Closing Time Nightmare: A Woman Out For Blood



TwinClover, Tales From Retail:

I am the store manager of a retail store. Last night about 15 minutes till close a woman on her phone comes in. She is on her phone and I recognize her as a semi regular customer. Everytime we have had interactions she is cold/curt but nothing out right rude. I do me she does her and we get her on her way.

We are getting to about 5 minutes to close and she come up to the counter with one item that is on clearance. I ring her up and give her her total "does that include the 25% off?" (Keep in mind this entire time she is on her phone. Talking to someone about "how the parents are really angry I didn't play Ethan. I'm happy I didn't play him. He sucks!")

Me: It excludes clearance.

Her: It's under the sign.

Me: The sign does say excludes clearance (This is all going on while she is still carrying on her phone conversation)

Her: can I see the sign?

So I go walk over to the rack she got the items from and look back and she hasn't moved from the cash. Okay I'll just grab the sign then and bring it over. I get up to her as she is still talking on the phone and I place my finger next to the phrase, which is smaller to make it easier to draw her eye to it. Her: thank you.

I proceed to walk back around cash wrap and set the sign down as I go. Out of nowhere...


Guys, I was so confused.

Me: I'm sorry my intention was not to be rude.

Her:YOU DIDN'T NEED TO DO THAT! It was uncalled for! I want to speak to your manager!

Me: I am the manager.

Her: okay I want your name because I am calling and complaining!

Me: my name in TwinClover.

OCTOCAROL 341Her: What's your employee number?

Me: I do not have to provide that.

Her: okay TwinClover, what's your last name?

Me: I do not have to provide that either. TwinClover and the store location will be more then sufficient to identify me. Her. I'm going to pay for this then leave!

We finish the transaction and lock up and I send an email to my RM giving her the heads up about a complaint of me being rude but I don't know how.

So today I hadn't heard anything. Normally complaints will come to us though email via the RM. Mid afternoon I ran into the back to grab some hardware and got into a conversation with an employee on lunch. My ASM comes running into the back. She proceeds to tell me this lady came back and interrupted her while she was with a customer to say she wrote an email and called our complaint line and hadn't heard back and wanted to know why nothing has been done. Started yelling at my asm about how rude I was and how " she doesn't want to raise her child in this environment" I am never to serve her again and if she comes in someone else MUST cash her out.

I wrote another email to my RM who has yet to contact me back. I was so baffled I called our complaint line to see if they could she'd some light and to see why they hadn't contacted her.

I was told they called her back around 10am and that they would pass her concerns along to the RM and Director. I was told she basically told the same story I did. I asked if she could tell me the tipping point of the whole situation.

The woman is this mad because I pointed at the words "excludes clearance" on the sign. She is this angry because I did excatly what she asked of me.

I am so annoyed with this woman. I am to be having an interview with the Director of sales next week to get a new store and this woman has to freak out over something so trivial.

I hate people.




The Creative Way a Shoe Store Manager Stops a Shoplifter Headed Out the Door in Stolen Shoes: "Are Those Shoes Comfortable?"



From NorbertIsAngry, Tales From Retail:

I would have loved to seen something like this happen in the handbag department but it never many times we had old handbags traded out for new ones with the thieves leaving their old bags behind hanging on the rack with the paper stuffing from the new one.

From NorbertIsAngry

I'm a manager in a national specialty retail chain.

As in all retail, shoplifting in our store really cranks up around the Holidays. Our company has a "do not chase" policy concerning shoplifters, but we are encouraged to confront them inside the store - albeit in a non-accusing way. As a manager, I get most of the calls when an associate observes a shoplifter.

In today's incident, one of the associates lets me know over the radio that they observed a "customer" put on a pair of new shoes and hide their old ones beneath the display rack.

I follow him as he walks towards the door, heading towards our "IN" door, which bypasses the register. I'll be "Me" and the dirty thief will be "DT":

Me: "Are those shoes comfortable? I've been thinking about purchasing a pair for my wife" (I notice that they are actually a pair of women's shoes)

DT: "Oh... I... Uh... I'm just trying them on to see if I like them."

Me: "Uh huh, but those [name brand shoes] that you came in with are also very comfortable. Which ones do you like better?"

(At this point he begins walking back towards the shoes)

Shoehell4mDT: "How much are these?"

Me: "Well SOMEONE ripped the tag off, so I'm not sure, but we will find out for you!"

(Now he is "searching" for his old shoes.)

DT: "I thought I left my shoes right here somewhere....."

Me: "Oh there they are, hidden under this rack. How odd. Oh my, look at that! The tag for those new shoes is right here under your old ones. Those shoes are $49.99"

(He puts his old shoes on without a word, then begins shuffling his way back out of the store)

DT: "I'll think about it, and I'll be back"

Me: "Ok, well next time don't try to switch them on us, OK?"

DT: (Aghast) "I'd never do that!"

(At this point he is almost to the door, and I catch sight of one of our leather belts hanging down below his sweater. What's weird is that it is not run through his belt loops. It's just hanging there around his waist.)

Me: "Oh, and can I have that belt too? I'll put it at the register for you."

DT: (smiling as he removes the belt and hands it to me) "Man, you're pretty sharp, aren't you?"

Me: "I don't even know what to say. If I see you in here again, I'm calling the police. You are no longer welcome in here or any of our stores."

DT: (starts an excuse) "Well, you know, I'm just trying - "

Me: (cuts him off) "I don't need to know your excuses. I just need you to know that if you're in here again, you'll be arrested for trespassing."

Goddamn I hate thieves.




Game Store Holiday Hell: No ma'am, we don't have that. No one has that.


Xmas2009 177

From  Elemental-Knowledge

So, [Local Game Store] time. Lady called on the phone, looking for a thing that I have never even heard of.

L: Do you have [THING] in stock by any chance?

Me: I don't believe I've even heard of it, but I'll look around for [THING]........... Doesn't look like we have one, sorry.

L: Are you completely sure? I saw it last time I was there.

Me (wanting to slap her through the phone because I can hear the "i want a manager" tone): I'm absolutely sure we don't have [THING], I've even checked the back.

L: Okay, bye now.

You thought it was over? Nah fam, this is only the beginning. So about half an hour later, I searched the thing up. Doesn't exist. The immediate second I close my computer's internet in order to close up shop, a lady (also known as the phone lady) waltzes in. It's 10 mins until closing, so no problem.

Me: Welcome to [Local Game Store]. Just want to know we close in ten minutes.

L: Hi, I called about half an hour ago for a [THING I KNOW DOESN'T EXIST], and you said you had one (i did no such thing).

Me: I said we didn't have any in stock over the phone, but feel free to look around.

L: I want to speak to the manager (oh lord how I love this saying)

Me: That would be me. Also, [THING] isn't even an existing item, just letting you know.

So she goes on a tirade for several minutes with me giving her completely flat responses. In no way is she going to get a response out of me that didn't contain "We don't have that in stock, and there is nothing in the back" "We do not have anything in the back" "You are not allowed in the back" or "We're closing now, goodbye".

The [THING THAT DOESN'T EXIST] was a system called "Poly Bot" iirc, or something else that does not belong in a game store.

-- Elemental-Knowledge



Walmart Hell Memories: Supervisor Gets his Comeuppance after Ruining Manager's New Year's



From RHUer:

I used to work for Walmart, and at this time, was in the layaway department, and pretty much beloved by the managers because I'd come in early, stay late, work all the overtime they'd give me, do the crap jobs no one wanted to, etc.  It was my first job out of college, and I needed money.  

I remember working one New Year's Day, and two of our salaried Assistant Managers were walking around the store giggling like school girls, arm-in-arm as they patrolled.  Mind you, both women were at least in their 40's, I'd venture to guess 50's is a distinct possibility, and they were known to be good friends outside of work as well as at work.  When they came past layaway all whispering and giggling, I asked what was so funny.  They told me to keep an eye on PartyBoy, a supervisor who had turned 21 not long before, and I'd understand why they were giggling.
For the rest of the day, I watched this supervisor, PartyBoy, stumble around the store, clearly hung over after what appeared to have been an epic New Year's.  The Assistants were making him climb into the rafters to change lightbulbs, they made him clean up the dustiest areas of the store, the hottest areas, any crappy jobs they could think of, PartyBoy got to do them.  And all the while, the Assistants were giggling away.  At one point, I walked past the Store Manager's office to see PartyBoy hunched over a trashcan, retching.
So I went back to the Assistants.  "Okay, he's sick....what's with the hard labor?"
The older of the two assistants smiled evilly.  "He lives in the apartment above mine.  Knowing that we both had to work at 9 am, he had a party last night.  A loud party.  That ended around 5 am.  I got no sleep.  So he gets no rest."
Karma's a bitch.  I wish I could say PartyBoy learned his lesson, but sadly, I don't think he did.  I have other stories about his parties, including one from a friend who WENT to one of them, and maybe I'll share them one day.....






Holiday Hell: Having to Work Sick and Help a Known Shoplifter


Xmas2009 219

From  raexneol, Tales From Retail:

So this happened yesterday at work. I'm sick as hell, mind you, but I'm one of two full-time managers at my store (a plus-size clothing store that actually sells cute clothes, but is a little pricey) so I'm not allowed to take sick days until after inventory in February. Since I'm heavily medicated, I'm a little groggy and a little grumpy, but I'm trying to fake it to make it.

Retail, right?

So this woman walks in, kind of wanders around for a while, picks up a few shirts. She's wearing a big coat, but it's Mississippi and it's about 40 degrees out so people are dressing like it's the snowpocalypse or something. I assist a customer who needs help with an outfit, I look back to the other woman, the shirts are gone. Not a big deal, really, because I have a sales associate there and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, so I figure she's probably gone to set up a fitting room for the customer so she can keep browsing.

I look around for her a few minutes later and she's gone. The shirts (a graphic tee and a plaid button-down) are nowhere to be found. At this point I'm too tired to be mad so I just kind of resign myself to eating that cost come February and go about my day.

Xmas2009 050A couple hours later, she comes back. I've had a fresh dose of DayQuil at this point so I'm a bit more chipper, and when I see her come back, I amp my customer service act up to 11 and go to greet her.

Me: "Hey, welcome to (store)! I saw you in earlier, did you decide to come back for those shirts?"

Shoplifter: "Well, actually, I came to swap one of them out."

... um? I've been in retail for twelve years, and I've been managing for ten of them. Never, in all the time I've been in clothing, grocery, or video game stores, have I ever had a shoplifter so blatantly admit to their crime. At this point, I'm intrigued.

Me: "Oh? That's weird, I don't recall you buying anything last time. Did you have an exchange with you?"

She doesn't, at least not a visible one. She isn't carrying one of our bags with her.

Shoplifter: "Yes, kind of. See, I don't know how it got here, but one of your shirts must have fallen into the lining of my jacket."

I shit you not, those were her words. Verbatim.

Shoplifter: "I didn't notice it until I got home. It's not my size, though, so I came to swap it out."

At this point, I'm kind of grinning because what?? What the fuck? This is a joke, it has to be. I take a moment to look around for someone holding a camera---my DM, maybe---and then take the shirt from her, toss it on the counter to be refolded.

Me: "And the plaid one?"

For a minute, she looks angry, and then she seems to decide that ignorance is the best form of defense that she has.

Shoplifter: "What plaid one? I was only carrying that one."

I kind of stare at her for a few seconds before letting it go and showing her around to some of the sections. She ended up buying the first shirt in her actual size, a couple pairs of jeans, and another shirt (she wasn't amused when I took her to the plaid shirt she'd stolen and said "I think you'd like this one---oh, wait, don't you already have it?")

And after ADMITTING she had stolen it and was only bringing it back because she'd stolen the wrong size, she got MAD AT ME at the register because I wouldn't give her in-store credit for the shirt she was "returning". The one she never bought. The one she stole.

Merry Christmas, y'all.