Management Hell: When Corporate Transfers a Lying Bitch To Your Store



From Eric From Ohio:

As a suffering retail manager; I try to treat my employees better than I remember being treated when I was in their place.  This dumb bitch was transfered from another store to mine via request of that store's manager.  The manager warned she whined, cried and was valued as being little more than a warm body to get the job done (which she came nowhere close to doing anyway).  I felt bad for her.  So she begins working at my store.  1st thing is, dumb bitch cries at the drop of a hat.  Boo fucking hoo missy!  This is R-E-T-A-I-L!  Where we are DOOMED to a life in RETAIL HELL!  Secondly, my other employees and those from other stores believe her to be a junkie (frequent trips to the restroom with a wallet not large enough to hold a tampon).  Last Monday night, dumb bitch calls me, her manager, as I'm finally having dinner with my parents (retail hours y'all).  She begins WAILING, wretchedly whining that she has been back and forth to the restroom throwing up all night long.  Keep in mind, I left the store at 3pm and it is now 7:30.  I told her she needed to tell the Assistant Manager (who she was working with) if she felt that she needed to go home.  She said she would do that and I didn't hear from her again that night.  The next day, the Assistant Manager told me she worked her entire shift and was quite 'bubbly' when 3rd shift arrived at 10:30.  Today, Tuesday, everyone in the company sees the following on her Facebook.  DUMB BITCH!


 --Eric From Ohio


Store Closing Tales From Flutilicious



From Flutilicious:

My DM informed us just over a week ago that my store is going to close.  Close out began on Friday with a 20 – 40% of sale, with the usual close out exclusions…no returns, no coupons, no checks, no special orders, no holds, no layaway, etc.    Here, diary style, is “Tales from the Close-Out”

Day 1:  I ended up with the closing shift, so by the time I got in the close out was already signed and in full swing.  Of course somebody screwed up in corporate and they never sent the close out pricing to the registers, so everything is scanning wrong.   Custys must have thought it was a garage sale because they just tossed stuff everywhere.  Didn’t help matters that they just didn’t understand why we are no longer taking coupons, returns, or checks.  Definitely nothing “in the back” (except trash and fixtures waiting to be picked up) but I’ll “just go look” anyway because I could use a 5 minute break and no, I can’t call another store because we no longer have access to check their inventory.    Did I mention the SM left as soon as I got in and the AM took a 6 day weekend, so no management was at the store except me, and I’m only third in command with zero authority to do spit.  Our store was the only one in the district to make the daily sales goal, the DM gave me and my closing co-worker some bonus reward points.

Storeclosinghell2Day 2:  I am working an open to close because both AM and SM needed the weekend off.  Why did they both get off the same weekend?  The SM makes the schedules and the AM is her BFF.  It was another batshit crazy day.  I was working with the same gal who closed with me last night, she called ahead and said she was stopping at Taco Belch on the way in and could she pick up something for my lunch, so I gave her my order and she brought me food.  I had a part timer who was supposed to do a mid-shift, 11 to 3 and by 11:20 she wasn’t there so I called, left her a voice mail saying “Um, we’re pretty busy, you were supposed to be here 20 minutes ago.  If you’re not coming in, let me know so I can give your hours to somebody else”.  Five minutes later I get a call “Was I supposed to work today?”  Um, yeah good time to check your schedule huh.  She finally showed up about the same time my Noon person came in, I really had to pee so Noon watched the register (without punching in, although I told her she should) so I could go to the bathroom.  Once Tardy and Noon are on the clock, I explain the close out sale, no holds, no coupons, no returns, everything final sale, etc.  Tardy seems totally lost so I told her “Go clean the fitting room and straighten the sales floor and Noon and I will handle the customers.”  Once again, “Why can’t I use a coupon?”  “What do you mean you aren’t taking returns?”

Day 3:  The SM worked all of 2 hours to open the store, and that’s only because I can’t get in before 1pm on Sunday.  She didn’t really NEED the day off, she just didn’t want to work all day.  AM is still on her long weekend.  It was a busy morning but died down in the afternoon.  Had a few returns to reject, one “Can’t I just get a gift card”.  Since it died down and there were no custys, I hunted and found some Pokemon in the bras.

OCTOCAROL 348Day 4:  I’m scheduled a close shift and this is my 6th day straight without a day off.  AM is still on long weekend, supposed to open the next day, but I guess she decided she needed one more day.  I get a text from SM asking if I would open the store so she could go to the gym in the morning.  Since it is illegal in my state to work 7 days without at least a solid 24 hours off, I said no.  I had just worked a hell weekend with the beginning of closeout because the AM wanted a six day weekend and the SM “didn’t want to” work a full shift on Sunday so I basically said “No way, that will be 7 days without a day off.”  SM replies “It’s just 4 hours but whatever, I guess I’ll have to work open to close”  Yeah, just like she made me do over the weekend.  I later get a text saying to come in an hour later.  Ok, I’ll take it.  Get to the store, SM says “I’m leaving early since I have to be here ALL DAYtomorrow.”  Today I was called a racist because we sold out of black size F pantyhose, I wouldn’t take her return (“so what am I supposed to do with all the stuff I bought online now?”  Um, donate it?), and she couldn’t use any coupons.   I locked the doors 5 minutes early.

Two days off (finally), sat at home and ignored phone calls and texts from the SM.

Day 5: Opened the store to a huge mess.  Apparently closing the store means we no longer make it look presentable.  The crazy has died down so not too busy, but steady enough.  Not much to do but clean up last night’s mess since we’re no longer getting new shipment.  Today’s irritated custys happened when she was informed that no, we are not getting new product shipments and one on the phone who couldn’t believe that we sold the top she saw two days ago and I couldn’t give her the UPC numbers so she could look for it at another store.  Talked to the rep from the liquidation company on the phone about some scanning discrepancies.  The rest of the chain just started a 50% off clearance weekend and that sale is overriding our close-out sale (because it is cheaper), I told the rep that the company sale was cheaper, that’s why their sale is overriding his, and his reply…”Well we don’t want THAT do we?”  Um, yes we do because we’re trying to sell the stuff, not let it sit here forever.

Day 6:  More of the same, mad because of no returns, mad because no coupons (“The coupon doesn’t SAY I can’t use it (coupon does say not valid on clearance and basically we’re a full store of clearance.)), and mad because we are not having the same sale as the rest of the chain.   Found out somebody has been accepting coupons and the SM is taking returns, although the liquidator said not to, our DM said to take them, so now we’re dealing with conflicting information and nobody knows what’s going on anymore.

This is my turn to have the weekend off (finally) so I won’t be back until Monday.  It will be interesting to find out what’s changed and if we’re following the liquidator’s no coupons, no returns rule.



McHell Manager Memories of a Crazy Job Applicant



From an RHUer:

Back in my days of actually being a McHell Manager, I interviewed this one guy. We'll call him Ray, just for this story's sake.

Ray and I sat down for the interview, and I immediately could tell he was not a fit candidate for my store. I continued the interview process and sent him on his way, putting a No on his app. I felt like he wasn't a fit person for the job based on experience. He was a Wholesaler stocker, and we were a high volume store located between two major shopping destinations. Sometimes we joked that the light turned green and BOOM 50 customers would want food. So I felt based on that interview that he was a no go.

Two days later, and about 15 phone calls in between he got a hold of me. This guy wanted to desperately get a job that he called the store probably about 8 times a day until I actually was able to talk to him. I told him that unfortunately the position had been filled, and he freaked the crap out on me. He bitched at me that I was discriminating against him, yada yada yada.

I sat there, phone almost dropping to the floor in astonishment, and was doing that "Are you freaking kidding me?" laugh in my head. This turned into a 15 minute conversation I had with him where he just kept claiming discrimination and I tried saying "I do not have to hire you" or "I chose not to hire you based on your lack of experience. You are a Wholesale Stocker. I do not think you could handle the amount of stress that this job entails", or things like that.

He would say shit like "It's because I am a True Believer, isn't it!" and I would sit there and go "..I wasn't aware that you were a True Believer" or "Sir, you did not even state your race. How am I supposed to know what race you are?"

In the end, I ended the phone call with "I have told you at least ten times why I chose not to hire you. It is not because of discrimination. It is because I feel like you would not be a good candidate for this store." and hung up. I admit that towards the last few minutes of the phone call I was not professional but when one keeps repeating themselves over and over again, it grates on the nerves.

After I hung up the phone, I immediately threw out his application. Normally we kept them on file for so long for whatever reason, but I was not having it. If an applicant challenges my authority over just an interview, how is he going to react to my authority if he actually worked with me?





Gaining Firing Powers Through The Power Of An Employees Assholeism


Freddy not impressedFrom: ZshadeZ

When I was 18 I was AMing a small pizza place and had a 28 year old driver harassing 16 year old girl.

I told him to stop, and I'd told him to stop another day that same week.

He laughed and kept it up and said I was only defending her because I "wanted to fuck her too."

I told him to clock out and go home.

He said "No. What are you going to do, fire me?!" knowing AM didn't have the authority to fire someone.

I said "Yes, you're fired. Clock out and go home."

He cried that I couldn't do that, so I told him he could complain to the SM in the morning, but for the night I was running the store and he was out.

Not the best way to handle it, I know that now, but even then I knew that if I didn't tell him he was fired and get him out after he asked a question like that and refused to do what he was told I'd lose any respect/authority I had with anyone else.

DM called me in the next day and questioned it and he agreed that while it wasn't handled in the best way, my response and reasoning made sense and he'd stick with it.



Retail Balls Award: Business Owner Insults Customers And Coworkers Alike


Skullies xmasFrom: GuessWhatIdioth

So this all happened yesterday morning, about an hour after unlocking the doors.

I work for a small jewelry store located in the Southeastern US, and while I primarily design custom jewelry, the holidays have required my presence on the actual sales floor. No problem, I've worked retail and sold all manner of goods and services for years now. I'm confident, not cocky, and my clientele has always been very comfortable with me.

11am, in walks an older gentleman, around 70, and being the closest one to him, I walk up to and greet him.

Me: "Hey, what's up? How's it going?" (I'm extremely informal and relaxed, because fuck pretentious jewelry shops.) " What brings you in today?"

Man: "Well, my wife has had the same diamond ring since I asked her to marry me 43 years ago, and I figured this Christmas would be the perfect time for an upgrade for her."

Me: "Oh wow, good deal, that sounds awesome! Well, you and I stopped at the right spot, because here, we've got all our diamond fashion and engagement rings."

At this time, my boss, the owner of the store, had begun speaking to a woman about charm bracelets, about 10 feet away.

Me: "So, were you thinking like a true engagement ring upgrade? Or something more like a right-hand ring that will allow her to keep wearing her original one?"

Man: "Well, y'know son, I hadn't thought of that, actually. What do..."

Boss: "Excuse me, GuessWhatIdioth, I'm sorry, I just... would you mind... could you show this lady some charms? You know, you're just so much better with that than I am. Haha! I'll help this gentleman out, haha! Hello, how are you today?"

Asshat bossesI look at her, shocked. Are you kidding me? She had sprinted across the sales floor to steal my sale. I glance over at the lady, who apparently she cut off mid-sentence to interrupt me. She was incredulous, mouth hanging wide open. The man was incredibly uncomfortable, not saying a word and just shifting in his seat.

But of course, she's the owner of the shop, so...

Me: "Um...yyyyeah, sure... I'm sorry, sir. It was nice to speak with you, if only for a second..." I cut a look at my boss who refuses to acknowledge the extra little quip from me.

I go over to help the lady, and apologize for how rude my boss has just been. Turns out she was looking for Star Wars charms, which unfortunately we don't carry, so my time with her was short.

It stayed busy non-stop for about 3 hours after the "incident," but when the activity finally calmed down, I stepped in the back to confront my boss, but she started talking before I could.

Boss: "GuessWhatIdioth, you need to work on your timing for handing off the sale."

Me: "Actually, in the short time I was with him, he had already warmed up to me, sooooo that was not one I would have handed off."

The owner believes that everyone is there to set her up for the big sales. Despite the fact that she will calculate monthly and yearly goals for each salesperson, that doesn't stop her from butting into and stealing sales, and then fussing at everyone when their goals aren't met.

Boss: "Well, when I move over to you, you just need to make the transition smooth for me."

Me: "You know what, no. This has been happening for way too long. When you interviewed me, why did you hire me?"

Boss: " Because of your sales experience, but..."

Me: "And the last time this happened, and I told you I would like to focus my energies off the floor on custom design and marketing, what did you tell me?"

Boss: "I said 'absolutely not, because I need your skills on the sales floor.'"

Me: "Right. Every time you encroach upon my sales, you're basically telling me the complete opposite of that. That you don't trust me to do the job you hired me to do. However, in the past 3 hours, I've sold a $3000 emerald bracelet, $800 in charms, ordered 6 monogram necklaces, and a $2000 diamond solitaire pendant. Because you were either too busy with someone else to notice me, or you had already latched onto someone else."

Boss: "....."

XMAS BALLSMe: "Listen, this is your store, so you obviously can do whatever you want with it. And yes, there are times when I don't connect with a customer as well as you or someone else could, but I'm smart enough to feel it out and make that call myself, so please, until then, just let me handle my own sales from now on."

Boss: "Well, we'll see. I'm just doing what the analysts are telling me to do, so we'll just see, won't we?"

She's obviously not happy with me at all right now, but she's also not stupid enough to fire me during the busiest retail time of the year. I imagine I'll be back on the hunt for a job when New Year's rolls around, but for now, I get to awkwardly work alongside her for a few more weeks... but hey, some people need to hear the hard truths, even from an underling, so sorry, not sorry...

While my sales skills would certainly make it easy to move on to a new sales position elsewhere, I'm ashamed to say they're a little wasted on me, as I don't enjoy sales at all really. Most of the clients, sure, they're awesome. They usually make the job enjoyable, and networking is fantastic in this position. But a fatal flaw in my personality is that I simply do not care to be under any hierarchical system of management.

For lack of a better term, I...don't really respect authority all that much, especially when I feel very strongly that that authority is ill-gotten, corrupt, or just plain stupid...

For that very reason, I've been working for the past year to start my own business, one in which I am the only employee, and the only "boss" I ever have will be the clients who scout my talent, work with me for the duration of a project, pay me, and then move on. Because the combination of (1) the nature of my current job and (2) what I aspire to become is such a unique situation, I won't be divulging my career aspirations, but just know that I've taken great strides over the past year while in the meantime dealing with this sales position, and I am very close to realizing my dream.