Clothing Store Hell: The new kid at work


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From u/ebenz1006 Tales From Retail:

I’m a manager at a clothing store and I saw a name I recognized on the schedule as a new hire. Well it ended up being a kid I knew in high school who bullied me a lot. He came in for his orientation with his phone blasting rap music, while he was rapping. He did that the whole time my coworker was showing him around.

He finally got to work in the fitting room and within the first 15 minutes of him actually working, he told everyone he sold weed and asked if we wanted to buy some. He then continued to rap and swear in front of customers. He was even flirting with my co-manager.

We let him go on his break and he just never came he called the store and asked for the manager that he was flirting with and then proceeded to say he wasn’t coming back because his friend got shot 5 times. I looked on the news and nobody got shot within our area and better yet on Facebook he was reposting memes the hour he left work lol.

Sometimes I just have to laugh at the stuff I deal with working retail






Retail Hell Memories: The Radioactive Key Shop


MarvinFrom The Key Oracle:

Many decades ago my region of about 60 key shops lost our regional manager, which is what happens when you do not take care of your stuff, it gets lost. For some arcane reason probably involving stupidity, or saving what they would have paid him, the home office was in no hurry to replace him and instead divided up the shops into sub-regions the control of each was given over to some long term managers including me. The only stipulation was that to save even more money we were not allowed to visit our shops except in a dire emergency so this was basically a “phone only” deal.

To keep things anonymous I am going to call one of my shops “Mars” which as I type this just seems appropriate.

To set the stage, Mars was a walk-up hut (meaning that the customers stood outside the shop and were waited on through a window) in the parking lot of a major department store chain, ie., our host. Therefore most customers thought of us as the “host” key shop so the host was very adamant about keeping the complaints about the key shop to the absolute minimum as any complaint would reflect upon them.

Unfortunately the key shop was managed by Marvin, a very strange person that I had never met. To give you an idea of just how weird Marvin could be, one evening his employee leaned back in his chair and for the first time that evening noticed that there was a huge human eyeball painted on the ceiling of the shop surrounded by the text, “Watch what you are doing because I am.” When I was told of this I thought that this was pretty normal for Marvin considering the other things that I heard about him. He also had a habit of coming in hours late for work, or even skipping work for the day, so I got to have frequent talks with his Host store manager which usually involved yelling on his part.

So one random day I am waiting on customers at my shop when an odd looking customer comes in. He is about 50, thin, about 5’6”, short grey crewcut, and wearing thick rimmed glasses with paint specks all over them including the lenses. He stares straight at me, or more likely through me, and does not blink.

Jason 038I say, “Can I help you?” and in a monotone voice he says, “I am Marvin.” Well lots of people are named “Marvin” so I do not connect the dots and say, “Do you need some keys made Marvin?” In the voice of the dead he replies, “I am Marvin from Mars.”

A light bulb goes on and I say, “Well it is nice to finally meet you Marvin, however since you are here and your only worker is in school, who is running the Mars key shop right now?

He states, “You do not understand, a man left a vial of radioactive dust on my counter and it fell and broke open. Now the key shop is radioactive, and I am radioactive, and I am going to die.” With this he turns around, leaves, and disappears forever. We never hear from him again even for him to pick up his paychecks.

However at the moment I have a problem, I need to think of some way to get his shop open because obviously Marvin has finally gone looney-toons. I also need to call his host store manager so that he can yell at me yet again but at least this time I am on top of it and calling him.

As I am dialing the phone I think, “What if his story is true?” No, it couldn’t be, Marvin is a nut!” Well what is near Mars? Ok, there is a nuclear power station and a military hospital that specializes in nuclear medicine. No, he’s a nut!!! But what if people in Mars start dying of radiation poisoning and they find out that I knew about it and did nothing? Man, am I screwed.

So the Mars store manager’s secretary answers the phone and when I say who I am says, “Oh, I was just going to call you. Marvin did not show up again today and Mr. Guy is really mad.” “Please put me through.” I say.

Just as Mr. Guy starts his rant I interrupt to say that I have something important to tell him and relate the morning’s encounter. When I have finished there is a long interval of silence until I eventually hear, “What?” I say, “Look, I do not believe that your key shop is radioactive. Marvin is obviously swimming in the deep end of the “crazy” pool. But against all odds, what if it is true and we knew something and did nothing?” Mr. Guy says, “I’ll handle this, don’t send anyone to open the key shop, we will talk tomorrow.”

The aftermath…

If you call 911 and tell them that there may be a significant incident of radioactive contamination in a public place, people will show up unbelievably quickly. The unsuspecting folks that are already there will not be very happy. A 2 block in diameter area of a medium sized Midwestern city was evacuated and folks in moon suits with Geiger counters poked them everywhere. The result of course was nothing, Mars was once again safe for human habitation.

My talk with Mr. Guy the next morning was much more unpleasant than usual and Marvin the ex-Martian is still missing.

-- The Key Oracle









Misty Meanor's Tales From The Gas Station: Escaping Hell



*slurp slurp slurp*
Oh shit, I'm on, aren't I?

*puts away her soda, clears her throat, then makes herself look more presentable*
Hello fellow RHUers, it's your old friend Misty Meanor here with a major update about what's been happening at the gas station.  Quite a lot, actually.
For one, the whole staff shake up took a huge toll on Yours Truly, not to mention my awesome manager Michelle.  It was too much for her to take, so she ended up resigning.  For a while, things went to hell, as we had no syrup for the soda fountain, we had no creamer for the coffee, our frappe machine was down... you know, everything had gone to hell in a handbasket.  We had gotten the District Manager in to fix things up while we got things back on track.  It wasn't easy, but things got back up there slowly.
Then we finally got our new manager.  "David" seemed to be a cool enough guy, saying he wanted to work with us based on our scheduling needs and whatnot.  He also seemed intent on bringing things back onto track at the store.  At first, I believed him.
Foolish mistake.
There were times where we were running low on change and our change dispenser was empty.  I texted him telling him this, his response was to, "Just do the best you can to give them their change."

Uh, what?
Also, did I mention that David never put himself on the schedule? Instead, he'd just show up from time to time, say, "I'm not scheduled today, I just came in to take care of <such-and-such.>" Not to mention, Michelle would leave us her numbers when we needed to update the fuel prices, but David never did that.  He'd just update it when he showed up.  If he felt like it.
When something was low in stock or empty, he'd tell us, "Just do the best you can.  It's no use worrying over things you have no control over." Uh, when the customers are chewing us out over these things, it does make me worry.
Gas station 1All the while, David was telling us we needed to focus on keeping the store clean and neat while making sure the gas station area was completely clean and our stock put away.  At least that's what David wanted.  Easy enough, right?
Unfortunately, our new District Manager, "Scott," had other plans.  You see, our company has a partnership with candy companies in that we sell as much candy as we can, and in return for selling their candy, the company gets a huge share of the profits.  So Scott wanted us to start focusing on offering candy to every customer in order to meet our quotas.  We had never had much of an issue before, but apparently the month before, our quotas had slipped.
Bad enough, right? Well, it gets better.
We also were told if we didn't meet our sales goals, there would be sanctions, including write-ups or termination.  That really hit me hard.
I mean, come on, this is a gas station! Most of the time, people just come in to buy gas, and they'll give you their money, tell you what pump they're on and what kind of gas they want, then walk out.  There's no way that they want any candy.  And the ones who did buy snacks and stuff weren't interested.  Also, did I mention a LOT of customers are more interested in eating healthy?
Yeah, that makes things a LOT easier, doesn't it? *sarcasm*
As a consequence of not meeting our sales goals, the company cut our hours and switched us to single coverage.  Meaning for every shift, there's only one person on.  However, according to a co-worker, I heard they do this because they're trying to save money so that the higher-ups can throw huge parties on yachts or in their mansions.  All while the lowly workers suffer.  All the while, we're given a list of tasks we have to do during the day, which is next to impossible since we have to keep an eye on the gas pumps and watch out for customers.
As a result, stock was being left out, hot foods weren't being prepared, coffee wasn't being readied for the morning, you get the idea...
Gas station 2---
Also, one of the other workers, "George" was a bit of an older guy, but that doesn't excuse his unwillingness to do his job.  George was notorious for simply focusing on the cash register and little to nothing else.  He refuses to go into the coolers to get anything or put stuff away because, he's "not being paid enough to do that." He also doesn't care about the cigarettes or anything else like that.  Seriously, if you don't like it, you can walk!
It's his devil-may-care attitude about this that makes me suspect what happened recently was caused by him.
In the gas station area, there are several trash barrels which require specific bags that are larger than the average trash bags.  Unfortunately, someone put the smaller bags inside the barrels and, as a result, when one of my co-workers tried to take them out, they ended up ripping and trash spilled everywhere.  Neither her nor myself were strong enough to lift the barrels and put the trash into larger bags (and no misogynistic comments please, because I've lifted heavier things than most people expect your average woman to carry!)

Unfortunately, as a result, trash was blowing all over the place and customers were complaining about it, asking when we were going to do something about it.  I told them when the next person got on they'd do something.  Alas, this kept going on all my shift.
Also, a teenage kid came in and wanted to buy cigarettes.  When I asked him for his ID, he claimed he'd been in there an hour ago and I should remember him.  (Spoiler alert: He wasn't.)
I kept telling him I needed ID and he kept making excuses, like he was in a car accident and he lost his ID.  Finally, he asked, "Will you just do it as a favor?"

"No," I told him.
"You don't have to be so rude!" He replied and stormed out to a nearby car where his friend was waiting.
Shortly after, a woman came in to buy gas, and as soon as she came out, the driver of the car called her over.  Immediately I stepped outside and told them to move along.
The passenger side window rolled down and said, "Who do you think you are? The police?"

"If you don't leave, I will call the police!"

"You ain't the f***ing police!" He snapped.  I finally hit my patience limit.
"GET OUT NOW!" I bellowed.  His friend drove out of there immediately.  At least he didn't make a rude gesture.
The same can't be said for an angry crusty who had appeared on the previous shift.  He was trying to pump gas, but he wasn't sliding his card at all.  Instead, he expected me to turn on the pump right away.  I used the intercom to tell him several times he needed to hang up the hose and slide his card first.  He hung it up... then lifted it again.  I told him to come inside, then returned to my current customer.
A few moments later, the older man came in and said, "I'm on that pump!"

"I'll be with you in a second, sir," I replied politely.
An exact second later, "It's been one second!"

"Sir, I'm with customers.  You have to wait."
"I'm not a patient person!" He replied, then stormed back to the pump.  Several times he tried to get me to turn on the pump, even pressing the help button.  I told him he had to pay before pumping.  Eventually, he got in his car and started to drive off... only to stop in front of my window and give me the finger.  I gestured towards the exit and mouthed, "GET OUT! NOW!"
He left.
All in all, things were going to hell faster and faster with every shift, and there was nothing I could do.  It was getting to the point that I was having very harsh thoughts.  It was affecting my physical and mental health.  I just couldn't take it anymore, but the fact that we could be fired for things we have no control over showed just how terrible the company was.  So at the end of my shift, I clocked out and left my manager both a note and text telling him that I was done...
Then I walked off and never looked back again.  I have plenty of other references, I was only there for a few months, so this is no big loss.
I could've gone out in a blaze of glory, but I decided that, between poor management, greedy corporate officials, and other crap, it was time to call it quits.  I didn't give two weeks' notice because I had a feeling the others would not look kindly upon it, especially how I was the only one bending over backwards for them when things were going to hell.  I decided to quit on the spot.  Never thought I would, but I did it.
I figured, do unto others, right?
I'll be working with an agency to find new work.
For now, it's time for another soda!





Grocery Store Hell: "You should do better at your job and know where things are!"



From u/Gouken5256, Tales From Retail:

I just argued with a customer... when I was wrong. I work at as a store manager at a place where everything is a dollar. I was in my office with someone and a knock comes and my associate asks where "arctic ice" is. I think for a moment and think it is an ice pack. They are just looking for the brand. Is what I thought. Let the associate know where it is and continue with the person I am meeting with. Another knock comes on my door and the my associate says the customer is requesting me.... ok I am in the middle of something but whatever. Me and the person in my office leave and there is an old man. I ask how can I help you. He says

"How long have you been a manager!"

"About a year and a half"

"then you should know your f**ing store. I am looking for arctic ice!"

"Is what my associate not what your looking for?" "No! I want arctic ice!"

"Ok, what is it used for? What is arctic ice?"

"It comes in a blue jar and is like a gel!"

"Is it sort of like a vapo rub?"

"No! It's arctic ice! It is in a blue jar and it is a gel!"

I begin to think that this is the vapo rub stuff and he is just to stupid to realize he is being stupid. So I say "I think I know what your talking about" and I take him to the vapo rubs. As I saw a blue jar that said cold rub I thought this was it.

"Is this it sir?"

"No! God! You don't even know your store! It is arctic ice!" And he looks to his side and sure enough there was the arctic ice.

"This! This is what I was looking for! You should do better at your job and know where things are!"

Now comes the thing I regret. I am tired... I am so done.... I just wanna curl up and give up, and when he said that I lost it. I said

"sir! There is over 200,000 items in this store, I can not possibly know where everything is!"

"Then your bad at your job! You should know!"

"No! There are 200,000 items here! Can you name 200,000 items off the top of your head?"

"No! But it is not my job to. It is yours!"

"And you're right! But I wish you would treat me with just a little respect"

"I am, you're just not doing your job!"

I walked off. I could not handle it and needed to cool off. So I just left him there.










Toxic Managers: Manager makes me grovel on the phone



You might remember me from this post quite awhile ago.

Since I never thought I'd have to deal with the same problem again for formality's sake just call me Zeckney. Considering the way things are going this might become a daily occurrence.

Where I work schedules are posted the week of, for that week alone. So scheduling conflicts are a common occurrence. As well as changes to the schedule without notification leading to a lot of no-call no-shows. Leading to calls on the other employees days off to pick up the extra hours. It's a lax environment so no one ever gets fired, but that has lead to people abusing the system.

Didn't have this problem before with the old management. Where they would give us our schedule three weeks in advance, but that's a different story

Backtrack to the beginning of the week, and I'm swapping days with another employee so i can attend an appointment that was set up prior. Manager signs off, and I thought it was all good. Should have known better considering who I was switching shifts with.

Not to get too descriptive, but picture the typical feminist stereotype. Size of a whale, multicolor hair, disgusting BO. customers complain about the them all the time for their stench. Yet nothing has been done. Lets call her Deodorant, because they've probably never used it in their entire life.  

Deodorant decides to go home early, because of an upset stomach.

Manager #4 lets them leave. They count out their drawer. I cover up front, and snag some extra hours. No problem.

Deodorant clocks out. Doesn't go home. Buys three bags of potato chips, and eats them in her car before driving home. That should have been my red flag.

Speed foreword to some time after my appointment. I get a phone call. It's manager #2. They want to know why i wasn't at work. Explain that i traded shifts with Deodorant. They take another look at the schedule, realize their mistake, and apologize. No big deal manager #2 is nice about. End of problem.

Foreword to next day. Here's when their short sightedness about scheduling leads to problems. So i call to get my schedule, since it takes me over an hour to get to the store. As well as complications from my appointment leaving me physically unable to traverse at the time.

Deodorant picks up. I ask for a manager. Hands the phone over to them. It's manager #4. They sound really annoyed.

Me - Hello this 'Zeckney'. I'm calling to ask about my schedule. I just want to know when my next scheduled day is?

Manager #4 - angry Say please!

Are you kidding me? She really wants me to beg for my schedule?

Me - Hesitantly and confused Please?

I really didn't know how to react to that.

Manager #4 - Why can't you just come in, and get it!?

At this point I'm just dumbfounded.  Then proceeds to drop the attitude, and give me my schedule. Spouting it off so fast that when I asked if they could repeat the last day they snapped at me. Giving it to me with a snobbish flare in their voice. After repeating it even faster than before she hung up on me.

I don't know if they were busy or anything, but even then that's no excuses to act that way on the phone with another employee.