Thrift Store Hell with Nasty Ass Thieves


Carolanne 047z

From Ginger, March, 2009:

Hope you are all surviving out there. Today I'm ranting a bit about shoplifters.

I work in a glorified thrift store. You can get a coat for your kid for less than $15 or pair of shoes for less than $5, yet for some ridiculous reason we have a huge shoplifting problem.

We can't say anything unless we actually see someone take something. We have had to start locking our public restroom and now have to let people in with the key each time. We have to keep one shoe of each pair behind the counter. Coats and anything over $10 has to have an ink tag on it.

We saw a woman take her son out of the store, sit down on the steps with him, pull a pair of shoes out of her purse put them on him, right in the front door. This incident was what started the holding of one shoe behind the counter policy. It's a total retail pain in the ass. We have 26 baskets full of single shoes behind the counter and have to find the mate to the shoe the customers want when they are ready to check out. It's a disaster! Our manager however, hilariously informed me of the new policy right in front of our shoe-lifter!

Another night a couple of women came in with several kids and ripped tags off of about $80 of merchandise in the restroom and walked out with all of in the bags. One of the items was purple coat. About a week and a half later, they came back and the little girl was wearing the coat. Our manager  made a big deal about how cute the coat was and such. She had the other employees followed them around to keep them from walking out with anything else.

I've asked a couple times for people to tail possible shoplifters and they don't even try! Plus it's our slow season and that means people are getting sent home or their hours are getting cut. It's a turn-based system. If I get cut tonight, then someone else gets cut tomorrow. One of our girls is refusing to go home when someone has to and also coming in early for her shift. OUr new assistant (who I cannot make myself like) let her stay when she came in early and made me leave. WTF?!! I need hours too! Stingy beeeotches!






Nasty Ass Thieves: Adding $10 To The Tip


Nasty Ass ThievesFrom u/inspectorgadget88TalesFromTheCustomer

Years ago, as an almost-broke student with a toddler, I frequently ordered from the local pizza chain to save myself some time that could then be spent either doing homework or with my kid. Sometimes lunch, other times dinner.

Lunch was never a problem, but when I would order later in the day for dinner there would always be a charge to my card for $10 more than what I had signed for.

I feel it is important to note that nothing else was really ever wrong with my order, in respect to the food itself.

So, each time that this overcharge happened, I would go in, explain the situation, and the day manager would always just refund my entire purchase in cash, including the $10 overcharge. Ok, that's cool. The charge stayed on my card, but I got the full amount back. I like to believe that it helped my case that, each time, I approached the situation calmly and only asked for the $10 back.

But cool, free food.

A few weeks later, I sat down with the GM of the location, at my request, because this has now happened 4 times. Basically just wanted to be sure that he was aware that a pattern had formed, and if it is happening to me it is happening to others who may or may not notice, and who almost definitely will not be as patient as I have been.

I get a call about a week later. GM did some research and some surveillance (including a dummy purchase under a fake name with a prepaid card) and had found the culprit.

The evening shift lead was adding a "1" in front of the tip amount, on every credit receipt. She would then pocket the surplus. Hundreds of dollars per week. How in the world more people didn't complain, I will never know. I wish I had the cash to not worry about 10 bucks.

How did he know that it was on every receipt? She didn't even put the effort in to use the same color ink. She carried a purple pen, for her own use when taking orders and stuff. So, the 1 was in purple on every receipt. Rookie mistake, LOL.

She was fired, and escorted out by the police when she went ballistic. The boss man wasn't going to follow up with any charges, but the local PD strongly encouraged him to.

I don't know if she was ever charged, but that location is closed now. I miss their pizza.



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Retail Balls Award: Restaurant-Scamming Customer Gets Told



From Jeni, October, 2009:

This happened to me a few years ago in a small town, locally owned restaurant.

I was working the night shift with a cook and another waitress. We don't have a supervisor or manager on duty at night because it's such a small place and there are usually no complaints or issues. The restaurant is dead and we are closing up for the night when a woman strolls in and orders a hamburger. Easy, the other waitress working that night serves her and goes back to dish duty.

Halfway through the burger, the customer stops the waitress and complains that she ordered a cheese burger not a regular and there is a hair in her food. (cheese burgers are 50 cents extra) the waitress apologized, sincerely thinking she got the order wrong.

The customer then pulls the bun off and sitting neatly on top of her half burger patty is one long, blonde hair. The waitress is black and has short hair, our cook is bald, and I am a red head.

The customer demands that she get a free cheese burger and demand that she doesn't have to pay for this one either. I quickly call the owner and fill him in on the situation and he agrees to let her have the free meal.

I worked with the same two people the next night, when the same blonde woman comes in and again, orders a hamburger and tries her little scam out on us thinking we've got amnesia.

As soon as she insists that she ordered one with cheese and that there's a hair in it, I quickly rush over and act, knowing that if she gets away with it tonight as well, my coworkers and I will be docked another collective $10 for two burgers we had to give away from our already tiny paychecks.

OCTOCAROL 217CI walk up to the counter and ask the woman what the issue is and she immediately starts screaming that we're poisoning her by putting our "bodily parts" in her food.

She shows me the long blonde hair and claims she also asked for cheese.

I informed her that no one who is working has hair like that in her burger. She insists and throws a fit, expecting us to give in just as easily as last night.

I call the cook out and she sees that no one working that night has long, blonde hair.

She comes back with,"You must not clean well, this hair is from people on the morning shift and is in my food!"

I lose it, slam my fists on the countertop, get real close to her and whisper, "Listen to me, you cheap bitch, you came in here last night and pulled the same shit. It costs me money to give your ass free food. I'm not stupid."

She gasps and tells me that she knows the owner and won't stand to be cursed at by the likes of me.

Not wanting to call the owner and confirm, I was pretty confident that she didn't in fact know the owner and was playing me for a chump.

I shot back with a hasty, "Oh really, we've met? Because I don't seem to recall you!"

She shut her mouth and searched for something to say while I got closer to her and told her "Get the fuck out of my restaurant. If you ever come back, I'll have you arrested for theft."

She grabbed her purse, dug for her wallet and slammed a fist full of cash on the counter.

As she walked out the door, she turned around and gave me a look.

While I screamed, "OUT!" at the top of my lungs.

The wad of cash contained $56.

We rung up the amount of her bill and split the change, counting it as a well deserved tip.








Cashier Hell: $100 Scammer



From Home Improvement Whore:

So last week, I was on a regular register in the middle of the store for a few minutes. I only had a couple of customers in that short time. One of the last ones was a man who bought a key for something like $1.60 and gave me $100.60. So I gave him back his 99 dollars in change, told him to have a nice day, and he went on his merry way.

A couple minutes later, my head cashier told me to go down to commercial sales to give the cashier there lunch. I'd been down there 5, no more than 10 minutes when I got a call from the cashier who'd taken my place at the regular register.

This is about how it went. She's S, I'm H.

S: Do you remember a customer you had a little while ago who just bought a key and paid with 100 dollars?
H: Yeah, why?
S: (You could tell she didn't want to say it)... He says he gave you 200 dollars and you didn't give him his money back.
H: No, he only gave me 100.
S: (telling this to customer, then turns back to phone) Well, he says he put 200 down on the counter, and walked off without it, and now it's gone.
H: No, he didn't put any money down on the counter.
S: (reports this to customer, then turns to phone again) He says he did, and that you must have it.
H: (pissed off now) Well, if he wants to, he's welcome to come down here and watch me turn out my pockets, because I sure as hell don't have his money.
S: Ok, [my name]. (hangs up)

So I got a little more of the story that night from the other cashier, and the rest a couple days later from the head cashier he spoke to afterward.

Guy couldn't keep his story straight. First he said he was missing a hundred dollars, then he said it was TWO hundred dollars he was missing.

The cashier told me he'd kept saying, "Why'd she run off so fast? She MUST have it!"

Dude, I'm a frickin' cashier. I can't just run off whenever I feel like it.

Apparently that didn't occur to him. My head cashier told me later that after she'd checked under the cash drawer, where we keep the big bills, she offered to check the security cameras that hang over every register in the store to see if he'd laid the money on my counter.

This is when he decided, "Well, let me check my car and make sure it didn't fall out of my pocket or something!" Scurries out the door, then trots back in a few minutes later going "Oh, here it is! It was right outside the exit door, I must have missed putting it in my pocket, hahaha!" {runs out door}

Lying sack of shit. If you saw somebody drop 100 dollars, you'd A) run up to him with it and give it back to him or B) pocket it yourself and walk off whistling. No way it'd be lying outside the door for 10-20 minutes.

Naturally, after trying to scam us and blame me, he didn't have the balls to apologize. If I ever see him again though, I'll cuss him out. I hope he at least has the good sense not to come back to us. I wouldn't bet on it, though.

--Home Improvement Whore:

June 2009



Cashier Hell: When The Fooler Becomes the Fool



From u/weijiji, Tales From Retail:

Since my store is small and we often have the problem of not having enough change in our register on slower nights, my manager allows us to reject larger bills when the total comes out to be less than $15. Most customers don't usually mind since they're sympathetic when I explain I don't have enough bills (unless they want only $1's and $5's), but I've had customers that act like I've completely inconvenienced them and cursed their future family lineage. In that case, I usually tell customers that we (the mall) are surrounded by 3 big banks that would definitely be able to break that $100 they have.

I was working one slow night when a middle aged lady came in and started eyeing our candy on the front counter. She wanted some skittles, so I scanned it and told her the total. She threw a $100 bill on the counter and without touching it, I asked her if she had any other method of paying since I couldn't break the bill due to the total being so little. "What do you mean you can't break it?! Is this not a fucking store?!" She screamed in my face and I swear I could see so many spit particles fly from her mouth. "I worked hard for this money and you WILL accept it!"

I told her that oh-so-great retail lie of how I would definitely take it if I could, but I couldn't due to our "policy." I tried offering her a solution to walk a few minutes to the bank to break her bill if she desperately needed this bag of overpriced skittles, but she started responding with personally insulting me. "Are you fucking mental? How hard is it to give me fucking change? It's not rocket science!"

Like, listen. I'm dumb as shit, but I'm not going to let this lady insult me for something that's out of my control. I placed my hand on the $100 bill with the intention of sliding it back towards her so she could take it back when I realized something was off. I grabbed the $100 bill and started inspecting it and realized that it was a fake. In the case of counterfeit bills, I usually let the customer know I can't and won't take the bill in the most civil way possible, but you see, retail has broken me. I am now an empty husk of the kind, patient person I used be many moons ago. How dare she insult my (lack of) intelligence when she's the one paying with a bill so fake you can tell by a simple touch.

I looked at her with a smile and went, "actually, ma'am, I totally forgot we just had a large purchase with enough bills! Sorry about that!" I start pretending to continue on with the transaction as I held up the bill to the light and felt the bill for its ridges to "check it." I start feigning confusion as I went "huh. That's strange! This bill doesn't seem to have the watermark it should have!"

"Hurry up and give me my money!" She demands. I started pulling at the bill multiple times to check the integrity of cotton currency when I "accidentally" ripped it in half. "Oh no!" I said. The lady looked at me and boy, did she look angry as if her child Mckeighleigh just ripped up her newest MLM catalogue. "Are you fucking kidding me?! You are going to compensate me for my money you just ripped!"

I looked out the store and conveniently saw one of the mall security guards making their rounds, so I let the lady know. "Sorry, let me call over that security officer! I think the police are actually here right now because they caught a shoplifter, so they'll definitely help you sort this predicament right out!" I looked at the lady and noticed that her facial expression went from angry to panicked the moment I brought up the police.

"I'll be in contact with corporate! Your life will be over!" She screamed as she ran out the store and towards the mall exit. I ended up taping the ripped bill and a note on the wall indicating what happened so my coworkers and manager will know and know who to look out for just in case she came back to do her thing. I also called the owners of my store and let them know and their reaction was "she's going to call corporate because you wouldn't take a fake bill? Good luck with that."





Retail Hell Memories: Magic Door



From u/mentalfoam Tales From Retail:

Many moons ago I worked nights in a petrol station fairly rubbish job but paid the bills. Now this station wasn't in the nicest of areas so had frequent shoplifters. My attitude to it was as long as they weren't blatant I didn't care in not gonna get stabbed over a pot noodle.

One time tho there was a regular thief was in just him. Clocked him stick 2 bottles of milk under his jacket thought I'd mess with him.

So using the remote key I turned off the sensor for the door. Told him that we had a new thing added to the door that detects if the person has unpaid for goods and automatically locks door.

He said didn't have anything and to let him go. Explained that it's new and that only cops can open it sorry they should be here any minute.

I said look mate I'm not saying that you have anything on you but if there is a chance he has anything to put it back and it should open. Que him sheepishly put the milk on the counter as he done this I turned the door back on. So he went to leave and it worked. Still makes me giggle that the local thieves thought we had a magic door lol