Janitorgirl's Night of Retail Hell



Hello, it's Janitorgirl. 

The more I think about what happened tonight the more pissed off I get. My opener G (morning to later afternoon) threw out his back. He called out the day before, but today he decided to tough it out with a back brace; meaning he could not get carts (in decent amounts) or lift the heavy compost bags (I was certain of this because this was the 2nd time he came to work in a back brace). Note G is a college student in his in his early 20's so if he is injured it's serious . 

I had a cashier shift (because there were not enough janitor hours to give coverage) at noon (his lunch time). I saw there were ZERO carts. This meant when he got back he would have to do carts (3-4 carts at at time for about 30 minutes or more.) So I did carts. then I helped put on the back because the cashier managers volunteered janitor team to clear grocery's food trash. 

EVERY expired item, put back item, - cart after cart of food trash- was now our problem. I got caught. Cashier manager V said "Janitorgirl you're listed as a cashier? why are you back here?"

G came to me defense, he lied and said he begged me to help. He tried to get her to let me help until the afternoon rush  (which would have gven me 2 hours to help him) but she said no. why? because Schedule= cashier. no other reason. 

He told me to continue on trash while he pulled her to the side and pleaded his case= if I could get trash done he could get bathrooms done, and when closer came he could do carts,but - nope schedule= cashier.

I went back to the lanes then burst into tears. From the days I was on opening I knew how hard it was to do 1. yesterday's trash 2. grocery's trash 3. carts 4. bathrooms. And to do it all with a back brace? This was epic BS. I even told my favorite manager who said "they make your team do grocery's trash? That doesn't sound right at all."

The kicker? I am legally entitled to 2 breaks (the first I used to splash eater on my face and stop hyperventilating) for my last break I cleared my line and went to the other cashier manager and said "Can I go on my last break?" she said sure. Then V came up behind me and said "You can go help in the back if you want?"

Meaning -You can take your break or help your teammates. You can guess what I chose; breaks are overrated. 

Thanks for letting me vent. 

May all your managers be kind.





Black Friday Bullseye Diary: What It's Like To Work From 10pm to 7am on Thanksgiving Day Night - Tripping on Caffeine and Lack of Sleep



Hello, It's JanitorGirl.
This is my 3rd black friday. First year I was 4 am-1 (crazy exhausted all day, but not sleepy), 2nd was 5-midnight (by midnight I was yawning so much my eyes were watering), so when I was offered 10pm-7am, I thought -why not? 
Here is my surreal day. Despite by best efforts I woke up at 9 am. I did thanksgiving dinner (at 5 pm), I was too comfortable, I was feeling sleepy, so in less then 2 hours I downed 4 cups of coffe and 6 cups of black tea. At 10, me and my husband (he was going shopping) went to Bullseye and suddenly my energy lifted; I felt like I could fly.
Not only that, the managers were 2 of my favorites RVB manager (we only ever talk about the web series Red vs Blue) and Scarf manager (who always wears colorful scarfs and treats everyone like a younger sibling.)
10pm-3am-I am knocking out all the trash, bathroom cleaning, and everything else the 5pm-1030pm people did not have a chance to get to. There are little to no crowds, so I can also get carts. And to top it all off, the staff meal is from my favorite restaurants. 
meal at 3-330- after 3:30 I was suddenly sinking. I had no less then 5 people ask "Are you open?" 
Me- "Yes we are open 24 hours."
Custy-"But there's no one here."
The last one I could not long hold my tongue- 
NOV4"Well coporate thought it was a good idea." is said, laughing like a comic book villain.
4-5am, there is so much to do, and no one else doing it. I had hoped we would have the night time  (contractor crew) janitors but no such luck, so it was all me. I jumped from task to task, untill...
6- RVB manager said something that, in my sleep deprived state almost made me hate him. 
RVB-"Since we don't have night crew to buff the floors, I think it would be a good idea for you to sweep the entirety of the first floor."
Me-"But that will not get rid of the scraps and track marks"
RVB-"But it will get rid of the trash."
Fine at least he didn't ask me to do both floors. 
6-6:45- I'm starting to loose it. I'm seeing things that are not there, floor patterns looks like creatures, stacks of reshop looks like hunched over bodies. I have to rest every 100 feet, to keep my balance. This feels worse then any hangover. I make it a point to talk to other co-workers; some have it worse, at least I end at 7, some have to wait until 8 or 9. I tell them what I learned in the military; take it one hour at a time. If you can survive until 7, you can survive until 8, etc.
Now I'm paged to the Cafe. I get on the radio "RVB, copy RVB?"
RVB- "Go for RVB"
me-"I finished the first floor, I'm going to clear the cafe then I'm going home."- there would be no question of where I was, no adding a random additional task.
RVB- "Copy that, thanks (cashier manager who was not in the building), er ...I mean (Janitor girl)"- he seriously called me by the cashier manager's name.
Overnight shift is like falling down a rabbit hole, exciting, crazy, etc.
Pretty sure I will never volunteer for that shift again. I gives thanks to all overnight retail warriors- you are a rare breed.


Two Retired Manhattan Sanitation Workers Reminisce About Their Days Cleaning Streets



From YouTube:

Sanitation workers Angelo Bruno and Eddie Nieves worked together for nearly ten years on the same garbage route in Manhattan's West Village and became fixtures in the community. After 31 years on the job, Angelo retired. At StoryCorps, he talked with Eddie about the unexpected lessons he learned along the way and what he still misses about the job.



Canadian Hotel Offers Guests To Save $6 and Help Protect Environment By Waiving Room Cleaning


From PHVRMVCIST: This hotel in Quebec refunds you $6.00 each day you waive room cleaning, in order to reduce chemical load on the environment (Auberge place d'Armes, Quebec City)Saves the hotel costs in many areas, and is great for the environment. It also means people are traipsing through your room less often so you can be more "casual" with your things.The cleaners don't like it because room tips tend to go down (not always, but on average).