Retail Hell Memories: A peculiar trade


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From u/GoodGuyBuns, Tales From Retail:

This story was a few years ago, my first retail job, and I worked in what is considered to be the most dangerous city in that section of the state.

So I got my first job at a video game retailer that also does trade ins for cash or credit depending. I knew everyone that worked there and was pretty friendly with 99% of the staff. Anywho, after working there for a few weeks one of my manager's house was broken into (he lived down the street from me) and the thieves stole his consoles, TV, and so on.

A few days after that a customer walks into the store with a bag, not unusual, probably has a load of games he wants to get rid of. I'm on register duty and the manager who was robbed is currently in the back of the store so I have to verify the trade in, rather than he do it. I notice in the bag there's a Playstation Vita but no charger.

Me: "Hey man, I can take the Vita, but you'll be charged for the charger"
C: "It should be charged no problem"
Me: "Yeah, but we will have to resell it and can't do so without a charger"
C: "aight, whatever"

I grab a charger from the floor, and plug it in because it was actually dead so I couldn't check it out. After some time passes I power on the Vita, making sure the touchscreen works, and so on and I notice something peculiar, so I tell him to wait while I get the manager up to the front of the store.
What was the peculiar thing? My manager's Playstation Network ID was still attached to the Vita.

EDIT: Aftermath - My manager took the Vita into the back room as a guise of "inspection", but he really just called the cops, had to hand over his Vita as evidence, and the customer was arrested.

Thieves break into a manager's house and steal his electronics, and tries to pawn off his stolen property at the store said victim works at, and was arrested.









Barista Hell: Karmic Payback Strikes A Crusty


4 baristaFrom satanislemony, TalesFromYourBarista

Today was ostensibly a normal day at our coffee chain. Things were a bit slow, but we chalked it up to the upcoming Easter long weekend that everyone is preparing for.

I've just come back from my ten-minute break, taking over for the barista. The fridges are stocked, the syrups are full, the sharpies aren't completely dried out. Everything is surprisingly calm for noon on a weekday.

Calm, that is, until a man comes storming up to the hand-off point, lidless coffee in hand, looks me in the eye and said "This is half full!"

I look down at the coffee. It's a flat white, filled to less than 1cm below the top of the 16.5cm cup. It's at least 90% full.

He stares at me with the kind of fury that only a man with nothing better to do than terrorise minimum wage workers can have.

I wait a second to give him a chance to be polite and ask for it to be filled further. He doesn't. "Would you like me to top that up for you?"

He responds by only gesturing at the coffee. I'm not important enough for the effort of words, apparently.

I sigh. I steam the milk. I make sure I have his attention as I fill the coffee. "I'll just let you know, filling a flat white to a centimetre below the top of the cup is the standard for us here at [Coffee Chain]. Many people like to take off the lids to add sugar and such, and since a flat white has no foam at the top to stabilise the liquid, it's much more likely to spill."

He ignores this attempt to save the patience of future baristas, and he takes the coffee, still lidless, without a word and stomps back over to his table.

His wife has an incredible, tired expression of "This again? Really?"

But, y'know, maybe he's right. He paid $5.50 for this coffee, he deserves to have it how he wanted it! It's not like most of that cost comes from the four shots of espresso in it, rather than the 450ml of heated milk to go along with it. It doesn't matter that adding another 30ml of milk is not going to change a damn thing about the taste. This is his coffee, and he gets to have it the way he wants it, policies be damned!

He sits down heavily, and in the struggle to put his coffee down on the table, he fucking spills it.



Nasty Ass Thieves: Karma Catches Up to Office Supply Store Shoplifter


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From Calmmeow, Tales From Retail:

I work at one of those Office store places, that also has a tech department. We get a lot of crazy people but there is this one guy that takes the cake.

He comes in about once a month and steals canned air. Like almost all retail stores we have a strict no confrontation policy for shoplifters. So we all know this man steals but we can't do anything about it, and it's never enough moneys worth to report.

Well one day this man is doing his thing and the manager immediately reminds people (over the radios in our ears) that this man steals and just leave him alone. WELL there was a FRICKIN POLICE OFFICER getting something and overheard her and FRICKIN arrested the man! They came in and got the tapes for all the other times he stole and he had to go to jail.

Just thought people would like a story with a happy ending.






Retail Hell Memories: Hellspawn and the Cart of Karma



From Malfurious_Stormrage, Tales From Retail:

So this happened almost 8 years ago when I was working in the photo department of a popular retail store.

I am minding my own business, working on some orders when I see a kid (probably 12-14 years old) zoom past my counter, rolling on his shoes with the wheels embedded in them. I believe they are called Heelys?

Anyways, on his 2nd pass, I tell him he needs to slow down, because I didn't want this hooligan to knock over a shelf or get himself hurt.

This kid totally ignores me, and continues zooming past, and not 10 seconds later, I witness it. One of the greatest moments of instant karma i've seen working retail.

As I am watching him roll away, the front of a shopping cart comes jutting out the end of the aisle directly ahead of him, and I watch in utter bliss as he literally tumbles head first over the cart, landing with a thump on the other side with his feet hanging above his head.

I had to summon all my willpower to not laugh, but when that kid finally stumbled back on to his feet and looked my way, he knew.

The look of pure embarrassment on his face was excellent. He exited the store so fast, the customer who was pushing the karma cart didn't even have time to ask if he was alright.







Retail Hell Memories: Custy Gets Her Comeuppance After Lying About Gift Certificates


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From TimothyBukinowski, Tales From Retail:

Years ago I used to work in a record store in a mall.

The city would sell chamber of commerce gift certificates that were accepted at almost every store in this city and literally every store in the mall, except mine. When people would try and use them we explain that we do not accept them. Most people were cool about it, some kind of annoyed, and honestly I understood their annoyance.

This one day, during the holidays, when we had seasonal help, this lady tried to buy some stuff with these gift certificates. I go into my speech "unfortunately, blah blah blah".

She wasn't having it. She starts getting angrier and angrier and says "they told me these can be used here".

This girl who had been seasonal help for years overhears this lady and comes over and has the lady explain what is going on. The angry lady repeats it all and ends with "they said I could use these here".

The seasonal help girl says "they didn't tell you that".

And the lady says "how would you know that?!".

My co-worker then says "because I work full time at the chamber and I sold you that gift certificate".

The lady's face turns bright red and then she says "oh" and then leaves super quick.

I mean, we had to put her stuff back, but it was worth it.




Justice Served: Hot Potato!


JUSTICESERVED1From Seriac, AskReddit

I work as a manager at a restaurant and one night I had a guest loudly telling his server that if his fries were cold, he was going to send them back so she'd better make sure it was hot.

I made sure his fries were straight out of the deep fryer and I personally brought out his meal. I guess all the other tables seated around him were watching to see his reaction after his loud performance that he would send his food back.

So I put the meal down and he took one look and dramatically sighed and said the fries were cold.

I replied, "I'm sorry Sir but they're not."

Now he's mad and loudly said, "They're cold. I can tell just by looking at them!"

I replied again, "The fries are hot."

So he says, "Oh Really?"

He dramatically picked up a fry and held it between his thumb and forefinger. He held it in front of his own face while locking eyes with me and squeezed his fingers together.

What came next was something that continues to fill my heart with joy 6 years after it happened. He let out a surprised shout of pain and dropped the fry onto the table. The tables around us who had been watching started laughing and clapping.

His face turned red, he put his head down and didn't say another word.

I just smiled and said, "Enjoy your meal!" and walked away.