Off The Clock Hell: "You probably don't want to hear this"



From CappuccinoBreve, Tales From Retail:

I work in a garden center that changed owners a couple of years ago. I had stopped at a local market on my way to work. I was minding my own business when suddenly:

A Regular Garden Center customer appears:

"Oh hi! Is it your day off today?"

(I'm wearing all my work gear...)

Me: "Hi there... no, just picking up my lunch for today..."

(She leans in confidentially)

"You probably don't want to hear this...."

(Sigh. No I probably don't. ...)

"....but I liked your store better before it changed ownership. "

(Yep. She was right... I really didn't want to hear it.)

Me: (maintaining pleasant demeanor while inwardly rolling my eyes)

"Oh. Well we're making a lot of improvements, maybe come check it out..."

"Yeah it just isn't the same.... " (trails off and wanders away)

So was I supposed to singlehandedly change it back or fall on my pruning shears in remorse or something?





Dumbass Customers: Physics Doesn't Apply to Everyone



From Adhara27, Tales From Retail:

I work as a cashier in a big box home improvement store that includes an outdoor garden. A customer came in this afternoon looking for a large, leafy indoor plant she could add to her sunroom. She ended up picking a ficus tree and got some dirt, a pot, and various other odds and ends.

As I ring her up I notice that she doesn't have a water tray. I point it out kindly. For the following, enlightening conversation, I'll be M and the customer will be C.

M: It looks like you forgot the water tray for your plant. We have some right over there and they're very reasonably priced.

C: Oh I don't need a water tray!

M: ... well there are holes on the bottom of your pot for the water to drain. if you don't have anything beneath it, the water will leak out.

C: I'll just dump the water out before it gets too full.

After a brief bluescreen moment, my brain started up again and I finished the transaction.

An hour later the customer returned, purchased a single water tray, and left without a word.

People's stupidity never fails to amaze me.




Garden Store Hell: The Nice Old Man With A Conscience


Carolanne2 101

From  FrighteningWorld:

I work at a gardening supply chain. We have several thouand different products in my store and due to budgeting we rarely have more than 2-3 people working in the store at once.

One of our biggest problems is when prices change. We have to manually print them out and change them in the store, and we don't always find the time/forget due to excessive workload. This is the result of one of those events.

Me: Me | OM: Old Man

Old man comes to my register with a weed puller.

I ring it up.

Old man squints at the price, something isn't right.

I take a deep breath and mentally prepare myself for what's next.

OM: "Are you sure that's right? It said $40 on the tag."

It was one of our more popular items so I was familiar about the price. It had in fact risen to $50 overnight.

Me: "Oh. I'm sorry, the price must have increased and we have not had the time to fix it in the store. You will of course get it for what it says on the tag."

OM: "Oh... okay. I mean, if the price has increased then that's my bad and..."

By this time I've already corrected the price to $40

Me: "Don't worry about it. It's store policy that you'll get it for what it says in the store even if the register disagrees."

It's the first time I'd had to argue about lowering the price of something. He pays for his weed puller and leaves the store.

This is where things get really different.

Four hours later the old man comes back into the store holding his hat and wallet.

OM: "You're the one that sold me the weed puller? Right? Here's the $10. I don't want to feel like I've cheated you."

Me: "Wow! This is the first time I've had this happen, but you really don't need to worry about it. It was our bad."

OM: "I insist."

This goes back and forth for a few more lines, in the end I could do nothing but accept his $10. I suppose his conscience was worth more than the money he was saving from our inability to keep our prices up to date.

-- FrighteningWorld





Garden Store Hell: I will do whatever it takes as long as I don't have to exert any effort



From CappuccinoBreve, Tales From Retail:

I work in a garden center, a customer came in to ask about a problem with his trees:

Customer: My redwood tree has a problem, it's not growing and it looks bad.

Me: How much water is it getting?

Customer: I don't know.

Me: How often are you watering?

Customer: I don't know. It has drip irrigation.

Me: Do you know how many galllons per hour? Where are the drippers placed?

Customer: I can't get to it, there's a whole bunch of mulch and it's on a hill.

Me: Well could be that the drippers aren't in the right place, or they might be blocked. Turn off the drip and give a good soak around the drip line once every week or two instead. Redwoods do best with deep watering.

Customer: Oh I can't do that, it's on a hill...

Me: It's not too hard to ring it with a soaker and let it run for an hour... I think your tree just needs more water.

Customer: I can't do that!

Me: Can you get someone else to help you?

Customer: I can't do that! I just want my trees to look better! Can't you just sell me some fertilizer I can toss up there or something?

Me: Yes, but you will still need to water it in.

Customer: I can't do that, it's too much trouble!

Me: Well I don't know what else to tell you...

Customer: (blank stare) .... I'll just go to Big Box Store instead! (leaves)





Garden Store Discount Rat Encounter: "I'll walk if I don't get 10%!"



From abdlforever, Tales From Retail:

I sell landscaping materials such as rock and mulch etc. One thing included in what we do is deliver.

We do charge a delivery fee along with material. Usually anything under 8 tons/yards we charge $70, and anything over that we charge $80.

The customer otherwise known as Cheap Guy or CG for short, came in to up his order. I am M for me, CW is my coworker.

M: "Hey how's it going, what can I do for you?"

CG: "I'd like to up my order."

M: "Okay. We can do that. What's your name?"

CG: "My name is CG. I ordered 8 yards of mulch, right?"

M: "Yes."

CG: "Okay, then I'd like to up it to 10 yards"

CW: "That's fine, but it's gonna bump your delivery fee from 70 to 80"

CG: "Okay... can you cut me a deal?"

M: "I'm sorry, I'm unable to do that"

Carolanne2 116CG: "Are you serious? I can't believe that! I'll walk if I don't get 10%!"

M: "Sorry, I can't cut you a deal"

CG: "So if other people bring in a coupon they get 10% off picked up material, I KNOW you have delivery coupons that apply for delivery, why can't you just help me out?"

M: "If you brought in a coupon and came to pick up your material, then yeah I could give that to you"

M: "Also, our coupons only apply to material picked up, we have never had a coupon that applied to delivered material"

CG: "Oh. Really?"

CG: "I can't believe that, why can't you do that for me?"

M: "If I did that for you, I'd have to do it for everyone else"

CG: "It's like $600 dollars!"

In my head "I have people who come in here, and spend that in an hour"

M: "Sorry, I can't do anything for you"

CG: "Well what about wholesale pricing?"

M: "No, I can't do that either. You need to be a contractor"

CG: "Well how would I prove that?"

M: "You'd have to get a contractor's license and show me a business card"

CG: "Oh, well are you the owner, or the manager?"

Note: I'm not, but I am the most senior person working

M: "Technically, yes I am"

CG: "Oh. Well I just can't fucking believe that you wouldn't help me out."

CG: "Just leave it on there, but I'm not ever fucking buying from here, never again"

M: "Okay"

guy starts to walk out

CW: "Thank you!"

CG: "What did you say?!"

CW: "Thank you?"

CG: "Oh... okay then."




Garden Store Custy Apologizes



From  CappuccinoBrevel, Tales From Retail:

I work in a garden center. I am certified professional in my trade with many years experience.

I had a couple bring me some cuttings off of their rose bushes that were showing twisted distorted leaves. It looked to me like classic herbicide damage and I told them so.

They tell me:

"We don't use weed killers, it can't be that! "

Me: "Are your roses near a lawn where Weed 'n' Feed was used?"

The wife: "No, we garden totally organically. No weed killers!"

Me: "Hmmm. Are the roses near your neighbor's yard? Perhaps they were spraying for weeds and some drifted onto your roses? "

They said no, the roses were nowhere near the neighbors.

I questioned them a bit more and reiterated that it really looked like the kind of damage you get from a Roundup type weed killer. The wife repeated that "No way" would they have used any weed killers.

"We would never use that! We are organic gardeners! "

The only other options I could come up with would be some kind of virus, or stress. I made a few suggestions that might improve the health of their roses, and off they went.

An hour later I get a phone call from the wife:

"Hi CappuccinoBreve, I'm calling to apologize. My husband confessed in the car on the way home that he's been using Roundup without telling me! You were right and he is in so much trouble! "