Office Supply Store Hell Surprise: Serving tricky customers isn't always so bad...


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From u/twisted_space_panda Tales From Retail:

So I work at an office supplies store that offers printing with quite a lot of services, and I happen to be the specialist for the printing department.

There is an infamous older couple that I have been warned about by my ex-manager, and they come in every now and then to do a lot of printing. The problem is that it's never just as straightforward as "this and this and this please". They bring in lots of books and leaflets and flyers to get photocopied, and then tell you what they want done with each individual piece, only telling you what they want next when you've completed the prior thing. That isn't a huge issue, but with difficult customers it can be a little frustrating. I have heard this couple are frustrating, as well as impatient and demanding, but I've never actually been the one to serve them before - until yesterday.

I see them come into the shop and I internally roll my eyes as I know I'm going to have to be the one who serves them today. I go over all cheery and nice to speak to them, and immediately the woman is being a bit difficult but not overly rude or annoying. The man is being a little demanding, but again not in a totally rude way. The woman leaves after about 10 minutes and it's just me and the gentleman (he is in the shop for about an hour and a half).

Now I went into this interaction thinking I was going to loathe every second of it, but the big plot twist in this tale is that this old dude was the nicest customer I had served all day, and probably for the past few weeks as well! After I handed him every print he was so enthuastic about it, "That's fantastic!" "This is great" "You've done a wonderful job on this" and even though he was definitely overreacting to what was just basic printing, it made me feel so confident and happy! I had to stay an extra hour to serve these guys but it was definitely worth it because I left work in a great mood.

TL;DR: Infamous couple became my new favourite customers. Sometimes it's not the customers who are d*cks, it's your colleagues.







Retail Hell Memories: No, I won't help you Photoshop your drug test results


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From  ljodzn, Tales From Retail:

I used to work for a mom-n-pop retail print shop in my town. I'm a graphic designer so sometimes I'd help customers lay out their bake sale flyers or whatever.

One weekend a lanky dude comes in, he looks scruffy and distracted, asks if I can scan his document so he can make changes to it in Photoshop.

Before I go on, I want to let you know it's standard practice for print shop employees to not pay attention to the contents of customer documents, obviously we see what they are but the details of a customer's document is understood to be private and should be handled as such.

I scan his document, lead him to one of our public computers with Photoshop, and tell him how to pull up his document. By now, I've seen that it's drug test results which shows he had something in his system at the time of the test. Judging by his twitchy, paranoid demeanor, I'm 10/10 sure he was still high.

He asks how to work Photoshop. I feign ignorance (I've been using Photoshop for 10+ years) and leave him to it since I'm pretty sure it's illegal or unethical to alter that stuff. I'm not touching that with a 10-foot pole.

As the hours went by, he was audibly struggling and giving himself tweeky pep talks to calm down.

When he left, I looked at the end result he left up on the computer. It was a pretty janky Photoshop job, I wish I could be a fly on the wall when the recipient looked at his... um... new clean bill of health.

Unsure how he got ahold of his drug test results though? Unless he got one voluntarily to give to a third party for some reason? I don't get how the subject of the drug test gets to handle it before it's passed to someone else. Redditors maybe you can help answer this for me.








Retail Hell Memories: The Doctor, Lord Voldemort, and Michael Jackson



From  vaclemens678, Tales From Retail:

One Halloween, during my time as a manager at [office supply store], I decided to be a bit rebellious. Per my district manager's instructions, we were not allowed to wear costumes or accessories of any sort, even with the normal polo. So, once my store manager left, I made new name tags for myself and the staff. I was The Doctor, coworker was Lord Voldemort, and cashier was Michael Jackson.

We were getting on towards close, perhaps around 8:45 (we closed at 9), when in walks Ms. I Need to Pick Up an Online Order for my Mom. Welp, our online order/pick up in store system wasn't great, to say the least. Sometimes, it would take up to an hour for the order to populate, and we could not give the customer their item until the order populated, we printed it, and the customer signed for it, regardless of whether or not it was prepaid. This, of course, happened this spooky night. Daughter/Customer was cool about it, and agreed to hang out for a few minutes to see if the order popped up before close. Shocker: it didn't. Mom had apparently just placed the order right before her daughter headed down.

I tell her that I need to close up, and that she can pick up the order in the morning. She's not sure if that's okay, so she calls mom. Mom, unsurprisingly, loses it. I can hear mom scream through the phone: "WHAT ARE THEIR NAMES?! I WANT NAMES!"

Daughter: "Well, I'm here with The Doctor, Lord Voldemort, and Michael Jackson..."

Priceless. Daughter leaves without mom's order, mom still screaming through the phone, probably because she couldn't get our real names to "get us fired" or whatever.

-- vaclemens678







Retail Hell Memories: Office Supply Store Mistaken Identity



From  LorixsTyring, Tales From Retail:

This happened about 5 years ago but it stuck with me as one of the oddest encounters with a customer ever. Bit of backstory I worked in a popular office supply store and some of the things we sold was furniture or office chairs. So one of the services we provided was to carry out the customer's purchase to their vehicle but under no circumstance were we ever to take their own belongings (purses, wallets, etc) to the car and ABSOLUTELY we could never take their car keys. It was fairly common for someone to be checking out and try to hand their keys to the associate to go load it in their car while they were at the register; but that was a big no-no.

Anyways it was a pretty slow day, only a few customers walking around the store and up pulls this car right to the front of the store (in the fire lane no less) and in comes this middle aged guy i will now call CD, for car dude. CD steps inside the store, doesn't say anything but just tosses his car keys at me. We aren't supposed to take car keys so I just side step and let them fall on the floor.

CD: looking slightly annoyed "You missed my keys there..."

Me: "I apologize but we are not allowed to take keys from a customer. How can I help you today?"

CD: "You can tell me where I need to pull into."

Me: "I'm sorry I don't understand."

CD: "My car. Where do I pull in?"

Me: getting ever more confused "Did you order a piece of furniture? Or an office chair perhaps?"

CD: gave me a look of "are you serious?" I need to know where to pull my car in for service!

I knew at this point it was going to be a great conversation so I put on my Retail Smile and prepared for the worst.

Me: "I'm sorry sir, but we don't service vehicles"

CD: Getting kinda angry at this point "But your wall right there says 'Service Center'!"

Me: "That is where we provide print services, for things such as business cards and fliers."

CD: "Well why does it say 'Service Center' on it if you can't service my car!"

At this point I'm just shocked and at a loss for words, I feel like I had to glance at my nametag just to make sure I was still working in an office supply store.

Me: "I'm sorry sir but we are an office supply....."

CD: Now in a huff "Just forget it! I don't know why I even bothered"

As he is leaving he just yells into the air


I still have no idea why he assumed an office supply store was also an auto shop...

TL;DR man confused office supply store with auto shop.

-- LorixsTyring







Retail Hell Memories: Back to School Shopping Do Over



From heroiclord Tales From Retail:

This was during the back to school shopping season of 2017. 

So I worked as a cashier in the afternoon shift 3-9pm. One of my first customers that day was a couple who had been in the store for a long time and were finally ready to checkout. They had a huge cart full of school supplies. I rang in their items as fast as I could (didn’t want to hang up the line) and went about their day. It was super simple!!

Well, about 4 hours later, I see some customers coming into the store. I recognized them as the couple in the store earlier that day. And they had bags of items. My heart sank; I had a funny feeling of what was about to happen.

I’ll be Me and the Couple will be C.

Me: What can I help you with?

C: yeah, we were in here earlier today buying school supplies. We went to other stores as part of our errands for that day. We saw that the other stores had cheaper prices. So instead of us going home and figuring out which items to keep and return, we decided to return everything and start over.

Me: (Oh please don’t do this to me. PLEASE!!!!). (Retail smile activate). Sure thing, let’s get started.

I start to return everything. The thing about our system is that I can’t just scan the items to return them. That would be too easy. I have to individually scan them (there was no bulk option) and select the reason for the return. Their original total was around $200.

There were some items that were open or missing the packaging (because they opened it while doing errands???) and they still insisted on the return. There was one item that I literally couldn’t return and they had to keep. They mumbled and grumbled saying how they overpaid for that item.

I hated that couple.

TL;DR: couple buys a cart full of school supplies. They come back later to return it ALL saying that wanted a do over for the next day and get the supplies for cheaper elsewhere.









Nasty Ass Thieves: Karma Catches Up to Office Supply Store Shoplifter


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From Calmmeow, Tales From Retail:

I work at one of those Office store places, that also has a tech department. We get a lot of crazy people but there is this one guy that takes the cake.

He comes in about once a month and steals canned air. Like almost all retail stores we have a strict no confrontation policy for shoplifters. So we all know this man steals but we can't do anything about it, and it's never enough moneys worth to report.

Well one day this man is doing his thing and the manager immediately reminds people (over the radios in our ears) that this man steals and just leave him alone. WELL there was a FRICKIN POLICE OFFICER getting something and overheard her and FRICKIN arrested the man! They came in and got the tapes for all the other times he stole and he had to go to jail.

Just thought people would like a story with a happy ending.