Crazy Coworkers: It's Not My Fault! It's Never My Fault!


4 Coworker HellFrom Jaybeetee86AskReddit

Back in my museum days, one girl I had supervised was promoted to a position equal to mine, but seemed to think she was now my boss (she didn't particularly like me). As time went by, she was making more and more careless errors I was having to catch and deal with, but when brought up (in meetings or with her directly), she would blame me or others for those errors (while also being sure to bring up anything I did wrong or she'd thought I'd done wrong). After awhile, she started making a TON of mistakes, in all aspects of her job.

It hit the fan when within the space of a few days: the accountant discovered she hadn't made any deposits in over a month (part of her job was to drop off deposits regularly from tickets, gift shop sales, etc); field trips/teachers were complaining that she wasn't returning calls; and one day she booked a large group tour with literally only me in to cover it.

When I walked in that morning, saw the schedule and flipped out, her first reaction was to blame me for "not noticing sooner" (scheduling was squarely her job, and I would delegate tours and other tasks based on her schedule- kinda backasswards I know, but that was the set-up at the time). Other colleagues reamed her out for the scheduling incident, and for trying to avoid responsibility for it.

I'd had it at that point, and finally wrote a long email to our Exec Director discussing ALL the errors I and others had to cover for, unaware at the time that the accountant was also complaining to the ED about the lack of deposits (no, she wasn't stealing them- the deposits were sitting on her desk and she just hadn't been doing it).

It also turned out that this girl was smearing me to the ED, so these incidents prompted further investigation which thankfully cleared things up on my end.

Aaaanyway, that basically lead to an "intervention" with the ED and some others from management sitting this girl down and reading her the riot act, where she claimed job burnout for the errors (she was like 23 years old at this point, though we worked in an admittedly stressful environment).

She was put on some sort of super-probation, her work was double-checked, the scheduling procedure was re-jigged, and she suddenly acted a whole lot nicer to me.



The Museum of Play


 From Great Big Story:

Ready your senses for nostalgia overdrive: the Strong Museum in Rochester, New York, has every toy from your childhood and then some. Known as the “Museum of Play,” inside, you’ll find a colorful collection of more than 500,000 objects that represent the history of toys and games in the United States. From board games to videos games, dolls to Pez dispensers, Barbies to Furbies to yo-yos and more—if you can play with it, you’ll find it here.

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Museum Gift Shop Hell: "Isn't there anything more SOPHISTICATED in here?"



From pureleine, Tales From Retail:

This happened a few hours ago and I'm still annoyed. I work at a science-theme gift store attached to a museum. The majority of the store is geared at children but there are definitely LOTS of items that are popular with all ages. An older lady walks in and immediately huffs

"Isn't there anything more SOPHISTICATED in here?" I try to keep myself from laughing. We're a fun gift store for pete's sake, not some high end boutique!

"Well, we have some home decor here, and some nice scarfs, and-"

"I need something NICE for my grandson."

"Okay, how old is he?"


"..." I wondered what kind of 14 year old would be too "sophisticated" to enjoy the dozens of items in the store that were literally aimed at his demographic.

"Um, well, we have some shirts, books, some cool gadgets..."

"Okay, okay. Just give me the name of a nearby store where I can get something nice for my grandson." I guess she just came in here to complain about our merchandise, not actually help her find something.

"Well... What does he like?"

"Just give me the name of a STORE."

Not gonna lie, I was tempted to just say 7/11 or Shell Station but I value my job.

"I can't really find a store if I don't know what he likes." She literally looks at me like I'm an idiot.

"You don't live around here, do you?" I literally almost pearl clutched, now I /did/ move here only 3 years ago but I still know my way around!"

"Sorry ma'am, I don't think I can help you." She gives me /that/ snarky smile that customers give and walks off. Seriously lady, just because you don't know what your own grandson likes, doesn't mean you can act like we're incompetent! Besides, I'm sure he'd like our stuff. >:(




Malicious Compliance: I Called The Police On You, Like You Wanted


3MALFrom RRuruurrrMaliciousCompliance

I am a museum security officer. The museum is owned by a university that has its own police service. Museum security is a subset of campus police. On paper I work for campus PD also, but I'm not a full fledged LEO. To simplify the story I referred to police officers as "police" and security officers as "security" but we all work under one department.

Our museum is pretty cool and kids often get a little too excited. No big deal; they're kids. When that happens I'll find the parent(s) and ask for a little more supervision. Also not a big deal.

Yesterday I got a call from dispatch saying there were complaints of children running around on the first floor. I stopped the kids and asked where their guardian was. After a brief search their mom was found on the fourth floor and had seemingly forgotten she brought four little kids with her. I reminded her of her responsibility to keep an eye on her kids and she clearly didn't get the message.

"I understand that you're not doing your job!" she moans. I asked her to clarify and she stated that she shouldn't have to watch her kids because that's security's job. I politely explained that my job is to enforce the rules, not to babysit and she grew incapable of discussion. "YOU NEED TO JUST DO YOUR JOB AND WATCH MY KIDS!" She yelled as she turned to walk away.

She used that phrase one too many times. "Ma'am, please calm down. It's time for you to leave. Gather your children and I'll escort you to your car."

She did a double take so fast her face turned to look at me and her chin followed half a beat later. "YOU CAN'T KICK ME OUT. I'M CALLING THE POLICE!"

Internally I laughed. Externally I said, "Okay."

She ended up not having her phone with her so I asked if she wanted me to call the police on myself. She agreed.

Badge 666I called local PD and connected with the same dispatcher from earlier. I talk to this person every day. He immediately recognized what was happening. I said something like, "Hey, this is RR'uruurrr. I have a lady here who's been asked to leave and refuses to comply. She would like police intervention."

When the cop arrived he had been briefed and immediately took my side. Mommy couldn't believe it. The cop walked her to her car where he ID'd her for his records. She had outstanding warrants for unpaid parking tickets, (if you don't pay parking tickets, they become court dates. Court dates become arrest warrants when you fail to appear), and was arrested on the spot.

A second police officer came to take care of the kids. I imagine he took them into protective custody until he could contact the father or a grandparent or something. If that failed, I imagine Child Protective Services was notified.

By the time it had progressed to this point I had left to do other things. I like to stay out of the way when the police are working.



Toxic Managers: Museum Tantrums And Bad Handling


04 Manager droidFrom SoulCommodore

My story is pretty tame.

I work at a museum. The board president basically cussed me out on the phone before a big seasonal event, saying that she heard from other people that I was not giving 100% dedication to my job. That I needed to step my game up or face some serious consequences. Everyone was pretty stressed due to the event and I was pretty pissed.

I emailed her after the conversation, because it came completely out of left field. I had never had anyone complain about how I did my job. Tourists, the executive director (my direct boss), or even the president and the rest of the executive board. No one had complained before. So I asked her who it was that had a problem.

Turns out, no one had said a word to her about the job I was doing. She hadn't "heard" from anyone. She just listed a bunch of her own grievances about what I was doing (wearing a costume to work on Halloween, not labeling some artifacts she had brought in that had zero historical value, keeping my bike out of sight in the office, trivial shit).

I told her that she could just tell me that she was unhappy with these things as they happened, especially seeing as I was never told not to do these things, rather than cuss me out on the phone months later. I lost a lot of respect for her that day, but I was still employed. So I counted my blessings.

Also, I found out that the executive director and the president were paying me $1.25 less than they originally agreed to. When I first got the job two years ago, they gave me a job description with the original pay listed on it.

Naively, I didn't make a copy of it. When I started the job, my paycheck was much less than I thought it would be, and I was given another job description with the lower pay on it. I didn't make a fuss, because I was hard up for money, and I needed the job. Plus, the museum was kinda doing some shady shit. Additionally, I was an idiot who had no backbone at the time.

Anyway, some shit went down earlier this year. My boss and the entire executive board stepped down from their positions, and I found my original job description with the original pay. Needless to say, I'm now getting paid what I was supposed to, plus back pay.

Working here used to be a nightmare. But the new executive board is pretty nice.

Freddy frustration 2It's a small black history museum. Our executive board is only seven people right now, so it's a tiny operation. The previous executive board was only three people, with five other board members.

As far as shady stuff, basically, the executive director went back to school, and they let her keep her job while I ran the day-to-day operations at the museum. Which isn't really shady, but needless to say, she couldn't perform her job duties as well as she could have had she not been four hours away.

The board was very hush hush about inner dealings, and wouldn't tell me or the other museum members anything. Even when new board members joined, they were expected to keep their mouths shut at meetings. Things would get ugly during these meetings, some of which were attended by municipality board members who were responsible for our funding. They also encouraged me to fudge the numbers of phone calls and visits to the museum so we could get better funding, which I refused to do.

Most egregiously, one of the more elderly board members at the time made some somewhat disparaging remarks about the way one of our summer students were dressed. The summer student recorded that conversation in secret, and addressed a letter to the board. The president refused to allow the other board members to see the letter, and destroyed the recording, so they couldn't argue their side.

All in all, it was a mess. But things are getting better now. 



Dumbass Custys: You Really Should Ask, Before Eating That...


Dumbass 1From RHUer

Working at a museum where the main attraction is the dinosaur exhibit, we sell a lot of cheap products aimed at children. And we sell a lot of them.

Especially "Dino Eggs."

A grandfather (I presume) and his grand-daughter (once again, I presume. And hope.) came into the shop, always busy, always cramped. And he picks up a Dino Egg for her.

Hands it over. Pays quickly. "No bag, no need."

Lovely, simple transaction.

But just as the till drawer has closed and I am pulling out his receipt to hand him, I've seen him in the corner of my eye tear open the packaging of this "egg", smash open the lovely plastic shell and taken a big shard to his mouth.

He begins to chew, turns slowly to me and only then does he think to ask, "Is this edible?"

"No...!" I gasped. "No, sir. That... that's not edible. You really shouldn't eat that."

The little grand-daughter's face sinks further watching her grandpa spit out bits of plastic into her broken dinosaur egg. A fake dino-egg designed to be immersed in water so that the rubbery-dino toy on the inside can "grow and hatch."

I gave him another... Well, I gave it to his grand-daughter. Best to keep it away from him, he was clearly ravenous.

And this is how products get weird warning labels on them.