. She called corporate while in the store and caused a huge commotion while having them on speaker. They told her they can’t do a refund without the item and she hung up and stomped out.





Crazy Customers: Are you interested in selling us something?!



From Fronfron, Tales From Retail:

I work in a jewelry kiosk big glass display cases all over pretty much in the middle of the hallway. This exchange happened today with a woman and her husband..

Woman approaches the counter

ME:”Good evening miss!”


I got a bit closer thinking may be she didn’t hear me...

ME: Hello miss, is there something I could show you?

LADY:... keeps looking at the case not saying anything

I assume may be she’s deaf or doesn’t speak English so I try to say hello again but trying to face her this time... she just looks at me and goes back to looking into the case. So I step back thinking she doesn’t want to be bothered so I back away, but close enough in case she needs help. Soon after her husband shows up...

HUSBAND: HELLOOOOOOO! practically screaming at me

ME: Hello sir is there.... cuts me off

HUSBAND: HELLOOO! HI! Are you interested in working with us?! Are you interested in making any money or selling us something?!

ME: Sir I tried to greet this lovely lady quite a few times but didn’t get a response so I assumed she didn’t want to be bothered...

HUSBAND: Well that’s horrible customer service! You shouldn’t ignore customers, you just lost a sale!

LADY: I don’t see anything I like anyway...

ME:... thinking... yes pls GTFO






Dumbass Customers: "What Kind Of Idiot Do You Think I Am?!"



From  sidy24, Tales From Retail:

So I worked in a jewellery store for years, one of our services was to change watch batteries.

One day this bloke comes in, with an expensive watch, to have the battery replaced. I get it done, and send him on his way.

A week later, he storms through the doors, screaming that I have broken his watch, I will replace it with the newer model, that he was late for his appointment in the major city across the border, because I had broken his watch. This whole time, his wife is standing behind him, nodding, and saying "yeah!" over and over again.

He slams the watch on the counter, and I take a look at it.

The idiot had changed the time on his watch when crossing the border, but hadn't pushed the crown back in, meaning the watch never started ticking again when he changed it.

Putting on my best "How can I help you smile", I ask if he changed the time on it recently. He goes on a ramble about "Of course I changed it, what kind of idiot do you think I am" while his wife smirks.

I walk around the counter to him, hold the watch up, and push in the crown. The watch starts ticking.

I hand him the watch, his jaw has hit the floor, and his wife is already half way out the store by the time I ask "Is there anything else I can help you with today?"

Never saw him again!





Jewelry Store Hell: Bracelet Lady




From  Ainrana, Tales From Retail:

I was chatting with my coworker behind the counter and we were minding our own business. All of the sudden, I see a lady throw down two bracelets on my coworker's counter and she runs off almost as quickly as she came in. My coworker and I are a bit startled, as though we actually saw a ghost messing around with the merchandise.

So I pick both the bracelets up and take them back. As I'm putting them away, the Bracelet Lady approaches me and screams, "What are you doing?! I told you to hold those for me!"

I was confused, because if she said anything, she didn't even make eye contact with either of us or try to get our attention before doing that. I explained that the store's policy states we cannot hold items for customers, but she was welcome to take a basket.

She stared at me wide-eyed for a moment, but then said, "Well, you should have told me I couldn't hold any items when I put them on the counter! You are so, so rude!"

I blinked. I said okay and I gave the bracelets back to her.

I went behind the register again and shrugged at my coworker. It's too rainy to put much thought into it. However, maybe ten seconds after I returned, the Bracelet Lady comes up to us again, and this time even goes back behind the counter with us. She jabs a finger at us and says, "You two should have told me that I couldn't hold items, okay? You two said nothing even as I walked away." She was trembling and her voice was kind of cracking (keep in mind these are cheapass rope bracelets and there was like fifty of them).

I stared at her as though she was melting into the floor. My coworker, now realizing that I wasn't going to say anything to her, smiled a Retail Smile and said she was sorry about our 'behavior'.

Bracelet Lady didn't like this response from either of us, so she went back to the store and ran over to the designer jewelry counter, where two of my other coworkers are chatting, also minding their own business. They told me later that Bracelet Lady asked if either of them were managers. Neither of them are, but the customer service woman lied and said that she was in fact the manger and asked what the problem was. Bracelet Lady tells them the whole story, and how rude my coworker and I were to her, and how we need to be disciplined.

However, the coworker behind the jewelry counter just blinked, and asked, " do you want to check out now, or...?"

That's when Bracelet Lady snarled and screamed, "No, I'm not spending my goddamn money here!" She threw down the two bracelets and then walked out of the store, not purchasing anything at all.

She should have told us she wasn't going to buy anything.

-- Ainrana