Cashier Hell: Going Apeshit On The Poor Newbie


03 cashierhell3From RHUer

I was a cashier for two years, and this woman used to come in once or twice a week to buy random shit. People do that a lot, like they can't get enough of shitty retail chains.

Anyway, this woman is a total nutjob. She wears this ankle-length jacket, sort of the kind that doctors wear, only a light blue color. She wears rubber gloves in the store on several occasions. She likes me because I'm fast and I don't fuck with talking to people (beyond the customary cashier greetings) unless they seem like they want to talk.

So this one night, about an hour before my shift is over, this cocky new guy is ringing on the lane behind me. He's slow, and a lot of late-night regulars know me anyway, so I'm easily ringing three people in the time it takes for him to finish one transaction.

I guess this woman thinks he'll get her out faster since his line is shorter. She buys a bunch of random garbage, as per usual, including two gigantic, clear totes.

So he's ringing her out, and instead of asking if she wants her stuff in bags, he makes the genius decision to just stick her things in the totes. Granted, most people prefer this, since it saves bags, and saving bags usually makes people feel good about themselves, but this woman goes fucking apeshit.

She starts screaming, almost hysterically, right in this guy's face, and as he's struggling to pull the things out of the tote, his hands are shaking so badly that he drops her soda on the floor. And it explodes, of course. It explodes fucking everywhere.

I have soda on the backs of my legs and all over my shoes, and he's absolutely covered, and in his sheer terror, he turns to do something to remedy the situation and knocks her tote, with half of the stuff still in it, onto the floor as well. It basically snaps in half. It's completely fucked.

This woman's face is practically purple with rage. I make a quick decision to turn off my light and send him to go get a manager. I'm covered in soda. The broken remains of her stupid tote are filling up with more soda. She's screaming in my face about how stupid this guy is and how he needs to be fired immediately.

I tell her I had nothing to do with it and that he's new. He brings the manager back and they both tell their sides of the story. Manager sides with the customer and the guy gets so flustered and humiliated that he excuses himself to the bathroom. We all knew he was crying.

That customer still fucking greeted me like we were friends every time she saw me after that.




Retail Hell Memories: A Newbie Black Friday



From PCNUT, Tales From Retail:

 I used to work for a department store, easily the busiest I have ever seen on any given day. No matter the cashiers we had, there were always lines 5+ deep. So, when it came time for Black Friday I was preparing for a torando.

As it turns out, working electronics during black friday is more or less uneventful. Main part of my day was directing people to the lines for certain items and just watching as everything got tore apart. Lot of laughing with coworkers in are helplessness. Then the phone center opened up.

I was one of two people tasked with setting up people with their contracts that day. This was around 3 years ago now and it was right when the 5c was coming out. There were tons of promotions for the event so, we had a huge line. I couldn't even see the end of it as it wrapped around the corner of consumables. It was nuts.

Anyone that has ever worked in the phones dpt will tell you, the computers/system is terrible. On a good day it takes around 5-10 minutes to do a contract depending on how many phones. On this day, it took no less than an hour and a half to do our first customers. Me and the other rep just kept looking at each other with this face of horror. People were getting impatient, management was preoccupied and I knew that we weren't going to be able to even get close to touching the line.

I finished my contract and told the other rep I'd be right back. I grab the crate I had been sitting on and walk around the counter to the front of the line and hop on top.


Hello everyone in line for a phone contract. I'm very sorry for the wait, know that we're only two people up here and we're doing what we can. The system is running very slow, what normally takes 5-10 minutes just took us over an hour. I would strongly recommend those that are in the back of the line to take advantage of other sales in the store as at this rate I don't think we're going to get through even another 5 or so people. Thank you.

I hopped off my crate, my heart was racing and I was trying not to cry. And a few people in the front said something I can't remember about how I should be a manager or something. I don't know.

Things carried on for the next hour then our department lead came by and told us to start taking reservations for people and setting up appointments for them to come in as the store would honor the promotion for anyone that was here today at a later date when the system wasn't inundated with requests.

Next few weeks was full of people coming in to complete those contracts and we had to call people to check on their appointments and remind them. It was insane.

10/10 would recommend.





Retail Hell Memories: First Day Tablet Theft Attempt



From Maddaveman, Tales From Retail:

I no longer work retail so this is an old story. However, it is one of my favorites in a long line of other stories.

I had been working as a cashier in a major retail chain for a year when I successfully applied for a transfer to electronics. No more cashiering for me!

I proudly went and signed out the keys that accessed all of our expensive goodies and awaited my first day in the exciting world of electronics. Helping people is one of the only parts of my job that I liked, so it was nice to do that instead of being planted at a register all day.

The beginning of my day went fairly smoothly. Aside from a few gaps in my knowledge of our products the day was great!

After a few hours I noticed something weird. There were two customers, a young man and a middle aged woman, watching my coworker and I a little too closely. Rather than shopping around in multiple aisles, they just pushed an empty cart around the two mini-aisles closest to our electronics boat.

"Break time!"

My coworker proclaimed. He headed off towards the back rooms to take his lunch and I was left alone to man the front lines. The two customers immediately approached me. The woman asked,

"Hello, do you mind if we take a look at your tablets?"

My bullcrap-o-meter ticked up a teeny tiny bit.

"Of course!"

I responded. I had no reason to think ill of the two at this point. I lead them over to the locked case and fumbled with my key to open the partly broken lock. The woman stood uncomfortably close to my left and the young man stood to my right.

"Which tablet did you want to see?"

I inquired.

"The 64GB black one."

She said. I assumed she wanted to look at the box because we didn't have any display tablets. After handing the box to her I glanced back at the partially open case. I casually slid the door shut while she was looking at the box to prevent any grabby hands from reaching in.


She told me.

"Not this one. Give me the 64Gigabyte white one."

She looked at me expectantly while still clutching the first tablet. My bullcrap-o-meter ticked up several more notches.

"Uh, may I have that one back?"

I asked.

"Oh right!"

She handed the tablet to me. I slid it back in to place and handed her the next one.

OCTOCAROL 337"Hey, uh, can I see one of the mini tablets?"

The man to my right asked while he began reaching to open the unlocked case. My bullcrap-o-meter hit the top of the scale at this point. I hurriedly stopped him.

"I'm sorry, we can't have more than one tablet out at a time. It's, uhhhh, company policy!"

I lied. I had no idea if that was a policy or not. It was my first day!

"Oh yeah, no problem"

He said disappointed. I turned around to look back at the lady just in time to see her setting the tablet in her cart suspiciously close to the opening of her purse. Knowing I would get in trouble for making accusations I tried to handle the situation gently.

"So are you planning on purchasing that? I'll bring it to the register for you."

"I haven't decided yet."

She admitted. She made no motion to hand the tablet back to me, so I held my hand out expectantly. Again, she handed it over, and again I put it in the case.

This carried on for several minutes. They asked to see many different tablets and tried to make it as confusing for me as possible by talking to me from both sides and messing up which ones they wanted to see. At the same time I had other impatient customers breathing down my neck, so the pressure was on. I was determined to not lose track of the situation and also to not lose my job for implying they were attempting to steal.

Finally, they gave up. All of a sudden they decided to leave.

I immediately radioed security. They checked the tapes and called every other store in our area a few hours later.

It turns out these two went from our store to the next closest store and stole multiple tablets from the electronics department there.

Security credited me with preventing over a thousand dollars in losses, and my reward?

I got a sticker on the wall in the back room for a couple of weeks.







Retail Hell Memories: Do you know how to count?


Carolanne 016

From jacevedo2580

So a few years ago, I worked at a drugstore chain. One morning when I was opening with another guy who had just started, I was kind of training him on little things. In comes a lady with the typical "let me talk to your manager" haircut.

My new coworker says he's got it and goes over to help her while I kind of sit back and make sure he's doing it right. The lady says she wants to wire $1000 and then hands him the 10 $100 bills.

The new coworker then proceeds to count the bills and use the counterfeit money detector pen to make sure they're all real $100 bills.

The lady starts getting upset and thinks he assumes it's fake money.

Lady: It's real money, I just got it from the bank a few minutes ago

Coworker: Yes, ma'am, it's just procedure. I have to make sure with every bill.

Lady: (sarcastic) Mhmm

I guess he was a bit nervous and was taking a little longer than usual. The lady at this point was getting really heated.

Lady: Do you even know how to count? 10 bills of $100. $1000. Simple. Did you get held back in school or something? Unbelievable.

She snatches the bills from his hand and hands them to me.

Lady: You. I want you to do it.

So I start over and have him watch as I do it. I start checking every bill, and just as I was about to get the receiver's information...

Lady: Well, you don't know how to count either. That's just great. Let me talk to your manager. RIGHT. NOW.

I called the manager on duty over, and the lady starts saying that we are accusing her of being a thief. Manager explains that we were just doing our jobs, but the lady wasn't having it and demanded that we be fired. She ended up leaving and saying some stuff under her breath.

Ah, retail...

-- jacevedo2580




Newbie Narratives: Entitled Bitch Encounter on First Day of Working at a Toy Store



From  rotarysnail, Tales From Retail:

Yesterday was my first day at a huge toy store, I was being trained by this sweet kid who wasn't ready to train me on the cash register yet but they got called up and I had to follow along.

So, the first customer I deal with on my first day, not even 15 minutes into my shift is the most narcissistic woman in the world. It's raining and our systems were down which means we can't take debit cards, gift cards, or access our point system. Everything except credit cards and cash are useless to us. But this woman didn't understand that and thought the person training me was doing all of this on purpose. This whole interaction, I didn't say a word because I didn't know how my manager on duty would like that or how it would be received by anyone. T will be my Trainer, B will be the B**** customer, MOD will be my manager on duty.

I'm going to start the conversation mid transaction when the woman gave us a gift card, T scratched off the back so we knew the giftcard was brand new. We also didn't know our systems were down at this point, but the store alarm had been going off for 10 minutes.

T: trying to enter the gift card manually "I'm sorry, I can't get this to work, I know it's a new gift card but our systems can't register the card."

OCTOCAROL 106B: "Try again"

T: "I have tried to run it 3 times and the system isn't taking it, do you have another form of payment we can take instead"

B: "Take off two items and try the stuffed animal"

T does this and it still won't take, she sighs and shows the woman the screen.

B: "Try again. Can you call the gift card in, maybe see if someone at headquarters can take it in? Please call your manager over. You're ruining my daughters birthday" (her daughter was standing with her, cuddling her mom, not caring about this, she also never said a word or cried)

T phones the MOD who's trying to deal with the alarm, theft, and our system being down. MOD comes over a little frustrated but trying to help.

MOD swipes the card, punches it in, nothing works "Sorry but this won't work at all you'll need to pay with cash or a credit card or come back tomorrow"

B: "I'm supposed to come back tomorrow!? It's my daughters birthday TODAY so we came TODAY and she wants these toys, she won't want them tomorrow, we don't want to come back tomorrow. How would you feel if your daughters birthday was ruined by employees who can't do anything!?"

I'm sitting here thinking, I would tell my kid I did everything I could and bring her back when her gift card could work or let her shop online.

MOD: "Well I'm sorry miss, and I'm sorry about your daughter's birthday but there's really nothing we can do except accept cash or credit cards."

B: "Give me the phone number and email to the manager higher than you."

MOD: "I'm not allowed to do that, you can call the store phone number and request to speak with him but he won't be here until next week, or you can email the store, again requesting that he contacts you. I cannot legally give you his personal phone number."

B: "You have officially ruined my daughter's birthday!" Even tho her daughter obviously doesn't care that this is happening "You've officially lost a customer! I'll buy the stuffed animal only and never come back here!!"

B pays and storms out, my MOD apologizes profusely to T and I about her and we all laugh about how she acted. Quite the first day.

-- rotarysnal 



Newbie Narratives: When Your Mouth Works Faster Than Your Brain




From  thisisjustcoke0, Tales From Retail:

My sister recently started work in the lingerie department of a fairly upscale department store after a year and a half off to raise her son. She has only worked 4 days so far and its a huge adjustment for her from being a house mouse for so long.

Last night the district manager of the lingerie department came to my sister's store and did a field test with her, making sure she knew where everything was and how to properly interact with customers. The DM role-played as a customer and things went as follows

Sister: What can I help you look for?

DM: I'm looking for a bra that I can wear day to day and one that I can wear on special occasions.

What my sister meant to say: We have a brand called Modern People that we could look in.

What my sister actually said: We have a brand called Modern Tits that we could look in.

It took my sister a minute to realize what she had said and who she had said it to, at which point the DM was clutching her chest and laughing. She apologized profusely and things went smoothly after that.

-- thisisjustcoke0