Discount Rats: Instrument Rentals And The Crustys Who Bitch About It


Jason laptopFrom: JLals

Ugh, I used to work at a music instrument retailer. Rental season was the bane of my existence.

People don't get it. You're renting an instrument, and they can be fucking expensive. We're not going to let you walk out of there just on your word.

A car rental company wouldn't hand you the car without any personal info, and neither will we.

And on a side note: people, don't get upset that some other kid's trumpet is $300 while your kid's baritone sax is $1500. Blame your kid for picking it, not us.

It's like getting angry that that motorized scooter costs less than that SUV. MORE MATERIALS/BUTTONS 'N JUNK = MORE MONEY!