Abandoned: Randall Park Mall


From YouTube: At one time the worlds largest mall. A structure with such promise and ambition, today we take a look at one of the largest abandoned malls ever, the Randall Park Mall.



Retail Balls Awards: Store Closing Revenge


Balls bomb

From: rohnjyan

Working retail through college I was amazed at how often people would threaten to call the cops on me when they didn't get what they wanted.

When corporate decided to close down our location we had a massive blowout sale; everything was well below 75% off and there were signs everywhere saying All Sales Final.

This guy bought a dozen bar stools for next to nothing (~$250, regular price would've been ~$1,500) and then came back the next day and tried to return them without a receipt, saying that he'd bought the stools at full price before the sale started and would accept nothing less.

This guy was obviously an idiot, as he was trying to return the stools to me, and I had been the one who rang him through the day before. When I told him this he accused me of stealing his money, ranted and raved for nearly an hour, threatening to call the cops and the Better Business Bureau, etc.

All I could do was wait until he tired himself out (it's amazing how similar angry customers are to cranky babies).

When he'd finally calmed down, I processed a return for store credit at the minimum price and sent him on his way.

The joke was on him, as the store closed the next day and he was stuck with a useless credit for a store that didn't exist anymore.

I should add that if he wasn't trying to scam us (and wasn't such a dick about it), I totally would have processed a return, in spite of the All Sales Final policy. People need to realize that most of the time you can get what you want if you just behave like a decent human being.



Store Closing Hell: Custy Rages Over Not Being Able to Get a Gift Card Refund



From  toast778, Tales From Retail:

A few years ago I worked for a pretty popular clothing store that was struggling. Our store was closing, but others remained open and you could still shop online. Our store was mostly empty, stuff in boxes and paper on the windows. We were still selling what little product we had, and generally people got the idea that we were closing what with the store in shambles and almost nothing left There was even a sign on the door stating we were closing.

This woman came in, who was very pleasant and asked for a gift card. It had something like $100 so I give it to her and before she leaves she asks, "Are you guys renovating, why is the store like this?"

And I reply, "Oh, our store is closing."

And her face contorts into complete rage. She will be Angry Lady for short.

AL: "WHAT?! You sold me a gift card I can't even USE NOW?!"

Carolanne 068M: "Well, just our store is closing. You can still use the gift card at other stores and online."


M: "I'm so sorry but unfortunately, there's no way to do that we can't do returns anymore."

AL: "This is YOUR FAULT you didn't tell me you were closing, you ARE going to be giving me my money back."

At this point she continues to scream and berate me as I'm apologizing profusely. I call my manager over who tells her the same exact thing. She was having none of it. My manager tells me to go work on something else so I wouldn't have to be subjected to the lady's torment.

As I'm working on something else this man who had been here the entire time comes and comforts me, smiling and saying to not take it personally and how horrible working in retail can be. He said I handled it well and just made chit chat as I'm trying not to cry as she is continuing to scream about me.

She demanded both of our full names because she was going to corporate to report us, get us fired etc. I'm like jokes on you, you can't get us fired if our store is closing! Eventually she got her money back and immediately went from rage to being sickly sweet. She came over to me and said, "I'm sorry I yelled at you, I know it;s not your fault but you can see where I'm coming from right?"

-- toast778


Store Closing Hell: No Discounts, No Holds, No Returns, Here's A Penny; Fuck Off


FingerserviceFrom toxlab, TalesFromRetail Comments

The great thing was I came in at the start of the liquidation specifically to deal with closing the store, and as such I got to give exactly zero fucks about anyone who's shopping agenda didn't match the offers allowed.

Telling someone you refuse to sell them a twenty seven cent screwdriver because they suck as a human being feels oh so good...

Story below:

It was a really short term gig, and I was coming off a very disheartening position as a manager, where I had little power and was constantly getting handed other people's responsibilities.

I had been given a business card by someone who liked my style, and when I called him up he seemed eager to meet.

His company did something or other related to acquisitions, and had been tasked with shutting down a local retail chain.

It was a mercenary gig, and it was made quite plain that the only thing important was getting rid of inventory. No customer service, no returns, nada.

The few employees from the chain that hung on to the bitter end were just that-bitter. Being freed from their shackles meant the joy sometimes got the better of them, and they went ape-poopy. My response as their supervisor was mostly just shrugging. When a customer went into, "How dare you!" mode, it was hard to stifle a yawn. No one gave two shits. No one gave one shit. It was The Palace of Apathy.

The markdowns were sudden and drastic. Merch flew off the shelves. People would sweep whole sections into carts. Those silly few that demanded items be saved for them or asked for rain checks were openly mocked. This is the Road Warrior and we're selling cheap gas, bitch.

CAROLRAIDThe guy asked for a discount on a screwdriver because the packaging was damaged. When he got the "All sales final; buy it and go away," speech, he demanded my attention.

I shut down his request for a discount. He asked for a percentage off, I explained that it would amount to something like a penny. Oh no, he countered. It would be TWO cents. Like he just caught me with my hand in the cookie jar.

I reached in my pocket and gave him a penny. I said, "If I give you this, will you go away?"

He was highly offended and screamed a little. The more savvy shoppers in line laughed at him.

He rushed past me towards the door. I felt a thump to the back of my head.

He had thrown my penny at me. Oh, now it's on like Donkey Kong!

I'm sure he didn't expect me to step outside. I KNOW he didn't expect me to follow him to his truck.

I kept saying, "Where you going? Where you going?" as he exited the parking lot.

All in all, a pretty good day.



Store Closing Hell: The Infamous Questions


Sale hell 2From Flutilicious:

We are just entering our 4th week of close out sale at my store. Half the merchandise has been sold and we are now selling the fixtures. Basically anything not bolted down is for sale. The days are all blurring into one now as it's the same thing every day. Here are the most common questions and comments.

Why was I not informed? Shoot, the employees weren't even informed (we got a one week notice), not likely that corporate is going to take the time to call or mail the customer who shops there twice a year for panty hose.

Can you call another store? Yes and no. I can call, however you have to go pick it up yourself and you will not get this price on it at the other store.

Why not? Because they're not closing and trying to sell out their entire inventory in three weeks.

Why couldn't you just move to that store space that's been empty for the last 15 years? Corporate decision. We're told nothing. Just because the space is empty doesn't make it feasible for us to use it. Probably a good reason it's been empty for 15 years.

Why can't I return anything? Because the purpose of a close out sale is to move the merchandise OUT of the store, not bring more IN.

Can I return it at another location? Well, the receipt does say "FINAL SALE" and is not valid for returns, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask the other store manager if they'll take it back in exchange for you.

Carolanne herp derpWhy can't I write a check? Because we don't want to waste our last days of operation chasing you down if it doesn't clear. Besides, it's 2016, who writes checks anymore? (Ok, who under retirement age still writes checks?)

(on the phone) I saw this blouse on your website, if I give you my credit card number can you ship it to me? Even if we were not closing the answer would be no. There's a toll free number on the website for phone orders, the store can't do anything.

Can I leave my number and have you call me when the 'good' sales start? We'll take your number, but doubt we'll call. It's already a good sale, if you're looking for Goodwill pricing before we close, that's not going to happen.

Can you hold this for me until it is 90% off? No, we'll hold it until the store closes today, if you don't come back we'll put it back on the rack for somebody else who is willing to take it at the 40% discount.

When are you getting new stuff? Never. The store is closing.

You call this a close-out sale? It's still too expensive. Considering we've sold down more than half the store just at 20 and 30% off, it seems to be working.

The best one of all: Where's all the "good" stuff? It's been sold...no really it's all in the infamous "back room" because we don't want you to have anything.